MAP stands for ‘Minorities and Philosophy’, an international organization whose goal is to address issues of minority participation in academic philosophy (MAP, 2018). 

Philosophy is still a predominately white, male discipline. Statistics compiled by MAP (2018) note that the percentage of women in tenured/tenure-track faculty at Top-51 Doctoral Programs averages around 25-29% year to year.

Our goal as Philosophers at the University of Manitoba is to increase interest in Philosophy by exploring more diverse topic areas, reading more work by women and minorities, and fostering a more inclusive philosophical environment here at the U of M. 

Currently the University of Manitoba’s MAP Chapter is headed by University of Manitoba M.A. student Julia Minarik, and Honours B.A. student Christine Hildebrand. 



Through our local MAP Chapter, the Department of Philosophy and the Philosophy Students’ Association is running a free open seminar starting in January, 2019 on Thursdays from 2:30 - 5:00PM featuring influential papers by Minorities and Women in the discipline. The reading group / seminar will begin January 10th, 2018 and run until April with breaks during reading weeks and exams, anyone is welcome to join or drop at any time, come for multiple or single readings or simply check out the papers on their own. The paper list will be posted in the Department of Philosophy on the 4th floor of University College starting second term, or inquiries can be made by e-mail to Julia Minarik at: 

In addition to this reading group, the Ethics Centre Student Association in tandem with MAP will be hosting Movie Nights throughout the term. Movie Nights will feature thought-provoking and/or popular flicks, popcorn, and discourse (of course). Each movie will be followed by group discussions over how good (or hilariously BAD) the movie was. Once again, all are welcome! Movie Night dates and times will be posted in the Department of Philosophy, and will be sent via our mailing list. Once again, inquiries can be directed to the email above, or to: 

If you wish to be included on the mailing list for all of our PSA/ECSA/MAP events, please send an e-mail introducing yourself to and we’ll happily add you!