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Nanomedicine is a multidisciplinary branch of science that currently receives a lot of attention from researchers in the pharmaceutical and biomedical fields. The Labouta Lab is using state-of-the-art nanotechnologies and microfluidic lab-on-a-chip models for designing and evaluating nanoparticles (engineered particles on the nanometer scale). The use of nanoparticles in drug delivery offers several advantages, such as site-specific targeting, minimal side-effects, prolonged drug release, and improved drug stability and bioavailability.

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Dr. Hagar Labouta is an Assistant Professor at the College of Pharmacy, with extensive research experience in nanomedicine, drug delivery, and biomedical engineering. Her lab is well-funded by New Frontiers in Research Fund, NSERC and the University of Manitoba.  

Dr. Labouta has a strong publication record and is a co-inventor on an international patent for the development of carrier systems for intracellular drug targeting.

Throughout her career, she has collaborated with several multi-disciplinary teams in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, USA, Egypt and Finland. She has also worked with the World Health Organization on two health-related projects.



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