Types of Awards

Types of Awards

Although gifts to the University are of many types, a large portion are financial awards in support of students ranging from bursaries and scholarships to prizes in a wide range of disciplines and studies. Bursary awards are primarily based upon financial need whereas scholarships are primarily based on academic performance or grades.


To recognize the ongoing support university retirees provides in support of students, the University of Manitoba Retirees Endowment Fund (UMREF) identifies all funds donated by retirees. These include funds already existing within the University Investment Trust (UIT) and will include new endowment funds as they are established. Individuals who are interested in learning more about establishing their own named endowment may contact any member of the endowment fund committee or Donor Relations at the University of Manitoba.   For contact information click here


For retirees who wish to contribute to the support of students’ education but do not wish to establish an endowed fund, UMRA has initiated a general bursary fund.  A charitable tax receipt is issued by UIT for any donation of $10.00 or more.  The Senate approved Terms of Reference for the general bursary award may be accessed here.


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