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Retirees waiting for the presentation

Visiting before the presentation

Catching up

Mark O’Riley greeting arriving Retirees

U of M President Bernard

UMRA President Dan Sitar addressing retirees on the invited speakers

Topic for the Reception, Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) whch is a research communication competition developed by the University of Queensland, Australia.  This challenges students to consolidate their ideas and research discoveries so they can be presented concisely to a non-specialist audience

Kevin Boreskie placed first in the competition.  Kevin spoke on Exaggerated blood pressure response to exercise: A simple solution

Kevin Boreskie is a recipient of a U of M graduate fellowship and scholarships in kinesiology and recreation management.  Kevin has always been interested in physical activity and how it relates to chronic disease. He volunteers at the Reh-Fit Centre and coordinated a charity pickle ball tournament for CancerCare. He hopes his research will lead to the implementation of exercise as part of preventative medicine programs.

Audience listening intently to Kevin’s presentation

Justine Hudson spoke on Snot for Science: A non-invasive technique to measure stress in beluga whales

Justine explained that when a beluga whale exhales, it releases thousands of tiny droplets of respiratory vapour (snot), which can help researchers understand stress in the whale population.  Justine, a dedicated biologist, spent weeks on the ocean, gathering the icky substance in the name of science, demonstrating her true love for research and the Arctic.

Answering questions from the audience

Receiving a thank you gift certificate from UMRA President Dan Sitar

Avery Simundsson spoke on The use of sound in autonomous agricultural vehicle control

Avery Simundsson was born into a farming family, she is looking to pursue studies involving agricultural innovation.  Having also managed a reforestation crew in British Columbia doing "grunt work" as well as working on technical and computing projects, Avery has applied her varied skill set in mechanical engineering to design, program and build automated guided vehicles that can be used in agricultural settings.

Receiving a thank you gift certificate from UMRA President Dan Sitar

As a practicing physician in her home country of Bangladesh, Kashfia has worked with several rural non-governmental agencies and organizations concerned with global health projects.  Now studying neuroscience here at the U of M, she believes that if the aging of our brain can be delayed, the onset of other age-related diseases can also be delayed.

Kashfia Shafiq was the People’s Choice.  She spoke on Dying young at a very old age

Receiving a thank you gift certificate from UMRA President Dan Sitar

U of M President Barnard speaking on matters pertaining to the University of Manitoba as well as progress on the Southwood lands

Platefuls of  scrumptious sandwiches

Fruit &  desserts

Colourful platters of various foods

Choosing from the delicious food

Our Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) speakers, Avery Simundsson, Justine Hudson, Kevin Boreskie, Kashfia Shafiq

Gene Walz, chair of the Communications Committee & Editor of the Newsletter

Speaking with Avery

John Mundy & Mark O’Riley

 Enjoying lunch

Speaking with Kevin

 Photography:  Bob Talbot

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Presidents Reception for Retirees
October 19, 2019

Finding a seat and getting ready for the presentation

Almost ready

UMRA President Dan Sitar welcoming the retirees


         UMRA Vice-President Janet Sealy introducing our guest speaker Rick Linden

Guest speaker Professor Linden’s topic is: “Will Winnipeg Always be the Crime Capital of Canada?”

Continuing with the presentation.  Professor Linden holds a BA and an MA from the University of Alberta and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington.  He has taught UM courses in Criminology, Criminal Justice, Policing, and Research Methods.

Professor Linden has served as the Chair Manitoba Police Commission and is the author of over 60 published papers and reports.  He is also the author or co-author of two books, both in multiple editions: Criminology: A Canadian Perspective, 9th Edition. Toronto: Nelson, 2019 and Sociology in Our Times, 7th Edition. Toronto: Nelson, 2017.   He has published several crime prevention handbooks and has done many evaluations of crime prevention programs.

Attentively listening to the interesting presentation

UMRA President Dan Sitar & Professor Linden sharing a moment

UMRA President Dan Sitar presenting an UMRA mug to Professor Linden

Dan Sitar asking for questions from the audience

Decisions, decisions

Wraps & sandwiches beautifully displayed

Delightful desserts

Colourful fruit platter

Vegetarian wraps

Professor Linden speaking with Carol & Jay Goldstein

Catching up

 Mark O’Riley & Dan Sitar

Barbara Lange, former office assistant in the Faculty of Human Ecology, author of the book Memories of the Moonlight Special and Grand Beach Train Era

Photography:  Bob Talbot

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Beautifully arranged platters of food for lunch