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A chance to catch up

UMRA President Dan Sitar explaining to the audience that the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is a research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland.  3MT® challenges students to consolidate their ideas and research discoveries so they can be presented concisely to a non-specialist audience.

Waiting for the presentation

Our Three Minute Thesis (3MT®)speakers, Kyla Smith, Kevin Boreskie, Carmine Slipski, & Shevin Ghomi patiently waiting for their chance to deliver their presentations.

UMRA President Dan Sitar delivering his opening remarks

Shervin Khalili Ghomi  spoke on Designing buildings to withstand earthquake.

Kyla completed a B.Sc. with double majors of physics and English, and then a B.Ed. in secondary education with a specialization in classroom diversity, both at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. A former high school physics teacher, she is on the board of the Canadian Association of Physicists Foundation and coordinates the Science Rendezvous School Day at the U of M.

Kyla Smith spoke on Reducing Patient Stress: A Silent MRI Machine

Carmine Slipski spoke on Pumping up the fight against antimicrobial resistance.  As a child, Carmine received a microscope for Christmas one year and found the microscopic world fascinating. About the same time, he saw the movie Outbreak, about a fictional Ebola virus outbreak. Equally terrified and interested by microorganisms, especially pathogenic ones, his desire is to develop new antimicrobial strategies and help prevent antimicrobial resistance in bacteria from becoming any worse than it already is.

Kevin Boreskie spoke on Prescribing Olympic training: The effect of high-intensity interval training on blood pressure


Time for food & refreshments

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A good afternoon to socialize

Peter Lolly speaking with Kyla

Carmine answering a question perhaps

Gene Walz, Editor of the UMRA Newsletter, chatting with Shervin Ghomi

Photography:  Bob Talbot

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Presidents Reception for Retirees
October 20, 2018


Visiting before the presentation

Lois Brockman standing and chatting with Carol Goldstein.  Jay Goldstein is standing
in front

Ed & Betty Unrau seated on far right

UMRA President Dan Sitar introducing University of Manitoba President David Barnard

U of M President Barnard discussing the state of the University focusing on current matters with the principal goal being maintenance of a respectful environment

Enraptured audience

Listening intently to President Barnard's presentation

Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg's Presentation

Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg’s research projects include DNA-based newborn screening for CPT1 deficiency in the Hutterites and Inuit and DNA-based newborn screening for glutaric acidemia type 1 (GA1) among the Oji Cree. These projects evolved with community partnership and support, and always go back to the leaders of the respective communities to present their research findings and to ensure that the patient is always at the center of health care recommendations.

As an academic clinician, Dr. Rockman-Greenberg has focused her research on the identification of the molecular and metabolic causes for specific genetic disorders that are over-represented in Manitoba’s unique populations.

Much of Dr. Rockman-Greenberg's research has involved newborn screening -- which allows for pre-symptomatic detection of metabolic genetic disorders that, if detected before symptoms appear, are amenable to effective treatment. These disorders have been the focus of the Metabolic Disorders Research Team of which she is a part.

UMRA President Dan Sitar presenting Dr Rockman-Greenberg with the UMRA thank you mug

Ms. Barb Gamey from the United Way of Winnipeg spoke briefly concerning their appreciation of the support to their organization provided by retirees from the University of Manitoba

Choosing from the delicious luncheon

Platters of food

Coffee, tea and jugs of water

Enjoying the fresh fruit & desserts

Gunter Baureiss and Dan Sitar

Valerie Williams, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator of Learning & Organizational Development

Photography:  Bob Talbot & Gunter Baureiss

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UMRA President Dan Sitar addressing the audience













Shervin was born in Iran, a country that has experienced many severe earthquakes. During Shervin's lifetime, earthquakes in Iran have left thousands of people dead and thousands of homes destroyed. That inspired Shervin, as a structural engineer, to pursue graduate education at the U of M to design safer buildings in regions with high risk of earthquakes.






















Because of his interest in microorganisms, Carmine's  desire is to develop new antimicrobial strategies and help prevent antimicrobial resistance in bacteria from becoming any worse than it already is



Kevin really enjoys exercise and sport, and wants others to enjoy the same benefits he gets from participating in activities. He's a volunteer for ultimate Frisbee, and even manages a fitness centre in a school. He hopes to bring more transdisciplinary relationships into the field of medicine, allowing for exercise to used as a tool to prevent illness.

































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UMRA President Dan Sitar








































Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg is a Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Pediatrics and Child Health & Biochemistry and Medical Genetics at the University of Manitoba, and the Children's Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba






























































John Mundie













































Delicious dessert platters