Activities & Events 2013

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The President's Reception for Retirees
April 13, 2013


Getting ready for the Presentation.


Dr. Eleni Giannouli speaking on Sleep Apnea

Audience focused on the interesting presentation.


Dr. David Barnard, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manitoba, who provided an update on the University

Retirees listening to Mr John Kearsey's, (Vice-President External) presentation about the University's plans for a major fund raising initiative

Retirees partaking of the wonderful food

Chatting with Dr Eleni Giannouli

Lovely desserts

Dr David Barnard, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manitoba chatting with Brian Macpherson, Retirees Chair of the United Way Campaign.


Photography: Bob Talbot

The President's Reception for Retirees
October 15, 2013


Signing In

Waiting for the Presentation.

Airplanes and all-weather roads are the only means of year-round re-supply in Northern Canada. Airships have the potential to compete with trucks due to the costs of building gravel roads in the boreal forest areas.

Audience attention focused on the Presentation.

Dr. Barry Prentice, who currently is president of ISO Polar Airship, a research institute to promote the use of airships for the northern latitudes, enthusiastically promotes their development.

Buoyant Aircraft History poster displaying the various designs over the years.

Rapt audience

A new generation of cargo airships is emerging that expands the options for transport in remote areas. Northern communities in Canada could greatly benefit from them. 

Poster depicting the airship Norge which flew over the North Pole to Teller in Alaska in 1926. With this flight the Arctic Ocean was crossed for the first time.

Past President Jay Goldstein presenting Dr. Barry Prentice with a framed copy of the cover of the 1910 book Tom Swift and His Airship by Thomas Appleton.

Brian Macpherson speaking on the United Way Retiree Campaign.

Partaking of the lovely luncheon

Choosing from the plentiful variety provided in the luncheon.

Mouth watering desserts

Enjoying the luncheon with friends.

Dr. Barry Prentice  circulating after the presentation

Brian Macpherson (United Way Retiree Campaign) Ken Mount (Benefits & Pension Committee), Dr John and Mrs L. Brewster

Bob Talbot (UMRA photographer) visiting with Bill Guenter

Spending time with good friends


Photography: Bob Talbot and Stella Rebling

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Dr. Eleni Giannouli finished Medical School and Residency in Respirology in Greece. She came to Canada in 1992, as a Research Fellow in Respirology, University of Manitoba, with a grant from the Manitoba Lung Association.




























Dr. Eleni Ciannouli thanking UMRA President Jay Goldstein for the gift of the UMRA mug.














Mr John Kearsey (Vice-President External) speaking about the Universty's plans for a major fund raising initiative.





























































Dr. Barry Prentice is a Professor of  Supply Chain Management at the I.H. Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba.  He was the Director of the Transport Institute, from 1986-2005. He holds a degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario (1971) and graduate degrees in agricultural economics from the University of Guelph (1979) and the University of Manitoba (1986)





































































Dr. Barry Prentice holding the mug presented by UMRA members in appreciation for his presentation