In Memoriam


In Memoriam has been created to keep UMRA members and other interested individuals informed of the passing of retired employees of the University of Manitoba.  The page will be periodically updated.  Information regarding deceased retired employees not listed is welcome.  Please e-mail to UMRA

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Bowden, Drummond Hyde:
Pathology Department, Joined the University in 1996, Retired in 1992, Deceased 04/20/2021 (Obituary)

Nickels, James B:
Psychology, Joined the University in 1967, Retired in 2004, Deceased 03/27/2021 (Obituary)

G.N. Ramu:
Sociology, Joined the University in 1972, Retired in 2008, Deceased 03/13/2021 (Obituary)

Clayton, Alan Mitchell:
Faculty of Engineering, Joined the University in 1980, Retired in 2010, Deceased 03/01/2021 (Obituary)

Ward, Murray:
Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Joined the University in 1979, Retired in 2008, Deceased 02/27/2021  (Obituary)

Rosenthal, Rudy:
Physical Plant, Joined the University in 1982, Retired in 2014, Deceased 02/21/2021  (Obituary)