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November 17, 2020

  • The Executive Committee is now meeting virtually using Zoom.
  • The Committee addressed the failure of some members to receive the Fall 2020 edition of the Retirees Newsletter.  The Newsletter was redistributed to all UMRA members with the December 2020 message from the President.  If your email address has changed, please notify UMRA so that you may continue to receive news from UMRA.
  • Due to the COVID pandemic, membership dues for UMRA were suspended for the 2020-21 year.
  • The Executive Committee approved continued contribution to the UMRA Postgraduate Scholarship Endowment for Aging Research.  In addition, we continue to sponsor the second prize for the 3MT competition.
  • The Executive Committee agreed to maintain its current elected membership positions until the Fall of 2021, but it is actively seeking additional members for its various committees.
  • Daniel Sitar, the current UMRA President, was elected to the Board of Directors of CURAC at its recent annual meeting that was held virtually.