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February 24, 2021

  • Connie LeBlanc has resigned her position on the Executive Committee. 
  • The Committee welcomed Norma Godavari as a new member at large of the Executive. 
  • UMRA continues to follow up on messages from retirees who are not receiving the Newsletter. 
  • UMRA continues to maintain its membership in CURAC. 
  • We were notified that our nomination of Jay Goldstein for a Tribute Award from CURAC was successful, and it will be awarded virtually at the April Annual Meeting of CURAC hosted by McGill University as a virtual event. 
  • UMRA’s financial state continues to be stable, and it has allowed us to continue contributions to the Undergraduate Bursary Award, the Scholarship Postgraduate Award for Aging Research, and the Second Prize in the 3MT Student Research Competition. 
  • Due to its infrequent use, UMRA is discontinuing its computer support assistance for its members. 
  • The Nominations Committee is preparing a slate of candidates for its Executive Positions that will be presented for consideration at this year’s Annual General Meeting.
  • Due to the COVID pandemic, there will be no summer event this year organized by UMRA for its members. 
  • All of our meetings continue to occur virtually with the assistance of University of Manitoba Central Administration.