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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth millions! A number of our research projects and activities were captured on video by Winnipeg high school student Cale Hornford in the summer of 2007. Since then, we've been adding more videos to our collection.

Check out the videos below, as well as our YouTube channel. Note that some videos below may not work in certain browsers.

Organic Research Celebrates 25 Years in Manitoba (2016) - YouTube (opens in new window)
The Glenlea Long-Term Rotation Study is teaching us valuable lessons about organic crop management as well as the ecology of the system.

Zerotill Organic Flax Seeding (2011) - YouTube (opens in new window; 1:08 minutes)
One of the keys to making zerotill organic systems work is the right machine for the job. See how we seed into our killed hairy vetch / barley mulch!

Reducing Tillage in Organic Systems (2010) - YouTube (opens in new window)

Green Manures for Low-Till Systems (2010) - YouTube (opens in new window)

Glenlea Long-Term Organic-Conventional Rotation Study (2010) - YouTube (opens in new window)

Glenlea Crop Rotation Study (2007) (41.5 MB; runs 28 minutes)
This video shows the Glenlea long-term study at two times during the 2007 growing season. The "early-season" footage was taken in July when crops were in their full summer splendor. The "late-season" footage was taken in late August, when some crops were already being harvested. This video is intended to give a picture of the plots in their "natural state". Project director Martin Entz provides a "play-by-play" account of the rotation crops during this 2007 season.

Carman Organic Rotation (2007) (29.8 MB; runs 20 minutes)

The Crop Roller - Reducing Tillage in Organic Farming (2007) (12.6 MB; runs 12 minutes)
Can the amount of tillage in organic grain crop production be reduced? Yes! Farmers in various parts of the world have been using rollers as a means of controlling vegetation. The blade roller that you will see in this video is, to the best of our knowledge, the first of its kind in Canada. This research-scale blade roller was built by Mr. Glenn Kippen of Carman, Manitoba in spring, 2007. We think he did a great job! This video shows the roller in action, but first provides some background information on soil erosion problems of the past.

Soil Erosion - The Erosion of Civilizations (2007) (24.2 MB; runs 13 minutes)
Soil degradation is often very slow process, but the results are usually devastating – in some cases the complete loss of a civilization’s ability to feed itself. Remember Easter Island and the Roman Empire? Soil erosion continues today, as witnessed by these powerful satellite images:

This video shows dramatic evidence of soil erosion right here in Canada. Video host Professor Martin Entz then shows and explains some farming system options that are more "soil friendly".

Edible Beans and Cover Crops (2007) (23.4 MB; runs 22 minutes)

Organic Wheat Breeding (2007) (10.5 MB; runs 7 minutes)

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