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Adjusting Soil Test N Recommendations for Legume N from Pulse Crops"

Agronomic Benefits of Intercropping Annual Crops in Manitoba

Alternative Weed Control Strategies and Pesticide Free Production: Brandon MB

Crop Rotation and Pesticide Free Production: Carman MB

Crop Rotation and Wheat Nutrient Content: Glenlea

Crop Rotation for Transition to Organic - Year 4: Potatoes

Cultivar Mixtures, Cover Crops, and Intercropping with Organic Spring Wheat

Effect of Black Medic Cover Crop on N Supplying Power of Prairie Soils

Effect of Cover Crops on Nutrient Acquisition by the Main Crop

Effect of Crop Rotation and Chemical Inputs on Mycorrhizal Colonization: Glenlea

Energy Use and Carbon Release by Manufactured Inputs in Crop Production: A Comparision of Two Manitoba Farms with Contrasting Tillage Systems

Fall Rye Cover Crops for PFP and Organic Pulse Crop Production

Fertilizer Replacement Value of Legume Cover Crops

Glenlea Study: Crop Rotation and Organic Crop Production (opens in new window)

Grazed Green Manures

Grazed Green Manures: Phase 2 - The Next Crop

Green Manure Crops for P Availability

Guidelines For Pesticide Free Production

How a Swedish Model Can Help You Use Fewer Chemicals

How does a PPB (Participatory Plant Breeding) Program Work?

In-Crop Tillage for Weed Control

Influence of Organic Management with Different Crop Rotations (PowerPoint presentation; opens in new window)

Know Your Insects: Insect Identification and Biology (opens in new window)

Know Your Weeds: Weed Identification and Biology (opens in new window)

Legume Cover Crops as a Fallow Alternative

Manitoba Success With PFP (PowerPoint presentation, opens in new window)

N Benefits of Grain Legumes in Crop Rotation

Organic Crops Field Laboratory: Carman, Manitoba

Organic Crops Field Laboratory Image Gallery

Organic Wheat Breeding Project

Participatory Oat Breeding Program

Participatory Potato Breeding Program

Participatory Wheat Breeding Program

Predicting Weed Emergence Using Temperature

Redesigning Canadian prairie cropping systems for profitability, sustainability, and resilience

Reducing Herbicide Rates: How Far Can We Go?

Rotational Benefits of Forages: A Review

Seeded Legume Cover Crops for Late Season Production

Self-Seeding Cover Crops for Late Season Production

Soil Phosphorus Dynamics in the Glenlea Long-Term Rotation

Taming Dandelion

The Feral Nature of Alfalfa and Implications for the Co-Existence of Genetically Modified (GM) and Non-GM Alfalfa (pdf file, opens in new window)

What Are Consumers Saying About PFP? (PowerPoint presentation, opens in new window)

What Is Pesticide Free Production?


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