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Field Season 2007

Green Manure: Oat / hairy vetch

The oat / hairy vetch green manure crop.

Oilseed: Flax reseeded to buckwheat

Flax was reseeded to buckwheat due to weeds.
A flax check strip was left when the area was reseeded.
Buckwheat plants were taller than redroot pigweed early in the season.
Buckwheat was very competitive with weeds. Shown above are a redroot pigweed plant (left) and a buckwheat plant (right) at the end of the season.

Cereal: Fall rye

Fall rye effectively suppressed weeds.

Green manure: Oat / pea

The oat/pea green manure was terminated by rolling in late July.
The blade roller that was used to terminate the green manures.
The blade roller at work.
The oat/pea green manure terminated by rolling.

Cereal: Wheat

Organic spring wheat at the flagleaf stage.
An F6 yield trial in the organic wheat breeding program.

Pulse: Soybean

Organic soybeans, with fall rye seeded within the rows at right.
Terminated oat/pea green manure (left) and organic soybeans (right).

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