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Welcome to the Disability-Related Policy Web Site

This website will represent a unique collaboration between researchers and members of the disability community around Disability-Related Policy in Canada. Please take a look around the website. We believe you will find interesting information, valuable resources and the tools to engage in exciting and interactive dialogue about Disability-Related Policy in Canada.

One of the greatest challenges to the organizations that comprise the disability community has been to help the people they represent understand how government policy, especially at the federal level, makes decisions that shape their lives.

But let's think about it. Things like personal supports (personal attendants, home care workers, homemaker services, respite workers and interpreters), technical aids and equipment (wheelchairs, TTYs, visual aids, prosthetic appliances), and brokerage services (peer support, skill building, and counseling) can make the day-to-day routine of a person with a disability that much easier to manage.

The decisions that affect the funding, supply and availability of these products and services have direct bearing on our lives. Advocacy and service organizations need to be aware of the important decisions regarding disability policy in Canada and be able to engage the people that they represent in the activities that shape those policies.

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