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 Papers and Addresses

"Defoe’s Review and the Reform of Manners Movement". Paper presented to the Annual Meeting of the Association of Canadian University Teachers of English, Calgary, Alberta, June 11, 1968.

“Burns in Our Time." Address to the Fredericton Society of St. Andrew, Fredericton, N.B., January 1970.

(Radio review), Joe Knowles, The Thompson Report. CBZ (Fredericton, N.B.), August, 1970.

The Meaning of Forms in the Tatler and its Many Successors. Paper presented at a plenary session of the Fifth Annual Conference, Atlantic Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, St. John, N.B., April 29, 1977.

Like No Other Place: The Arts in Atlantic Canada. Address to University of Maine at Orono, Canadian-American Studies, March 22, 1991.


Cornet Music for Plupy Shute. New Brunswick Poetry Chapbooks, No. 4.

       Fredericton, 1968, 26 pp.

A Migration now Largely Forgotten, If I Don’t Tell You, No One Else Will, Confession, The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, (poems). Fiddlehead,

       No. 77 (Autumn, 1968), pp. 53-59.


      “Pig-of-the-Wind: A Fragment from the Archives” (story). Fiddlehead, No. 78 (January-      February,   1969), pp. 32-41.

      “Everett Coogler Counts and Thinks,” “Everett Coogler--as They Speak of

      Him,” “Everett Coogler Takes His Stand,” “Everett Coogler as an

      Emblem of Cosmic Brotherhood,” “Everett Coogler Lays Plans for a

      Retort.” “Everett Coogler Seems to Have Them Abashed, or Else They

      Don’t Notice,” “Everett Coogler Rebukes his Wife,” “Modern Fame as

      She is Known in Hamsterville,” “Songs on the Hamsterville Air”

      (poems). In Canada First; A Mare usque ad Edmonton: New Canadian

      Poets, ed. Peter Anson. Toronto: House of Anansi, 1969, pp. 62-73.

(Review) Elizabeth Brewster, Passage of Summer, Selected Poems, Ryerson Press,

           Toronto, 1969. 129 pp. Fiddlehead, No. 80 (May-July, 1969), pp. 102-104.

Ernest Hart, Jr.] (Editorial and Poems). “The Poem-Prose: A Description,

            A Defense, and Some Examples,” Fiddlehead, No. 87 (November-December, 1970),

            pp. 1-5.

Everett Coogler. New Brunswick Poetry Chapbooks, No. 15. Fredericton, 1971, 26 pp.


“Out Here,” (poem). Urchin, I (Winter, 1971-72), 3-4.

“The Hounds of Barkerville” (story), Dialog (Passover, 1972), pp. 22-23.

“Seasonal” (poem), Poet, No. 5 (May, 1972), 7-8.

Ernest Hart, Jr.] (editorial). “Several Hundred Ways of Looking at a Seagull,”

       Fiddlehead, No. 93 (Spring, 1972), pp. 1-2.

“The Ringmaster’s Nosebleed and How the Lions,” (poem). Sunday Clothes:

A Magazine of the Fine Arts, 2 (Summer, 1973), 33.

“The Reading of Signs” (story). Antigonish Review, No. 12 (Winter, 1973), pp. 46-57.

“Apocalyptic Poem” (poem). Manna, No. 4 (1973), pp. 36-38.

(Introduction and editing) Martin Bulter, “Early Recollections, Journal of Canadian

       Fiction, 2 (Summer, 1973), 180-190.

“I.O.U.,” “In the Park” (poems). Waves, 2, No. 2 (Winter, 1974), 68-69.

“Modern Fame as She is Known in Hamsterville,” “In Dreams Begin

Responsibilities,” “Seasonal,” “The Launching of the Forest P.

Waterman,” “Prayer” (poems). In Ninety Seasons: Modern Poems from

the Maritimes, eds., Robert Cockburn and Robert Gibbs. Toronto:

McClelland and Stewart, 1974, pp. 39-46.

“Contemplative Cake” (poem). South Dakota Review, 12 (Spring, 1974), p.


“Never Bet on a Dead Horse” (story). The Canadian Fiction Magazine, No.

      (Spring, 1974), pp. 28-34.

Reprinted in Magic Realism, ed. Geoff Hancock. Toronto: Aya Press,1980. pp.59-64.

“Window Cleaner’s Music,” “The Wind Out to Our Place” (poems), CV II, 1

      (Spring, 1975), p. 7. (Review)

 “John Buell’s Playground,” John Buell, Playground, New York:

Farrar, Straus and Giroux; Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1976. 247 pp.

International Fiction Review, 6, No. 1 (January, 1977), 77-79.

          Reprinted in Contemporary Literary Criticism, ed. Dedria Bryfonski, Vol.

      10 (1979). Gale Research Co.: Detroit, 1979.(Review)

 Philip Marchand, Just Looking, Thank You, Macmillan of Canada, Toronto,

      1976. 208 pp. Fiddlehead, No. 113 (Spring, 1977), pp. 153-


“What is Interred with Their Bones” (story). The Fiddlehead, No. 116,

      (Winter, 1978), p. 171.

“Happiest Dog” (poem). Wild Fennel 15 (September, 1978), 31.

(Review) This is My Best: Poems Selected by Ninety-One Poets., Toronto:

Coach House Press, 1976. The Fiddlehead, No. 116 (Winter, 1978), p.


“Naming the Names So We Know They Are” (poem). Maker, No. 3 (1978).

The Terrible Word. Fiddlehead Books: Fredericton, 1978. 93 pp.

A Family Album. Oberon Press: Ottawa, 1979. 150 pp.

“What is Interred with Their Bones,” in Fiddlehead Greens, Roger Ploude

      and Michael Taylor, eds. Oberon Press: Ottawa, 1979, pp. 25-49.

 Author Introduction, in The Oberon Reader, ed. Michael Macklem. Toronto:

       Harper Collins, 1991, 25-61.

“In the Fall of the Year” and “At the Banquet” (poems). Amherst, XXXI

             (Fall, 1978), 31-32.

“Brentford’s Regret” (poem). The Dooryard Post, No. 1 (January, 1979),


“Woeful Pageant of the Seventh Age" (story). The Fiddlehead, 123 (Fall, 1979),


“Wobblings and Warblings” (essay), “Ceremony,” “Conversation with a

Chevy,” “The Man Who Tried to Grow Okra,” “Projects and

Contemplations” (poems), Reflections on a Hill Behind A Town, ed.

Robert Gibbs, Fiddlehead, No. 125 (Spring, 1980), 163-176.(Review)

 Charles Edward Eaton, The Case of the Missing Photographs, New

York:      A.S. Barnes, 1978, pp. 239. The International Fiction Review,

8, No. 1 (1981), pp. 66-68.

“What I Shudda Said,” “The Terrible Word,” and “The Long Summer Afternoon.”

      (poems) In The Maple Laugh Forever, pp. 36, 42-43, 86. Edited by

       D. Barbour and S. Scobie. Edmonton: Hurtig Publishers,1981.

“How the Hungry are Fed,” (story) Canadian Short Fiction Anthology,

       Vol. II, ed. Paul Belserene. Vancouver: Intermedia, 1981, pp. 127-134.

“Defoe’s Review and the Reform of Manners Movement,” Neophilologus, 66

       (No. 1, Jan. 1982), 149-159.

Unsnarling String. Fiddlehead Poetry Books: Fredericton, 1983. 87 pp

"From the Middle of the River,” “Roadhockey,” (poems) in Easterly, ed.

Blaine E. Hatt. Don Mills, Ontario: Academic Press, 1983. p. 7.

“The Grouse,” “Roadhockey,” (poems) in Stubborn Strength, ed. Michael 0.

       Nowlan. Don Mills, Ontario: Academic Press, 1983. pp. 104-105.

“Four Postcard Stories” (short stories). Prism International 23.1 (1984),



“Seasonal,” “The Launching of the Forest P. Waterman,” “The Grave Old Man

      Writes a Book for Children,” (poems) in The Atlantic Anthology,

      Vol. 2, ed. Fred Cogswell. Charlottetown, P.E.I.: Ragweed Press,

      1985, pp. 82-85.

“Bolzar,” “Marshes of Kreng,” “Ray-X,” (stories) in Open Windows:Canadian

      Short Stories, Kent Thompson. Kingston, Ontario: Quarry Press, 1988.

      pp. 98-100.

“Taking Stuff to the Cleaners,” “Love Song,” “Dialogue,” “For the Kids,”

       “The Lies of History,” “The Old Man on a White Bed,” (poems), Cormorant

       (Spring, 1989), 15-22.

“Not Understanding Spoff” (story). The Pottersfield Portfolio, Vol. 14, No. 1

      (Spring/Summer, 1992), pp. 62-69.(review).

Charles and Samuella Shain, eds. The Maine Reader, Boston: Houghton Mifflin,

       1991, 552 pp. Fiddlehead No. 172 (Summer 1992),127-132.(poem)

"Dialogue," Cormorant (Spring, 1993), p. 79.(poem) "Window Cleaners' Music"

       in Let the Earth Take Note: the first anthology of the National Milton

       Acorn Festival from 1987 to 1991, ed.James Deahl, Charlottetown, PEI:

       Milton Acorn Festival Publishing, 1994.p.45.(review)

"A Wild and Bumpy Ride," Carl Leggo, Growing Up Perpendicular

      On the Side of a Hill (poetry), in Cormorant, vol. XII, no. 1 (spring 1996),


John Updike, In the Beauty of the Lilies, Knopf, 1995, 491 New Brunswick Reader,

       Saint John Telegraph-Journal, Saturday, 1996. (review)

"A Total Absorption of Self," Yann Martel, Self, Alfed A. Knopf Canada, 1996, 331 p.

       in New Brunwsick Reader, Saint John Telegraph, June 29, 1996, p. 19(review))

"'The Same Old Al': Robert Gibbs Selects Alden Nowlan Columns:" White Madness,

       Alden Nowlan, Oberon, 1996, in Fiddlehead No.194 (Winter 1997), 113-114.(review)

"Long Ago and Far Away": Mark Frutkin, The Lion of Venice, Beach Holme Publishing,

      1997 in Fiddlehead, No. 199 (Spring, 1999),112-114.(review)


"Fun and Heartbreak in Nova Scotia," Maureen Hull,Righteous Living, Turnstone Press,

1999, in Fiddlehead, no. 206(Winter 2000), 109-111.(review)


"Powerfully Part of the Present," Michael Crummey, Flesh and Blood, Porcepic, 1998,

Hard Light, Brick, 1998, in Fiddlehead, No. 201 (Autumn 1999), 104-106. (Review)

"Good Body, Good Mind," Bill Gaston, The Good Body, Cormorant/Stoddart, 2000,

      in Fiddlehead No. 208 (Summer 2001),156-158.



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