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The Canadian Literature Archive has been online since October 4, 1994 and is a repository for information about Canadian writers, novelists, poets, playwrights, essayists, Canadian literary organizations, magazines, publications, texts and library archives. It is a project of the English Department of the University of Manitoba. This archive is intended to be a collection of materials for the study of Canadian literature. We expect this resource to grow and change, and we invite participation from scholars around the world.

The aims of the Canadian Literature Archive:

  1. Electronically reprint out-of-print, out-of-copyright Canadian works of fiction, poetry and drama. A substantial number of early Canadian works are not available in print. Many of these earlier works exist only in magazines or newspaper formats, and are unlikely ever to be put into print in conventional formats, though they are important to scholarship.


  2. Bibliographies of Canadian writers. An enormous amount of effort is expended across the country in the production of identical bibliographies for courses in Canadian Literature. A central registry for bibliographic material would be a valuable service to teachers and researchers.


  3. Provide brief biographical information about Canadian writers. Very little biographical material is now available on any but the most widely known Canadian writers.


  4. Provide a photo archive of images associated with Canadian literature. This might include photos of writers, historical sites, shrines, locations and settings as well as sample manuscripts and illustrations.


  5. Electronically publish the proceedings of conferences on Canadian literature held at the University of Manitoba. St. John's College regularly holds the St. John's College Literary Conference, devoted to Canadian literature. The conference held in the fall of 1995, is now complete. The proceedings will be published in book format from the Canadian Studies Unit at the University of Trier Germany. St. John's College Press will also publish an electronic version of the book. 


  6. Provide announcements of upcoming literary conferences both in Canada and abroad.


  7. Publish an electronic journal devoted to Canadian prairie literature.

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