Bison Men's Chorus - Cary Denby

Last Modified: 2023-09-07

Bison Men's Chorus accompanist, Héctor Pinzón-Arroyo

Héctor is an established Colombian pianist, conductor, and composer. From a family of musicians, he started playing piano at the age of 5. Since then, his creative output has taken different shapes leading him to a variety of performances and opportunities throughout North America and Europe.

Héctor holds a master’s degrees in conducting and piano collaborative, at universities such as Azusa Pacific University, University of Southern Mississippi, and University of Manitoba, specializing in instrumental, operatic, and vocal music. He has also won several competitions in piano performance and conducting, consequently touring Germany, Austria, USA, Ecuador, and Colombia. As a conductor, Hector has worked as the musical director of youth and professional orchestras, in symphonic and operatic productions, and his compositions - a fusion between classical and latin folk music - have been performed in three different continents, including his last work, a Piano Concerto, premiered at the University of Southern California in November of 2019.

Collaboration is perhaps the artistic practice that encompasses the meaning of music making for Héctor. From his family musical gatherings, salsa-dancing sessions, his piano and cello duet with his beloved wife, Gabriella, and his passion for teaching, music represents an important part of his life.

Héctor replace the Chorus' long time accompanist, Cary Denby who has been a mainstay of the Chorus since 1998.