.: BEGCB Project : Background
Backyard farming: Flowering. Photo by: Sayedur R Chowdhury Bangladesh is uniquely located in the largest active deltaic region of the world, where three mighty rivers the Ganges, the Brahmaputra and the Meghna merge on ever-expanding floodplains before entering the Bay of Bengal. It is a developing country with a large, highly concentrated population (around 153 million people living in an area of 56,000 square miles) and a GNI of only USD 490. Bangladesh is widely known for innovative poverty reduction programs, such as micro-credit provisions for poor women, as well as for the natural and human-induced calamities it has frequently faced. To address the intertwined problems of poverty reduction, lack of access of the poor to common-pool resources, and rapid depletion of natural resources, there is an urgent need to build the capacity of institutions and to develop human resources in these priority areas. This project intends to build institutional and human resource capacity in Environmental Governance that supports pro-poor economic growth and development through equitable access to, and sustainable management of, natural resources and the environment in Bangladesh. It is expected that the project will have a wide impact upon poverty reduction and sustainable development throughout Bangladesh and beyond, through sharing experience and knowledge of Environmental Governance innovation and through demonstrating successful local approaches to greening of micro-enterprises.