Winnipeg Tribune Collection : Newsclipping Search

There are 250,000 newsclippings originally clipped from the Winnipeg Tribune and arranged by staff into Subject and Personality files which are now held by Archives & Special Collections. The following index is only for the Subject Files as no index for the Personality Files exists. The files encompass a very broad range of clippings that are, in some way, related to their specific Subject File heading. This system was originated by the Tribune and has been maintained by the Archives in order to maintain the integrity of the records. Please note that this is only an on-line index to the newsclippings found in the archives. The newsclippings themselves are currently not available on-line.

Links to photos that have been scanned and that have had their descriptions entered into our on-line searchable database will appear on the right of the screen under the heading entitled "Photographs". They will include the number of available scanned images that correspond to that particular Subject File heading. If there were no photos associated with a particular Subject File,it will read "None" beneath the heading entitled "Photographs." If photographs associated with the Subject File exist, but none were scanned and placed on the web site, then beneath the heading will read "0 photographs." Please keep in mind that the scanned photographs only represent a small fraction of the total number that are available at the Archives.

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