The Winnipeg Tribune

The Winnipeg Tribune, one of western Canada's oldest newspapers, ran from 1890 to 1980. The Tribune was a rival to the Winnipeg Free Press. While it had excellent coverage of local events and personalities, it also reported on national and international news.

After the sudden collapse of the newspaper, the paper's "morgue files", dating from the 1930s to 1980, consisting of photographs and folders of clippings on local, national, and international subjects and personalities, were acquired by Archives & Special Collections. Subsequently, three collections of Tribune negatives were also donated by private citizens. Microfilms of both the newspaper and the subject folders are also available.

Please note that the "morgue files" contain newsclippings from other media outlets in addition to the Winnipeg Tribune.

The Archives has compiled an index to the voluminous Personality Files, which is available at the link below. Please note that if browsing the list of names in the index, it is not strictly alphabetical but replicates the order in which the clippings have been filed onsite.

Digitized editions of the Winnipeg Tribune




Winnipeg Tribune Subjects Newsclippings Index
Winnipeg Tribune Personalities Newsclipping Index
Winnipeg Tribune Photograph Index and Photographs

Winnipeg Tribune fonds 
Winnipeg Tribune Comic Book Collection
Winnipeg Tribune Documentary fonds
Winnipeg Tribune Miniature Collection
Winnipeg Tribune Printing Plates and Newspapers Collection

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