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Institution: University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Collection Identifier: MSS 152, TC 104, PC 159
(A.02-56, A.04-31)

Title: Sybil Shack fonds

Dates: 1896-2003

Extent: 4.33 m of textual records and other material

Biographical Sketch: Sybil Shack was born in Winnipeg
on 1 April 1911. She graduated from the University of
Manitoba with a B.A. in 1929 and attended Normal School
to become a teacher the following year. Due to a lack of
teaching positions, she supported herself writing
editorials for Weekly News, the Independent Labour
Council newspaper, taking general assignments for the
Western Jewish News, marking papers or giving
private tutorials. She also found placements as a substitute
teacher before finally securing a job at Foxwarren, Manitoba.
After three years in rural Manitoba she returned to teach in
Winnipeg. In 1945 Shack returned to the University of
Manitoba and received a MEd the following year.
Between 1950-1952, she took post-graduate courses at the
Ontario College of Education. She was principal of several
schools starting with Sargeant Park School in 1948 and
retired as the principal of Kelvin High in 1976. For thirty
years she was involved in school broadcasts over television
and radio with the C.B.C. In 1969 she received an Honorary
Doctorate (LLD) from the University of Manitoba. Shack is
the author of several books. Shack was an active board
member for several organizations and was the recipient
of several prestigious awards, including the Order of
Canada and Provost of the Buffalo Hunt.
Shack died on January 22, 2004.

Digitized Material: The digitized material from the Sybil
Shack fonds includes documents pertaining to her Russian
immigrant father, correspondence and articles relating
to immigrant children, an article on anti-semitism, notes
on Jewish refugee children from the Second World War, and
photographs of her family adapting to life in Canada.

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