Hugh Hamilton Saunderson:

An Inventory of His Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Elizabeth Watson
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Hugh Hamilton Saunderson

Hugh Hamilton Saunderson fonds


0.96 m of textual records. -- 110 photographs. -- 13 audio cassettes

MSS 49


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Biography of Hugh Hamilton Saunderson


1904 Hugh Hamilton Saunderson Jr., born at Winnipeg, MB, November 23rd

1924 Received B.A. from University of Manitoba

1930 Received M.Sc. from University of Manitoba

1932 Received PhD. from McGill University

1933 Research Chemist, International Paper Company

1934 Married Patricia Jean Coke

1934 Appointed Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Manitoba

1942 Appointed Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Manitoba

1945 Appointed Professor of Chemistry and Dean of Arts and Science, University of Manitoba

1947 Appointed Director of Information Services, Research Council of Canada

1954 Appointed President of the University of Manitoba

1962 Received Dr. of Science from McGill University

1970 Retired as President, University of Manitoba, named President Emeritus

1981 Published autobiography The Saunderson Years

1984 Died at Winnipeg


Hugh Hamilton Saunderson, B.A., M.Sc., PhD., Dr.Sc., LLD., F.C.I.C., was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on November 23, 1904, son of Hugh Hamilton Sr., and Linda Dunham (Duval) Saunderson. He received his elementary education in the Public Schools of Winnipeg. He graduated with a B.A. degree from the University of Manitoba in 1924, and Master of Science from the University of Manitoba in 1930. In 1932 he received the degree of PhD. from McGill University, and in 1962 McGill University granted him the degree of Doctor of Science.

On June 15, 1934 he married Patricia Jean Coke at Winnipeg. They had two children, Carol Patricia and Hugh Lawrence.

Dr. Saunderson had a successful and varied career. He was employed as a research chemist with International Paper Company in 1933-34; Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Manitoba, 1934-1942; Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Manitoba, 1942-1945; Professor of Chemistry and Dean of Arts and Science from 1945-1947. From 1947 to 1954 he served as Director of Information Services, Research Council of Canada, at Ottawa. He was appointed President of the University of Manitoba in 1954, a position he held until 1970, when he retired and was named President Emeritus. He was an Honorary Fellow of the International College of Dentists, a member of the Chemistry Institute of Canada, and an Honorary Member of the Pharmaceutical Association. He also served as a director of the Sanitorium Board of Manitoba. Dr. Saunderson was the author of The Saunderson Years, published by the University of Manitoba Press in 1981. Dr. Saunderson was a member of the United Church of Canada, and held memberships in the Manitoba Club and in Rotary International.

Dr. Saunderson died at Winnipeg in May 1984.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

This collection covers Dr. Saunderson's affairs from 1954 until his death. It consists of 10 boxes of material: appointment books, personal correspondence, reports, speeches, photographs and tape recordings.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 13 series.

  • Appointment Books 1955-1969
  • Personal Files 1961-1971
  • Electoral Boundaries Commission 1973-1976
  • Speeches by Dr. Saunderson: 1954-1978
  • Faculty of Medicine: 1964-1965
  • Manitoba Hospital Commission: 1964-1966
  • Reports: 1962-1965
  • Scrapbooks 1930-1959
  • Newspaper Clippings re: University of Manitoba and President H.H. Saunderson 1950s-1980s
  • Writings of H.H. Saunderson 1944-1945
  • Auction Record Book 1904
  • Photograph Collection (PC 73)
  • Tape Collection (TC 68)

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Restrictions on Access

There are no restrictions on access.

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Restrictions on Use

The use of this material is governed by copyright laws.

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Custodial History

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Appointment Books 1955-1969
1 Appointment Books, 1955-59
2 Appointment Books, 1960-69

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Personal Files 1961-1971
Personal Files, 1961-1965
31 Receipted Accounts
2-7 Correspondence, 1961-1965
Personal Files, 1966-1969
41-6 Correspondence, 1966-1971
7 Research notes re: Manitoba Agricultural College (Pat Saunderson)
8 Listing of Estate items

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Electoral Boundaries Commission 1973-1976
51 Canada Gazette
2 Reports, 1973 & 1976
3 Submission by J. Russell Doern
4 Minutes
5-8 Correspondence, 1973-1976
Guidelines (in binder)

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Speeches by Dr. Saunderson: 1954-1978
61-2 1954:

Canadian Citizenship Court, June 16

The University in Canadian Society, Sept. 3

Anniversary, Manitoba Law School, Oct. 5

The Needs of a University, Nov. 17

Native Sons of Canada, Dec. 10

Speech Notes - National Office, Management Association, Winnipeg Chapter, Dec. 13

Address - I.S.O. in Manitoba

3 1955:

The Farm, the Home & the University, Jan. 27

Manitoba Law School: Grad Farewell We Are All Trustees, Jan. 19

The University of Manitoba, Feb. 18

St. Paul's College: Grad Farewell, Feb. 21

Alpha Omega, Feb. 23

Board of Governors & Alumni Assoc., Feb. 16

Henderson School, Dauphin, Feb. 21

Altona School, Mar. 8

United College: Grad Farewell, Mar. 3

Diploma Class Commencement, Mar. 25

Clear the Decks, Apr. 11

High School & The University, Apr. 14

The Student & His Family, Apr. 22

But What of the Future, Apr. 19

G.I.C. Annual Meeting, May 3

St. Boniface Hospital Nurses' Grad, May 3

The Next Fifty Years, May 11

Agriculture & The University, May 29

U of M Alumni Assoc., June 6

Can. Assoc. of Microbiologists, June 15

Welcome: Farm Women's Week, June 20

Winnipeg Kiwanis Club, June 21

Western MB Teachers' Assoc. Sept. 6

I.O.D.E. Gladstone, Sept. 12

Induction: Dr. Lockhart U. of Wpg, Oct. 13

The Layman in the Church, Oct. 16

Annual Meeting MB Medical Assoc., Oct. 26

Scientific Club-50th Anniversary, Oct. 28

St. John's College Convocation, Oct. 31

United College Commencement, Nov. 3

Assiniboia Lodge (Masons) Can. Night, Nov.1

The University Helps You, Nov. 16

Portage La Prairie Teachers' Assoc. Nov. Are Industrial Resources Enough? Dec. 13

The University Looks Ahead, Dec. 15

4 1956:

Gamma Rho Kappa (Newman Club), Jan. 22

What the University Means to Rural MB, Jan. 24

Are Industrial Resources Enough, Feb. 16

The University & Agricultural Research, Feb. 17

Education & Our Future, Mar. 12

Our Responsibilities as Individuals, Mar. 16

Canada Today, Mar. 19

Address to Alumni Dinner, Apr. 4

Welcome: Adn Assoc. for Adult Education, Apr. 20

Education in an Automotive Age, May 8

Maimonides College Grad., June 10

Problems of a Growing University, June 11

Our Responsibilities, June 19

Golden Jubilee of Agric. Education, June 21

Value For Your Money, Sept. 25

The Next Ten Years in Education, Sept. 26

Some Characteristics of an Educated Man, Sept.

Talk to Directors of Y.M.C.A., Oct. 4

The University and the Schools, Oct. 4

What the University Means for a Student, Nov. 1

Education in Our Future, Nov.

Greetings: United College Comm., Nov. 6

Roads to Progress

5 1957:

Lakehead Tech. Graduation, May 7

Neepawa Collegiate Graduation, May 8

Presentation of H.S. Wingate for Honorary Degree, May 8

What do Educators Expect of Individuals, June 7

Welcome to New Students, Sept. 23

What the University is Doing for Agriculture, Oct.11

Selkirk Inspectors' Meeting, Oct. 17

Laying of Corner Stone, St. Paul's - Oct. 20

A Light Into the Future, Oct. 23

South East Teachers' Convention, Oct. 31

Red River Valley Teachers' Convention, Nov.1

M.T.I. Graduation, Nov. 22

The Part Religion Plays in the Life of the Student Today, Dec. 2

6 1959:

The Unversity and the Community, Jan. 20

Objectives in Education, Feb. 26

Greetings to Dr. Walter Johns, Apr. 4

Rockets and Space Exploration, Apr. 9

The Responsibility of the Student to Prepare Himself for Higher Education, Apr. 18

Alltona Collegiate Graduation, May 15

Steinbach Collegiate Graduation, May 9

Brandon College Commencement, May 21

Medical & Social Work Convention, May 28

Dauphin Collegiate Graduation, May 29

Sisler High School Graduation, June 5

Welcome: Mun. Admin. & Pub. Finance, June 16

Welcome: Agric. Institute of Canada, June 22

Sod Turning - Brandon College, Sept. 9

Welcome to New Students, Sept. 14

Vincent Massey Hall Hebrew Univ., Sept. 16

Greetings: NCCUC Univ. of Sask., Sept. 29

Opening: 1st Alumni Fall Conf., Oct. 17

Role of the University in the Comm., Oct. 29

Boys' Parliament, Dec. 29

Tribute to Prof. R.C. Lodge, Dec.

71 1961:

The Griffon Club, Jan. 1

Installation: Dr. J.E. Robbins, Jan. 6

2nd Alumni Conference, Jan. 28

University and Community, Jan. 31

Brotherhood Week, Feb. 20

University & the Business Community, Feb. 27

Role of the University in the 60's, Mar. 9

Convocation, May 25 (2 items)

Where are you going now? May 28

Special Convocation, Aug. 31

Democratic Decision Making in Canadian Society, Sept. 8

Birdtail Teachers' Association, Oct. 5

Pelly Trail Teachers' Association, Oct. 5

Prairie Turfgrass Association, Oct. 5

Inspectors of Div. #28, Oct. 17

We're Always Learning, Oct. 27

Friends of the University, Nov. 15

Tribute to Chief Justice Williams, Nov. 24

3 1962:

The University, Jan. Brotherhood Week (Ft. Frances), Feb. 20

National Education Week, Feb. 20

Brotherhood Week (Brandon), Feb. 20

Education Grads Farewell, Feb. 23

4-H Club Banquet, Mar. 2

The Role of the University in the 60's, Mar. 20

Ethnic Press Foundation, Mar. 30

Freshman Assembly, Sept. 10

The Role of the University (Rotary), Oct. 31

Our University, Nov. 5

What is New at the University, Nov. 10

Where is the University Heading? Nov. 10

4 1963:

The Year-Round University: Another View, Feb. 2

The Icelandic Club, Feb. 19

Let's Look Foreward to 2003 A.D., Mar. 18

MB Labour Management Seminar, June Dr. W.A. Riddell (U. of Sask.) May 4

Dr. D. McDougall, Memorial Library, Aug. 14

West 2nd St. Assoc., Aug. 40

Welcome to Freshmen, Sept. 23

Special Convocation, Sept. 23

W.J. Parker (Canada-Japan Trade Council), Oct.8

The Land We Live In, Nov. 29

The Power of Ideas, Dec. 14

5 1964:

Red River Valley Teachers' Assoc., Feb. 6

Education: High Fidelity Playback, Feb. 6

Two Nation Theory of Canada, Feb. 12

Welcome: Station CHSM Steinbach, Feb. 25

Education, Mar. 3

Rotary Foundation, Apr. 1

Convocation: Chairman's Remarks, May 21

Labour/Management Seminar, June 3

Graduation: MB Teachers' College, June 11

Canadian Fed. of University Women, Aug. 20

The University and the Residential College, Aug. 27

Let's Use the Yellow Signal, Sept. 16

Special Convocation Address, Sept. 21

Assiniboia North Teachers' Convention, Oct. 9

6 1965:

Members of Short Course on Business Systems, June 11

Official Opening of Regina Campus, U. of Sask. Oct. 8

Freedom of Speech, Oct. Address to Institute of Chartered Accountants, Oct. 15

U. of Sask. Alumni, Oct. 9

Institute of Public Administrators of Can., Mar. 9

7 1966:

Function of a University in a Community, Jan. 1

Higher Education for Teachers, Feb. 4

Education in a Changing World, Mar. 25

Our Pioneer Heritage, June 12

Looking Foreward in Eduction, July 7

The Responsibility of Trusteeship, Nov. 15

8 1967:

The University & the Community, Jan. 15

French Canadian Editors (in French), Apr. 11

Address to Graduates of U. of Sask., May 19

Dunrea Centennial Park, June 25

50th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge, Apr. 8

9 1968:

Tribute to Martin Luther King, Apr. 9

10 1969:

How to be a Happy Canadian Citizen, May 15

Broadcast News Directors, May 30

It's a Big Step Foreward, Oct. 30

81 1970:

Welcome: Reception for Dr. Saunderson, July 30

Convocation Address, Oct. 22

2 1971:

Toast to Canada (Icelandic Festival) Aug. 2

3 1973:

Grad Farewell St. Paul's College, Mar. 2

MB Pharmaceutical Assoc., June 17

4 1974:

Dr. W.J. Condo - Alumni Assoc. Address, May 28

50th Anniversary of 1st Presb. Church, May 4

5 1978:

Convocation Address, May 24

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Faculty of Medicine: 1964-1965
91 Agreements and Appointments, 1964
2 Agreements and Appointments, 1965

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Manitoba Hospital Commission: 1964-1966
93 Correspondence, 1964-66
6 Joint Meeting, 1965

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Reports: 1962-1965
94 Medicare, 1962
5 Medicare, 1963/65

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Scrapbooks 1930-1959

Personal Scrapbook of H.H. Saunderson, documenting his career, personal life and events at the University of Manitoba

101 1930-1953
2 1953-1956
3 1956-1959

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Newspaper Clippings re: University of Manitoba and President H.H. Saunderson 1950s-1980s
104 1950s
5 1960s
6 1967
7 1970s
8 1980s
9 undated

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Writings of H.H. Saunderson 1944-1945
1010 "The Industrial Utilization of Plant and Animal Products, Province of Manitoba", 1944
10 "The Utilization of Cereal Straw in Manitoba" 1945 -- A report (unpublished). Prepared for the Industrial Development Board of Manitoba

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Auction Record Book 1904
1011 Auction record book dated 1904 kept by H.H. Saunderson, Sr. of the contents of 344 Donald Street, Winnipeg

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11 1.Honorary Degree University of Winnipeg,1968 2.Honorary Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada, 1960, 3. Order of the Buffalo Hunt, 1970, 4. Fellow of St. John's College, 1958, 5. Banff School of Advanced Management certicate, 1969, 6. Honorary Life Member of the Alumni Association of U. of MB., 7. LLD University of Saskatchewan, 8. Honorary FFellow International College of Dentists, 9. Honorary Fellow of the Manitoba Pharmceutical Association, 1974, 10.Honorary Degree University of Alberta, 11.Honorary Degree University of Manitoba, 1970,12. Honorary Colonel of the University of Manitoba COTC, 1960, 13.PHD Mcgill (2 items), 1932, 14. Founding Father of Dentistry, 1970. 1932-1974

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Photograph Collection (PC 73)
Convocation Photos
11 Special Convocation for Private Clinics at the world held in Winnipeg Centennial Hall
1 John Aubrey Bate and John Frederick Brewster
1 Saunderson and unidentified man [197-?]
1 Saunderson and unidentified man [197-?]
1 Saunderson and Gordon Ditts, winner of Saunderson Award 1970
1 Saunderson and unidentified men
1 Saunderson and unidentified graduates

(3 photographs)

1 Saunderson, Bill Condo, and Bob Armatage May 1978
1 Saunderson and unidentified men

(2 photographs)

1 Saunderson and Prof. Mena McDaniel; Saunderson and Prof. Carl Nelson

(2 photographs)

1 Saunderson and Chancellor Isabel Auld and W. Condo
1 Two unidentified women
1 Saunderson and unidentified man
1 Saunderson with unidentified men

Include both Dr. Saunderson and unidentified persons. (16 items)

Dr. Saunderson receiving and giving honorary degrees. [19-?]

Folder 2, Photographs 23, 32, 38-40

Unidentified figures, some include shots of Dr. Saunderson.

Folder 2, Photographs16, 18, 27, 37

Folder 4, Photographs 69, 71, 93, 95-96, 99-100

University of Manitoba buildings.

Folder 4, Photographs 65-68, 70, 72-76, 92, 97, 101 -103

Individual and group photos with Dr. Saunderson included.

Folder 1, Photograph 2

Other figures include Hon. S. McLean, Sir Douglas Logan, Hon. Justice Freedman, Hon. E. Chevrier, W.L. Morton, etc.

Folder 2, Photographs 17, 19-20, 24, 26, 28-31, 33, 35-36, 42-44,49,50

Folder 3, Photographs 52-53, 55-57

Folder 4, Photographs 77-81, 80-88, 90-91, 94, 98, 104-109

Individual and group photos without Dr. Saunderson included.

Figures include Sir Eric Ashley, Hon. Richard Bowles, Roland Michener, H. Duckworth, etc.

Folder 2 Photographs 25, 34, 41, 45-48, 51

Folder 3 Photographs 58-64

Folder 4 Photographs 64, 82-83, 89

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Tape Collection (TC 68)
1 Dr. Condo about Walter Crawford
Dr. Saunderson about Dr. H.P. Armes
Eileen Bulman-Abbot
T. & R. Wright - "Memories of U. of M."
D. Chevrier, Dr. Buller, Dr. Spence (Side A)
Dr. F. Clark, Mrs. Isabel Clark (Side B)
Lillian Allan about her father, Prof. F. Allan
J.W. Pickersgill
D.C. Williams recalls Dr. H.W. Wright
Dr. George Brownell - 75th Anniversary

(2 copies)

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