Kathleen Rice:

An Inventory of Her Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Leah Morton
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(August 2003)

Finding aid encoded by Leah Morton (August 2003)
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Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Winnpeg MB R3T 2N2

Kathleen Rice

Kathleen Rice fonds

1927-1940, 1991

12.5 cm textual records

Mss 162, A.03-02


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Biography of Kathleen Rice

Kathleen Rice was born in St. Marys, Ontario, in 1883, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lincoln Rice. She graduated from the University of Toronto in 1906 and began a career as a math teacher. She taught in Belleville, Ontario before moving to Western Canada. Once in the West, she taught mathematics in Alberta in and Yorkton, Saskatchewan. In 1913, Kathleen and her brother Lincoln decided to stake a homestead near The Pas, Manitoba. Shortly thereafter, war broke out and Lincoln, who later became a Lieutenant Colonel, joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Kathleen decided to stay on the homestead alone. After teaching herself about geology and prospecting, she headed to the Herb Lake area north of The Pas. She claimed an island – later called Rice Island – in Weksusko Lake, which turned out to be very rich in copper and nickel.

While it is rumoured that Rice and her business partner, Richard (Dick) Woosey, turned down $250,000 for their property, she eventually sold it to International Nickel (INCO) for approximately $20,000. Kathleen Rice occasionally returned to Ontario to visit her family, but the majority of her adult life was spent in Northern Manitoba. She died in Brandon in 1964. Some of the information for this biographical sketch came from the website http://www.snowlake.com/krice.htm

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The fonds consists of four series.The first series consists of newspaper clippings about Kathleen Rice. Because of the condition of these clippings, they have been photocopied. The second series consists of an exerpt about Kathleen Rice from a book about female adventurers. It is an incomplete copy of the chapter.The third series consists of manuscripts written by Kathleen Rice. The fourth series consists of two drawings that may possibly be attributed to Kathleen Rice. They are nature scenes.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into four series

  • Newspaper Articles, 1927- [196-], 1991
  • Book Extract, 1935
  • Manuscripts, [193-?]-1939
  • Drawings, [192-?]

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Restrictions on Access

No restrictions apply.

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Restrictions on Use

Users must abide by relevant copyright legislation.

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Custodial History

Mrs. Geraldine Rice donated the collection in 2003. The acquisition was assisted by Bjarne Tokerud.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Newspaper Articles, 1927-[196-], 1991
11 Griffin, Frederick. "College Women Prefers a Life in the Wilds." Toronto Daily Star, Friday December 21, 1928
"Lure of the Out-of-Doors led Girl to Rich Claims" [193-] [193-]
"What Next" The Globe, Wednesday July 18, 1928
"Ontario Girl Winning Out as Pioneer and Prospector" Toronto Daily Star, Saturday December 31, 1928
Ferguson, Bessie. "First Woman Prospector 'Swings on Her Own Gate'", [192-]
"Woman Prospector Travels Alone Through Manitoba Wilds" The Toronto Star Weekly Saturday October 5, 1929
Connolly, Kate T. "Kathleen Rice, BA", [193-]
"Miss Kathleen Rice Still Lives at Herb Lake, Man.", [195-?]
"Nickel Co. Pays $20,000 to Manitoba Hermit Lady" [ 196-]
Eedy, Lars. "Novelist Features St. Marys Setting" The St. Marys Journal-Angus, " Wednesday April 10, 1991

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Book Extract, 1935
12 Tiltman, Marjorie Hessell. "Prospecting in the Wilds for a Living: How Kathleen Rice Abandoned the Teaching of Mathematics for a Living" Women in Modern Adventure. London:George G. Harrap and Co. Ltd., 1935

[Incomplete copy]

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Manuscripts, [193-] - 1939
13 "Prosings of a Woman Prospector", 1939
"Under the Cosmic Rays", 1933
4 "The Odyssey of a Mile", [193-]
"The Legend of Nanaboozho", [ca. 193-]
"Survival of the Fittest", [193-?]
5 "The Aurora - Arctic Will O' The Wisp", [193-?]
"To Every Dog His Due", [193-?]

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Drawings, [192-?]
16 Untitled Sketch 1 [192-?]
7 Untitled Sketch 2 [192-?]

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