Charles William Gordon (Ralph Connor):

An Inventory of His Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Maura Taylor Pennington and Susan Bellay
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
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Biography of Charles William Gordon

Scope and Contents of the Papers

Organization of the Papers

Restrictions on Use

Detailed Description of the Collection

Biographical 1892-1948, 1982, n.d.

British Canadian North-West Missions 1883-1928, predominant 1893-1906

Foreign Missions 1904-1926

British Columbia Indians 1909-1927

St. Stephen's Church 1894-1933

Labour and Industry 1907-1923

Temperance and Prohibition 1902-1927

Social Service 1902-1914

Social Service and Evangelism 1906-1915; n.d.

World War I 1912-1925, n.d.

Moderator of the Presbyterian Church 1921-1922

Church Union 1912-1934

League of Nations 1921-1923, n.d.

World Conference on Faith and Order 1922-1926

Sermons and Addresses 1883-1934, n.d.

Articles 1921-1932; ??

Literary Works - Major Publishers 1897-1938

Literary Works - Other Publishers and Magazines 1899-1937

Literary Manuscripts 1899-1937

Literary Fan Mail 1895-1937

Newspaper Clippings, 1892-1937

Photograph Collection (PC 76)

1997 Accession 1887-1888

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Charles William Gordon (Ralph Connor)

Charles William Gordon fonds

1883-1937, 1948, 1982

6.25 m of textual records. -- 81 photographs. -- 58 postcards. (49 boxes)

MSS 56, PC 76


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Biography of Charles William Gordon

Charles William Gordon was born September 13, 1860, in Indian Lands, Glengarry County, Ontario. He was one of seven children born to a Presbyterian minister, Donald (Daniel) Gordon, and to Mary Robertson Gordon. Both of his parents possessed outstanding abilities. Donald Gordon was an eloquent and passionate preacher of the Free Church of Scotland. He served as a missionary, first in the eastern townships of Quebec, and later in Glengarry County, Ontario. Charles Gordon's mother, Mary Robertson Gordon, came from a well known Sherbrooke, Quebec family. For a woman of her time, she received unusual opportunities. She was educated at Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, and at one time was invited to become its Principal. She refused the invitation in order to marry Donald Gordon. Charles Gordon's family included five brothers and one sister. Three of his brothers, Gilbert, Andrew, and Robertson achieved professional success in other fields. Dr. Andrew R. Gordon was a member of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, while Dr. Gilbert Gordon became a prominent physician and professor of medical studies. The eldest brother, J. Robertson Gordon was a mining engineer involved with mining in the dominion lands.

The inspiration for Charles Gordon's life of service came from the example set by his parents. He never lost his faith in the beliefs, attitudes and values they passed on to him. Those values were embodied both in the way Gordon lived his life and in the twenty-six novels he penned between 1899 and 1937. Gordon received his primary schooling in Glengarry County and attended high school at St. Mary's in Harrington, Ontario. In 1883, he graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts. His postgraduate studies included a year at New College, Edinburgh University, and a year of theological training at Knox College, University of Toronto.

When Charles Gordon completed his postgraduate schooling he was faced with a decision about the direction he wished his career to take. He seriously considered foreign mission work but instead was inspired by the Superintendent of the Presbyterian Home Mission Committee, the Rev. Dr. James Robertson, to apply his talents to the people of his own land. Gordon later memorialized Dr. Robertson in his novel entitled The Superintendent . Between 1890 and 1894, Gordon's dedication to home mission work involved extensive travel to newly established homesteads, work with the men and families of mining camps, an appointment as a special commissioner representing Canadian Home Mission interests in Scotland, and a year as Clerk of the Presbytery of Calgary.

It was a result of his dedication to the Home Mission cause that Charles Gordon began his literary career. In an attempt to raise public awareness and money in Eastern Canada for the support of the Presbyterian Home Mission Committee, Gordon wrote a fictionalized account of life in the northwest. He received instant popularity and success with these inspiring and exciting romances about life in western Canada. Even his pen name, Ralph Connor, was originally intended to reflect his purpose of supporting the Home Missions. According to Gordon, he instructed the editor of The Westminster to sign his story "Cannor", and abbreviation of "Canadian Northwest". A telegraph operator, not recognizing "Cannor", misspelled the name as "Connor", the name which consequently reached the editor. Eventually Gordon's story about life in the Northwest turned into a series of articles that was later published in novel form as Black Rock . Hundreds of thousands of copies of this novel have been published and enjoyed by many people throughout the world. Gordon's subsequent work, The Sky Pilot , enjoyed an even greater response, and the reputation of "Ralph Connor" was launched.

Several novels followed the 1899 publication of The Sky Pilot , perhaps the most memorable of Gordon's works. They included Glengarry School Days and The Man from Glengarry ; The Superintendent ; The Prospector ; The Doctor ; and The Foreigner . By this time, "Ralph Connor" was virtually a household work. The years between 1988 and 1914 were prolific for Gordon as an author, resulting in the publication of his most important books and in high book sales. Gordon's appeal lay not only in his clear and descriptive depictions of western Canada, but in the religious and personal overtones of his novels. He believed this appealed to a Christian population that was unused to reading popular, romantic fiction.

Despite Gordon's literary success, he considered himself primarily a Christian minister and maintained a detached attitude towards his career as a novelist. In 1894, he was asked by the Rev. Dr. James Robertson to resign his position as Clerk of the Presbytery of Calgary and to take charge of St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church in downtown Winnipeg. In the last decade of the nineteenth century, Western Canada experienced a massive population growth. By 1891, Winnipeg was Canada's third largest city with a rapidly expanding immigrant population. Robertson felt that urban centres such as Winnipeg were in greater need of Christian influence than even the frontier regions of Canada's western lands and he saw Gordon as being perfectly suited to the job. Charles Gordon remained as minister of St. Stephen's until his retirement in 1924. It was also in Winnipeg that he met his wife, Helen King, daughter of the first Principal of Manitoba College, the Rev. John M. King.

Gordon's initial political involvement was an outgrowth of his home mission work where he became deeply involved in the problems of immigration and settlement. Gordon's concern for Sabbath observance, the separate school controversy, and the campaign against "liquor interests" in Manitoba occupied a great deal of his time in the early part of the century. He was alternately quoted and censured in the Winnipeg press for his outspokenness and opinions. In 1910 he accepted the presidency of the Social Service Council of Manitoba, an organization which sustained the campaign against alcohol and made temperance an issue in several provincial elections. In 1908, Gordon was appointed Convener of the Social Service Committee of the Presbyterian Church, and sustained a myriad of duties involving investigation of social questions including health, housing, and crime.

Gordon was also involved in the mediation of industrial disputes and labour problems. He was approached to either chair or serve on several Boards of Conciliation and Investigation established under the Industrial Disputes Act of 1907. While explicitly avoiding the contentious practice of arbitration, Gordon attempted, through negotiation and a "common sense" approach, to mediate in industrial disputes with varying degrees of success.

The onset of World War I irrevocably altered the life of Gordon, the staunch patriot and imperialist. At the age of fifty-four, duty-bound, he enlisted and went overseas as Chaplain of the 43rd Cameron Highlanders. Eventually Gordon was appointed senior chaplain to the Canadian Armed Forces in England and in France. Although he himself escaped injury, Gordon witnessed the death of several of his friends and fellow parishioners, including his long-time friend and financial advisor, Colonel R.M. Thomson. Apart from personal loss at the death of Thomson, Gordon suffered the loss of a large portion of his estate and ended up in debt due to the manner in which his estate was inextricably tied up with Thomson's. Gordon bore the financial loss with apparent stoicism and charity, and forbade family members to discuss it.

In 1916, Gordon was recalled to Canada and appointed by both the British and Canadian governments to represent the Allied cause to the United States in a speaking tour. A memorable feature of the tour was his meeting with Woodrow Wilson, whom he criticized for the callousness and selfishness of his neutrality. Wilson however, appeared to respond cordially and patiently to Gordon's presentation. Gordon was received enthusiastically by the American public and business leaders, including the former Republican President, Theodore Roosevelt, for the remainder of his tour.

Gordon celebrated the coming of peace in November of 1918 with prayers of gratitude, contemplating what role Canada and organized religion could play in rebuilding the war-torn world. Once an enthusiastic patriot and supporter of the Allied cause, Gordon's views were profoundly changed by war. He became a virtual pacifist, dedicating much of his interest to the League of Nations and openly opposing war in the 1930's. He was especially interested in the role the Christian churches might play in promoting world peace, but after a few years he lost faith in the ability of a divided ecclesiastical community to make a productive and unified contribution. He was greatly disturbed by the failure of the league of Nations to promote pace and goodwill among nation, and by the development of the league into a form, as he saw it, for diplomatic manoeuvring. Gordon criticized the League in the 1930's for abandoning its original moral role was conceived by its founder, Woodrow Wilson.

In Canada, Gordon supported the postwar movement toward church union. In 1922, he was appointed Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, an appointment coincidental with a renewed campaign for the union of the Presbyterian, Congregational, and Methodist Churches. This long and sometimes bitter unification campaign threatened to divide, more than unite, the churches and at one point resulted in a vocal anti-church-union movement which attempted to legally halt the proceedings of church union. During his national speaking tour as Moderator, Gordon, with Dr. James Endicott of the Methodist Church, travelled across the county speaking on behalf of church union. Church union eventually became a fact, but not until 1925.

During these long years, Gordon found time to resume his writing career, often in the seclusion of Brikencraig, the family's Lake of the Woods cottage. In 1917, Gordon published The Major followed by Treading the Winepress , The Runner , The Arm of Gold , Torches Through the Bush , The Friendly Four , and He Dwelt Among Us . He found, however, that the market for his works had declined and that public tastes had changed. While he continued to publish, book sales declined and were negatively affected by the economic conditions of the late 1920's and early 1930's. While "Ralph Connor" continued to be popular, his glory days were over. Come the 1930's, Gordon changed his emphasis from romantic fiction to an interest in real life social and economic conditions. Consequently he wrote a series of articles on the unemployment crisis and the social order for the Winnipeg journal Western Home Monthly . His concern with rising unemployment and sympathy for the unemployed was also made clear by his support of "Trekkers" in 1936. Gordon wrote a pamphlet publicizing the march to eastern Canada by these men from the western relief camps, written in collaboration with the Citizen's Defense Committee.

Retiring from St. Stephen's in 1924, Gordon pursued his interest in international relations and in social and industrial conditions. In 1926, Gordon was invited to attend an international conference of Christian churches, the World Conference on Faith and Order, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Gordon declined to attend, but continued to support the cause of international relations. In 1932, Gordon accepted the invitation to preach the annual sermon before the League of Nations, and then toured Spain with the International Labour Office as a guest of the newly created republic. Gordon's international touring included a visit to Australia and New Zealand for the United Church in 1935.

In his later years, Gordon was honoured with several degrees and awards. In 1919, he was awarded an honourary doctorate of divinity by the University of Glasgow; in 1937, the University of Manitoba awarded him an honourary L.L.D. He was also the recipient of the Order of St. Michael and St. George in 1935. Gordon continued to write until the last years of his life, embarking an autobiography in 1936. However, he never lived to see the publication of this last work since he died in 1937. One year after his death his autobiography, Postscript to Adventure was published after having been edited and revised by his son, King Gordon.

Charles Gordon's reputation as a writer whose novels depicted and publicized the settling of prairie society has endured among students of Canadian literature. Gordon himself appeared surprised with the success of "Ralph Connor", stating that he never set out to create literature or to become an author. He wrote in his autobiography that "things just came to him and he put them down." Indeed, that which `came to him' has put him down as one of this country's most popular authors with a phenomenally large readership, attracted in part by his stories of the "West" and his "religious motif". Gordon's works have been and will be interpreted in many ways, but remain noted for their descriptive and alluring portrayals of the Canadian prairies at a time of their considerable expansion and settlement, and for the religious and moral principles which they contained.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The first installment of the Gordon papers, consisting of typescripts and handwritten manuscripts of some of his novels, was donated by the family to the University of Manitoba in August 1969. However, the greater bulk of the literary papers and all his other private and career documents were donated in October 1987 to complete the collection.

The records were first divided into non-literary and literary documents reflecting Gordon's separate careers as author and as church minister. Records in the non-literary group were then classified into sections based on subject, each chosen to reflect a particular period in Gordon's career. Records in the literary section consist of Gordon's original manuscripts, publishers' correspondence, and mail from "Ralph Connor" readers.

Records in the non-literary category pertain to Gordon's career as a minister and public figure. They include his personal records consisting largely of biographical material, financial papers, and personal and general correspondence. This section is followed by documents from Gordon's work with the Home and Foreign Mission Offices of the Presbyterian Church. Closely related to these are the records of the aboriginal land claims disputes in British Columbia, grouped under the sction "B. C. Indians." Other categories include "Temperence" and "Prohibition", "Labour and Industry", "Social Service" and "Social Service and Evangelism". These records are associated with the activities of the Presbyterian Church's Board of Social Service and Evangelism, and with the earlier social service and evangelistic work preceding the formal organization of the Social Service Committee.

Documents associated with Gordon's war service may be found in the section "World War I". This section is followed by one titled "Moderatorship" and includes papers and correspondence from Gordon's appointment as Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Immediately following are the "Church Union" records, the administrative records and correspondence, pro and con, pertaining to the formation of the United Church in 1925. Two smaller sections follow, one belonging to the 1926 "World Conference on Faith and Order", which deals with international Christian unity, and the other, titled "League of Nations", contains published reports, Gordon's personal papers and correspondence on the League's issues and problems.

Completing this "non-literary section" are Gordon's original sermons and articles which have been grouped together under "Sermons and Addresses". Gordon's published and unpublished articles have been grouped separately under "Articles," which includes writings on religion and Christianity, industrial relations, world peace, war, temperance, and social questions.

The literary works consist of full and partial manuscripts of eighteen of his published novels as well as one unpublished novel and an unpublished play. Found here also is a volume of correspondence with Canadian, American, and British publishing houses, as well as correspondence from readers attesting to the popularity of Gordon's works.

The 1997 accrual consists of two diaries kept by Gordon in 1887 and 1888 recording his experiences in Great Britain and Europe.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 21 series.

  • Biographical, 1892-1948, 1982, n.d.
  • British-Canadian North-West Missions, 1883-1928, predominant 1893-1906
  • Foreign Missions, 1904-1926
  • British Columbia Indians, 1909-1927
  • St. Stephen's Church, 1894-1933
  • Labour and Industry, 1907-1923
  • Temperance, 1902-1927
  • Social Service, 1902-1914
  • Social Service and Evangelism, 1906-1915; n.d.
  • World War I, 1912-1925, n.d.
  • Moderatorship, 1921-1922
  • Church Union, 1912-1934
  • League of Nations, 1921-1923, n.d.
  • World Conference on Faith and Order, 1922-1926
  • Sermons and Addresses, 1883-1934, n.d.
  • Articles, 1921-1932; n.d.
  • Major Publishers, 1897-1938
  • Other Publishers and Magazines, 1899-1937
  • Literary Manuscripts, 1899-1937
  • Literary Fan Mail, 1895-1937
  • Newspaper Clippings, 1892-1937
  • Photograph Collection (PC 76)
  • 1997 Accesssion, 1887-1888

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Restrictions on Use

The collection is open to all responsible users. Patrons must abide by all pertinent Canadian copyright legislation and by all regulations imposed by this Department with respect to the careful use of original manuscript material. No part of this collection may be loaned out, borrowed, or in other ways circulated outside the reading room of Archives & Special Collections, Rm 331, Elizabeth Dafoe Library, The University of Manitoba.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Biographical 1892-1948, 1982, n.d.

Charles Gordon's biographical records consist of his personal and family papers, his financial records, substantial correspondence, and various other records. Most have been grouped by document, but those entitled "Related Topics" have been sorted topically, as a reflection of Gordon's own filing arrangement.

Among the family records are obituaries, reminiscences, tributes and correspondence containing details of Gordon's family history. Some obituaries, news clippings and correspondence provide reminiscences of Gordon's parents, Donald Daniel Gordon and Mary Robertson Gordon, and of two of Gordon's brothers, Gilbert Gordon and Andrew Gordon. Reminiscences of Gordon himself by personal friends and acquaintances are also available. A number of biographical sketches, public tributes, and biographical newspaper and magazine articles provide further information about the life and career of Charles Gordon. The correspondence was gathered by Gordon in preparation of his autobiographical work ”Postscript to Adventure” (1938).

Gordon's financial records consist of statements of his investments and financial assets. These include statements in account with R.M. Thomson of Charles Gordon and of the Garry Investment Company. A few stock and general financial records may also be found here.

Gordon's substantial correspondence is scattered throughout the entire collection according to topic. However, those not easily identifiable by subject or which are more closely biographical and personal are found here, such as the Aberdeen correspondence, letters of sympathy upon Gordon's death, and correspondence from prominent political figures. All have been sorted as incoming, outgoing and related (third party) and have been arranged alphabetically by surname. As there is such a wide variety of correspondence in the entire Gordon Collection, please consult the index for name cross-references.

The "Related Topics" subdivision accommodates records from other phases in Gordon's life and career such as his visit to Australia and New Zealand with the Home Missions Office of the Presbyterian Church. Some of Gordon's honours and awards, particularly his honorary degrees from the University of Glasgow and the University of Manitoba, and the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George are to be found here. So, too, are the records relating to Manitoba College, the Y.M.C.A., and Magna Charta Day. Other groups of records, such as "Gordon Memorial Cottage" and "Cobalt Lake Mining Claim," relate to matters of more personal concern to Gordon. He was responsible for the creation and funding of Gordon Memorial Cottage, a sanatorium, and his brother was directly involved in the controversial land mineral resource dispute over Cobalt Lake in Ontario. Some records of Gordon's radio broadcasts, mostly correspondence from listeners, have been included here, as well as records from his 1933 Canadian Authors' Association visit to London, England. Wherever possible, the order of those records corresponds to Gordon's own file arrangement.

Biographical Sketches:
11 "Chas. W. Gordon, D.D., L.L.D., F.R.S.C."

1 p.

1 "Charles William Gordon, D.D., L.L.D., F.R.S.C."edited in ink,


1 Biographical sketch of Mary R. Robertson, Gordon's mother. Written by Miss L.T. Guilford, classmate of Mary Robertson at Mount Holyoake, 1897

9 pp.

12 "Address of Dr. Wallace at the funeral service Dr. Andrew R. Gordon in Bloor Street Presbyterian Church, Toronto, on Tuesday, December 19, 1916."

2 pp.

2 Obituary for Rev. Donald (Daniel) Gordon, Charles Gordon's father.

2 pp.

2 Clippings upon his death
13 Notebook, "Reminiscences of Rev. C.W. Gordon, B.A., by a Young Prairie Missionary." Edinburgh, May 1894,

30 pp.

3 Reminiscences of R.M. Hamilton, a member of the Student Quintet, on a trip to Scotland and the continent. Feb. 16, 1937.

8 pp.

3 "Happy Memories of Dr. C.W. Gordon by Bernard Woollacott."

3 pp.

3 Untitled reminiscences of Daniel Gordon, author unknown.

4 pp.

Related Documents:
14 Certificate of Charles Gordon's ordination and standing as a Presbyterian Church minister, Nov. 8, 1892, issued following the resignation of his Banff charge in September 1892.
5 Envelopes and notebooks containing Gordon's notes from his British Canadian Northwest Mission charge. Arranged by title: Anthracite, Banff congregation, Canmore, Presbytery of Calgary, and untitled.

2 envelopes, 5 notebooks.

6 Cards and certificate of enrolment of Gordon in the Dickens Fellowship. 1913-1915

(3 items)

6 Certificate of registration of Sturdie, Airedale dog belonging to Gordon. 1914

(2 items)

6 Invitation to Gordon from the National Committee for the Celebration of the Hundredth Anniversary of Peace Among English Speaking Peoples, 1915.
6 Draft of plans for unspecified building.

1 p.

7 Cards, loose leaf paper and copies of "Canada's Word" autographed by Charles Gordon.

(21 items)

18 Typescript of C.B.C. service message by Irene Craig, at the unveiling of a memorial plaque at Ralph Connor House. Feb. 6, 1948.

(2 items)

8 "A Tribute to Dr. Charles Gordon -- Ralph Connor" by Olive Knox.

3 pp.

19 Incoming Correspondence:

Mason, Walt

10 Outgoing Correspondence: 1922-1936

(3 items)

Lane, W.P., 1922

Morrison, Rev. Dr. Charles Clayton, 1934

Thiel, Mrs. Alice Smith, 1936

11 Related Correspondence:

Gordon, D. to Andrew Gordon, 1898

Gordon, Gilbert, to Miss Lucinda Guilford, 1897 (2 items)

Robertson, J.G. to Miss Lucinda Guilford, 1897

Robertson, Mary R., to Miss Lucinda Guilford, (notations on envelopes) 1847 (2 items)

Published Documentation [ca. 1890-1980]
Articles by Charles Gordon:
112 "The Conservation of Ancestors." Western Home Monthly , 1910
12 "Presenting a Problem Through Character." The Editor , 1926
News Clippings:
113 Obituary for Mrs. Mary Gordon (Mary R. Robertson), May 1, 1890
13 Obituary for Margaret M. Robertson, March 31, 1897

(2 items)

13 Obituary for Janet Grizel Burns, niece of Rev. William Chalmers Burns, minister of Daniel Gordon in Scotland, n.d.
14 Obituaries for Charles Gordon, published in the Montreal Gazette , Nov. 1, 1937 and in the Toronto Daily Star , Nov. 6, 1937

(2 items)

15 News clippings and magazine articles about Charles Gordon/Ralph Connor, sorted alphabetically by title.

(16 items)

Pamphlets and Leaflets:
116 "Abraham Lincoln the Christian"
16 "Annual Report," Knox Church, 1906
16 "Books for Gifts." Fleming H. Revell Co.
16 "Canada's Duty." 1914
16 "Church Membership." Gaston Presbyterian Church
16 "Empire Migration and Settlement." by D.C. Lamb
16 "I Can Drink Whiskey or Leave It Alone"
16 "Ralph Connor: An Interpretation of Charles W. Gordon, Author and Man"
17 "Rev. Wm. J. Johnson, D.D., L.L.D."
18 "Saint James Church, 1853-1911, Winnipeg, Manitoba"
19 "St Andrew's Herald." Dec. 1906
19 "The Tenth Presybterian Church. Spruce and Seventeenth Streets, Philadelphia"
116 Periodicals:

Knox Church Monthly , Jan. 1907

Secondary Works:
117 Gordon, Charley. "The Life and Political, Literary, and Religious Works of Charles Gordon and Ralph Connor." First draft of an English term paper.

18 pp

18 McLeod, Gordon D. "The Connor Papers: A Bibliographical Report," 1968,

17 pp.

19 Millar, Bill. "Unfinished Towers: The Social Vision of Charles W. Gordon." Paper submitted to the Historical-Theological Division, Vancouver School of Theology, 1980,

79 pp.

20 Wood, Edward H. "Ralph Connor and the Canadian West." M.A. thesis, University of Saskatchewan, 1975,

98 pp.

Financial Papers:
Estimates and Notice of Payment:
121 Estimate for decorations from T. Eaton Co., Nov. 20, 1914
21 Estimate for letterhead and envelopes from De Montfort Press, April 10, 1915
21 Notice of cheque from the National Home Monthly as payment for article.
122 Incoming Correspondence:

Cottingham, H.H., 1914-1915 (2 items)

Walker, Hebert

23 Incoming Correspondence, Insurance:

Thomson, R.M. 1901-1909 (4 items)

24 Incoming Correspondence, Stock:

Clark, W.E.

Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba

Hamilton, W.H.

Mitchell, S.H.

Pomfret, B.

Properties and Assets:
125 Assets of the Metropolitan Realty Co., Jan. 1, 1907
25 Properties of the Metropolitan Realty Co. Jan. 1, 1907
Power of Attorney:
Document appointing power of attorney by Charles Gordon to John Murray Clark, 1901.
Quarterly Statements:
127 Quarterly statements from St. Stephen's-Broadway United Church, to Gordon. 1937

(4 items)

Receipts and Subscriptions from:
128 R.M. Thomson, 1900-1903

(9 items)

28 The Winnipeg Community Chest, 1931
28 Assorted subscriptions and pledges.

(3 items)

129 Statement of the Garry Investment Company in account with R.M. Thomson, 1905-1910

(8 items)

30 Statement of income for Charles Gordon, 1936,

2 pp.

31 Statement in account with R.M. Thomson, filed chronologically, 1900-1909

(14 items)

32 Draft of deposit made by R.M. Thomson, July 25, 1903,

1 p.

32 Statement of balances outstanding on Greenwood Place, Jan. 2, 1907,

1 p.

32 List of assets of the Garry Investment Co., Jan. 4, 1907,

1 p.

32 Draft list of revenues from publishers,

1 p.

32 Statements of amounts paid...Andrew Gordon
Related Documents - Insurance:
133 Accumulation dividend certificate, Canada Life Assurance Company, June 25, 1915.
33 Application for bonus addition, Canada Life Assurance Company.
33 Continuous instalment policy, Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada.
Related Documents - Mortgage and Trust:
134 Statement re. the Rev. Daniel Gordon Trust, Sept. 9, 1910.

(1 p.)

34 Notice of payment from the Canadian Mortgage Association, May 15, 1915.
Related Documents - Stock:
135 Notice of dividend on the stock of the Sovereign Bank of Canada, 1907
35 Copy of correspondence from Matthew A. Parker to the Carbon Oil Works Ltd., 1909
35 Copy of by-laws concerning the Carbon Oil Works Ltd., Winnipeg,

14 pp.

35 Summary of claims for the Carbon Oil Works Ltd. treatment of soft wood with tar-oil preservative.
35 Prospectus of Western Newspaper Ltd.
Personal Documents:
2 "Address of Appreciation" scroll presented to Charles Gordon by the Social Service Council of Manitoba on the occasion of his retirement as president of the Council.

(5 items)

Certificate appointing Charles Gordon as chaplain with the honourary rank of Major, April 10, 1910.
Documents of award for the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George. Items include insignia of a Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George, and the Warrant passed under the Royal Sign Manual.

(3 items)

Tribute to Charles Gordon from the women of St. Stephen's-Broadway United Congregation.
Aberdeen Correspondence
Incoming Correspondence:
31 Aberdeen & Temair, Ishbel, 1892-1927

(24 items)

1 Adam Smith, George, 1895-1936

(5 items)

1 Adam Smith, Lilian, 1926
1 Cummings, Emily, 1913

(2 items)

Outgoing Correspondence:
31 Aberdeen & Temair, Ishbel, 1914, 1936

(2 items)

Related Correspondence to Lady Aberdeen:
31 Argyle, 1902
1 Bowell, Mackenzie, 1895
1 Macdonald, Rev. J.A. 1898
1 Mathieson, Isabella, 1895-96

(2 items)

Related Correspondence from Lady Aberdeen to:
31 Macdonald, Rev. J.A., n.d.
Related Publications:
Acknowledgements and Appreciation
32 Incoming Correspondence:

Barker, Harry H.

Cochrane, Robert B.

Gray, Herbert

March, J.

McIntyre, Freda S.

Pulford, Walter

Ross, W.H.

Stewart, Charlie

Stewart, W. (2 items)

Stump, Werden


unidentifiable (1 item)

3 Outgoing Correspondence:

Burns, Mrs. D.A.

De Mars, C.A.

Ells, Mrs. David E.

Ross, D.M.

Stump, Werden

Thomson, Alexander (see photo #76-7-6)

General Correspondence
34 Incoming Correspondence, A-Car


Acland, F.A.

Aikens, Lady Mary P.

Albert, S.J.

Alexander, Charles M.

Armour, Metta S.

Aylward, Robert

Baird, Penelope C.

Baker, S.D.

Banfield, A.W.

Bienemann, J.A.

Booth, Rachael M.

Booth-Clibborn, Catherine

Brown, Edward

Burdith, Geo.

Burton, Ernest

Bygrave, Leonard

Cairns, D.S. (2 items)

Cairns, W.J.

Calder, John

Cameron, Mrs. Robert S.

Campbell, M.S.

Campbell, Charles Morris

Campbell, J.M. (2 items)

Campbell, R.J. (3 items)

Campbell, Wilfred (2 items)

Campbell, Ysobel

Carmichael, J.A.

Carnegie, Louise W.

Carnegie, Margaret

Carstein, E.J. (2 items)

5 Incoming Correspondence, Cha-Cus:

Chalmers, W.M.

Chandler and Fisher Limited

Chatterson, C.A.

Chisholm, Mrs. E.

Clark, Francis E.

Clark, Fred M., et al.

Clark, William C.

Clark, Wm. Mortimer (2 items)

Cleland, T.H. (2 items)

Clyde, John Baxter

Cochett, W.S.

Colclough, J.H.

Consolidated Plate Glass Company

Cooke, C.H.

Cooke, H. Beecher

Corbett, Mrs. R.S. (2 items)

Corefoot, J.A.

Cotter, A.

Courtenay, J.H. (2 items)

Cowie, Isaac (2 items)

Craig, John S.

Craig, R.W.

Cranston, J.K. (4 items)

Creagh, George

Crichton, Annie C.

Crowe, G.R.

Cusick, Annie

6 Incoming Correspondence, D-F

Daly, T. Mayne

Danby, M. (3 items)

Daniel, Leroy L.

Dare, Fabian

Daughton, I.F.

Davey, H. Ernest

Davidson, John Russell

Davidson, Thomas

Davies, Thurston

Davis, A.

Davis, Geo. T.B. (2 items)

Dawson, C.W.

Dawson, S.E.

Dawson, Dr. W.J. (2 items)

De Conlay, James Jr. (3 items)

De Mars, C.A.

Denison, Frank C. (3 items)

Department of Public Health

Dingle, George S. (7 items)

Doulthwaite, L.C.

Duff, Mrs. James R.

Duncan, H.J. (9 items)

Dunmelow, Rev. I.R.

Duncan, J.M.

Duncan, T.P.

Dunn, G.M.

Dyer, Thomas

Eddy, M.H.

Ellison-White Celebrity Bureau

Ewing, Geo. R.

Fallis, Geo. O. (2 items)

Fleming, Archibald

Foster, C.B. (2 items)

Fotheringham, R.H.

Fowler, A.

Frew, Robert (2 items)

7 Incoming Correspondence, G-K:

Gabriel, Samuel

Gaebelien, Arno C.

Gandier, Alfred

Gibb, Robert J.D.

Giffen, R.L.

Gilbert, Bradford Lee (2 items)

Gillespie, Geo. A.S.

Gilmour, Neil (2 items)

Gilroy, A.A.

Gladstone, R.W.

Glennie, Mrs. J.A.

Gold, W.F. (2 items)

Gordon, Daniel M.

Gordon, W.M.

Gorsuch, Charles

Gosnell, B.

Gray, R.

Guilford, Lucinda T.

Gunn, John S.A.

Halderwood, W.

Hamilton, Fred C.

Hamilton, R.M. (2 items)

Hamilton, W.T. (2 items)

Hartley, F.J.

Hartman, Frederick S. (3 items)

Hawley, A.T.

Hayes, C.D.

Hayward, R.H.

Herridge, W.T. (3 items)

Hill, Rev. John Clark (2 items)

Hodges, Miss L.B.

Hodnett, William

Hoffmann, Miss M.E. Tony (2 items)

Holt, Charles S.

Honeyman, T.

Howe, M.A.

Huestis, A.E.

Hughes, J.F.

Hutton, Maurice

Katsuuft, R.T.

Kennedy, Mary L.

Kerr, Fred (2 items)

Kerr, James

Kidd, W.J.

Kilpatrick, T.B.

Kingdon, Kathleen M.

8 Incoming Correspondence, L-M:

Lait, Agnes C.

Leonard, A.R. (2 items)

Leslie, John (2 items)

Lewis, A.W.

Lindsay, W.B.

Macdonald, A.

Macdonald, A.F.

Macdonald, Pirie

Macgregor, John

Mackay, J.S. (2 items)

Mackay, John

Mackay, R.P.

Mackinnon, Clarence

Macmillan, Rev. J.W. (2 items)

MacTavish, Newton

Maddock, Mrs. H.E.

Main, E. Edwin

Malkowich, Joseph

Marbury, Elisabeth

Marchan, Rev. James (2 items)

Marvin, George

Mason, Walt

Massey, Denton

Mather, W.

McCulla, John B.

McCormick, W.J.

McDonnell, W.R.

McFodgen, John E.

McIlwraith, Jean N.

McIntyre, Mr.

McIntyre, D.C. (2 items)

McLachlan, D.N.

McLeod, Edith (3 items)

McMullen, W.T.

McPherson, C.E.

McQueen, Duke

McRae, J.D.

McCrossan, T. J.

McWhitney, Rev. W.

Mengus, L.K.

Menzies, A.D.

Mighton, Frank C.

Mitchell, J.B. (3 items)

Moffat, John W. (2 items)

Moody, W.R. (2 items)

Moore, Lola D.

Moore, S.J.

Morgan, Osborne L.

Mowat, A.W.

Munro, Bessie

Murray, A. Gordon

Murray, S.C.

Murray, Rev. T.M. et al.

9 Incoming Correspondence, N-S:

Nehman, John

Noble, James B. (4 items)

Palmer, Kate

Parker, Gilbert

Phillips Publishing Co.

Pidgeon, E. Leslie (3 items)

Pidgeon, Rev. Geo. (2 items)

Pollock, J.S.

Porter, R.J.

Puttee, A.W.

Quigley, May C. (see photo #76-7-5)

Rice, Ethel M.R.

Rice, Wm. A.

Ross, Christina B.

Ross, D.A.

Ross, D.W.

Rowley, C.W.

Salling, M.P.

Sansom, C.

Scammell, E.H.

Sedgwick, Thos., et al.

Shackleton, Emily M.

Shearer, Wm.

Shiras, Geo.

Simmons, J.T.

Simpson, C.H.

Smart, James A.

Smith, Arthur

Smith, Fredrick L.

Soulser, H.T.

Speer, Robert E. (3 items)

Spence, R.E.

Spicer, Evan

Spurgeon, H.G.

Stephenson, E.F.

Stewart, Charles

Stewart, W.

Stevens, Angus P.

Stidger, Wm. L. (5 items)

Sutton, H.A.

Swanson, John David

10 Incoming Correspondence, T-Z:

Thomson, J.J.C.

Thomson, Jamie C.

Thomson, L.

Thompson, Wm.

Tibb, R.C.

Trumball, C.G.

Turnbull, G.

Turrit, George S.

Walton, W.

Warburton, W.C.

Waugh, Rick

West, Paul C.

Whidden, Howard P. (2 items)

White, George D.

Whyte, W.

Wiley, Franklin B.

Wilson, A.J. (3 items)

Wilson, J.

Wood, E.M.

Woollacott, Bernard

41 Outgoing Correspondence, A-L:

Acland, F.A.

Alexander Charles M.

Ashford, H.E.

Bell, Dr.

Bennett, C.W.

Bonnell, J.S.

Brown, Edward

Cairns, W.J.

Clay, C. (2 items)

Cragg, G.R.

Davidson, Harry

Duncan, H.J. (10 items)

Dyer, Thos.

Edmison, George A.

Fallis, Geo. O. (2 items)

Frew, Robert

Gass, J.O.

Gibben, Mr.

Hamilton, R.M.

Jones, J. Phillips

Kinley, David

Laird, Robert

Lang, Rev. David

Laymen's Committee

2 Outgoing Correspondence, M-Z:

Macdonald, J.A.

MacGregor, D.C.

Mackay, J.S.

MacMillan, A. (2 items)

Maris, Marvin E.

McGregor, Dr.

McKay, Donald D.

McLachlan, D.N.

McLoed, M. J.

McLeod, Edith

McMillan, F.L.

Niven, J. Mackie

Pidgeon, George (4 items)

Pooley, Ross A.

Shearer, J.G.

Staddon, George

Stewart, Charles (4 items)

Sutton, H.A.

Swanson, John Donald

Stidger, Wm. L. (3 items)

Wade, F.C.

Ward, J.W.G.

Wilkins, Mrs. R.

Willett, George W. (3 items)

Wilson, A.J.

Winnipeg Telegram (2 items)

Circulars (3 items)

3 Related Correspondence

Burgin, G.

de Mille, Cecil B.

King, John M. to Helen

Macdonald, A.J. to the Family Herald and Weekly Star

MacDonald, Ishbel A. to Julius

Members of Manitoba College to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Canada

McCallum, Jean to May Nichols

Riddell, W.H. to Toronto Weekly Star

Shearer, J.G. to Rev. A.W. Sinclair

Weaver, Stanley to Rev. R.M. Dickey

Unidentified letters and fragments (10 items)

Invitations to Speak
44 Incoming Correspondence:

Bartlett, J.W.

Breeden, H.O.

Brown, A.

Christy Cairns, W.J.

Clements, Gordon T.C.

Connor, Leartus

Darling, H. Maurice

Davis, J.M.

Davis, W.W.

Denmen, Harry

Edgar, P.

Evans, Louis (2 items)

Gordon, Daniel M.

Green, W.J.

Herron, Scheryler F.


James W.

Iverach, Wm.

La Pang, Edgar London, J.

MacKenzie, A. Cameron (2 items)

Marshall, A.B.

Mathew, S.S.

McArthur, W.G.

McEwan, Ishbel

McKechnie, J.G.

Northcott, H. Clifford

Nusbaum, Cyrus S.

Palmer, A.E.

Phelps, Arthur

Register, I. Layton (2 items)

Robertson, J.S.

Rogers, Gerald

Salter, E.

Shaw, James H.

Sherman, L.L.

Shissler-Chase Co.

Smith, A. Lloyd

Smith, G. Watt

Wilson, R.W.

Wiltsie, George B.

5 Outgoing Correspondence:

Bartlett, J.W.

Denman, Harry

Hibbert, Joseph

Phelps, Arthur

Rogers, Gerald

Smith, A.L.

Zwicker, J.H.

5 Related Correspondence:

McCallum, Jean to Gordon T.C. Clements

McCallum, Jean to G. Watt Smith

Letters of Sympathy Upon Death of Charles Gordon, 1937
Written in an Official Capacity:
46 Augustine United Church of Canada - Young Men's Hebrew Association 1937

(61 items)

Addressed to Mrs. Gordon and Family:
47 A - F, 1937

(106 items)

8 G - Mylius 1937

(112 items)

9 MacDiarmid - R, [ 1937 ]

(98 items)

10 S - Z, 1937

(63 items)

51 Addressed to Helen Gordon: Annie - Thomson, [ 1937 ]

(53 items)

2 Addressed to King Gordon: Aiken - Wylie, 1937

(101 items)

3 Addressed to Alison Gordon: Allen - Woodley, 1937

(12 items)

3 Addressed to Ashie Gordon: Eileen - Young, 1937

(9 items)

3 Addressed to Lois Gordon: Florence - Warren, 1937

(7 items)

3 Addressed to Mary: Agnes - Hill, 1937

(2 items)

3 Addressed to Ruth: Adams - Young, 1937

(38 items)

3 Addressed to Miss Gordon: Byers - Weis 1937

(6 items)

Related Documentation:
54 List of Names and Addresses of Letters of Condolence

(3 items)

4 List of Names and Addresses of Answered Letters of Condolence
Personal/Biographical Correspondence
55 Incoming Correspondence:

Bagshaw, Emma L.

Bridgeman, S.E.

Coulter, M.R.

Edmison, J.H. (2 items)

Farquharson, Janet N.

Ferguson, Mrs. Gordon

Fleet, C.J.

Fleet, Isabelle R.

Gordon(?), Alice

Gordon, John (2 items)

Gordon, Gilbert

Louis, Freda K.

MacKinnon, Clarence

Macpherson, Susie

Mulford, Ren (2 items)

Munro, R.A. (2 items)

Murray, Charles

Murrie, B.

Park, Susan G.

Tibb, R. Campbell

Spicer, Evan

Smith, Albert

Thomson, R. (3 items)


Wilkins, W.T.

6 Outgoing Correspondence:

Coulter, M.R.

Edmison, J.G. (2 items)

Gordon, John

Gordon, Marjorie

McCardell, William

Murray, Charles

Murray, Helen

Political Correspondence 1905-1937
57 Incoming Correspondence: 1905-1937

Bole, D.W., 1905

Borden, Sir Robert L. 1915 - 1918 (3 items)

Carter, M. Bouham, 1914

Charlesworth, Hector, 1935

Fielding, W.S., 1906

Fraser, Alexander, 1910, 1922 (3 items)

Hamilton, J.W., 1928 (2 items)

King, William Lyon Mackenzie, 1905 © 1930 (5 items)

MacDonald, J. Ramsay, 1928 - 1932 (4 items)

MacDonald, Malcolm, 1933 - 1936 (3 items)

Meighen, Arthur, 1914

Orr, William H., 1905

Perkin, Gilbert, 1913 - 1914 (2 items)

Roosevelt, Theodore, 1906 - 1918 (8 items)

Sifton, G., 1905

Tweedsmuir, 1935 - 1937 (4 items)

Wallington, E.W., 1914

Wilson, Woodrow (3 items)

Witherow, James M., 1920

7 Outgoing Correspondence: 1910-1937

Bennett, R.B., 1937

Cameron, D.C., 1910

Ferguson, G.F., 1937

Fraser, Alexander, 1922 (2 items)

Herridge, Rev. W.T., 1914

King, William Lyon Mackenzie, 1928 - 1937 (2 items)

Laut, Agnes, 1912

MacDonald, Malcolm, 1937

Meighen, Arthur, 1914 (2 items)

Pidgeon, Rev. George C., 1924

Witherow, James M., 1920

7 Related Publications:

(4 items)

Related Topics: Australia and New Zealand
61 Incoming Correspondence

Baird, Hugh

Barber, A.A.

Barns, Ernest

Boyce, Willard Beatrice

Brittain, J.I.

Cain, James H.

Campbell, A.E.

Ciselle, Truda

Clarkson, A.E.

Douglas, Charles

Guise, G.F. (2 items)

Holmes, Harry N. (2 items)

Hughes, J.G. Duncan

Laughton, J.G.

Macgregor, L.R.

Mackenzie, John

Mary Jane

Peckham, Theo C.

Reid, Andrew

Thomas, M.S.

Wakenshaw, Nina

Wallace, E.W.

Young, J.C.

Unidentifiable, (1 item)

2 Outgoing Correspondence:

Baird, Heather

Barber, A.A.

Barns, Ernest

Benson, Irving

Campbell, A.P.

Gibbon, J. Murray (2 items)

Plowman, Mrs. R.B.

Robinson, J.L.

Thomas, M.S.

Wakenshaw, Nina

Wallace, E. W.

Watson, R.S.

Williams, W.J.

Young, J.C.

3 Related Correspondence:

Barclay, A.J. to Faculty of Victoria Univ.

Cain, James H. to Faculty of Victoria Univ.

Dunstan, A. to Dean of Faculty of Victoria Univ.

Johnson, R.C. to Faculty of Divinity of Victoria Univ.

Lyons, J.A. to Faculty of Victoria Univ.

Moore, T. Albert to "Whom it May Concern" 1932 (2 items)

Wales, A.S. to Faculty of Victoria Univ.

Extract of letter from Sir Robert Anderson

Extract of letter from Rev. John McKensie [sic]

4 Related and Published Documents:

Two pages of a typed article on New Zealand.

News clipping about the Maori Missions

Canadian Authors' Association
65 Incoming Correspondence: Tranter, Gladdie Foy
Related Documents:
65 Proposed itinerary and programme of the London visit of the Canadian Authors' Association, 1933.

4 pp.

5 Itinerary of meetings and receptions of the London visit of the Canadian Authors' Association, 1933.

3 pp.

5 Invitation to the luncheon in honour of the visit to England of the Canadian Authors' Association, 1933.
Cobalt Lake Mining Claim 1905-1909
66 Copy, memorandum re: Cobalt Lake, June 26, 1906.
6 Copy, ruling, memorandum, correspondence re: Cobalt Lake, 1905-1906.

3 pp.

6 Memorandum re: Bed of Cobalt Lake, July 11, 1906.

11 pp.

6 Copy, Cobalt Lake "Memorandum regarding statements to the Legislature which secured the passing of the Act affecting the title to Cobalt Lake".

13 pp.

6 "Memorandum for Prof. Goldwin Smith in regard to the judgement in the Cobalt Lake Case".

3 pp.

67 Copy, mining statutes.

2 pp.

7 Copy, statement of claim, The Florence Mining Co. Ltd. vs The Cobalt Lake Mining Co. Ltd. Issued, Dec. 29, 1906.

6 pp.

7 Copy, oath sworn by Robert Magee in the Cobalt Lake Claim, June 29, 1906.

1 p.

7 Copy, oath sworn by George Gillespie in Cobalt Lake Claim, June 29, 1906.

2 pp.

7 Agreement, purchase of Florence Mining Co. Ltd., capital stock, 1906.
68 Incoming Correspondence:

Clark, J.M., 1906-1909 (57 items)

Whitney, J.P., 1906 (2 items)

Whyte, W.W., 1908

8 Outgoing Correspondence:

Aylesworth, A.B., 1907

Clark, Wm. Mortimer, 1906

Cochrane, Frank, 1907 (2 items)

Dicey, A.V., 1908

Foy, J.J., 1907 (2 items)

Laurier, Wilfrid, 1907

Macdonald, J.A., 1906

Ross, Senator G.W., 1909

Whitney, J.P., 1907

9 Related Correspondence:

Crooks, A.E., 1906

Foy, J.J., n.d.

Fraser, W.W., 1907

Hobson, J., 1907-1909 (4 items)

Maw, H.W., 1907

10 Published Documents: News clippings and printed matter.

(9 items)

Gordon Memorial Cottage
611 Reports: Report to the Sanatorium Committee on the selection of a site in Manitoba for a sanatorium.

5 pp.

12 Incoming Correspondence:

Bruce, William

Frampton, T.C.

Raton, J.M.

Stephen, Geo

Stewart, D.A.

Wood, E.M. (14 items)

13 Outgoing Correspondence: Wood, E.M.

(2 items)

14 Related Documents:

Plans for Gordon Memorial Cottage (2 items)

Bills for expenses re: Gordon Memorial Cottage (6 items)

Honorary Doctorate, University of Glasgow
615 Incoming Correspondence: Milligan, George

(2 items)

Honorary Doctorate, University of Manitoba
616 Incoming Correspondence: Smith, Sidney
16 Outgoing Correspondence: Smith, Sidney
16 Printed Documents: Programme of the University of Manitoba's Diamond Jubilee Celebration,


Honorary Offices
617 Incoming Correspondence:

Grier, M.

Webb, R.W.

17 Outgoing Correspondence: Webb, R.W.
Laymen's Meetings
618 Incoming Correspondence:

Baragh, G.B.

Bayne, E.E.

Gordon, J.

Hutchison, N.S.

Jackson, Joseph L.

Lawton, A.E.

MacDougall, D.W.

Mackie, George O. (2 items)

Sword, W.B.

18 Outgoing Correspondence: Mackie, George O.
19 Related Documents: Notebook titled "Notes of Laymen's meeting, Dec. 30, 1930." Loose pages of names, addresses and notes are inserted. 1930
Magna Charta Day
620 Incoming Correspondence:

Hamilton, J.W. (9 items)

Johnson, W.J. (2 items)

Johnstone, W.J.

Rattray, J.G.

Sladen, W.F.

Stockdill, C.E.

21 Outgoing Correspondence:

Byng, Lord

Hamilton, J.W. (9 items)

Johnson, W.J.

Johnstone, W.J.

Rattray, J.G.

Sladen, W.F.

Stockdill, C.E.

Related Documents
622 Article, "International Magna Charta Day Association. A Statement of Progress."

5 pp.

22 Untitled statement by Gordon approving Magna Charta Day.

1 p.

623 Published Documents:

(4 items)

"An Annual commemoration by the Seven English Speaking Nations." By J.W. Hamilton.

"Magna Charta Day. Our Common Political Heritage." By J.W. Hamilton.

"A Memorial Day for the Empire: May 30." By J.W. Hamilton.

"World Peace Postage: 'The Peace Ballot Stamp'." By J.W. Hamilton.

Manitoba College
624 Incoming Correspondence:

Carmichael, J.A. (2 itms)

Freeman, E.G.D.

Kilpatrick, T.B.

Polson, Samuel and D.W. McKerchar

Saunderson, H.H.

24 Outgoing Correspondence:

Brown, Edward (3 items)

Kerr, F.W. (2 items)

Riddell, J.H.

625 "Report of the Galacian Class 1908-1909."
25 "Report of Special Committee Appointed to Enquire into Relations Existing Between Professor F.W. Kerr, Knox Church, Winnipeg and Manitoba College."

2 pp.

26 Untitled essay on the Jubilee Celebration of Manitoba College, with remarks on the College's founders, Nov. 17, 1921.

2 pp.

26 "Manitoba College." Copy of an article by Principle John Mackay, 1937,

8 pp.

627 Published Documents: Circular, fundraising appeal for Regina College.
Margaret Scott Nursing Mission , 1911
71 Incoming Correspondence: Scott, Margaret R.
1 Reports: "The Seventh Annual Report of the Margaret Scott Nursing Mission of Winnipeg, 1911."

7 pp.

Order of St. Michael and St. George (C.M.G.) , 1935
72 Notice of award from the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, accompanied by correspondence from the Under-Secretary of External Affairs. 1935.
2 Incoming Correspondence:

Armstrong, A.E.

Best, Rita

Borden, R.L.

Debrett's Peerage

Dickey, C.Robert

Duggan, G.H.

England, Robert

Fennell, A.B.

Herridge, W.D.

Hodder-Williams, R.Percy

Kennedy, Howard Angus

Lamb, D.C.

MacDonald, Malcolm

MacGregor, Esther

McEachern, Mary B.

Miller, Mary I.

Preston, Jean

Rattray, J.G.

Robson, Albert H.

Rowell, N.W.

Saunders, Marshall

Scouten, J. Alberta

Stewart, George

Swanson, John Donald

Waughan, J.

Whidden, Howard P.

Willison, Marjory

2 Outgoing Correspondence: Fennell, A.B.
2 Related Correspondence:

Mitchell, Jean M. to Helen Gordon

Unidentifiable (3 items)

2 Published Documents: News clipping, Winnipeg Free Press , 1935.
73 Incoming Correspondence:

Hughes, W.S.

Stewart, S.W.L.

3 Related Documents: List of prison records of unnamed prison inmates.

5 pp.

4 Articles:

"History of Winnipeg's Police Force" 1 p.

"Origin and Value of Fingerprints" 3 pp.

"Some Notable Cases of Pioneer Days" 7 pp.

"Winnipeg's Police Signal System" 1 p.

Untitled article on the police department. 1 p.

Radio Broadcasts
75 Incoming Correspondence:

Cowan, R.H. Lamb,

Hudson W.

MacKinnon, Mary M.

MacLennan, Mrs. D.L.

Merritt, Edna Kempton

Munger, Earle A.

Randall, Clara E.

Rattray, Helen B.

Schlieske, Chas. F.

Stotts, E.M.

Taggart, George A. (2 items)

Wood, W.J.

Yates, Edgar

6 Related Documents: Script of Morgan Memorial Broadcast on "Ralph Connor" by William L. Stidger, April 26, 1936.

23 pp.

Ralph Connor Memorial United Church 1982
77 Published Documents: A history of Ralph Connor Memorial United Church, 1891 to 1981. Published by the Historical Committee, Ralph Connor Memorial United Church, Canmore, Alberta, 1982.
Silver Jubilee Medal , 1937
78 Notice of Medal: Message from Buckingham Palace accompanying the presentation of the Silver Jubilee Medal to Charles Gordon.
8 Incoming Correspondence: McNeill, Locksley D.
8 Outgoing Correspondence: McNeill, Locksley D.
8 Published Documents: 1937

(2 items)

Invitation to Charles and Mrs. Gordon to attend the Coronation Celebration, May 12, 1937.

Programme of the Ceremonial Observance in Manitoba of the Coronation Celebration. May 12, 1937.

79 Incoming Correspondence:

Nelles, R.B. (2 items) (see photo #76-7-9)

Patton, T.D. (3 items)

Shearer, J.G.

Related Documents: [ca. 1921]
710 Recommendations adopted at a staff conference of the Y.M.C.A. in Ottawa, 1921.

7 pp.

10 Financial statement in account to the Y.M.C.A. building fund.

1 p.

710 Published Documents: "Financial Report, International Young Men's Christian Association College, Springfield, Massachusetts." Sept. 1914.
Family History
711 Sketch of Family Tree
12 Photocopies of Biographical Material
12 Unidentified

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British Canadian North-West Missions 1883-1928, predominant 1893-1906

"1890-1900 the experiences as a missionary in the Rocky Mountains and in the foothill country where as Clerk of the Presbytery of Calgary I gathered up material for my first books..." (Charles William Gordon (Ralph Connor) Collection, University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections. MSS 56. Box 31, Folder 5.)

Gordon's own words aptly describe this section of the collection. The majority of documents deal with his work regarding the British Canadian North-West Missions and the work of the Presbyterian Church in raising monies, delegating funds and authority, and sending out missionaries to Canada's great and mysterious north-western lands. The main body of documents fall within the decade of 1890 to 1900, but there are materials dating from 1883 to 1907.

The administrative section deals with the more bureaucratic elements of Gordon's work in the North-West. It contains minutes and reports of the Home Mission Committee, lists of immigrants, a summary of Home Mission work, and an official day diary. Complementary to this is the financial section which deals with monies raised and received in the "Old Country" as well as expenses incurred in the operation of the missions in Canada.

A large number of Mission Field Reports, schedules and related correspondence, originating from all over the north-west and sent to Gordon in his capacity as Clerk of the Presbytery of Calgary, are also contained herein. These informative documents report on the welfare, population, and financial condition of many prairie and Rocky Mountain communities just prior to the turn of the century and overall state of the various North-West Mission Fields.

The Rev. Dr. James Robertson, memorialized in Gordon's The Superintendent, was the Superintendent of the British Canadian North-West Missions in Canada from 1881 to 1902. The large collection of correspondence both to and from Robertson contained in this section is complemented by the source materials Gordon collected for his biography of Robertson, which is found in the Literary Manuscript section of the collection.

Both the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railways gave land grants to the missions willing to build churches in the North-west. The section dealing with this dates slightly later, from 1902-1907, but it contains elated reports, memoranda, and correspondence.

The British Canadian North-West Missions and their supporting bodies published many pamphlets and leaflets proclaiming their purpose and soliciting support. Both Gordon and Robertson, as well as others, wrote material for these publications. A number of examples are contained in the collection.

Documentation 1896-1901
Minutes of:
81 Home Mission Committee of Presbyterian Church, Western Section, 1900
1 Home Mission Committee, Synod of BC, 1901
1 Home Mission Committee, General Assembly
Related Documentation:
81 Report of Home Mission Convenor for Presbytery of Edmonton, 1896
1 List of Scottish Immigrants to the Northwest, June 1896
1 Work of Home Missions (summary by Gordon)
1 Proposal for Train track to St. Lawrence
1 Provisional Arrangements for Gustave Sanden
1 "Official Diary for 1898", Gordon's appt. book
1 Address & notebook
Financial Documentation:
82 Monies received from "Old Country" in support of Canadian Northwest Missions
2 Pledge sheets for donations from Scotland

(10 items)

2 Expense statement, 1897
2 Receipts from Companies:

Manitoba Free Press , 1900 (1 item)

McIntyre Bros. Printers, 1899©1900 (3 items)

Whyte & Morrison, Printers & Publishers 1899-1900 (3 items)

2 Receipts, Miscellaneous:

Murray, S.G.

Robertson, J.

Rumball, M.C.

Synodic Committee

2 Receipt stubs - 2 booklets
Field Reports:
83 Presbyterian Church Field Reports, Feb. 1897,

(32 items)

3 Presbyterian Home Missions, Schedule Reports March 1897,

(7 items)

3 Summary Field Report of the following Missions, listed as on document, Mission Station - Missionary (n.d.):

Nicola - George Murray

Mountain View - J.J. Ferguson

Cardstone - G. Hamilton

Colwood - Lyman A. Thomson

Mt. Lehman - A.D. Reid

Illecillewaet - Wm. Miller

Lacombe - Matthew White

Pender Island - J.R. Robertson

Kelowna - G. Mason

Salmon Arm - R.C. Pollock

Ymir - A.W. Shepherd

Fort Steele - John D. Duncan

Golden Mission - J.R. Harcourt

Swedish Mission (Josephsbery Alta) - G. Vetter

Donald - R.A. King

Ashcroft - M.D. Mckee

Olds - P. Naismith

Fort Saskatchewan - A. Forbes

New Denver - W.J. Booth

Saltcoats - D. Bell

Davisburgh - D.A. Fowlie

South Edmonton - E.C. Gallup

Trail - T.S. Glassford

Caribou Country - Duncan Campbell

Correspondence from Field Missionaries: 1895-1928
84 Incoming Correspondence:

Alexander, David - Melita, 1896

Buason, J. - Selkirk, 1896

Dickey, R.M. - Skaguay, Alaska, 1897-98 (26 items)

Dunne, Alex - Midway, B.C., 1896

Grant, Andrew S., 1898

Herdman, J.C. - Macleod, B.C., 1902

Hodnett, Wm. - Arcola, NWT., 1896

Hood, James - Napinka, 1896

Jamieson, A. - Cloverdale & Mt. Lehman, 1896

Morrison, Allan - Bellafield, 1895

Ormiston, Albert - Gilbert Plains, 1896

Robinson, J.C. - Arden, Mb., 1895

Russell, Jas - Schreiber, Ont., 1898

Russell, Wm. J. - Denman Island, 1896

Sinclair, J.A. - Skaguay, Alaska, 1898

Tait, Alexander - Comox, B.C., 1896

Thwing, Rev. C. - Skaguay, Alaska, 1897

Zaklensky, J. A., 1903

5 Outgoing Correspondence: Dickey, R.M., 1897 - 1928

(18 items)

5 Related Correspondence: Dickey, R.M. to McLaren, 1898
Superintendent of North-West Missions - Rev. Dr. James Robertson Correspondence 1883-1901, predominant 1893-1901
86 Correspondence from Robertson to Gordon:

1893 (1 item)

1896 (5 items)

1897 (17 items)

1898 (13 items)

1899 (8 items)

1900 (4 items)

1901 (20 items)

n.d. (3 items)

7 Correspondence from Robertson to:

Arnot, Mr., 1893

Duff, Dr., 1898

Lang, Rev. J., Russell, Mb. 1889-1901 (13 items)

Principal, 1898 Reid, Mr., n.d.

Watt, Mrs., 1899 (2 items)

8 Correspondence to Robertson from:

Aberdeen, 1896 (2 items)

Calden, J.W., 1896

Cooper, Wm., 1896

Grant, A.S., 1898 (2 items)

Grose, N.P., n.d.

Macleod, Theophilus, 1896 (2 items)

McIntyre, D., 1896

McPhadyen, H., n.d.

Stevenson, R.B., 1896

Strachan, D., 1896

Totten, M.J., 1897

Wilson, J.R., n.d.

9 Related Correspondence:

March 21, 1883 - re charges against J. Robertson (untitled)

March 21, 1883 - response to charges against J.Robertson

General Correspondence regarding North-West Missions 1894-1905
810 Incoming Correspondence:

Black, Hup., 1895

Bilullen, Robert, 1895

Booth, Hubert H., 1895

Boyd, H., 1897

Brown, James, 1896

Bruyes, Ann, 1895

Cochrane, Wm., 1897 (2 items)

Dickson, Saul, 1895 -1896 (2 items)

Fraser, Mary, 1902

Glasford, T.S., 1897

Henderson, R.H., 1897

Herdman, Rev. J.C., 1902

McKenzie, W.G., 1897

Morton, W. Stewart, 1895

Murray, S.G. 1897

Overtown, 1896

Parkin, E.R., 1898

Precious, George, n.d.

Pringle, John, 1898 (2 items)

Rae Lee, George M., 1894

Reid, J.T., 1902

Rofs, David, 1894 - 1896 (3 items)

Scott, J.F., n.d.

Scott, T.R., 1897

Sinclair, J., 1895 (2 items)

Somerville, J., 1902

Taylor, Matthew, 1895

Warden, Robert H., 1898

Wilson, James, 1894

Wilson, Y., 1894

Whitehorn, Joseph, 1895

11 Outgoing Correspondence:

Burrows, E.J., 1899

Dickinson, Samual, 1896

Ross, David, 1896

Sinclair, Jno., 1896

Publications About British Canadian North-West Home Missions 1893-1906
812 By Gordon:

1893, Presbyterian Missions in the Canadian North-West

1896, With the Superintendent of Missions in the Canadian North-West

12 By Robertson & Warden:

1899, Home Mission in the Canadian North-West

1900, Home Missions and Augumentation

1900-1901, Home Missions

1901, Home Missions in Western Canada

1902, Suggestions for Addresses on Home Missions and Augmentation

1902, Rev. Dr. Robertson's Last Appeal

1902, Home Mission Regulations

1902, Home Missionaries and Correspondence

1904, Schemes of the Church

1904, Suggestions for Addresses on Home Missions and Augmentation

12 About North-West Home Missions:

Jan. 1895, The Free Church of Scotland Monthly

1896-97, Manitoba College Missionary Society Report

1906, Interior

CPR & CNR - Institutional Churches 1896-1907; n.d.
Documentation: Reports and Memoranda
813 The Church and Social Problems of Today with Special Reference to the Institutional Church
13 The History and Principles of the Institutional Church
13 Institutional Churches, 1905
13 The Movement for starting Institutional Churches and Reading Rooms in Mining Regions
13 Report of the Presbyterian Church Mission Station of Coleman.
13 The Securing of Sites for Institutional Churches at Michel and Morrissey.
13 Erskine Presbyterian Church at Killarney, Manitoba Discipline C[?]
814 Incoming Correspondence:

Brodie, H.W.

Droupe, J.L.

Griffin, F.T. (3 items)

Herdman, Rev. J.C., 1905 (2 items)

Hogg, John, 1905

Lang, Rev. W.H., 1907

Macmillan, I.W., 1905

McCall, D.W.

McDiarmid, C., 1905

McLeod, D. (and J.Connor), 1904 (2 items)

McPherson, C.E. (2 items)

McQueen, D.G., 1905, 1909 (2 items)

Murdock, N.M.C., 1904

Murray, J., 1905-1906 (2 items)

Pullack, R.C., n.d.

Simons, Wm., 1905-1906 (3 items)

Steward, A.R.G., 1896

15 Outgoing Correspondence:

Herdman, Rev. J.C., 1906

Mackenzie, W., 1903

Simons, Rev. Wm., 1906 (7 items)

Published Documentation
816 Publications:

"A Great Institutional Church"

"A Spiritual Institutional Church"

"The Institutional Church"

"Institutional Work Not a mere Bait"

"Six Thousand a Year"

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Foreign Missions 1904-1926

Charles William Gordon supported missions outside of Canada as well as within. To a large degree, his support was expressed through the International Committee of the Young Men's Christian Association. Gordon was involved in missions in China, Japan, and India. This topical section of the collection contains documents dating from 1904 to 1926, but the majority date from 1910 to 1915.

Gordon and Col. R.M. Thomson, a fellow Winnipegger, undertook to financially support, in part, a Y.M.C.A. Mission under the direction of Stanley B. Collins to Yunnanfu, China. The collection contains annual and quarterly reports of Collins' and other's mission work in China. It also contains correspondence related to their work. The International Committee of the Y.M.C.A. also sent their Secretary for Asia, Sherwood Eddy, on a Missionary Tour of China. Reports of his trip, contained in his correspondence to Gordon, and an itinerary of the tour are also included.

The Winnipeg Presbytery supported a Y.M.C.A. mission field in Neemuch, India. This section of the collection contains annual reports, field reports, and correspondence received from the missionaries in the field.

A joint stock company was formed by the Foreign Mission Committee of the Presbyterian Church in Canada whose purpose was to assist Foreign Missions in India

" establishing and developing on sound commercial lines, the industrial element of their operations, with a view to providing training and employment for converts and others in connection with the Missions, and helping these to become independent and self-supporting." (Charles William Gordon (Ralph Connor) Collection, University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections. MSS 56. Box 9, Folder 8)

Shares in the Industrial Mission in India were subscribed by Winnipeg businessmen. Correspondence and a Prospectus for this Company and its mission work are contained in the Indian Industrial Missions Aid Society section of the collection.

The Foreign Mission section also contains reports of the Chinese and Korean Student's activities in Japan in approximately the year 1911.

China 1912-1926
91 Annual Reports, 1912-1916

(6 items)

2 Quarterly Reports (From Stanley B. Collins), 1913-1915

(7 items)

93 Incoming Correspondence: 1904-1926

Collins, Stanley B., 1913-1916 (7 items)

Colten, E.T., 1913

Danforth, W.H., 1913 (5 items)

Eddy, Sherwood, 1912 - 1915 (13 items)

Mackay, R.P., 1904, 1912-1913 (2 items)

MacRae, J.D., 1926

94 Publications:

Itinerary for Sherwood Eddy Missionary Tour of China

Clippings, Pamphlets and Leaflets (12 items)

China 1904-1925
91 Annual Reports 1911 & 1914
2 Quarterly Reports (From Stanley B. Collins) 1913-1915

(7 items)

93 Incoming Correspondence 1904-1926

Collins, Stanley B., 1913-1916 (7 items)

Colten, E.T., 1913

Danforth, W.H., 1913 (5 items)

Eddy, Sherwood, 1912 - 1915 (13 items)

Mackay, R.P., 1904, 1912-1913 (2 items)

MacRae, J.D., 1926

94 Publications:

Itinerary for Sherwood Eddy Missionary Tour of China

Clippings, Pamphlets and Leaflets (12 items)

India 1904-1925
95 Annual Reports 1911 & 1914
Correspondence: 1904-1925
96 Incoming Correspondence: 1904-1925

Graham, A.R., 1925 (2 items)

Herman, H.C., 1915

Mackay, Hugh, 1907

Mackay, J.S., 1904 - 1909 (12 items)

6 Related Correspondence: 1906

Mackay, J.S. to Anne Gordon, 1906

Mackay, J.S., to Maggie Gordon, 1906

Mackay, Jean to Maggie & Allison Gordon, 1906

97 Publications: Clippings, Pamphlets and Leaflets

(7 items)

Indian Industrial Missions Aid Society
98 Documentation:

Facts re: Industrial Mission work in Central India

Prospectus for Canadian-Presbyterian Missions Industrial Company

99 Incoming Correspondence: 1910-1911

Burns, Ed, 1910 (2 items)

Cock, D.G., 1910 (3 items)

McPhedran, N., 1910 (1 item)

Russell, F.H., 1910-1911 (3 items)

Thomson, R.M., 1910 (1 item)

10 Outgoing Correspondence:

draft letter (2 items)

10 Related Correspondence:

McPheran, A.J. to D.G. Cock

Miscellaneous notes by Gordon Starling, J. to D.G. Cock

911 Documentation:

Report of Chinese & Korean Students in Japan 1911

Report of Korean Students in Tokyo

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British Columbia Indians 1909-1927

Through his work in the Social Service Council of Canada, Charles William Gordon became involved in the "Society of Friends of the Indians of British Columbia". The aim of this organization was “to bring about a solution of the very serious controversy regarding Indian land rights...(and) aid in securing the future well being of the twenty-five thousand Indians of that Province.” (Charles William Gordon (Ralph Connor) Collection, University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections, MSS 56. Box 9, Folder 12.)

Gordon was one of many prominent Canadians who "strongly endorsed and in various ways actively promoted" the aims of this organization. (Ibid.)

This section of the collection contains papers regarding the society's administration, minutes of its meetings, petitions presented to the Canadian Federal Government, and a large number of relevant memoranda, notes and reports. These documents date from 1909 through 1927, although the majority fall within the early twenties. Also included are Federal Government position papers in response to the Society's petitions.

A large section of correspondence between Gordon and other members of the Society, as well as interested parties such as Arthur Meighen and Charlotte Whitton, are included in this section of the collection. The correspondence dates from 1914 through 1927, with the majority between 1920 to 1925.

The Society of Friends of Indians of British Columbia published a number of pamphlets and leaflets in an attempt to raise public awareness of the question of aboriginal rights and land claims in Canada. A number of these publications are also included.

Documentation 1909-1927
912 Society Administration:

Causes Which Rendered Society's Work Necessary, Nov. 5, 1920

Condensed Statement, Dec. 11, 1922

Its Main Points & Present Position, Dec. 31, 1919

Practical Situation Regarding Settlement, Oct. 11, 1920

13 Society Minutes (copies):

June 25, 1919

Feb. 14, 1921

Dec. 18, 1922

Feb. 6, 1923

14 Petitions:

Memorial to the King's Privy Coucil for Canada, Feb. 12, 1918

The Nishga Petition to His Majesty's Privy Council, July 1915

Petition of the Cowichan Tribe of British Columbia, Mar. 15, 1909

To the Honourable House of Commons of Canadian Parliament, Dec. 19, 1925 (2 items)

To the Joint Special Committee, Apr. 11, 1927

To the Senate of Canada in Parliament Assembled, Jun. 9, 1920 (2 items)

15 Memoranda:

Decision of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, n.d.

The B.C. Indian Land Controversy, Dec. 15, 1922

The British Columbia Land Situation, May 21, 1910

Department of Indian Affairs, Jan. 13, 1921

For the Government of Canada, May 31, 1922

For the Hudson's Bay Company, Nov. 30, 1920

For the United Grain Growers Ltd., Dec. 22, 1920

Issued by the Officers, Apr. 15, 1925

Issued by the Officers, Oct. 15, 1927

Issued by Gordon, n.d.

Of Documents, n.d.

Of the General Counsel, Apr. 23, 1927

Regarding General Counsel, Jan. 20, 1922

16 Notes & Reports:

Allied Indian Tribes of B.C. - Summary Prepared by General Counsel of Allied Tribes, Sept. 1, 1925

Amounts Secured in Winnipeg, Feb. 16, 1923

Notes for Guarantors, Mar. 29, 1923

Notes for Mr. Andrew Paul, July 4, 1922

Notes Prepared by General Counsel of Allied Tribes, n.d.

Notes Regarding Guarantee Fund, Feb. 7, 1923

Government of Canada, Oct. 30, 1916

Report on Indian Affairs Committee, Social Service Council, Jan. 19, 1920 (extracts)

Report of Special Committee, Social Service Council, Jan. 26, 1921

Special Notes, Oct. 14, 1925

Statement for the the Controversy..., n.d.

To All Friends of the Indian Cause, Oct. 11, 1923

16 Miscellaneous handwritten notes by Gordon:

(3 items)

17 Canadian Federal Government Position Papers:

Address of Hon. Chas H. Stewart, Minister of Interior, July 24, 1922

Statement for the Government of Canada of the Indian Affairs Committee of the Social Service Council of Canada, Oct. 30, 1916

918 Incoming Correspondence:

Canadian Bank of Commerce, Victoria 1921-1923 (4 items)

Loft, F.O., 1921

MacCallum, Elizabeth P., 1922

McTavish, P.D., 1920-1927 (3 items)

Meighen, Arthur 1921 (2 items

) O'Meara, A.E., 1920-27 (11 items)

Pearson, Wm., 1921

Richardson, B.V., 1922-1924 (7 items)

Shearer, J.G., 1921-1923 (11 items)

Whitton, Charlotte E., 1921 (2 items)

19 Outgoing Correspondence:

Ashdown, J.H., 1921 Canadian Bank of Commerce, Victoria 1921-1923 (3 items)

Forke, Robert (M.P.) 1923

Loft, F.O., 1921

MacDonald, Alexander, 1923

Martin, E.D., 1921

McCallum, Elizabeth E., 1922

McTavish, P.D., 1922

Meighen, Arthur 1920-1924 (3 items)

O'Meara, A.E., 1920-1926 (8 items)

Pearson, Wm., 1921

Richardson, B.V., 1922-1923 (5 items)

Robertson, W.E., 1923

Shearer, J.G., 1921-1922 (12 items)

Teit, J.A., 1922

Whitton, Charlotte E., 1921

20 Related Correspondence:

Arscott, A.E., to Maj.- Gen. J.T. Fotheringham, 1922

Cassels, Hamilton, to J.M. Clark, 1914

Chairman to Kenneth Mackenzie, 1927

Chairman to Sidney T. Smith, 1927

Chairman to James Richardson, 1927

Chairman to R.T. Riley, 1927

Dennis, J.S., to Maj. T.C. Brown, 1922

Dennis, J.S., to Mr. J.A. Teit, 1922

McGregor, F.A., to A.E. O'Meara, 1921

O'Meara, A.E., to Dean L. Tucker, 1921

Smith, Sidney T., to A.E. O'Meara, 1917

20 Incoming Telegrams:

McTavish, P.D., 1927

O'Meara, A.E., 1920? (4 items)

20 Outgoing Telegrams:

McCallum, 1921

21 Publications:

British Columbia Land Question - Its Present Position, An Explanatory Statement, Oct 1915

The Claims of the Allied Indian Tribes of British Columbia - petition to Parliament, June 1926

Conference of the Friends of the Indians of British Columbia - Explanatory Memorandum 1910

The Indian Land Question in B.C. - The Real Facts, April 1920

Legislation to Enfranchise Indians Statement of Allied Indian Tribes of British Columbia for the Government of B.C., 1919

Report of the Indian Affairs Committee - 1922

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St. Stephen's Church 1894-1933

In the last decade of the 19th century, Western Canada experienced a massive population growth. Approximately one-half of all immigrants that landed in Canada headed for the west Finlay, J.L. and D.N. Sprague. ( The Structure of Canadian History . 3rd Edition. Scarborough, Ontario: Prentice-Hall Canada Inc., 1989. p. 252.) with at least one-third of these people settling in the cities. (Ibid., p. 255.) By 1891, Winnipeg was Canada's third largest city with a rapidly expanding immigrant population. The Superintendent of the Presbyterian Home Mission Committee, the Reverend James Robertson, felt that urban centres such as Winnipeg were in greater need of Christian influence than even the frontier regions of Canada's western lands. Consequently, in 1894, he asked the Reverend Charles William Gordon to resign his position as Clerk of the Presbytery of Calgary and to take charge of St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church in downtown Winnipeg. Here Gordon remained as minister until his retirement in 1924.

The documents included in this section of the collection are far from complete. They encompass only a limited number of the activities that Gordon undertook in his capacity as Minister of St. Stephen's. A more complete collection of the administrative and bureaucratic elements of St. Stephen's can be found in the United Church Archives, Rupert's Land Conference, housed in the University of Winnipeg Archives.

The papers in this section include annual reports as well as reports of the board of management, building committees, finance committees, the missionary society, and the session and treasury boards. Minutes of some meetings held by these bodies are also contained herein. Several memoranda and related documents that relate to these adminstrative elements. The financial documents consist of account statements, contracts, receipts, tenders, and one ledger book. There are extensive lists of members of various church bodies and committees. The correspondence pertains mainly to the adminstrative and financial functions of St. Stephen's.

101 Reports:

Annual Reports, 1907, 1908, 1914

Annual Report, St. Stephen's Missionary Society, 1905

Assembly, re: Hymnals, n.d.

Board of Management, 1905, 1914

Building Committee, n.d.

Committee to Appoint a Standing Committee on Temperance, Social and Moral Reforms, n.d.

Finance Committee, 1909, 1912

Presbyterian Churches Comparing Blue Book Figures of Inter Church Survey, n.d.

Session Reports, 1894, 1907, 1914

Treasurer's Report, 1918

101 Central Committee (extracts), April 19, n.y.
1 Congregational Meetings:

Dec. 14, 1911

Dec. 13, 1923 (extracts)

May 5, n.y. (extracts)

May 12, n.y. (extracts)

2 Joint Boards of St. Stephen's, n.d. (extracts)
2 Untitled Extracts re:

Arrangement of Presbyterian Churches in Winnipeg, n.d.

Choir, n.d.

Forward Movement Workers, n.d.

Mr. Goodall, n.d.

Request to Move St. Stephen's, Mar. 4, 1910

Rev. J.S. Mackay, India, n.d.

2 Vacancy Committee, Mar. 25, 1924
2 Workers' Conference, Sept. 24, 1913
102 Memoranda:

For Each Group of Visitors in Connection with Religious Life Campaign for St. Stephen's Congregation, Nov. 29, 1920

Of Meeting of Session, Nov. 3, 1920

2 Related Documentation:

The Brotherhood, n.d.

By-Laws of St. Stephen's Church House, n.d.

The Church House, n.d.

Church House, n.d.

Deacon's Court Constitution, Feb. 16, 1916

A Dream of the Annual Dinner of St. Stephen's Club, Jan. 1, 1918

Early Chronology of St. Stephen's, n.d. (2 items)

Proposed Magazine - St. Stephen's Pilot, n.d.

The Sunday School, n.d.

4 Draft Notes by Gordon:

Assetts, n.d.

Assorted - 11 pp. n.d.

St. Stephen's Club, n.d.

St. Stephen's Pilot, n.d.

105 Account Statements:

Church Maintenance Committee: Dec. 31, 1922

Dec. 31, 1923 (2 items)

Gordon, Mr. C.W., Jan. 18, 1923

Gordon, Mrs. C.W., Jan. 6, 1914

Lord's Day Alliance of Canada, Oct. 30, 1913

Manitoba College, Mar. 31, 1909

Presbyterian Church Statistical & Financial Return, 1919

Special Collections, Jan. 4, 1923

St. Stephen's Revenue & Expenses: 1911, Sept. 30, 1913

Unidentified, n.d., (1 item)

6 Contracts:

The Trustees of St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church & Janet Bannerman, Extension Agreement, Sept. 17, 1914

Charles William Gordon / First National Investment Company Ltd. / Great-West Life Assurance Company, Dec. 31, 1923

6 Receipts:

Casavant Bros. Organ Builders, 1911 (3 items)

Gordon, Mr. C.W., 1923

Gordon, Mrs. C.W., 1914

Treasurer of St. Stephen's, 1913

6 Tenders for alterations to St. Stephen's basement, received from:

Anderson, A.B., June 11, 1906

Cameron & Sutherland, June 12, 1906 (3 items)

R. Crawford, n.d. John Plaxton Co. Ltd., June 13, 1906

J.W. Morley, June 13, 1906

Unidentified, June 12, 1906

7 Ledger Book:

Contains membership and district lists, contributions to schemes of the Church, 1901 - 1906

Membership Lists:
108 Choir Members, 1912
8 Committee Members Lists:

Board of Management, n.d.

Building Committee, n.d.

Central Committee, n.d.

Deacon's Court, Jan. 26, 1922

Elders, n.d.

Ladies' Society Executive, n.d.

Missionary/Finance Committee, n.d.

Session, n.d.

`Those Pledged to Assist Eradicate Liquor Traffic', n.d.

Women's Missionary Society Executive, n.d. (2 items)

8 Communicants

Oct. 17, 1919

July, 1921

8 District Membership Lists

Feb. 1901

Dec. 1922

n.d. (3 items)

8 New Members Lists

Jan. 21, 1906

Oct. 1913

Jan. 2, 1920

Jan. 2, 1921 Oct. 1921

Jan. 1922

April 1922

July 1922

n.d. (2 items)

8 Pocket Testament League, n.d.
8 Sunday School Lists:

Class Lists, n.d. (3 items)

Members, n.d. (2 items)

Teachers, n.d.

Uniting Groups, April 1912

8 Suspense List, n.d.
8 World War I Participants, n.d.

(2 items)

8 Unidentified, n.d.

(3 items)

9 Pastor's Register:

Gordon's Register of St. Stephen's, contains both alphabetical listing of members and Street listing of members.

111 Incoming Correspondence, A-J:

Abraham, J., 1910

Andison, A., 1906 - 1908 (3 items)

Armstrong, R.O., 1912 (2 items)

Badgley, S.R., 1908

Baird, John Y., 1917

Bennett, Ethel M., n.d.

Birchard, P., 1915

Black, W.D.T., 1912

Casavant Bros. (5 items)

Clark, Rev. Wylie C., 1924

Clarke, G.S., 1917

Cochrane, Rev. R.B., 1924

Davidson, Alexander, 1903

Davidson, H.P., 1908

Dawson, A., 1923

Diggins, Wm., 1911

Douglas, Alex., 1904

Duncan, J.M., 1907

Duncan, J.McD., 1897

Dustan, J.F., 1909

Falk, J. Howard T., 1917

Gardiner, Susie, 1910

Gladstone, R.W., 1907

Gleason, Rev. C.A., 1910

Giles, Alexandrina, 1910

Goodall, Geo. W., 1922

Griffin, H.L., 1910

Hall, J., 1907

Hamilton, F.B., 1907

Hart, I.M., 1914

Hickerson, Mrs. R.E., 1907

Hignell, A.R., n.d.

Hillrets, S. Bacon, 1908 (3 items)

Himlan (Himmelman), Henry E., 1932 - 1933 (2 items)

Horsley, T.R., 1907 (2 items)

Johnston, J.M., 1897

2 Incoming Correspondence, K-Z:

Keith, Mr., 1908 (2 items)

Kildonan Church Members, 1925 (6 items)

Kilpatrick, T.B., 1903 (5 items)

Langill, Paul F., 1912

Lightcap, Winona M., 1915 (2 items)

Lindsay, W.B., 1908

Macaulay, T.C., 1911

MacDonald, M.E., 1923

MacKay, Dawson, 1923

Mackay, Hugh, 1908

Main, Frank, 1915

McDiarmid, J., 1910

McFarlane, A.R., 1910, 1914 (2 items)

McGregor, D., 1915, 1923 (2 items)

McIlwraith, Thos, 1911

McKerchar, D.W., 1914-1915 (2 items)

McMullen, Alex, 1911

McWilliams, R.F., 1915

Millar, J., 1907

Motley, E., 1915

Mowat, William, 1909

McNeil, W., 1911

Paget, A. Percey, 1922

Patrick, E.R., 1931 (2 items)

Patterson, Wm., n.d.

Radfield, J., 1912

Rendall, N., 1910

Ross, J.E., 1915

Rowland, Arthur E., 1915, 1923 (2 items)

Schofield, W., n.d.

Seaman, H.S., 1927

Sing, Saint N., 1907

Solandt, D.M., 1917

Stewart, Chas., 1907

Stewart, D., 1908

Thomson, James, 1909

Thomson, R.M., n.d.

Turnbull, T., 1924

van Dyke, Henry, 1903

Waite, Harold A., 1912 (2 items)

Weir, E.A., n.d.

Wilson, Henry, 1907

Whitehead, T., 1915

Wolley, T.W., 1910

Wood, G.M., 1925 - 1928 (3 items)

Woods, J.R., n.d.

Wright, Archibald, 1915

3 Unidentified Incoming Correspondence:

1897 - 1912 (5 items)

4 Outgoing Correspondence:

Armstrong, Rev. R.O., 1912

Begg, George J., 1923

Bennett, Ethel M., 1923

Beveridge, Rev. Thomas, 1924

Brown, Dr. Douglas, 1923

Carr, Wm., 1923

Carswell, J., 1910

Clark, Rev. Wylie C., 1924

Clark, Rev. W.J., 1924

Cochrane, 1924

Davidson, Mrs., 1923

DeLong, Frank O., 1923

Duncan, A.G., 1923

Dunlop, James, 1923

Duthie, J.D., 1923

Faulkner, Rev. James, 1924

Fowler, F. O., 1922

Gordon, A.R., 1924

Govenlock, Wm., 1922

Graham, C.E., 1923

Graham, Mrs. John A., 1923

Haddow, Rev., 1924 (2 items)

Hignell, A.R., 1922

Himlan, Henry E., 1939

Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. S., 1923

Keith, 1910

Kilpatrick, Rev. T.D., 1924

Laird, Rev., 1924

Leeman, H., 1924

Lightcap, W., 1915

MacKay, Rev. Dr. R.P, 1924

Mackay, W. Dawson, 1923

MacKinnon, Rev., 1924

MacLeod, Rev. Ronald, 1924

Martin, Rev. S.T., 1924

McArthur, Dougald, 1923

McDiarmid, James, 1923

McGregor, D., 1923 (2 items)

McGregor, Rev. D.C., 1924

McGuinnes, E.A., 1923

McVey, R.A., 1923

Melvin, Rev. M.G., 1924

Palmer, Fred, 1922

Paget, A. Percy, 1922

Paulin, Sir David, 1913

Paulin, Rev. H.M., 1924

Roberston, Mrs. C., 1923

Robinson, Mr. H.W., 1923

Rowland, A.E., 1923 (2 items)

Saint Andrew's Society, 1922

Stewart, Mrs. Arthur, 1923

Taylor, Rev. Bruce, 1924

Turnbull, Isabel, 1923

Waite, Harold A., 1912

Weir, E.A., 1922

Whitehead, T., 1923

Wilson, George A., 1923 (2 items)

Winnipeg Grain Exchange, 1922

5 Outgoing Correspondence to Members of St. Stephen's Church from Rev. C.W. Gordon:

1906 - 1926 (8 items)

n.d. (3 items)

6 Related Correspondence:

Blair, Chas C. to Dr. Paterson, 1915

Davidson, A. to Rev. Laidlaw, 1915

Greig, George H. to Presbytery of Winnipeg, 1914

Hudnut, Rev. W.H. to Mr. Briggs, 1906 (extracts)

Mackay, William et. al. to Prof. A.B. Baird, 1925 (2 items)

McWilliams, R.F. to Dr. Paterson, 1915

Robertson, Mrs. C., to Mr. S. MacLaughlan, 1923

6 Telegrams:

Graham, C.E. to D. McGregor, 1923

Lyon, John N., to C.W. Gordon, 1916

Woodside, Rev. G.A. to C.W. Gordon, n.d.

6a Reference letter by Gordong for Miss Olive Dodds

This letter was originally designated MSS SC 3, but due to its provenance was added to MSS 56.

117 Publications
117 St. Stephen's "Pilot", 1913 - 1915

(28 items)

7 St. Stephen's Silver Jubilee, 1895 - 1920
8 Clippings
9 Miscellany

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Labour and Industry 1907-1923

The records contained within this section have been grouped into two parts: those records dealing with industrial disputes arbitrated by Charles Gordon on behalf of the Dominion government; and the records of the Joint Council of Industry of Manitoba, of which Gordon was chairman between 1920 and 1924. Gordon's involvement in labour arbitration was both of a theoretical and practical nature; as convener of the Social Service Committee, which issued a manifesto on the relationship between the church and the problems of industry, Gordon became a student of the social and working conditions of working men. Meanwhile, Dr. Gordon also was appointed to at least four arbitration positions by the federal government under the Industrial Disputes Investigations Act of 190[7], and appointed four times to a Board of Conciliation and Investigation. In 1920, Charles Gordon was appointed chairman of the Joint Council of Industry of Manitoba, created by the provincial government in the aftermath of the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919. With the Joint Council of Industry, Gordon was able to continue investigating the social and working conditions of labour in the province, as well as arbitrating in relatively minor labour/management disputes. In his autobiography (Charles Gordon. Postscript to Adventure: The Autobiography of Ralph Connor , Toronto: McClelland and Steward Limited, 1975.), Gordon appeared satisfied with the arbitration record of the short-lived Council.

Under the Industrial Disputes Investigations Act, Charles Gordon was appointed to Boards of Conciliation and Investigation in four disputes, the records of which have been grouped together as one section. These disputes include the Manitoba Cartage Company versus its employees, 1909; Western Coal Operators versus United Mine Workers of America, 1911; Western Canada Coal Operator's Association, Canmore Coal Company, versus District No. 18 of the United Mine Workers of America, 1923; and the Winnipeg Electric Railway Company versus the Independent Gas Worker' Union of Winnipeg, 1923. The records have been arranged according to dispute, and sorted by document. Included are documents establishing the respective Boards of Conciliation and Investigation, and appointing their membership; reports and statements of the Boards; proceedings of the Boards and the evidence of witnesses in each dispute; and the correspondence of the investigations, including that between Gordon and F.A. Acland, the Deputy Minister of Labour; Rodolphe Lemieux and William Lyon Mackenzie King, Ministers of Labour; and representatives of both management and labour in the various disputes. The section also contains published material and a report on Christianizing industrial relations.

The second part of this section comprises records pertaining to the Joint Council of Industry and to industrial relations and labour conditions in Winnipeg. The documents have been arranged into Council of Industry reports; copies of bills of indictment of J.S. Woodsworth for seditious libel; documents pertaining to the Employers' Association of Manitoba and to the Industrial Development Board; draft notes on industrial relations prepared by Charles Gordon; correspondence on industrial problems; and published documents on industrial relations and conditions. Also included is correspondence between Gordon and Sir Wilfrid Laurier, and between Gordon and W.L.M. King, then Minister of Labour. The Laurier correspondence includes an exchange between Laurier and Gordon on the upcoming naval bill, the King and Skill obscenity trials, and other courteous exchanges. The King-Gordon correspondence, on the other hand, refers generally to industrial disputes.

Industrial Disputes
Manitoba Cartage Company vs. Its Employees, 1907-1909
121 Board of Conciliation and Investigation:

Document appointing Dr. C.W. Gordon to the Board of Conciliation and Investigation, Feb. 25, 1909.

Document appointing Dr. C.W. Gordon to the Board of Conciliation and Investigation, Mar. 2, 1909

Document establishing Board of Conciliation in the Manitoba Cartage Co. Dispute, Mar. 2, 1909

Oaths of Office sworn by R.R. Cochrane, Dr. Gordon, and Thomas J. Murray, Board of Conciliation and Investigation, March 11, 1909 (3 items)

2 Reports:

Report of the Board of Conciliation to the Minister of Labour, March 27, 1909. Complete Copy, 10pp., 2 draft copies, 7pp.

3 Statements:

"Statement re: Differences Between the Manitoba Cartage Company and Employees." March 15, 1909. 3 copies, edited by Dr. Gordon. 7pp.

Statement of Mr. Murray, March 22, 1909

Statement of the Chairman of the Board of Conciliation, March 22, 1909.

4 Proceedings:

Draft notes of proceedings in the Manitoba Cartage Company dispute. 15 pp.

5 Evidence of Witnesses:

Evidence of R. Puller.

Evidence of Witnesses presented in the Manitoba Cartage Company Dispute. 30 pp.

Evidence of Witnesses in the Manitoba Cartage Company Dispute, March 10, 1909, 10:00 A.M., 10 pp.

Evidence of Witnesses presented to the Board of Concilation and Investigation in the Manitoba Cartage Company Dispute, March 10, 1909. 63 pp.

Evidence of Witnesses presented to the Board of Conciliation and Investigation in the Manitoba Cartage Company Dispute, March 12, 1909, 2:00 P.M. 44 pp.

Evidence of Witnesses presented to the Board of Concilation and Investigation in the Manitoba Cartage Company Dispute, March 13, 1909, 10:00 A.M. 36 pp.

6 Related Documents:

"Memorandum Concerning Expenditures Under the Industrial Disputes Investigation Act, 1907." Mar. 2, 1909. (2 items)

Summary of fees and disbursements. 4pp.

Copy, Industrial Disputes Investigation Act, 1907

List of members of Council of Industry.

127 Incoming Correspondence:

Acland, F.A., Deputy Minister of Labour and Registrar (11 items)

Lemieux, Rodolphe, Min. of Labour Lemon, Joseph (3 items)

7 Outgoing Correspondence, 1909:

Acland, F.A. (3 items)

Lemon, Joseph, (3 items)

7 Related Correspondence:

Copies of correspondence relating to the Board of Conciliation and Investigation and the Manitoba Cartage Company dispute. Includes copy of petition of employees, Feb. 1909; letters from F.A. Acland (2 items) and Joseph Lemon (2 items).

Winnipeg Electric Railway Company vs Independent Gas Workers' Union of Winnipeg, 1923
128 Board of Conciliation and Investigation:

Documents, appointments of a Board of Concilaition and Investigation in the dispute between the Winnipeg Electric Railway Company and the Independent Gas Worker's Union of Winnipeg, Mar. 31, 1923.

Document, appointment of Dr. Gordon to the Board of Conciliation and Investigation. April 12, 1923.

9 Reports:

Summaries of reports of J. Hector and H. Winkworth, and the Gas Workers' Union of Winnipeg, to the Board of Conciliation and Investigation. Includes 6 sections plus an extract of the existing agreement. 13 pp.

10 Proceedings:

Proceedings of the Board of Conciliation and Investigation in the dispute between the Independent Gas Workers' Union of Winnipeg and The Winnipeg Electric Railway Company, 1923. (5 items)

Proceedings of the Board of Conciliation and Investigation in the dispute between the Independent Gas Workers' Union of Winnipeg and the Winnipeg Electric Railway Company, April 17 - 21, 1923. (6 items)

Draft notes of proceedings in dispute between the Winnipeg Electric Railway Company and the Independent Gas Workers' Union of Winnipeg, 1923. 25 pp.

11 Related Documents:

Memorandum re: Gas Worker's Investigation. 1p.

Copy of Memorandum from Mr. Fulton to Dr. Gordon, April 30, 1923. 1 p.

Copy of Application for appointment of a Board of Conciliation and Investigation, Mar. 12, 1923. 1p. Includes copy of letter from Gas Workers's Union of Winnipeg to the Dept. of Labour; listing of employees under several grades of labour; motion to strike. 6 pp.

Copies of expenditures reported to the Department of Labour re Board of Conciliation and Investigation in the dispute between the Independent Gas Workers' Union of Winnipeg and The Winnipeg Electrical Railway Company. All dated June 7, 1923. (19 items)

Claims to the Department of Labour by Dr. Gordon for service on the Board of Conciliation and Investigation, June 7, 1923. (4 items)

1212 Incoming Correspondence:

Acland, F.A. (3 items)

Murdock, James (2 items)

12 Outgoing Correspondence:

Murdock, James (5 items)

12 Related Correspondence:

Copies of correspondence relating to the appointment of a Board of Conciliation and Investigation in the Winnipeg Electric Railway dispute. Includes letters between F.A. Acland, Deputy Minister of Labour and Registrar, and John Whitsell, manager of the Winnipeg Electric Railway Company, 1923. (5 items)

Western Coal Operators vs United Mine Workers of America, 1909-1912
1213 Board of Conciliation and Investigation:

Document establishing a Board of Conciliation in the dispute between the Western Coal Operators' Association and the United Mine Workers of America, April 13, 1911.

Document appointing Dr. Gordon to the Board of Conciliation and Investigation, April 21, 1911.

14 Statements:

Statement of Earnings of Miners, Coal Creek Colliery, 1909 and 1910; general statements. 24 pp.

Statement of Earnings of Miners, Michael Colliery, 1909 and 1910; general statements. 28 pp.

Letter to Dr. Gordon, from R. M. Young, Secretary Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company, Fernie, B.C., May 26, 1911, enclosed general statements.

15 Proceedings:

Proceedings of Wednesday, June 7, 1911. 7 pp. (2 items)

Proceedings of Thursday, June 15, 1911. Morning Session, 18 pp. 2 copies.

16 Related Documentation:

Copy of resolution agreeing to arbitration, June 8, 1911. 1 p.

Written copy of resolution agreeing to arbitration. 1 p.

Copy of statement of Board of Conciliation and Arbitration to the parities in dispute. 2 pp.

Written copy of proposal. 1p.

Tentative proposition submitted to the Western Coal Operators Association and the United Mine Workers of America. 4 pp.

1217 Incoming Correspondence, 1911:

Acland, F.A. (3 items)

Carter, A.J.

Coulthard, R.W. (2 items)

Denison, Frank C. (2 items)

Gray, John W. (2 items)

King, William Lyon Mackenzie

Operators' Committee (2 items)

Powell, Mary B.

Powell, W.B. (2 items)

Powell, W.B., C.S. White and John Jones

Stockett, Lewis

17 Outgoing Correspondence, 1911 - 1912:

Gray, John W.

King, William Lyon Mackenzie

Published Documentation
1218 Pamphlets:

"Copy of Frank Agreement"

18 Articles:

Copy of Labour Gazette (Vol. 12, #6, Dec. 1911) with article pertaining to coal field disputes.

18 News clippings:

Coal field dispute (2 items)

Western Canada Coal Operator's Association, Canmore Coal Company vs. District Number 18 of the United Mine Workers of America 1920-1923
1219 Statements:

Statement of the dispute between the Canmore Coal Company and District Number Eighteen of the United Mine Workers of America. 3 pp.

Sworn statement by James Hill, Canmore, Alta, July 12, 1923. 3 pp.

Sworn statement by W.P. Lytkowski, Canmore, Alta, July 12, 1923. 4 pp.

1220 Incoming Correspondence, 1923:

Murdock, James (Minister of Labour) (3 items)

Peacock, R.

Young, R.M. (3 items)

20 Outgoing Correspondence, 1923:

Murdock, James (2 items)

Peacock, R.

Sherman, W.A. (2 items)

Young, R.M. (3 items)

20 Related Correspondence:

Copy of wires to be sent to W.A. Sherman and R.M. Young

21 Published Documentation

"Agreement Between District No. 18, United Mine Workers of America and the Western Canada Coal Operators' Association." April 1, 1920 to March 31, 1922.

22 Unidentified Arbitration Proceedings, May 1909:
1223 Related Documentation:

Copy of decision, Toronto Electric Commissioners vs. Snider, O'Donoghue and McGuigan, April 22, 1924. 18 pp.

Copy, "Extract from Shorthand Notes of Arbitration Proceedings, May 18, 1909. Taken by R.H. McDonald." 4pp.

Copy, "Extract from Proceedings of Meeting of Conciliation Board, May 1909." 9pp.

24 Report on Industrial Relations:

Untitled report on "The problem of Christianizing industrial relations". Contains a "Questionnaire re Industrial Problems"; "Tentative Report on Christianizing Industrial Relations"; report of investigation of Inverness, Glace Bay, Sydney and Montreal collieries and industry. 18 pp.

Industrial Relations 1905-1927
131 Articles:

"Council of Industry for Manitoba." 8 pp.

"The Council of Industry for the Province of Manitoba," Dec. 28, 1922. 12 pp.

“Some Problems of Big Business,” by John Calder, Manager of Industrial Relations, Swift Canadian Co., 1921.

“The Human Element in Industry,” by John Calder, 1921.

“What is Democracy,” 1921

2 Bill of Indictment:

Copy of bill of indictment of J.S. Woodsworth for seditious article, 1919. 15 pp.

Copy of bill of indictment of J.S. Woodsworth for seditious article, 1919. 2 pp.

3 Draft Notes:

Draft notes, typed and hand-written, on industrial relations, titled "The Golden Rule in Business." Includes pamphlet by Arthur Nash. 15 pp.

Draft notes on industrial peace and the steel industry in England. 1922 - 1923. 22 pp.

Draft notes for a sermon. 1 p.

4 Related Documentation:

Employers' Association of Manitoba: memorandum, bulletins, membership form. 1920. (4 items)

Statement on the Industrial Development Board submitted by Mr. Murray on Sept. 23, 1927. 3 pp.

Leaflet on the Industrial Conditions Act, 1919.

Notebook containing handwritten notes on wages and a wage settlement, dispute unclear. 73 pp. and inserts.

136 Incoming Correspondence:

Baber, William D.

East, Samuel B.

Hudson, H.C.

Jones, J. Phillips

Miner, A.E. (2 items)

Robson, H.C.

Tooth, Alex

Tucker, M.

Laurier and King Correspondence
137 Incoming Correspondence:

King, William Lyon Mackenzie, 1909 - 1911 (3 items)

Laurier, Sir Wilfrid, 1905 - 1910 (8 items) Photocopies

Macdonald, J.A.

7 Outgoing Correspondence:

King, William Lyon Mackenzie, 1911 (2 items)

Laurier, Sir Wilfrid, 1907 - 1911 (5 items)

Macdonald, J.A.

7 Related Published Documents:

News clippings and leaflets on the naval bill and the King and Skill obscenity hearings. (8 items)

138 Published Documentation:

Pamphlets and magazines. (12 items)

News clippings on Manitoba Industrial Conditions Act. (2 items)

News Clipping, "Ralph Connor's Blunder"

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Temperance and Prohibition 1902-1927

The records contained within this section range between 1902 and 1927 and cover several phases of the campaign against liquor. Charles Gordon was active in the temperance crusade particularly between 1910 and 1915 when he served as president of the Social Service Council of Manitoba. In his autobiography, Gordon wrote both about his commitment to temperance and about his political maligning by the conservative press. (Charles Gordon, Postscript to Adventure: The Autobiography of Ralph Connor , Toronto: McClelland and Stewart Limited, 1975. p. 163.) The Social Service Council was actively involved in campaigning for a government that would accept temperance as part of its platform, and threw its support behind the liberals of T.C. Norris. As president of the Social Service Council, Gordon was drawn into the spotlight, frequently as a target of the Conservative party. Gordon referred to the temperance campaign as "the bitterest fight of my life" marked by "slander, vilification, and scurrilous abuse".(Ibid.) Gordon againbecame involved in the campaign against liquor in the 1920's opposing the advocacy of government control of liquor sales by the Moderation League in the 1920's.

These records have been sorted into three major classifications: documentation; correspondence; and published materials. The documentation has been arranged to reflect the chronology of the liquor campaign, an arrangement also based on the original filing order in Charles Gordon's papers. This subsection includes draft notes concerning the 1902 referendum on the Liquor Act; the minutes, reports, draft notes, and related documentation associated with the Social Service Council's temperance campaign, dating between 1912 and 1915; and memoranda, reports, addresses, draft notes, and campaign material used in the 1920's prohibition campaign. The documentation is followed by incoming, outgoing and related correspondence. The section concludes with published documents, sorted as articles, pamphlets and leaflets, and some news clippings. While not sorted chronologically, again this group contains published material from the various campaigns represented in this section.

Liquor Act, 1902
141 Draft Notes:

Draft notes, "The History of Prohibition in Manitoba". 2 pp.

Draft notes, "The History of Temperance Reform in Manitoba". 9 pp.

Draft notes, Referendum. 5 pp.

Draft notes, untitled, on Church, morality, and politics. 3 pp.

Draft notes, "Why not vote". 3 pp.

2 Articles:

"Proposed Amendments to the Liquor Act." 1p.

"Some Reasons Why." 4 pp.

Temperance, 1912 - 1915:
143 Minutes:

Advisory Board of the Moral and Social Reform Council. Oct. 22, 19??. 2 pp.

4 Reports:

Report of S.C. Mulhall, temperance and social purity sermons. 2 pp.

Report on temperance reform in Manitoba and abroad, 1914. Feb. 18, 1915. 2 pp.

Directive, Synod of Manitoba on the Moderation League., n.d. 3 pp.

5 Draft Notes:

Draft notes, "Banish the Bar". 1p.

Draft notes, "The Buttresses of the Bar" and "The Products of the Bar". 2 pp.

Draft notes, Bar Demand. 1 p.

Notes on prohibition legislation by country. 1 p.

“My Dear Brother,” May 26, 1914.

6 Related Documents:

Copy, resolution to T.C. Norris, approval of the Liberal Temperance platform by the Social Service Council.

"Temperance Platform", 1 p.

Copy, electoral pledge. Voters' Covenant.1 p.

Appeal to Ministers, Voters' Covenant. 2 pp.

Copy of Chicago Tribune article on victim of alcohol. 1 p.

Prohibition, 1922 - 1927:
147 Memoranda:

"The Manitoba Temperance Act. Memo for Anniversary, March 11, 1923." 2 pp.

Memoranda titled "Re: Liquor Laws." Sept. 27, 1926. 9 pp.

8 Reports:

Report on Breweries in Manitoba. 3 pp.

Report on the findings of the Presbytery of Winnipeg, Committee on Evangelism and Social Service. (5 items)

9 Addresses:

Address of Archdeacon McElheran, given at the Walker Theatre, Winnipeg, June 15, 1923. 4 pp.

Address given by Dr. Michael Clark, Moderation League Mass Meeting, at the Board of Trade Building, Winnipeg, June 20, 1923. 10 pp.

10 Draft Notes:

Draft of the report of the Committee on Evangelism and Social Service to the Presbytery of Winnipeg, re: the temperance situation in Manitoba. 2 pp.

Draft of the report of the Committee on Evangelism and Social Service to the Presbytery of Winnipeg, re: the temperance situation in Manitoba, including Manitoba Presbytery boundaries in Ontario. 4 pp.

Draft notes titled "The Black Bottle", Oct. 30. 1 p.

11 Related Documents:

Resolution, as drafted by Home Mission Committee. Typed and draft copy. 2 pp.

Resolution of the Synod of Manitoba on the Moderation League. 3 pp. 2 copies.

"A Bugle Call." Address to women. 1p.

Prohibition address, unsigned. n.d. 1 p.

Campaign material, "Suggestions for Speakers and Campaign Workers."

Campaign material, "The defence Campaign. A Special Word to Ministers. " 2 pp.

Copy of editorial, "Dr. Cody Endorses Ferguson Policy." Toronto Daily Star , Oct. 26, 1926. 4 pp.

12 Facts and Dates:

"Manitoba Temperance `Facts' and `Dates'." Oct. 16, 1922. 4 pp.

"Facts about Liquor Prescriptions in Manitoba." 1p.

Moderation League. 1 p

. Bear and Wine Act; Moderation League Act.1 p.

Liquor sold by druggists on prescription. 1 p.

Indictable Offenses. Jan. 24, 1923. 1 p.

"A Trip Through Hotel Land." Mar. 31, 1923. 1 p.

"Enforcement of Law", Anti-Saloon League of Indiana. 3 pp.

"Instance of Bribery in Saskatchewan." 1 p.

1413 Incoming Correspondence, A-L:

Attorney-General of British Columbia (2 items)

Aylward, Robert, n.d.

Buchanan, D.W.

Buchanan, W.W., 1912 (2 items)

Cormie, Keith, et. al.

Drummond, F.A.

Edmonds, Richard H. (4 items)

Harden, E.H.

Harkness, D.B. (2 items)

Haverson, J.H., 1914

Himmelman, Henry E.

Hutchison, J.N, 1915

Locke, Philip C.

14 Incoming Correspondence, M-Z:

MacLean, J.N. (2 items)

McGregor, John (2 items)

McLauglin, Ernest, 1914

Orr, J.D., 1914

Paterson, R., 1914

Peck, W.W. (3 items)

Rattray, J.G., 1914

Robertson, W.A. (2 items)

Smith, G.

Watt Spence, B.H., 1915

Stallworthy, A.J., 1925

Sutcliffe, J.S., 1925

Waite, G.L., 1926

Wood, W.R. (14 items)

Wright, H.T.

No Signature (1 item)

15 Outgoing Correspondence:

Aikens, Rev. J.W., 1926

Ashdown, J.H.

Attorney-General of British Columbia

Buchanan, D.W.

Buchanan, G.O.

Buchanan, W.W., 1912

Christie, David

Coulhard, Mr., n.d.

Doty, Boyd P., 1927

Drummond, F.A.

Edmonds, Richard H. (2 items)

Harkness, D.B.

Lough, Robert J.

MacLean, J.N.

MacGregor, John

MacTavish, W.L.

Martin, E.D.

Mason, L.D.

McLean, J.N.

Peck, W.W.

Robertson, W.A.

Russell, J.G.H.

Spence, Ben H.

Wood, W.R.

16 Related Correspondence:

Dewar, Robert to W.F. Nickle, M.P.P., n.d.

Fragment of Corr, from Dr. Gordon. 1 p.

Published Documentation
1417 Pamphlets and Leaflets:

"The Answer by Two Witnesses for the Truth." By L.A. Tachereau and John Oliver (Moderation League of Manitoba)

"Beer or Bread." By L.D. Mason

"Bill: An Act to Amend the Liquor License Act!" 1915.

"The Conspiracy Against Our Nation." By William J. Johnson, 1921.

"Extracts from United States Senate Hearings 1918- 1919: (Brewing and Liquor Interests and German Propoganda)."

"Facts for Temperance Electors." By S.C. Mulhall (Social Service Council)

"Five Die From Liquor in Government Control Province."

"Government Liquor Stores."

"House of Commons Debates." XLIII, 88 (April 15, 1910)

"Its Time for a Change!" (Moderation League of Manitoba)

"Liquor Renews its Challenge." (The Manitoba Alliance)"

"Manitoba Situation: Facts of the Provincial Movement for World's Temperance Sunday."

"The Moderate Drinker." By L.D. Mason (2 items)

"Moderate Drinking. Its Dangers and Possibilities." By L.D. Mason

"The New Attack is Launched."

"Official Synopsis of the Government Liquor Control Act"

"Pastoral Letter." Dec. 14, 1922

"A Personal Word."

"Pledge for Prohibitionists."

"The Present Status of the Results of the Study of Alcohol in America." By L.D. Mason

"Prohibition in Manitoba. Why it Came, What it Has Done."

"Prohibition vs. Moderation!" Prohibition Bulletin , 1922

"The (Proposed) Beer Act Analysed." (Manitoba Prohibition Alliance)

"The Question of Control." By Philip C. Locke

"Scientific Temperance." (Manitoba Monthly Leaflet Service, Nos. 1, 4, 6)

"The Temperance Situation in Canada." By Sir George Foster

"Veto Helps Business." (No. 14, Royal Templar Series)

"Voting is next Friday."

News Clippings:
1418 Liquor Act referendum, 1902

(17 items)

19 Temperance, 1911 - 1915

(70 items)

20 Prohibition, 1922 - 1927

(30 items)

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Social Service 1902-1914

The records contained within this section, though closely related to those in the next section on "Social Service and Evangelism," have been grouped together as falling outside the sphere of the General Assembly's Board of Social Service and Evangelism. They have been arranged topically, largely based on the original filing arrangement within Charles Gordon's private papers. The list of topics has been arranged in chronological order. In part, they reflect his interest and involvement in controversial social service and political issues such as the campaign for Sabbath observance legislation leading to the Lord's Day Act in 1906, separate school in the newly created western provinces in 1905, and the controversial Macdonald by-election of 1912. In that election, Gordon was attacked by the Winnipeg Tribune for his remarks against the Roblin government and for his allegations of corrupt electoral practices in the by-election.

This section also includes matters related to the Presbyterian Church. These include the Presbyterian Brotherhood Convention in Indianapolis; the nationalization of Queen's University in 1911; and the supply and training of students, missionaries and ministers in 1910. Also included is a 1914 report on the immigrant population of Winnipeg. As with the previously mentioned record group, the documentation in each topic is small, consisting primarily of a few items of correspondence, assorted documents, and a small amount of printed material.

An additional category concerns the records of Charles Gordon's investigation of the Polish Catholic Church in America on the occasion of possible Polish Catholic work in Canada. This group contains a few items of correspondence and some Polish Catholic Church documents.

Sabbath Observance, 1902
151 Documentation:

Draft notes by Dr. Gordon, The Lord's Day. 2 pp.

152 Incoming Correspondence:

McQueen, D.G.

Whyte, W.W.

153 Publications:

Pamphlets (6 items)

News clippings (1 item)

Separate Schools, 1905
154 Documentation:

Notebook, containing news clippings regarding the extension of separate schools (Roman Catholic) into the new provinces. (Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories).

Notes by Dr. Gordon, inserted within notebook, relating to legislation regarding Separate schools in the new provinces. (2 items)

Lord's Day Act , 1906
155-6 Documentation:

Report of Committee on Sabbath Observance and

Legislation to the General Assembly. 10 pp. Untitled essay on street car legislation in Winnipeg. 2 pp

. Handwritten list titled "Total number employed on Sundays." 1 p.

7 Incoming Correspondence:

McIntyre, P.C.

Shearer, J.G.

Wilson, R.W.

8 Publications:

Printed matter concerning the Lord's Day Act (2 items)

National Catholic Diocese in America , 1907
159 Documentation:

"Statuten Fur die National-Katholischen Kirchen in America." 3 pp.

"Nat. Cathol. Dioceses in America Clevelandensis." July 1907, 2 copies.

Handwritten draft notes concerning "The National Catholic Diocese in America." 2 pp.

1510 Incoming Correspondence:

Barton, F.M. Pickard, Ward Beecher (2 items)

Tichy, Fr. John (3 items)

Wrzesinski, L.Z.

11 Related Correspondence:

Circular from the St. Joseph Orphan Asylum, Chicago, Illinois.

1512 Publications:

2 items

Presbyterian Brotherhood , 1906 - 1907
1513 Documentation:

Circular to the conference of the Presbyterian Ministers of Winnipeg, concerning the first convention of the Presbyterian Brotherhood in Indianapolis.

Circular, notice of meeting to discuss the Indianapolis Convention of the Presbyterian Brotherhood. Dec. 3, 1906.

1514 Incoming Correspondence:

Henry, E.A.

Mackay, H.B.

Mulford, Ren (5 items)

Scribner, John H.

Stelzle, Charles

Vogt, Von Ogden

Committee on Supply of Students, Missionaries and Ministers , 1910-1911
1515 Documentation:

Minutes, General Assembly's Committee on the Supply of Students, Missionaries and Ministers. Sept. 8, 19[?].

16 Related Documentation:

Essay, "Recruits for the Ministry." 3 pp.

Draft notes titled "Report re Recruiting." 1 p.

Application form, "Recruits for the Ministry." 1 p.

1517 Incoming Correspondence:

Crombie, George L.

Farquharson, James (3 items)

Gardner, George S.

Gordon, Daniel M.

MacDonald, J.R.

McCormack, J.S.

Millar, John M.

Shankland, Donald

Steven, Walter T.

Woodside, J.W. (2 items)

18 Outgoing Correspondence:

Millar, J.R.

19 Related Correspondence:

Gandier, Albert to Rev. Dr. Carmichael

Gordon, Daniel M. to J.R. Millar

Mackay, John to J.R. Millar

Mackinnon, Clarence to J.R. Millar

Manitoba College, Faculty of Theology to J. R. Millar

Millar, J.R. to Rev. Dr. Carmichael

Ross, D. to J.R. Millar

Scrimger, John to J.R. Millar (2 items)

Queen's University 1906-1911
1520 Documentation:

Report of the joint meeting of the Committees of the Commission of the General Assembly and of the Board of Trustees of Queen's University, to discuss the proposed changes to Queen's University. Oct. 1906. 6 pp.

21 Correspondence:

Incomplete letter to Charles Gordon, May 17, 1911. Author's signature omitted. 2 pp.

Letter to Charles Gordon from one of the trustees of Queen's University, May 26, 1911.

22 Publications:

"Statement Regarding Changes in the Constitution of Queen's University, Issued by the Board of Trustees for the Information of the Graduates."

"To Our Fellow-Graduates."

Macdonald Election, 1912-1913
1523 Documentation:

Article, defeat of the Roblin Government. May 13, 1915. 2 pp.

Draft of letter, "Macdonald Elections", pertaining to Winnipeg Telegram editorials about Dr. Gordon. 1 p.

Notes on the qualities of the public man. 2 pp.

1524 Incoming Correspondence:

Donaldson, G.G.,

Hogg, John

25 Related Correspondence:

Copy of letter from the Winnipeg Christian Endeavour Union to the editor of the Winnipeg Telegram . Nov. 29, 1912.

26 Publications:

(34 items)

News clippings.

Immigration 1914
1527 Documentation

Report by Dr. Peter Roberts, "The Foreign Speaking Peoples of Winnipeg". Jan. 26, 1914. 4 pp.

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Social Service and Evangelism 1906-1915; n.d.

This is one of the larger sections in the collection and contains records from the Social Service Committee of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Charles Gordon served as convener of this committee, more formally known as the Board of Social Service and Evangelism. As stated by Gordon in his article, "The Presbyterian Church and Its Missions," (Charles Gordon. "The Presbyterian Church and Its Missions, " Canada and Its Provinces . Adam Shortt and Arthur G. Doughty, eds. Toronto: Edinburgh University Press, 1913. p. 296.) The function of the Social Service Committee was to bring the Church in contact with the larger social issues of the day, particularly to expand and coordinate the evangelistic efforts of the Presbyterian Church. Found here are the records of the Board of Social Service and Evangelism in its various stages of organization, and a few records from the related Moral and Social Reform Council of Manitoba, an interdenominational organization of business, labour, and other interested organizations, and whose efforts were directed toward ridding Manitoba of the liquor trade. Dr. Gordon was appointed president of the Moral and Social Reform Council of Manitoba in 1910.

The records have been grouped according to the various organizations associated with the Social Service Committee. The Committee underwent different stages of organization before being renamed the Board of Social Service And Evangelism. The Presbyterian Church's General Assembly created the Board of Moral and Social Reform in 1907 to directly confront social questions and industrial difficulties affecting the Canadian Church's evangelizing efforts both in urban centres and in home missions territory. In 1908, the General Assembly created a Committee on Evangelism to conduct "an educative series of experiences in different forms of evangelistic work." (Ibid.) In 1910, the Committee on Evangelism merged with the Board of Moral and Social Reform to create the Board of Moral and Social Reform and Evangelism. In 1911, the title of the organization was shortened to Social Service and Evangelism, and the dual functions of investigating social conditions and conducting evangelistic campaigns continued under the direction of the Board.

Owing to the absence of particular order in Dr. Gordon's files, the Social Service and Evangelism records have been grouped into minutes of administrative meetings, reports, addresses, memoranda, related documentation, correspondence, and published material. Administrative minutes have been sorted according to organization and department. The minutes are copies rather than original documents and include details of meetings of the various committees, administration, social service operations in the areas of vice, temperance, urban housing, health, recreation and amusements, work among girls and women, and similar social issues, as well as the administration of evangelistic campaigns.

The subsection "Reports" includes both administrative reports and reports and bulletins related to the simultaneous evangelistic campaigns conducted in the home missions territory under the General Assembly. Administrative reports include three 1909 reports from Eastern, Central and Western sections of the committee on Evangelism; reports on Social service and Evangelism presented to the General Assembly by the conveners of Manitoba Presbyteries between 1912 and 1915; and reports on "Winnipeg Outside Work" presented by F. Mabel Dedrick, deaconess, between 1912 and 1913. A "general" section encompasses reports by the committee of the Board of Social Service and Evangelism and related committees and subcommittees, written at various and unspecified dates. The subsection, however, also includes progress reports of specific campaigns, some, such as the Kootenay Campaign, conducted on an experimental basis. The campaigns represented in this section include Glenboro (1909), Kootenay (1910), and Yorkton (1910), and reports from smaller campaigns such as Red Deer, Lanark, and Renfrew. Reports from Glenboro, Kootenay,and Yorkton campaigns have been grouped separately from the smaller campaigns, owing to the greater amount of material in these three particular campaigns. A final addendum to this section is a report prepared by Robert Aylward, field secretary of the Social Service Council of Manitoba, on political and social conditions at The Pas, Manitoba.

A small number of memoranda and resolutions have been grouped by type of document, and a small number of miscellaneous agendas, lists and writings on social service matters have been classified as "Related Documents." Essays, articles, and addresses pertaining to the Social Service Council and to the various functions of the Social Service Committee have been grouped together and arranged in alphabetical order. Other articles may be found in the "Articles" section of the collection.

The "Correspondence" subsection is the largest grouping and includes incoming, outgoing and related correspondence, arranged alphabetically by surname of the correspondent. Much of the correspondence is official, relating to matters associated with the Moral and Social Reform Council and with the Board of Social Service and Evangelism and its predecessors. While this particular type of correspondence has not been separated from the more general correspondence, it may be accessed through the surname of committee members. A large section of official correspondence in particular is that between Dr. Gordon and J.G. Shearer, secretary of the Board of Social Service and Evangelism, containing over one hundred items of incoming and outgoing correspondence. Other names associated with the Social Service Committee include F.A. Robinson, W.W. Buchanan, and James D. Orr. This subsection also includes correspondence from Charles M. Alexander, E.G. Chapman and J. Wilbur Chapman, American evangelists selected by the General Assembly for the conduct of simultaneous mission or evangelistic campaigns. Other correspondence, of a more general nature, is still related to social service and evangelistic matters. While the correspondence does not easily fall into topical arrangement, a list of themes includes requests from northwest mission fields for institutional churches; the progress and planning of simultaneous evangelistic campaigns, including Yorkton, Glenboro, Kootenay, Vermillion, and other smaller campaigns; ministers' requests for supply, hymn books, missionaries, and instruction on the conduct of simultaneous campaigns; and more general correspondence from both ministers and parishioners on social conditions, including vice, temperance and related subjects.

A subsection of published material completes this section. This grouping includes publications of both the Moral and Social Reform Council of Manitoba and of the Board of Social Service and Evangelism and its predecessors. Many of these publications refer to specific social issues, while others are concerned with the evangelization efforts of the Presbyterian Church, whether discussing the need for evangelization or the progress of specific campaigns. The subsection "Related Documentation and Campaigns" contains questionnaires issued by the Board of Moral and Social Reform for "kirk" session, as a survey of social conditions; answers have been recorded directly on the questionnaires. Another series of questionnaires on social conditions issued by the Board of Social Service and Evangelism has been included, however, no responses were available. The subsection also includes scrapbooks compiled by Dr. Gordon of new clippings from the Winnipeg Free Press, Telegram, and Tribune, on the controversial testimony of J.G. Shearer at the 1910 inquiry into Winnipeg social vice and police corruption. The subsection concludes with the pamphlets, leaflets and cards listed above as Social Service publications.

Minutes 1908-1915
161 Board of Moral and Social Reform of the Presbyterian Church, 1908 - 1911:

1908: Sept. 9, 8 pp.

1910: Sept. 6, 14 pp.; Nov. 16, 4 pp.

1911: Jan. 27, 2 pp.; Mar. 23, 7 pp.

2 Board of Social Service and Evangelism, 1911 - 1915:

1911: Sept. 5 - 7, 15 pp.; Nov. 30, 1 p.

1912: Apr. 30, 3 pp.; May 2, 1 p.; Sept. 3 - 5, 13 pp.; Dec. 16, 2 pp.

1914: Mar. 16 - 17, 5 pp. ;Mar. 27, 1 p.; Apr. 6, 2 pp.

1915: Mar. 16 - 18, 6 pp.

3 General Assembly's Committee on Evangelism, 1908-1911:


Jun. 11, 3 pp.

Sept. 8, 2 pp.

Oct. 14, 2 pp.

Nov. 3, 5 pp.

Nov. 25, 5 pp.


Jan. 14, 2 pp.

Jan. 28, 2 pp.

July 16, 2 pp.

Sept. 9, 9 pp.

Dec. 30, 3 pp.


Mar. 14, 2 pp.

Apr. 11, 2 pp.

May 13, 3 pp.

June 16, 3 pp.

Nov. 16, 1 p.


Jan. 27, 2 pp.

4 Moral and Social Reform Council of Manitoba, 1912-1913:


Jan. 21, 2 pp.

Mar. 18, 7 pp.

5 Miscellaneous and Extracts:

Jan. 30, 1912 - Minutes, meeting of the Presbytery's Committee on Social Service and Evangelism. 2 pp.

Feb. 13, 1912 - Minutes, meeting of the Presbyterian Committee on the problem of the city. 2 pp.

Mar. 29, 1913 - Minutes and tentative programme, Pre-Assembly Conference Committee. 4 pp.

April 2, 1913 - Minutes, Programme Sub-Committee of the Pre-Assembly Congress.

Jan. 28, n.y. - Minutes of meeting of Committee on Church Life and Work for the Conference of Manitoba. 2 pp.

n.d. - Extract minute of the meeting of the Board of Management of the Presbyterian Church of England, Cavendish Road, Leeds. 1 p.

Reports 1909-1915
166 General Assembly Committee on Evangelism, 1909:

May 8, 1909 - Report of the Eastern Section of the General Assembly's Committee on Evangelism. (please see incoming correspondence section, Anderson Rogers)

1909 - Report of the Central Section of the General Assembly's Committee on Evangelism, includes reports from Toronto, Sarnia and Ottawa Presbyteries. (4 items)

n.d. - Report of the Western Section on Evangelism, by Clarence Mackinnon, convener.

7 Glenboro Presbytery Evangelistic Campaign, 1909:

Arranged according to Minister:

Caldwell, J.A.

Chestnut, E.B.

Churchill, A.W.

Hall, R. Francis

Hartley, F.J.

Jones, J. Phillips

Little, John W.

Macintosh, Alex T.

McMillan, A. (2 items)

Millar, D.D.

North, W.C.

Pollock, R.C. (2 items)

Rumball, M.C.

Stephens, J.S.

8 Kootenay Simultaneous Campaign, 1910:

Contains progress reports, Kootenay simultaneous campaign, Oct. 14 - Nov. 27, 1910. (6 items)

9 The Pas:

n.d. - Report to the Social Service Council of Manitoba re political and other conditions at The Pas. By Robert Aylward, field secretary of the Social Service Council of Manitoba. 5 pp.

10 Presbyteries, 1912-1915:

Reports on Social Service and Evangelism, filed by the conveners of Presbyteries, 1912 - 1913, 1915. Arranged according to presbytery:

Glenboro, Alta., 1912, 6 pp.

Minnedosa, Mb., n.d., 9 pp.

Port Arthur, Ont., 1913, 5 pp.

Port Arthur, Ont., 1913, 6 pp.

Portage la Prairie, Mb., 1913, 16 pp.

Rock Lake, 1913, 11 pp.

Sydney, N.S., n.d., 8 pp.

Winnipeg, Mb., 1915, 6 pp.

11 Winnipeg, Outside Work, 1912-1913:

Reports on Winnipeg outside work by F. Mabel Dedrick, deaconness. (See also Shearer Correspondence)

June 17 - Nov. 7, 1912, 4 pp.

Oct. 31, 1912, 2 pp.

Nov. 30, 1912, 4 pp.

Dec. 1912, 6 pp.

Jan. 1913, 8 pp.

Feb. 1913, 10 pp.

Mar. 1913, 9 pp.

12 Yorkton Evangelistic Campaign, 1910:

Daily reports, Yorkton evangelistic campaign, 1910. Contains records of pastors, singers, and general impressions. Arranged according to location:

Bankend (3 items)

Buchanan (10 items)

Humboldt (4 items)

Invermay (17 items)

Saltcoats (6 items)

Wadena (18 items)

Watson (5 items)

Winnipeg (4 items)

Wishart (1 item)

13 Other Evangelistic Campaigns:

Nov. 16, 1909 - Red Deer Presbytery. 1 p.

June 1910 - Report, Lanark and Renfrew Presbytery Simultaneous Campaign, 3 pp.

Mar. 29 - April 16, 1911 - Report, confidential, Fort Francis Mission. 4 pp.

n.d. - Report, West Fort William Mission. 2 pp.

n.d. - Extracts from reports, various presbyteries, 11 pp.

n.d. – Report of the Conference Committee on Social Service and Evangelization re.) the Christianizing of industry.

11614 General:

1909 - Report of the Sub-Committee on Educational Means and on Prayer. 2 pp.

1911 - Memorandum, conference with Revs. Roswell Bates and Schauffer of New York at Penman Isle, Muskoka, Ont.

Sept. 3, 1912 - Report of the executive committee of the Board of Social Service and Evangelism. 4 pp.

n.d. - General Assembly's Committee on Evangelism. Intermim report on work of F.A. Robinson. 2 pp.

n.d. - Report of the Committee on Social Service and Evangelism. 2 pp.

n.d. - Report of the Conference Committee on Social Service and Evangelism re the Christianizing of Industry. 2 pp.

n.d. - Report on Moral and Social Reform. 11 pp.

n.d. - Summary of Reports made to the Board of Moral and Social Reform on the Question of down-town conditions and work. (Wpg) 4 pp.

n.d. - Memorandum of information for use of budget campaigners. Department of Social Service and Evangelism. 2 pp.

n.d. - Memorandum of Office Committee, Social Service Council of Manitoba. 1 p.

n.d. – Report of Conference Committee on Church Life & Work

1615 Resolutions:

1915 - Resolutions of the Meeting of the Social Service Council of Manitoba. 2 pp.

n.d. - Resolutions of the Board of Social Service and Evangelism. 4 pp.

n.d. - Resolution of the Presbyterian Church, Innisfail, approving the General Assembly's

Committee on Evangelism in the West. 1 p.

16 Articles and Addresses:

"The Adult Delinquent" 14 pp.

"Catherine Booth-Clibborn. The Marechale" 4 pp.

"Forward", Pertaining to the Social Service Congress held at Ottawa. n.d. 2 pp.

"Preparation for Revival" 4 pp.

"The Social Service Council - Its Function in Canada" "Thomas Buchanan Kilpatrick" 4 pp.

"A World-Wide Simultaneous Revival Movement" 4 pp.

Untitled, on Evangelism. 4 pp. Untitled, on Temperance Legislation. 2 pp.

17 Related Documents:

Agenda, n.d., 1 p.

Agenda, The Board of Social Service and Evangelism. n.d. 1 p.

"Committee on Social Service and Evangelism", list of names. n.d. 1 p.

"Concentration Campaign" n.d. 2 pp.

"The Conduct of a Simultaneous Mission of Evangelism" 5 pp.

"Deliverance Regarding Social Problems' 3 pp.

"A Draft of the Proposed Act to Create the Final Count of Public Opinion" 3 pp.

Estimates, Moral and Social Reform Untitled lists of places, ministers and evangelists n.d. (2 items)

Members Lists

Correspondence 1906-1915
171 Incoming Correspondence, A-D:

Alexander, Charles M., 1906 - 1908 (2 items)

Allan, Rev. A., 1907

Alyward, Robert, 1914 (index to reports)

Armand, Edward E., 1909

Barker, A.H., 1907

Birks, Henry, 1914

Bookmeyer, Edwin, 1910

Boyd, J.W., 1913

Brown, Rev. W.G., 1909

Buchanan, W.W., 1910 - 1911, 1915 (5 items)

Caldwell, J.A., 1909

Cameron, A.C., 1906 - 1908

Chapman, E.G., 1908 - 1909 (18 items)

Chapman, J. Wilbur 1906 - 1909 (15 items)

Cherrier, A.A., 1913

Chestnut, E.B., 1909

Churchill, A., 1909

Clare, F.A., 1909 - 1911 (4 items)

Clay, Thomas Savage, 1907 - 1910 (7 items)

Corbett, Thomas, 1909 - 1911 (2 items)

Craig, Rev. D.J., 1909 - 1911 (4 items)

Crealock, B.G., 1916

Davis, Geo. F.B. 1908, 1909 (2 items)

Dedrick, F. Mabel, 1913

Dey, Wm. J., 1909

Doran, George 1906 - 1908 (4 items)

Duyer, Sarah, n.d.

2 Incoming Correspondence, E-K:

Elliot, John H., 1909

Falk, J. Howard T., 1912

Fee, S.M., 1909 - 1911 (4 items)

Ferguson, Rev. J.S., 1908 - 1909 (2 items)

Fraser, Arthur M., 1911, 1915 (3 items)

Fraser, Thurlow, 1909 -1911 (2 items)

Frazer, J., 1910

Gandier, Alfred, n.d.

Gilbert, Bradford, L., 1907

Hadley, J.H., 1908

Hall, R. Francis, 1909

Halpenny, J., n.d.

Hamilton H., 1911

Hammond, Rev. E. Payson, 1907

Harkness, D.B., 1907

Heazhcote, A.V., 1913

Henderson, Peter, 1908

Herdman, J.C., 1908 - 1909 (6 items)

Hogg, John, 1907

Hollinshead, James, 1909

Hugg & Edward, Barristers & Soliciters, 1915

Keller, Herbert P., 1910

Kellock, J.M., 1909 - 1911 (9 items)

Kilpatrick, T.B.

Koffend, R.J., 1914

3 Incoming Correspondence, L:

Lavery, W.R., 1909

Leafe, John T., 1907

Leitch, H.D., 1909 - 1911 (34 items)

Leslie, Robert Sterritt 1908

Lewis, Frank S., 1910

Lockhart, Geo., 1907 - 1909 (3 items)

Lowry, R.H., 1910 (3 items)

4 Incoming Correspondence, M-R:

Macdonnell, G.M., 1910

MacGregor, D.G., 1915

Macintosh, Alex J., 1909

Mackay, Hector, 1910

Mackay, H.T., 1908

MacLeod, T.G., 1908

MacQuarrie, W.J., 1909

MacVicar, Donald, 1908

Martin, Mrs. M.A., 1908

Matthews, James W., 1913

McBretney, W.J., 1910

McConnell, Thomas, 1909

McDonald, A.D., 1909

McLaren, E.D., 1907 (3 items)

McMillan, B.L., 1914 (3 items)

McMillan, A., 1909 -1911 (3 items)

McNally, W. 1907

McNaught, D., 1907

McPhedran, N., 1909

McQueen, D.G., 1909

Mitchell, C.A., 1909

Morey, T., 1913

Munro, Donald, 1909 (2 items)

Murray, T.M., 1908 - 1909 (2 items)

Neil, John, 1908

Nicholson, J.W.A., 1907

North, W.C., 1909

Orr, James D., 1909 - 1914 (3 items)

Pecover, F.C., 1909 (4 items)

Penman, John, 1908

Peters, Geo. R., 1907

Ralston, H.W., 1907

Reid, McKeen, 1909-1911 (3 items)

Robinson, F.A., 1909 - 1911 (14 items)

Rogers, Anderson 1907

Ross, John A., 1908 - 1909 (3 items)

Russell, Andrew (2 items)

Russell, Walter, 1907 - 1909 (3 items)

Ryan, E.J., 1912

5 Incoming Correspondence, Sch-She:

Schieffelin, Wm. Jay, 1907

Shearer, J.G., 1908 - 1915 (82 items)

6 Incoming Correspondence, Sho-Z:

Shortt, J.S., 1909 - 1911 (3 items)

Simons, William, 1908 - 1909 (3 items)

Smith, A.W., 1912 (3 items)

Somerville, John, 1909

Stephens, J.S., 1908

Stephens, J.G., 1909

Stewart, Chas G., 1914

Torrey, R.A., 1906 - 1908 (8 items)

Urquhart, Alexander, 1908

Van Munster, R., 1907

Walkey, A.E., 1914

Walton, Rev. R.A., 1909 (2 items)

Watson, J.T., 1909

White, J. Campbell, 1907 (3 items)

Wickson, Arthur, 1915

Zartmann, Rev. Parley E., 1909 (2 items)

7 Outgoing Correspondence:

Alexander, Charles M., 1911

Birks, William M., 1914

Cameron, J.H., 1913

Dedrick, F. Mabel, 1913 (3 items)

Excel, E.O., 1909

Fraser, Rev. Thurlow, 1910

Gordon, Mrs., 1908

Leitch, Hugh D., 1910 (9 items)

Lowny, R.H., 1910 (2 items)

McLachlan, D.N., 1913

McMillan, A., 1909

Milne, Wm., 1910

Munro, Rev. Donald, 1910 (2 items)

Robinson, F.A., 1910 (2 items)

Shearer, Amy, 1908

Shearer, J.G., 1910 - 1914 (19 items)

Torrey, R.A., 1906

White, J. Campbell, 1906 (3 items)

181 Related Correspondence:

Cooper, George, to E.G. Chapman, 1908

Cormie, John A., to Mr. Kellock, 1909

Craig, D.G., to J.G. Shearer, n.d.

Crowe, G.R., to J. Campbell White, 1906

Crowe, G.R., to J.G. Shearer, 1908

Finkle, E. to F.A. Robinson

Foster, W.K., to E.G. Chapman, 1908

Gosling, L. Ernest, to F.A. Robinson, 1909

Hamilton, W.T., to Rev. J.C. Herdman, 1908

Helen (Mrs. C.W. Gordon) to Mrs. Scott, 1912

Lockhart, Geo., to Mr. Kellock, 1909

Ross, J hn S., to Rev. J.C. Herdman, 1908

Shearer, J.G., to Mrs. C.W. Gordon, 1912

Shearer, J.G., to W.W. Buchanan, 1913

Shearer, J.G., to Amy Shearer, 1908

Smaug, Peter, to Mr. Kellock, 1909

Stelzle, Charles, to T.D. Patton, 1914

Stockett, Lewis to W.T. Hamilton

Tate, W.B. to F.A. Robinson

Vance, Fred S., to Rev. J.C. Herdman, 1908

White, J., Campbell, to G.R.Crowe, 1906

Young, Colin to F.A. Robinson

2 Miscellaneous Related Correspondence:

Letter fragments and unsigned letters (4 items)

Letter fragment, "Men Wanted for Yorkton Simultaneous"

Circulars and draft letters, pertaining to Evangelism and to Social Service and Evangelism, 1908 - 1914 and n.d. (14 items)

Circulars, Moral and Social Reform and Social Service and Evangelism Committees, 1914 (4 items)

3 Incoming Telegrams:

Moore, W.S., 1909

Pattison, G.H., 1909

Robinson, F.A., 1909 (2 items)

Russell, A., 1909

Shearer, J.G., 1909

Stevenson, N., 1909

4 Outgoing Telegrams:

Arthur, Dr., 1907

Gratz, H.F., 1907

Munro, Donald, 1907

4 Draft Telegrams, Outgoing:

Laurier, Sir Wilfrid, n.d.

Macdonald, J.A., n.d. Shearer, J.G. (5 items)

Miscellaneous, 1909 (4 items)

Related Documentation and Publications:
191 1909 - Questionnaires, for Kirk Sessions, 19 1 issued by the Board of Moral and Social Reform.

(21 items)

2 1910 - Winnipeg Vice Inquiry, scrapbook, 19 2 news clippings, vice allegations made by J.G. Shearer. Three scrapbooks, one each for the Free Press, Telegram, and Tribune.
2 n.d. - Board of Moral and Social Reform, 19 2 Board of Moral and Social Reform and Evangelism, Board of Moral and Social Reform Council of Manitoba pamphlets. (25 items)
3 n.d. - Board of Social Service and Evangelism 19 3 Questionnaires, includes: "Questions to Sessions on Social Service"; "Social Survey, General"; Social Survey, Evangelism and Social Service"; Social Service and Evangelism. Questions to Sessions".
204 n.d. - Cards, personal evangelization and conversion.

(14 items)

3 n.d. - News clippings and flyers. (13 items)
1-2 n.d. - Pamphlets and leaflets, miscellaneous.

(34 items)

5 n.d. – The Need of the Hour – Men for the Ministry
6 Miscellaneous Newsclippings

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World War I 1912-1925, n.d.

Charles William Gordon, a stalwart patriot, felt that it was his duty to actively participate in World War I. He became a member of the 43rd Cameron Highlanders, along with several members of St. Stephen's Church, before the onset of the war. In 1914, holding the rank of major, Gordon accompanied the Highlanders overseas as their chaplain. He was subsequently appointed senior chaplain to the Canadian Armed Forces in England and in France. In 1916, Gordon was recalled to Canada to represent the Allied cause on a Liberty Loan Speaking Tour in the United States. His patriotic efforts also included research and writing about "Canada's War Effort" and "The British Navy" when World War I had come to a close.

The documents contained in this section deal with the aforementioned activities as well as some of a more personal nature. These include correspondence written to Gordon from his parishioners in Winnipeg, a section of general correspondence, as well as personal effects such as the field notebook Gordon carried with him at the front.

Those documents that deal with Gordon's involvement with the Cameron Highlanders contain correspondence, a few minutes of meetings, regimental orders, and a narrative recounting the history of the Cameron Highlanders' activities in Canada between 1909 and 1919. The Liberty Loan Tour subsection contains correspondence and invitations related to Gordon's speaking engagements between 1916 and 1918, as well as some addresses given by Gordon. "Canada's War Effort" and "The British Navy" contain mainly the data documents, source materials, and correspondence accumulated by Gordon in his efforts to write each of these publications.

World War I - Winnipeg
211 Documentation

Memorandum of Men from St.Stephen's who went to front, were KIA, POW, Wounded, or Returned

212 Incoming Correspondence:

Anderson, Thomas, 1915

Campbell, T.R., 1915

Chapman, John F., 1915

Duncan, David, 1915

Goodall, Geo. W., 1915

Haslam, J., 1915

Kennedy, Hugh, 1915

Laidlow, Thomas, 1916

Lynch, Jessie, 1915

McLaughlin, N., 1915

McLeod, V., 1915

Mills, Louise L., 1915

Murray, G.W., 1915

Neild, J.R., 1915

Oer, J.D., 1915

Paterson, Chas, 1915, & 1917 (2 items)

Roach, Miss May, 1915

Sinclair, Rev. A.G., 1915

Stewarts, J., 1915

World War I - Cameron Highlanders
213 Documentation:

Narrative entitled "The Cameron Highlanders of Canada 1909 - 1919" (presumably by Gordon)

Minutes of Meetings of Officers (Copy) for Sept. 10, 1912.

Regimental Orders for April 17, 1914 and August 13, 1914

214 Incoming Correspondence:

Hill, F.W., 1916

Hughes, Sam, 1915 (2 items)

Ross, J.G. (n.d.) (see photo #76-5-17)

Selby, T.R. (n.d.)

Urquhart, Lieut. Hugh, 1915

4 Related Correspondence from:

Messrs. Peter Hendersons, Bagpipe Makers, Feb. 13, 1915

4 Items pertaining to Col. R.M. Thomson:

Copies of messages for telegrams sent by Gordon (3 items)

Telegrams (3 items)

Obituary from "Scotsman", Oct. 17, 1916

"43rd Colors rest in Famous Church"

"Cameron's Colours Now At St. Stephen's"

4 Miscellaneous:

Manuscript notes by Gordon

Profit & Loss Statements for Canteen

World War I - Personal Effects of Gordon
215 Field Note Book containing:

Description of Battle of Ypres

Maps of Battle Lines

Casualty, Fatality, & Grave location lists

Chaplain & Pastors of 3rd Division

Carbons of letters sent out by Gordon while in the field from April 27, 1916 to Oct. 20, 1916 (37 items)

Notes for Sermons & Services

5 Inserts from Field Note Book:

Letter to Gordon from Hodder-Williams, 1916

Message & Signal forms (2 items)

Carbon Maps 1916 (2 items)

Listing of Death of L/Cpl. D. McClure

Addresses Personal Notes

Newspaper Clip "Germany The World's Policeman"

216 Incoming Correspondence:

Godson, Col. G. Godson, 1925 (2 items)

Holmes, F.A., 1919 (3 items)

Ketchen, Maj-Gen. H.B.D., 1924

Panet, Maj-Gen. H.H., 1925

6 Outgoing Correspondence:

Asquith, Right Hon. Herbert H., 1914

Borden, Sir R.L., 1920

Carson, Gen. J.W., 1915

Panet, Maj-Gen. H.H., 1925

217 Miscellaneous Personal:

Map of Attack of Sept. 15, 1916

Copy of Scottish Association Speech, Mar. 28, n.y.

Certificate of Military Service, 1920

World War I - General
218 Incoming Correspondence:

Annie, n.d.

Baker, J. Allen, 1915

Baker, L.B., 1916

Bazin, Maj., 1916

Beattie Borden, R.L., 1915 (telegraph)

Capz, F.T. Marion, 1916

Carey, Ida E.H., 1916

Chapman, H.W., 1915

Glassey, F.M., 1916

Hagg, Arthur W., 1916

Hodder-Williams, J.G., 1914 - 1915 (8 items)

Holley, T. Gilford, 1915

Hunter, Mrs., 1917

Lipset, H., 1916?

Macdonald, A., 1915 (3 items)

Magill, Frank H., 1915

Margaret, n.d.

McConnell, Jeannie, n.d.

McLearn, Alex, 1915

McW, R.F., 1915

Miller, M., 1915

Naylor, Herbert E., 1915

Oxenham, John, 1914

Peters, Col. C.H., 1916 (2 items)

Perkin, S., 1915

Plunkett, Capt., n.d.

Ritson, J.H., 1915

Taylor, A., 1916

Thomson, Cecilia, 1915

Waterston, Capt., (9 items)

Watt, J., n.d.

9 Outgoing Correspondence:

Hodder-Williams, 1915 (3 items)

McWilliams, Mrs., 1916

9 Telegrams from:

Canadian Club, Wpg, 1917

Dawson, Per A., 1917

Gordon, Charles William, 1915 (3 items)

Hodder-Williams, 1915 (3 items)

Principal, n.d.

10 Related Correspondence:

Lt-Col. to Maj-Gen. Rev.Dr. Simms, 1916

Rowley, C.W. to unknown, n.d. (page 2 of letter only)

10 Related Documents:

"A Military Forecast - The German Campaign Against France"

Funeral Oration for Capt. Waterston

Gordon's List of Casualties and Fatalities

World War I - USA Liberty Loan Tour
2111 Incoming Correspondence:

Barclay, Albert H., 1917

Black, F.W., 1918

Broholm, R.E., 1918

Chickering, Allen L., 1918

Childe, Starling W., 1917

Clagett, M.B., 1918

Clark, H.B. Duncan, 1917

Cowan, H.D., 1917

Doran, G.H., 1917

Fleming, Elizabeth B., 1917

Hill, Russell D., 1917 (2 items)

Homer, Chas F., 1918

Johnson, F.M., 1917

Jowett, J.H., n.d.

Logan, J.J., 1918

Ludton, James M., 1917

Lynch, James K., 1918

Marshall, Thos R., 1915

Martin, J.W., 1917 (2 items)

Moss, William R., 1917

Sharp, Mrs. Harry, 1916

St. John, Wm. H., 1917

Stoddard, Louis E., 1917

Violette, E.E., 1918

Walcatt, F.E., 1917

Weiskett, A.M., 1918

Wishard, L.D., 1917

12 Outgoing Correspondence:

Bennett, R.B., 1917

Doran, George H., n.d.

Perley, Sir George, 1916

12 Related Correspondence:

Fortin, G.E. to G.H. Doran, 1917

Martin, J.W. to Hon. C.W. Horner, 1918

Matthews, M.A. to Woodrow Wilson, 1918

Northcliffe to G.H. Doran, 1917

Northcliffe to Sir R. Borden, 1917

Welch, A.D. to G.H. Doran, 1917

12 Telegrams from:

Brantley, 1918

Doran, G.H., n.d.

Gordon, C.W., 1918

Homer, C.F., 1918

Klepper, M.R., 1918

Manitoba Free Press , Dec. 27, 1916

Martin, 1918

Mckercher, D.W, May 7, 1918?

Oldham, 1918

Postlethwaite, P.P., 1918

Ude, W.H., 1918

Violette, E.E., 1918

Addresses and Publications:
2113 Addresses by Gordon entitled:

The Battle of the Ancre - The Advance of the Tanks, n.d.

One Important Cause of the War and the Remedy, April 20, 1917

“Stripped to the Skin,” Jan. 23, 1917

13 Published Addresses by:

Burton, Mr. Pomeroy, 1917 (4 items)

Fox, George L., n.d., Roger Casement and John Redmond

Headlam, J.W., n.d., The Dead Lands of Europe

Howland, Charles P., 1916, America's Foreign Policy - A Catechism

13 Schedule of Gordon's Appointments:

1917 - Prepared by Doran

1918 - Prepared in Spokane

13 Invitations, Programs of Gordon's Tours:


Feb. 17, Society of May Flower Descendants

Mar. 26, Presbyterian Social Union of Philadelphia

Mar. 27, Bank Officers Association of the City of Boston

Apr. 26, The Chicago Real Estate Board

May 10, The Merchants' Association of New York

May 12, Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York

June 4, Liberty Loan Rallies


May 1, Mr. & Mrs. William Hamlin Childs May 8, Knife and Fork Club of Kansas City

Dec. 26, Official Programme of the Procession (2 items)

World War I - "Canada's War Effort"
2114 Documentation
2114 Canadian Chaplain Service:

Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1918

Institutional Department, 1916

Honour's List, 1919

14 Miscellaneous Documents by Gordon:

The Falling Torch, n.d. (see appendix 1)

The New Canada League, n.d.

14 Miscellaneous Data Documents:

Casualties Listing, n.d.

Enlistment by Province, according to Nationality, March 1918

Munitions 1914-1918

Moors, John F., notes of interview & work of Moors during Halifax explosion, Dec. 1917

Parliament Recruiting

Memorandum from Gordon "Immediate Enrollment, April 27, 1915"

2115 Incoming Correspondence:

Aitken, Col. Sir Max, Canadian War Records Office, 1916 (5 items)

Bennett, R.B., Director General of National Service Board of Canada, 1916

Borden, R.L., Prime Minister of Canada, 1918

Kerry, A.E., 1919

Lloyd, G.J., Director Historical Records, Ministry of Munitions of War, 1919

Macky, Vincent, Repatriation & Employment Committee, 1918

Meighen, Arthur, 1916

Perley, George S., 1915-1916 (2 items)

Roper, Capt. J.S., 1919

Smith, E. H. (5 items)

Tennant, A.J., 1916

15 Correspondence from Unidentifiable Authors:

Colonel ?, Director of Records, Overseas Forces of Canada, 1919

Office of Solicitor General of Canada, 1916

2116 Publications by Gordon:

Canada's Duty, 1914 (2 items)

Canada's Word: A War-Poem, 1914

Canada's War Effort, 1914-1918

16 Miscellaneous Publications by:

Charlton, W.A., Speech on the Naval Aid Bill in the House of Commons, 1913

Cowan, Annie I., Patriotic Hymn, n.d.

World War I - "British Navy"
221 Data Documents:

Anti-Submarine Organization, 1918

British & Foreign Merchant Tonnage Sunk by Enemy Submarines 1914-1918

British Sea Power, 1919

Cost of the War in Men & Money, 1918

Functions of the Navy, n.d.

German Navy - Aug. 1914 & Sept. 1918

Horsea Island, n.d.

The Manner in Which Our Navy Performs Its Functions, 1918

The Mercantile Marine Before the War, 1918

Merchant Tonnage and the Submarine, 1914-1918 (2 items)

Mine Sweeping, 1919

The Navy, 1919

Open Door in Edinburgh, n.d.

Peaceful Penetration Again, 1918

Remember Lord Roberts, 1918

Sacrifices Incurred by This Country Owing to Obligations Imposed Upon Shipping As A Result of the War, 1916

Statement Showing the Yearly Growth in Personnel of all Royal Navy Services, 1918

1 Miscellaneous Correspondence/Data Documents from:

Harte, A.C., 1915

Kohde, George, 1918

Pilcher, C.H., 1918

Strain, L.H., 1918

1 Manuscript Notes by Gordon:

notebooks - "The British Navy" - "Shipping"

loose notes - (7 items)

222 Incoming Correspondence:

Batterbee, H.F., 1918

Borden, R.L., 1919 (3 items)

Burnham, A., 1917

Clay, Hugh, 1919

Collier, S.F., 1919

Fleming, Michael, 1919

Gaselee, S., 1919

Gower, R.P.L., n.d.

Grassie, Wm., 1918

Guttery, Arthur T., 1919

Hill, T.F. Quinton, 1919

Hinc, Arthur, 1919

Murison, William, 1919

Murray, O.A.R., 1919

Smith, T.W., 1919

Sutton, G.A., 1919

Younger, J.P., 1919 (2 items)

223 Publications:
223 Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings

The American Viewpoint, 1917

American Work in France, 1918

Bolshevism - The Lesson For Canada, n.d.

Britain, Belgium and the Small Nations, n.d.

Guarding the Coasts of Britain, n.d.

Know Your Ally, 1918

The Murder of Captain Fryatt, 1916

Permanent Naval Policy, 1913

Scraps of Paper: German Proclamations in Belgium & France, 1916

St. Paul's Cathedral - A Solemn Service to Almighty God, 1917

To Arms, n.d.

To Belgium, n.d.

Three Memorials, 1920

War Map, n.d.

War Map of Europe, n.d.

War Office, 1914

War Panorama, n.d.

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Moderator of the Presbyterian Church 1921-1922

In 1922, Charles Gordon was appointed Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Gordon held this position concurrently with the chairmanship of the Manitoba Council of Industry, and some of Gordon's correspondence from this period indicates the conflict between Gordon's duties as chairman of the Council of Industry and the duties of the moderatorship. Some evidence of Gordon's physical exhaustion during this period is contained in the records of the Moderator's speaking tour, as are some references to the industrial situation in Winnipeg in 1922. There are few references to the subjects of Gordon's speaking engagements, although on knew article suggests that Gordon spoke on the matter of church union during his cross-Canada Moderator's Tour.

Most of the records in this section are the correspondence associated with the arrangements for the Moderator's Tour, and general correspondence addressed to Charles Gordon in his capacity of Moderator. The section also contains itineraries of the speaking tour and two of Gordon's addresses, including a copy of the Moderator's Pastoral of 1922. The correspondence has been sorted into various groups, such as letters of congratulations on Gordon's appointment; speaking invitations from across Canada; general correspondence to Charles Gordon as Moderator, containing both official and general correspondence, and correspondence to Rev. Robert Laird in connection with the speaking tour. The records represented in this group date predominantly between 1921 and 1922, and are generally related to the tour.

231 Addresses:

Moderator's Pastoral, Sept. 20, 1921, 2 pp.

Unveiling of the Memorial Tablet at Knox Church, Regina, Nov. 6, 1922, 6 pp. Version edited by author, 11 pp.

2 Articles:

Rough draft of article for the Manitoba College Jubilee booklet, Nov. 18, 1921, 5 pp.

Typescript, "The Attitude of the Church toward Labor in Industry", written for Social Welfare Magazine , June 22, 1922, 6 pp.

Speeches to Rotary Club; article in East & West

3 Circulars:

Circular to Presbyteries from the General Assembly's Forward Movement Committee, July 11, 1921. See also correspondence from Gordon to Robert Laird, July 11, 1921.

4 Fare Certificate Application:

Application for reduced fare certificate, Canadian Passenger Association, for Moderator's Speaking Tour, n.d.

5 Itineraries for Moderator's Tour, 1921 - 1922:

Moderator's Programme, Sept. 11 - Dec. 11, 1921

Moderator's Programme, Sept. 12 - Nov. 1 , 1921

Moderator's Programme, Sept. 16 - 30, 1921

Moderator's Programme, Oct. 2 - 31, 1921

Moderator's Programme, Oct. 23 - Dec. 11 1921

Moderator's Programme, Nov. 1 - Dec. 11, 1921

Moderator's Programme, Nov. 14 - 20, 1921

Moderator's Programme, Nov. 20 - Dec. 2, 1921

Moderator's Programme, April 29 - May 14, n.y.

Moderator's Programme, May 21 - May 29, n.y.

Requests for Moderator, April 12 - August 13, n.y.

6 Memoranda:

For Committee on Business, re Dr. Ridell's address to the General Assembly, June 7, 1922, 1 p.

Of Interview between a Committee from the Winnipeg Typographical Union and the General Assembly's Committee on Industrial Relations, June 13, 1922, 2 pp.

7 Related Documents (Toronto Typographical Union):

List of names receiving copies of finding, n.d., 1 p.

Resolution of the Forty-Eighth General Assembly, pertaining to the Toronto Typographical Union Dispute, n.d., 3 pp.

"Summary of Dispute in Printing Industry", n.d., 1 p.

238 Incoming correspondence, Letters of Congratulations, 1921:

Baird, Andrew B.

Barker, Charles

Binnie, James

Borden, Sir Robert L. (2 items)

Christie, David

Coward, E.J.

Coyne, James M.

Cruikshank, J.G.

Dickson, W.N.

Dingle, George S.

Goodall, Geo. W.

Gordon, Daniel W.

Grier, James

Hart, I.M.

Henderson, Thomas F.L.

Jordan, Lewis H.

Kerr, F.W.

Laidlaw, Fritz Gunther

Laidlaw, Tho. and Fisher, George

Lloyd, George Eaton

Lowe, W.J.

Macdonald, Sir Hugh John

McMullen, W.T.

Menzies, W.B.

Miller, C.J.

Patterson, T. Allan

Rattee, E.J.

Rowley, C.W.

Salter, E.

Shearer, J.G.

Sinclair, G.S.

Smith, G. Watt

Tennent, William

Tibb, R. Campbell

Wilson, Thomas

Wright, Archibald


telegram from J.R.

Subscribers from father's Church

9 Outgoing Correspondence, Replies to Letters of Congratulations, 1921:

Auld, William Muir

Baird, Andrew B.

Barker, Charles

Binnie, James

Borden, Sir Robert L.

Chatham Daily News , Editor

Christie, David

Coward, E.J.

Coyne, James H.

Cruickshank, J.G.

Dickson, W.N.

Dingle, Geo. S.

Gordon, Daniel W.

Grier, James

Henderson, Thos. F.L.

Hodder-Williams, Sir Ernest

Kerr, F.W.

Laidlaw, Fritz Gunther

Lloyd, Rev. Dr. G.E.

Macdonald, Sir Hugh John

MacMullen, Rev. W.T.

Miller, C.J.

Murray, William

Neil, Mrs. Leslie McIntyre

Patterson, Rev. T. Allan

Rattee, Rev. E.J.

Rowley, C.W.

Sinclair, Rev. A.G.

Smith, Rev. G. Watt

Tennent, William

Thornton, Dr. R.S.

Tibb, Rev. R. Campbell

Tremble, J.E.

Wilson, Thomas

Wright, Mr. (Archibald)

10 Incoming Correspondence, General, 1921 - 1922:

Armitage, Archdeacon, W.J.

Bailey, Fred R.

Ballantyne, Mrs. Florence

Bassett, Thomas

Buchan, Mrs. A.S. (see PC 76-7-7)

Canadian Press Ltd.

Clay, Rev. W. Leslie

Gibson, Mrs. J.W.

Heine, G. Colborne

Laird, Rev. Robert (2 items)

MacKay, Rev. R.P.

MacKeigan, J.A.

MacKenzie, W.E. (3 items)

McEachern, N.

McKellar, Hugh

McLachlan, D.N.

Merritt, Miss Hazelwood

Mitchell, Rev. A.E. (2 items)

McRae, Alex

Newton, William A.

North, Mary M. (2 items)

Peirce, W.E. (3 items)

Pement, Philemon

Priest, H.C.

Riddell, W.A. (2 items)

Robinson, F.A.

Rumball, D.G.

Shearer, J.G.

Strang, Peter

Sutcliffe, A.

Thomson, Andrew

Warren, G. and T. Mortimer

Waters, J.M. (2 items)

Wallace, W.G. (2 items)

Wilson, J.R

. Witherspoon, A.R.

Wood, W.B.

Young, Rev. C.G. (2 items)

11 Outgoing Correspondence, General, 1921 - 1922:

Aikens, Sir James

Armitage, Archdeacon, W.J. (2 items)

Atkinson, Joseph E. (2 items)

Bailey, Fred R. (4 items)

Ballantyne, Mrs. Florence

Bassett, Thomas

Bradshaw, Mrs. D.W.

Buchan, Mrs. A.S.

Clarke, Lionel, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

Clay, Rev. W. Leslie (2 items)

Cowie, Miss Margaret C.

Dawson, J.W.

Dickson, W.M.

Gibson, Mrs. J.W.

Haddow, Rev. Robert

Heine, Rev. G. Colborne

Laird, Rev. Robert (28 items)

Mackay, Rev. R.P.

Mackeigan, J.A.

MacKenzie, M. (3 items)

McEachern, Mrs. Neil

McGuinnes, A.E.

McLachlan, Rev. D.N.

McQueen, D.G.

McRae, Alex

Merritt, Miss. Hazelwood

Mitchell, Rev. A.E. (4 items)

Newton, William

North, Mrs. J.B. (Mary) (2 items)

Peirce, W.E. (2 items)

Pement, Philemon

Priest, H.C.

Robinson, Rev. F.A.

Strang, Peter

Stone, E.J. (5 items)

Sutcliffe, A.

Thomson, Rev. Andrew

Warren, Rev. G. Witherspoon, A.R.

Young, Rev. C.G.

12 Related Correspondence, General, 1921 - 1922:

Laird, Robert to T. McAfee

McCallum, Jean to Robert Laird

McCallum, Jean to J.G. Shearer (2 items)

Whitton, Charlotte to Jean McCallum (2 items)

13 Incoming Correspondence Invitations and Acknowledgements, A-L, 1921 - 1922:

A.D.C. in Waiting, Government House, Ottawa

Anderson, F.W.

Binnie, James

Bowie, Ella D.

Brandt, E.H.

Bright, Alfred

Brown, Rev. S. Gorley

Bryant, James F. (7 items)

Campbell, Malcolm A. (2 items)

Carthy, Miss Helen E. (2 items)

Clark, Rev. W.J.

Clark, Rev. Wylie C. (6 items)

Cody, H.J. (2 items)

Cooper, H.W. (2 items)

Crowdis, H.W. (2 items)

Davidson, William A.

DeMille, Rev. C.W. (2 items)

Denovan, Allan M. (3 items)

Dewar, Rev. Robert (4 items)

Dickey, R.M.

Dickie, Rev. Henry (3 items)

Dickinson, Miss Vivian

Dickson, Hislop

Dingle, George S. (2 items)

Doig, George T.

Duncan, Rev. Philip

Dunlop, J.R.V.

Dyde, Rev. S.W. (3 items)

Falsoner, J.P.

Farley, Samuel

Farquhar, George

Faryon, Rev. G.W. (4 items)

Fraser, Daniel J.

Gibson, Belle C.

Good, James I.

Graham, John J.

Hamilton, A.

Hamilton, Rev. R.M.

Heath, M. Gratia (3 items)

Hogg, Rev. J.E.

Howett, Winifred E.

Hunter, Stanley A.

Hunter, W.C.

Iverach, William (2 items)

Jones, J. Phillips (2 items)

Justice, A.C.

Kidd, W. J.

Kitson, W.

Laidlaw, Rev. R.S. (2 items)

Landon, Fred

Langill, P.F.

Law, Claude E. (2 items)

Leitch, H.D.

Lewis, Maryann

Little, John W. (2 items)

Lowry, J.W.S.

14 Incoming Correspondence Invitations and Acknowledgements, M-R, 1921 - 1922:

Macdonnell, Rev. W.A. (3 items)

MacIntyre, William C.

Mackinnon, Clarence (2 items)

Mackinnon, Murdoch

MacLean, Rev. D.A.

MacLeod, J.R.

Macpherson, W.W.

Martin, Robert

Master, Henry B.

Matthews, J.E.

McAffee, Rev. T. (5 items)

McCallum, Jean (2 items)

McCartney, J.

McEwen, F.W.E. McGillivray, N.H. (3 items)

McIntosh, Cameron Ross

McKillop, John

McPhedran, N.

Miller George

Miller, J. George (4 items)

Miller, Hohn

Milligan, F.M.

Montgomery, F.A.

Morash, A.N.

Moriarty, P.F. (4 items)

Moyan, Mary P.

Neilly, J.

Nixon, A. Theodore

O'Donnell, A.M.

O'Leire, J.A.

Omond, Rev. M.N. (2 items)

Orton, A.S.

Osborne, W.A.

Otten, Charles E.

Owen, W. Stanley

Paterson, R.

Paton, D.G.

Patrick, E.K.

Phillips, R.L.

Pidgeon, Geo. C. (2 items)

Ratcliffe, J.H.

Renwick, J.J.

Rickard, Roy H. (3 items)

Robertson, Helen

Roland, Chas F.

Russell, Edith

Russell, Rev. R. J. (3 items)

15 Incoming Correspondence Invitations and Acknowledgements, S-Z, 1921 - 1922:

Sampson, Norah M.L. ( 4 items)

Scott, Rev. A.H. (3 items)

Sheldon, E.W. (2 items)

Shepard, F.S.

Smith, Rev. George H.

Smith, Howell

Southon, W.W.

Stewart, Rev. J.Clark

Stewart, T. (3 items)

Sutherland, Rev. J.S. (2 items)

Terrill, A.M.

Thompson, Rev. J.E.

Thompson, Rev. T.J.

Tremble, J.E.

Tuck, J.R.

Wallace, J.M.

Wallace, S. (2 items)

Watson, A.D.

Whillans, J.W. (3 items)

Williams, Rev. C.A.

Wilson, H.F.

Wilson, R.J.

Wood, W.A.

Woods, Stuart

Woodside, G.A.

241 Outgoing Correspondence, Replies to Invitations, A-L, 1921 - 1922:

A.D.C. in Waiting

Binnie, Rev. James

Brandt, E.H.

Brown, S. Gorley

Brown, Rev. W.J.

Bryant, James F. (6 items)

Campbell, Rev. Malcolm A. (3 items)

Carthy, Helen E.

Clark, W.J.

Clark, Wylie C. (5 items)

Clarry, L.F.

Cody, Rev. Canon

Cooper, H.W.

Crowdis, Rev. C.J.

Davidson, William A.

De Mille, C.W.

Denovan, Allan M. (2 items)

Dickey, Rev. R.M.

Dickie, Henry (3 items)

Dickinson, Vivian

Dickson, Rev. Hislop

Dingle, George S.

Dixon, H.

Donnell, A.M.

Drake, Mrs. C.W.

Duncan, Philip

Dyde, S.W. (2 items)

Falconer, J.P.

Farley, Rev. Samuel

Farquhar, Rev. George

Faryon, Rev. G.W. (4 items)

Fraser, Daniel M.

Good, James I.

Graham, Rev. J.J.

Hamilton, A.

Hamilton, Hugh (2 items)

Hamilton, R.M. (2 items)

Heath, M.G. (2 items)

Hogg, J.E.

Howett, H.

Hunter, Rev. Stanley A.

Iverach, Wm.

Jones. Rev. J.P.

Justice, Rev. A.C.

Kidd, Rev. J.W.

Kitson, W.

Laidlaw, R.S. (2 items)

Langill, Rev. P.F.

Law, Claude E. (5 items)

Leitch, Rev. H.D.

Lewis, Mrs. Margaret

Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan (2 items)

Lowry, Rev. J.W.S.

2 Outgoing Correspondence, Replies to Invitations, M-Z, 1921 - 1922:

MacDonell, Rev. W.A.(3 items)

MacGillivray, Rev. N.H. (2 items)

MacIntyre, Rev. Wm C.

MacKinnon, Rev. Clarence (3 items)

MacKinnon, Rev. Murdoch (3 items)

MacLean, D.A.

Martin, Robert

Matthews, J.E.

McAfee, Thomas (3 items)

McCallum, Jean

McDiarmid, James

McEwen, E.B.

McKillop, Rev. John

McKinnon, Georg D.

McPhedran, Rev. N.

McPherson, Rev. W.W.

Miller, Rev. George

Miller, J.C.

Miller, J. George (3 items)

Milligan, Rev. Frank M.

Morach, A.V.

Morgan, M.E. (3 items)

Moriarty, P.F. (2 items)

Neilly, J.

O'Donnell, Rev. A.M.

Omond, Rev. M.N. (2 items)

Orton, Rev. A.S.

Otton, Charles E.

Owen, W. Stanley

Paton, Angus

Paton, Rev. D.G., 1922

Patrick, E.R.

Patterson, R. (3 items)

Phillips, R.L.

Pickard, Roy H. (2 items)

Pidgeon, Rev. E. Leslie (2 items)

Pidgeon, George C. (2 items)

Ratcliffe, J.H.

Renwick, J.J.

Robertson, Mrs. Wm.

Russell, Mrs. Edith J.

Sampson, Mrs. Norah M. (3 items)

Scott, A.H. (2 items)

Sheldon, E.W.

Shepard, F.S.

Shortt, Rev. J.S.

Smith, G. Watt

Smith, George

Smith, Howell

Southon, W.W.

Stewart, J.C.

Stewart, Rev. T.

Stott, Rev. John W.

Sutherland, J.S.

Thompson, J.E.

Thompson, T.J.

Wallace, S.

Watson, A.D. (3 items)

Whillans, Rev. J.W. (3 items)

Wilson, C.A.

Wilson, H.F.

Wilson, Rev. J. McCartney (2 items)

Wilson, Rev. R.J.

Wood, W.A.

Woods, Rev. Stuart A.

Woodside, Rev. G.A.

3 Incoming Correspondence, Toronto Typographical Union, 1922:

Beatty, S.F.

Gerrard, Andrew

Powers, H.J.W.

Ryan, Charles (3 items)

4 Outgoing Correspondence, Toronto Typographical Union, 1922:

Powers, H.J.W.

Ryan, Charles

4 Related Correspondence, Toronto Typographical Union, 1922:

Gerard, Andrew to H.J.W. Powers (copy)

McCallum, Jean to D.M. Solandt

Solandt, D.M. to Jean McCallum

5 Miscellaneous Speeches, Articles, and Correspondence

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Church Union 1912-1934

In 1925 the United Church of Canada was created, the culmination of a union movement by the Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches, a movement which Charles Gordon supported since the late nineteenth century. The section on church union contains documents from the campaign for church union in the 1910's and the 1920's, although most of the records date from the 1920's phase of the movement. Many of the documents are administrative. They have been grouped into the minutes of union committees, particularly the Presbyterian Union committee and the Joint Church Union Committee; special reports by the various union committees on the matter of church union; and memoranda and resolutions on church union supporters on the proposed injunction restraining the formation of a United Church. Opposition to church union may also be found in the "Correspondence" group, which include items from parishioners hesitant about or directly affected by the prospect of union, particularly in the western Canadian congregations. Included as related documentation are tables of votes on church union, a copy of the proposed inaugural service of the United Church of Canada, and a resolution discussing the question of the opposition to church union. Gordon's thoughts on church union are also recorded in a document contained in the "Memoranda" group.

A few items in this section are no related to the church union question, but have been included as being on the agenda of the United Church of Canada. These are United Church reports on labour and industry, such as a 1928 report on the securing of the eight hour day by the employees of the D.I.S. Company; and a report to the Manitoba Conference of the United Church on the Church and industrial problems, all grouped under the heading "Reports."

The section concludes with pamphlets, leaflets, new clippings and other published material on the church union campaign, grouped under "Published Documentation."

251 Presbyterian Union Committee Meetings:


April 28

June 7, 13 pp.


June 1, 3 pp.

June 6, 7 pp.


June 2, 2 pp. (2 items)

June 4, 8 pp. June 10, 2 pp.

Oct. 16. 2 pp.


Jan. 20. 2 pp.

2 Joint Church Union Committee Meetings:


Oct. 21, 12 pp.


Sept. 20, 6 pp.

Sept. 22, 9 pp.


April 24, 7 pp.


Oct. 16, 20 pp.

Nov. 24, 3 pp.


Feb. 13, 5 pp.

Feb. 26, 9 pp.

Apr. 2, 11 pp.

Apr. 17, 4 pp.


June 8, 4 pp.

3 Synod of Manitoba, Extract:

1923: Nov. 14, 2 pp.

254 Reports:

Dec. 10, 1912 - Report, Joint Special Committee on Union Congregations. 1p.

May 1922 - Report of the Synod's Committee on Fraternal Relations with the Anglican Church. 3 pp.

1926 - 1928 - Report of the Committee on Negotiations with Other Communions with a View to Union. 3pp.

May 31, 1928 - Report to the Manitoba Conference, United Church of Canada, by the Committee appointed to consider the question of the relation of the Church to industrial problems. 3 pp.

Nov. 5, 1928 - Report to the Ministerial Association of Sydney on the matter of the request from the General Works' Committee, representing the employees of the D.I.S. Co. for assistance in helping them secure the eight hour day. 8 pp. [c.f. Labour & Industry]

n.d. - Report to the Manitoba Conference, United Church of Canada, by the Committee appointed to consider the question of the relation of the Church to Industrial Problems. edited and unedited copies, 6 pp. [c.f. Labour & Industry]

n.d. - Report of the Joint Union Committee of the Women's Boards of the Uniting Churches. 3 pp.

n.d. - Report on Dr. Gordon's comments regarding the opposition to Church Union.

5 Memoranda: (n.d.)

Memorandum - enquiry as to the proposed "United Church of Canada". 3 pp.

Memorandum - "setting forth the reactions on my mind of the conservaton at the first meeting of the Committee on Church Life and Work of the First Manitoba Conference of the United Church of Canada". 3 pp.

Memorandum - United Churchmen of Canada. 1 p.

6 Resolutions: (n.d.)

Resolution to the General Assembly on Church Union. 2 pp.

Resolution against Church Union, defeated in Alberta Synod. 1 p.

7 Writs and Evidence:

Jan. 25, 1924 - Writ issued between John D. Cunningham et. al., plaintiffs, ministers, elders, and members of the Presbyterian Church in Canada; and Geo. Campbell Pidgeon et. al., defendants, members of the Presbyterian Committee appointed by the General Assembly. 20 pp.

n.d. - Comments by Sir Robert Falconer, Dr. Kilpatrick, President Murray, Dr. Ramsay, and a special committee on questions raised by the claim for an injunction to restrain the defendants from approaching the legislatures. 27 pp.

8 Related Documentation:

Table, votes on church union between 1911 and 1921, by presbyteries, elders, communicants, adherents, congregations, and General Assembly members. Includes draft notes by Dr. Gordon. 3 pp.

Table, votes on church union, 1915 - 1923. 1 p.

Table, votes on church union by synods, 1921. 1 p.

List of members of the union committee appointed by the General Assembly. June 1924.

Copy of the revised draft of the proposed inaugural service of the United Church of Canada. Nov. 1924. 12 pp.

Recommendation to the General Assembly re the minority in the Presbyterian Church opposed to church union., n.d.

Special article by Union Movement Committee, Publicity Department. 1 p.

"Discussion of Union Question". n.d., 3 pp.

Table, "Statement of the Church Union Situation in the Synod of Manitoba". n.d.

Ballots for voting on church union. (2 items)

Draft notes by Dr. Gordon, untitled. 3 pp.

Miscellany – several items

259 Incoming Correspondence, A-L (19 items):

Allan, J.A., 1912

Allison, J.E., 1913

Black, Mrs. H.M., 1922

Cochrane, R.B., 1923

Crow, J.C., 1921

Dickinson, Sir Willoughby.H., 1921 (2 items)

Dickey, Mrs. J.A., n.d.

Dunlop, Rev Wm., 1927

Edmison, J.H., 1921 (3 items)

Fraser, David, 1921

Fraser, Principal Daniel J., 1921 (3 items)

Gardiner, James G., 1913

Gerrie, J.P., 1912

Hall, Rev. George, 1921 - 1922 (2 items)

Hendrie, William, 1923

Johnson, Robert, 1922 (2 items)

Keirstead, Rev. C.W., 1927

Kerrobert Union Church, Chairman, 1921

Laird, Rev. Robert, 1921

10 Incoming Correspondence, M-Z (21 items):

McIvor, Dan, 1912

McKitrick, F.R.F., 1921

McLeod, A.H., 1934

McMaster, R.H., 1930

Milligan, J. Lewis, 1923 (2 items)

Moore, T. Albert, 1926

Moyer, Lloyd G., 1912

Myles, Miss J.I., n.d.

Norton, Ralph C., 1913 - 1914 (3 items)

Pidgeon, Geo. C., 1921 (2 items)

Reid, Rev. J., 1912 (3 items)

Ross, G.O., 1921

Rumball, M.C., 1923

Solandt, D.M., 1926

Stephenson, F.C., 1926

Strong, Wm., 1921

Sutherland, J.S., 1924

Wallace, W.E., 1922

Webber, J. Chas., 1926

Wilson, R.J., 1923, 1925 (4 items)

Wright, C.M., 1925

11 Outgoing Correspondence, A-L (9 items):

Archbishop of Rupert's Land, 1921 (2 items)

Black, Mrs. H.M., 1922

Cochrane, R.B., 1923 (2 items)

Dunlop, Rev. Wm., 1927

Fraser, Principal Daniel, 1921 (2 items)

Hall, Rev. George, 1922

Hendrie, Col. William, 1923

Johnson, Robert, 1922

Keirstead, Rev. Charles W., 1927

12 Outgoing Correspondence, M-Z (11 items):

McKitrick, F.R.F., n.d.

McLeod, A.H., 1934

Milligan, J. Lewis, 1923 (3 items)

Moyer, Lloyd G., 1912

Pidgeon, Geo. C., 1921 - 1923 (3 items)

Ross, G.O., 1921

Rumball, Rev. M.C., 1923

Solandt, D.M., 1923

Strong, Wm., 1921

Wallace, W.E., 1922

Wilson, R.J., 1923 (2 items)

13 Related Correspondence:

Copy of letter from J.E. Allison to Edward Brown, 1913

Circular, 1926

14 Incoming Correspondence, Church Life and Work Survey, 1926:

Chalmers, W.M.

Churchill, A.M.

Crookshanks, J.J.

Donogh, W.R.

Faryon, Geo. Wm.

Fisher, L.H.

Greenway, R.M.

Hadfield, L.A.

Hamilton, Hugh

Hamilton, W.T.

Holmes, William

Hood A.

Howarth, David

Hunter, Joseph

Kenner, A.W.

Kerr, F.W.

Linton, John

Lord, Geo H.

Loughheed, A.W.

Lawsley, A.W.

Mackay, R.G.

Meek, J.W.

Murray, R.N.

Murray, S.C.

Rivers, Herald A.

Rumball, M.C.

Stott, John W.

Shemilt, John H.

Smalley, Riley

Spence, R.E.

Stephens, J.G.

Wallace, J.M.

Wainwright, W. (2 items)

Weaver, A.E.

Whiting, Charles C.

Wright, S.

Excerpts of correspondence to the Conference Committee on Church Life and Work, 1926 (19 items)

Published Documentation:
2515 Special article issued by Presbyterian Church, Union Movement Committee, Publicity Department, re Rev. Dr. R.J. Wilson, n.d.,

1 p.

15 Pamphlets and Leaflets

(34 items)

16 Articles

(5 items)

17 News clippings

(12 items)

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League of Nations 1921-1923, n.d.

Charles Gordon was an active observer and supporter of the League of Nations. In 1932 he was appointed to give the annual sermon before the League. Largely as a result of his personal experiences with war, Gordon became a pacifist in the 1920's and 30's, and actively advocated that the Christian churches take a role in achieving world peace. In his autobiography, Gordon appeared disillusioned with what he perceived as the neglect by the churches of their leadership function and by the failure of the League of Nations itself. However, Gordon also had little patience with the detractors of the League, and continued to support the principle of the League well into the days of its decline.

Most of the records within this section were not produced by Gordon himself. These records consist of published League of Nations' reports, articles, pamphlets, and monthly summaries dating from 1921 to approximately 1923. The reports deal with League matters such as the opium traffic, health matters, minorities, and the functions of various League committees. Documents produced by Gordon himself include two scribblers (undated) containing handwritten notes and drafts of articles. The subjects include the League of Nations itself, the disarmament conference, notes on Gordon's visit to Spain with the International Labour Office, and a manifesto of the Protestant Churches of the world. Aside from these notes, the sections contains correspondence between Dr. Gordon and the League of Nations' representatives, including Canadian representative Dr. Walter Riddell and Dr. J. Murray Clark. However, there is very little correspondence in the collection on League of Nations' matters, and very few records left by Gordon himself. Dr. Gordon's position on world affairs is better represented in his essays on international relations, grouped under the heading "World Peace" in the "Articles" section. The researcher should also consult specific correspondence and news clippings.

261 Book 1 - contains rough drafts of the following:

"One Question Put to Each"

"The Disarmament Conference"

"The League of Nations"

"Spain I"

"Spain II"

"Spain III"

"Way Back 2nd Part"

Misc. notes on the manuscripts

2 Book 2 - contains rough drafts of the following:

"League of Nations," some pages missing.

Untitled 2 p.

"The British Navy" 7pp.

"Spain - En Route"

"A Thousand Dollars for a Hun"

Misc. 2 p.

3 Draft article of "Peace Manifesto by the 26 3 Christian Churhes of the World" (Protestant)


3 Map. "Mandates, League of Nations"

Two scribblers containing notes, articles and rough drafts.

264 Reports:

Report of the Advisory Committee on Traffic in Opium, July 1921

Supplementary Report to the Second Assembly of the League on the Work of the Council, Sept. 1921

Report to the Third Assembly of the League on the Work of the Council, July 1922

Supplementary Report to the Third Assembly on the Work of the Council, 1922

5 Monthly Summaries:

Monthly Summary, Vol. II, No. 9, Sept. 1922

Monthly Summary, Vol. II, No. 10, Oct. 1922 Supplement, Oct. 1922

Monthly Summary, Vol. II, No. 11, Nov. 1923

Monthly Summary, Vol. III, No. 9, Oct. 1923

6 Articles and Amendments, Includes:

"Fourth Session of the Opium Advisory Committee"

"Fifth Session of the Health Committee of the League of Nations"

"The Appointment of the Expenses Among the States Members," historical sketch by Sir Herbert Ames.

"Amendments to Article I, Section I"

"Report of the Committee on Minorities"

"Fifth and Sixth Amendments"

267 Incoming Correspondence:

Clark, Dr. J. Murray (5 items)

MacKenzie, Melville D.

Williams, K.

Woodhull, Schigler (2 items)

7 Outgoing Correspondence:

Hutchins, Carl

McLachlan, Rev. D.N.

Riddell, Dr. W.A.

Underhill, Frank H.

268 Pamphlets:

"Canada and World Peace. An Appeal to Canadians"

"A New World or the The League of Nations"

"Order of Service," Cathedral of St. Pierre, Geneva

"Prophets of the Commonwealth," by Chester Martin

"Student Service Bulletin. No. XV"

9 News Clippings:

(5 items)

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World Conference on Faith and Order 1922-1926

The World Conference on Faith and Order, an international conference held to discuss international Christian unity, was staged at Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1926. Charles Gordon, as a prominent Canadian Presbyterian, was invited to sit on the Conference's Continuation Committee in 1923, held in preparation for the Lausanne conference of 1926. Dr. Gordon declined, citing expenses and other commitments as his reasons for not attending. However, Dr. Gordon expressed his continuing interest in the conference, as well as in other international conferences on Christian unity. In a letter to Robert Gardiner, secretary of the Conference's Continuation Committee, on January 31, 1923, Charles Gordon wrote:

“Curiously enough, in a paper which I shall present at the Presbyterian Alliance next month in Toronto, I am urging a conference on all Christian Churches in theAnlgo-Celtic world to consider what might be done to bring peace to the world and a better understanding among those who are brothers in Christ Jesus.” (Charles William Gordon (Ralph Connor) Collection, University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections, MSS 56, Box 27, Folder 2.)

Again, most of the records in this collection are related to the Conference itself and to the stages in preparation for the Conference, and have not been generated by Gordon himself. His views on staging international conferences on Christian unity are contained in correspondence with members of the Lausanne Conference's administration. The other records have been grouped into the minutes of administration meetings, a subsection of "related correspondence" containing extracts from letters circulated by participants in the Conference, related documentation, including reports an articles on the conference itself and on the broader problem of Christian unity, and published pamphlets and news clippings, many delineating the philosophy, objective and preparations of the Lausanne conference.

271 Minutes of:

Business Committee, Jan. 17, 1923. 6 pp.

Business Committee, Jan. 27, 1925. 5 pp.

Comments on Minutes of Business Committee, Feb. 14, 1925. 2 pp.

Meeting of Representatives appointed to attend the World Conference on Faith and Order, May 20, 1926. 5 pp.

Local Committee at Lausanne, Switzerland, Aug. 20, 1926. 2 pp.

Business Committee, Oct. 12, 1926. 3 pp.

2 Related Documents:

Quotas for expenses for 1922, 1923, and 1924 for the ordinary expenses of the Continuation Committee. Jan. 17, 1923. 3 pp.

Extracts from suggestions for an Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity. May 16, 1923. 2 pp.

Article on forthcoming World Conference on Faith and Order. May 1925. 12 pp.

"Report on recent criticisms of the World Conference and plan and methods." June 30, 1925. 8 pp.

Copy, translation of two paragraphs of "Le Saint-Siege, l'Eglise Catholique et la Politique Mondiale, by Maurice Pernot. n.d. 1 p.

Copy, translation of two paragraphs of an article in the "Stimmen der zeit", Freiburg, Germany, Sept. 26, by the Rev. Matthias Reichmann. n.d. 1 p.

Questionnaire, "Local Conferences in Preparation for the World Conference on Faith and Order". n.d. 1 p.

Vote passed by the Business Committee. n.d. 1 p.

273 Incoming Correspondence:

Brent, Charles H., 1925

Brown, Ralph W., 1925 - 1926 (8 items)

Gardiner, Robert H., 1922 -1923 (7 items)

4 Outgoing Correspondence:

Brown, Ralph W., 1926 (2 items)

Gardiner, Robert H., 1923 (3 items)

5 Related Correspondence:

Copy of letter to the Secretariat from Rev. J.A. M'Clymont and Rev. Alexander Martin. Feb. 2, 1925. 2pp.

Extracts from letter to the Secretariat, from Canon H.N. Bate. June 4, 1925. 1p.

Copy of letter to the Bishop of Bombay from Ralph W. Brown. Two enclosures. July 3, 1925.

Copy of a letter to the Secretariat from Charles H. Fahs. Nov. 19, 1925. 3 pp.

Copy of a letter to the Secretariat from Rev. William H. McClellan. Mar. 28, 1926. 15 pp.

Extract from a letter to the Secretariat from Rev. E.O. Davies. April 16, 1926. 3 pp.

Copy of a communication to the Corresponding Secretary from Rev. J. Ross Stevenson. May 15, 1926. 1 p.

Copy of letter to the Secretariat from Rev. J.H. Rushbrooke. May 22, 1926. 1 p.

Extract from a letter to the Secretariat from Rev. Francis J. Hall. May 27, 1926. 1 p.

6 Publications:

Pamphlets (12 items)

News clipping, Lausanne Conference, Oct. 14, 1926.

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Sermons and Addresses 1883-1934, n.d.

Most of Charles Gordon's original sermons, draft notes on general subjects, and addresses have been grouped under this section. Some of these sermons were delivered during his ministry at St. Stephen's, others overseas during his national speaking tours. They are largely handwritten, many in pencil and often lack formal titles and dates. Since there was no original arrangement of the sermons a thematic order was chose, with an effort to reflect many of his specific themes. However, in many cases, the chosen arrangement is artificial. Gordon's public addresses, eulogies and tributes have been grouped separately at the end of this section.

The categories "Biblical Figures", "Christ and Christianity", "The Church", "Religion", and "Theology" likely overlap each other. They have been selected according to the meaning implied by their titles. The grouping "Biblical Figures" contains sermons with explicit references to scripture, where scripture appears to dominate the contents of the sermon. The group "Christ and Christianity" includes sermons on the "figure of Christ", and more generally about Christianity. "The Church", on the other hand, refers to sermons on the corporate body itself, while many reflect upon the role of the church in society in aiding men to develop personal faith. "Human Life and Endeavour" contains sermons reflecting on faith and strength of character. The group "Religion" encompasses sermons which specifically refer to organized religion. "Theology" is a considerably smaller section containing only two sermons. A small number of sermons is grouped under the heading of "God", and contain references to God in their titles and/or contents.

"Evangelism and Missions", "Industry", "The Nation", "Social Service", "Temperance and Prohibition", and "War" correspond to other section in the collection. A group of notes under "War" contains both sermons and notes on gordon's war experiences, and include numerous expositions on the causes of war, Canadian participation, and the culpability of Germany, as well as the American role. A number of lesser groups complete the section on the sermons and notes such as "Christmas", "Fiction", "Government", "The Family", and "World Unrest" and reflect particular groupings generated by Gordon himself; the "Father and Son" sermons under "The Family" provide a good example of one of Gordon's own groupings. This section also includes a copy of Gordon's first sermon, copied by one of his parishioners in 1883, and a notebook containing a variety of draft sermons.

Gordon's addresses are grouped following the sermons and notes. They include addresses prepared in the context of Gordon's recruitment efforts during the first World War, such as his "Stripped to the Skin", delivered before the Canadian Club of Ottawa. Included here also is Gordon's speech to the University of Manitoba, accepting an honourary doctorate, and a brief address prepared for the "class of '83" on their fiftieth anniversary.

The final grouping, "Eulogies and Tributes", includes tributes to Henry Drummond, Gordon's former teacher; Lord Aberdeen, a close personal friend; J.G. Shearer, secretary of the General Assembly; and Mark Twain, whom Gordon met on one occasion.

281 Biblical Figures : (undated)

"Eph. -- Forgets his own king" 1 p

. "The Friendly Four" 1 p.

"Gen. 28.10 -- Jacob the fugitive" 2 pp.

"Jn. 9 -- The Works of God" 5 pp.

"Johnathon -- Geba" 2 pp.

"Lu. 19 -- Zaccheus" 2 pp.

"Moses" 3 pp.

"The second friend -- Philip" 2 pp.

2 Business: (undated)

"Business - Organized Circle" 3 pp.

3-4 Christ and Christianity:

"The Challenge of the Empty Tomb" April 12, 1914. 6 pp.

"Both Paul and Luke" 1 p.

28 4 "Christianity has stood for man." 2 pp.

"The Figure of Christ" 1 p.

"The First Message" 4 pp.

"He had been away for some weeks." 2 pp.

"The Homecoming of the Prophet" 2 pp.

"I am the way." "Immanuel" 2 pp.

"Jesus Christ -- His Unique Personality" 1 p.

"Jesus -- Enthusiasm of Devotion" 5 pp.

"John 20.19 -- `See My Hands'" 5 pp.

"The last journey" 1 p.

"Loyalty to Christ the Revealer of God" 3 pp.

"The Making of Harversters" 4 pp.

"The Making of Harversters" 2 pp.

"Mat. 14.15 -- They need not depart" 4 pp.

"Obligation is to all the world" 1 p.

"The Righteousness of Christ imputed to us." 4 pp.

"Spirit of Jesus" 4 pp.

"The Story" 2 pp.

"Teaching of Jesus"

"Their Glorious Loss" 3 pp.

"To mediate God" 2 pp.

"Work of Christ" 1 p.

5 Christmas: (undated)

"Once more Christmas" 1 p.

"Once more the ageless timeless mystery." 8 pp.

6-7 The Church:

"The Holy Catholic Church" Oct. 2, 1910. 10 pp.

"The Holy Catholic Church with Special Reference to the Subject of Personal Liberty" Oct. 2, 1910. 9 pp.

"Cares for its members." 3 pp.

"The Church" 3 pp.

"The Church and Civilization" 3 pp.

"The Church and the Home" 2 pp.

"The Church and the Purpose of God" 1 p.

"The Church -- Its Body" 3 pp.

"The Church -- Its Job" 1 p.

"The Fundamental Purpose of the King. Disin. Service" 4 pp.

"An Impotent Church, A Triumphant Christ" 2 pp.

"Mat. 9.35 -- Harvesters" 1 p.

"The spirit of the Church" 2 pp.

"The Supreme Apologetic" 1 p.

"The Supreme Apologetic for Our Faith" 2 pp.

"What the Church should mean to man in his moral fight." 1 p.

"Ye are the light of the world." 7 pp.

8 Empire: (undated)

"The New Empire" 37 pp.

9 Evangelism and Missions: (undated)

"Evangelism" 15 pp.

"Evangelism -- What?" 5 pp.

"The First Evangelistic Mission" 4 pp.

"General Statement" 2 pp.

"Home Mission Work" 3 pp.

"The Method" 1 p.

"Moral Effect of the Book" 2 pp.

"Strategic value of west" 2 pp.

Untitled, on prayer and missions. 24 pp.

10 The Family:

"The Canadian Home" Feb. 1, 1920. 14 pp.

"The Canadian Home -- Its Environment" 21 pp.

"The Canadian Home: The Position of Women" n.d. 16 pp.

"A home of strife and bitterness." 1 p.

"Abraham's Test -- The Father's Test" 2 pp.

"The Elder Son" 1 p.

"The Father and his Boys" 1 p.

"Father and Son" 1 p.

"Father and Son: The Primary Human Institution"

"Father and Son Relation" 2 pp.

"The Immortal Story" 1 p.

"The Immortal Story -- The Wonderful Father" 3 pp.

"The Invincible Father Love" 1 p.

"The Last Chance" 1 p.

"The Man -- The Master of the House" 7 pp.

"No Bible Picture of Father and Son" 1 p

. "No Father and Son Ideal in Bible" 4 pp.

"The Primary Human Partnership" 1 p.

"The Quitter -- The Great Refusal -- His Lost Chance" 3 pp.

"The story is Jesus' defense..." 1 p.

"The Supreme Tragedy in Life" 1 p.

"Woman at her best" 4 pp.

"The Wonderful Father" 6 pp.

11 Fiction: (undated)

"Fiction: Shakespear -- Bunyan -- Milton" 2 pp.

"Reading" 4 pp.

"The Responsibility of the Editor" 5 pp.

Untitled fiction notes. 4 pp.

Untitled fiction notes. 4 pp.

12 First Sermon:

Copy of Charles Gordon's first sermon, prepared by Alice Barron Dodds, July 15, 1883. 18 pp.

13 God: (undated)

"The Dawn of Mind" 10 pp.

"God's Call Home" 1 p.

"God -- Father to men as father to Christ" 4 pp.

"How God would woo His People Home" 3 pp.

14 Government: (undated)

"Gov't has made a pretty fine hasty." 1 p.

"The Question of the Moment" 4 pp.

15-16 Human Life and Endeavour:

"The Final Touches in Making a Leader" Jun. 23, 1907. 8 pp.

"The Cost of Discipleship" July 5, 1908. 9 pp.

"Parable of the Vineyard -- Teaching of the Parable of the Vineyard" Oct. 26, 1910. 9 pp

. "Parable of Loaves and Fishes" Jan. 8, 1911. 6 pp.

"Unfinished Tasks and Unsuspected Powers" Feb. 23, 1913 (incomplete) 9 pp.

"Blessed People -- Fortunate People" 3 pp.

"Bring Them to Me" 1 p.

"Bunch of Grapes" 1 p.

"Burden Bearing" 4 pp.

"Confidence" 1 p.

"Conscience in Little Things" 5 pp.

"Daniel -- Eating and Drinking" 5 pp.

"The dropsical man." 2 pp.

"Every Man a Winner" 2 pp.

"God's Gentleman" 2 pp.

"The Great Discovery" 1 p.

"The Happy Man" 1 p.

"Jn. 14.27: Peace -- My Peace -- I Give Unto You" 1 p.

"Joshua 24. I will follow." 1 p.

"Morning: Look at the birds." 2 pp.

"Lukewarm -- disgust of God" 1 p.

"Mat. 13.33" 2 pp.

"Moses -- The Desert Experience" 2 pp.

"The Motives for the Christian Worker" 2 pp.

"Phil. 4.13 -- `I can do all things through Christ'" 4 pp.

"Red Earth -- His Dwelling Place" 1 p.

"Shadows - Luke 9.24" 7 pp.

"Sin and Freedom" 6 pp.

"Song of the Upward Trail" 5 pp.

"Sons of God" 2 pp.

"This Convention" 4 pp.

"The Two Housebuilders" 4 pp.

"The Unfinished Building" 1 p.

"Who/What is man?" 2 pp.

17 Industry: (undated)

"Building a Nation" 6 pp.

"The history of industry" 12 pp.

"Ideal in Industry" 1 p.

"The Manitoba Goods and Service Exchange" 2 pp.

"The Minimum Wage" 9 pp.

18 List of Sermons:

List of sermon titles and dates, arranged chrono- logically. (3 items)

19 Minutes and Resolutions: (undated)

Minutes of an unnamed convention. 1 p.

Minutes of a meeting, Council on Church Life and Work for the Conference of Manitoba. 3 pp.

Notes of unspecified meeting, on Social Service Council stationary. 2 pp.

20 Miscellaneous: (undated)

Draft notes, subjects unknown. (3 items)

Draft notes on various subjects. First page begins, "This as you see is a fish." Also contains notes on colonial history. 5 pp.

21-22 The Nation:

"Unfinished Towers" Nov. 30, 1912. 12 pp. plus 7 pp. carbon copy.

"How a Nation Wins its Right To Live" Mar. 21, 1914. 11 pp.

"Sixty Years' Achievement" 1 p.

"The university -- a spiritual force in nation making." 3 pp.

23 Notebook, "Sketches of Sermon" (undated):

Contains handwritten draft sermons on Christ, human life and endeavour, and war.

24 Prayers:

Copy of prayer by Charles Gordon at St. Stephen's Church, April 2, 1922. 3 pp.

25 Published Sermons:

"Planting for the Lord" Pictorial Review , Oct. 1909

"Youth and Leadership" Baccalaureate sermon delivered before graduating classes of the University of Manitoba in St. Stephen's Church April 25, 1926.

291 Ramsay MacDonald: (undated)

"Ramsay MacDonald" 18 pp.

2 Religion: [ (undated) ]

"The Breakdown of Faith" 1 p.

"The distinct Character of the new Religion is Liberty" 1 p.

"The form of Religion suggested in this service" 1 p.

"The inner side of Christian life and service" "It is our mission - work" 1 p.

"Prayer" 3 pp.

"Religion and Civilization" 1 p.

"Religion Essential to Permanent Industrial Peace"

"Religion the guarantee of Civilization" 1 p.

"Religion the Unifying Element in Human Life" 1 p.

"The Spirituality of Religion" 1 p.

3-4 Social Service:

"The City of Winnipeg in the Light of New York" Dec. 10, 1911. 12 pp.

"The Cause and Cure of Excessive Crime in U.S." 6 pp.

"The Gen. Assembly board" 4 pp.

"State's Duty" 2 pp.

"The State of the Criminal" 2 pp.

"Toleration of Vice" 3 pp.

5-6 Temperance and Prohibition:

"The Men for Public Life" Mar. 3, 1907. 15 pp.

"God and the Bar" Jun. 21, 1914. 15 pp.

"The Bar -- Why Abolish" 2 pp.

"The History of Temperance Reform in Manitoba" 4 pp.

"Prohibition: Our Duty" 1 p.

7 Theology: (undated)

"This book is entitled the Place of Christ in Modern Theology." 10 pp.

"The Prologue" 1 p.

8-10 War:

Untitled, Jan. 13, 1917 (incomplete) 5 pp.

"America -- Fighting for Herself"

"American Leadership"

"August 3 -- Germany entered Belgium" 17 pp.

"Brotherhood among Nations" 5 pp.

"C Battery -- Sept. 1, 1914" 2 pp.

"Canada and the War -- Why, How, Sacrifices, Compensations" 2 pp.

"Canada and the War" 1 p.

"Choose War -- Canada to Choose War" 1 p.

"Courage" 2 pp.

"The Ideal Kingdom" 3 pp.

"The Last Drive and the Last Word" 8 pp.

"Misconceptions re Britain and Germany" 3 pp.

"Peaceful Worship" 1 p.

"Real Causes" 8 pp.

"This Church -- Christain Unity at the Front" 5 pp.

"Thou Givest Faith" 3 pp.

"Trenches and Dugouts" 7 pp.

"Treitschke -- Historian" 9 pp.

"The War -- Hard to Realize" 1 p.

"Why Canada Went to War" 12 pp.

Untitled notes -- Britain, France and Germany. 6 pp.

Untitled notes.

11 World Unrest:

"The Conquering Church -- The Kingly or Royal Christian" Dec. 7, 1919. 19 pp.

"World Unrest -- Indifference" Dec. 14, 1919. (incomplete) 19 pp.

"World Unrest -- The Heritage of Evil Systems" Dec. 21, 1919. 17 pp.

"World Unrest -- The Temper of Essential to Industrial Peace" Dec. 28, 1919. (incomplete) 15 pp.

“Sherbourne Church Sunday Morning Class – April 9, 1933” re. Gordon’s views on WWI and the encircling gloom of Depression and another war

2912 Reunion:

"My Comrades of '83" Edited version, 1 p.; unedited version, 2 pp.

13 University of Manitoba:

Speech given before the University of Manitoba, accepting honourary LL.D. Includes scribbler containing handwritten draft of speech, and typed copy. 15 pp.

Youth and Leadershhip – 1926 – 10 pp.

14 War:

"Memorandum re Immediated Enrolment" Apr. 27, 1915. 6 pp.

"Major C.W. Gordon at Lyceum, Port Arthur" Jan. 6, 1917. 14 pp.

"Stripped to the Skin" Address before the Canadian Club of Ottawa, Jan. 23, 1917. 25 pp.

Address before the Empire Club of Toronto, Jan. 25, 1917. 23 pp.

15 Eulogies and Tributes:

"An Appreciation of the Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair, Sometime Governor General of the Dominion of Canada" Mar. 11, 1934. 3 pp.

"Miss Edith Cavell" 6 pp.

"Principal Caven" 4 pp.

"Henry Drummond" 12 pp.

"Professor Raeburn Kirk" 5 pp.

"D.L. Moody" 3 pp.

"J.G. Shearer" 7 pp.

"Mark Twain" 3 pp.

16 Scrapbook of Ministerial Tour of Nova Scotia – 1926
17 Additional Sermons (20-25)

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Articles 1921-1932; ??

This section, containing Charles Gordon's nonfiction writings, include complete and partial manuscripts in both typed and handwritten drafts. All versions of an article or series have been kept together and arranged alphabetically under specific headings. The heading selections are subjective and have been chose to reflect specific themes in Gordon's writings as well as to correspond to other sections in the collection.

The first grouping, "Biographical/General", includes a short essay on the writing of his first book, a person parable, "The Crooked Tree", and a few other writings on his Scottish background. In "Canada and the War" are articles written in the immediate postwar period which reflect Gordon's views on Canada's position in the postwar international order. The essays in the next section, "Church and Civilization", reflect Gordon's interest in international relations, industrial peace, and the relationship between the church, industry, and the state.

As a result of his many travels overseas, Gordon often wrote his impressions of the countries he visited such as Spain and New Zealand. The subjective headings "Religion", "Social Service and Evangelism", and "Theology", contain articles that deal with Gordon's religious and theological views, as well as the more practical matters of the Presbyterian Church. The articles under "Religion" are generally sermons and lack statements about formal theology. Although, one of Gordon's theological studies, "The Teaching of Jesus in Regard to His Own Death" can be found under "Theology". Writings directly related to social questions and to evangelistic effort come under the heading "Social Service and Evangelism". Gordon's essays and articles on the unemployment crisis of the depression years, notably the four-part series, "Is the Present Social Order Doomed?", written in 1932, are in the section entitled "Unemployment". The essays under "World Peace" reflect Gordon's concern, not only international relations, but also with the potential leadership role of the Christian Churches in helping attain the goal of world peace.

301 Biographical/General:

"The writing of my first book." Feb. 4, 1928. 2 pp.

"The Crooked Tree" 6 pp. (2 items)

"The Imperishable Scot" 6 pp.

"Scots in Canada" 5 pp.

"The University Man and His Community" 3 pp.

"Y.M.C.A. Camp at Lake of the Woods" 4 pp.

2 Canada and the War:

Untitled article, written for Halifax Herald . Dec. 20, 1921. 4 pp

. Untitled review of a biography of Sir Arthur Currie. Oct. 16, 1925. 9 pp.

"The Christmas Message" 2 pp.

"The New Canada and Its Needs" (3 items) 11 pp.; 15 pp.; 32 pp.

3 Canadian West:

"The Teacher, An Empire Maker" 8 pp.

Untitled article on the Canadian west. 4 pp.

4 Church and Civilization:

"Wanted: A Christian Church to Christianize Our Civlization", article series. Includes sections entitled: "International Relations"; "Industry"; and "Government".

5-6 Industry:

"The New Spirit in Industry" 33 pp.

Untitled, on the employment of women. 2 pp.

7 New Zealand:

"The Land Down Under" 32 pp.

"The Maoris" 28 pp.

8 Presbyterian Church:

"The Presbyterian Church and Its Missions" (incomplete)

9 Religion:

"God's Memory", written for Presbyterian Witness , Dec. 1922. 8 pp.

"Life and Opportunity" 1 p.

"The Picture Shows An Angel..." 5 pp.

"What Does Jesus Mean to Me?" 7 pp.

Untitled, on Christ and Christianity. 4 pp.

10 Social Service and Evangelism:

"The Eastern European Immigrant" 7 pp.

"Gypsy Smith in Winnipeg" 3 pp.

11 Spain:

"Spain", draft manuscript of article. 52 pp.

12 Temperance:

"Government Control of the Sale of Liquor" 10 pp.

13 Theology:

"The Teaching of Jesus in Regard to His Own Death" Full and partial manuscripts. 59 pp.

14-15 Unemployment:

"Is the Present Social Order Doomed?" article series published in the Western Home Monthly , 1932.


"Money and Man" 16 pp.

"Work and Civilization" 6 pp.

"Work and Life" 5 pp.

"Civilization and Work" 27 pp.

"The Workless Man -- Whose Crime?" 8 pp.

"A Co-Operative Socialized Industry" 9 pp.

"The Ethics of Unemployment" 6 pp.

"Corporatism vs Individualism in Industry and Finance" 25 pp.

"The Cure for Unemployment" 8 pp.

"The Summoning of the Church to Pentinence" 2 pp.

"The Trekkers. A Statement, A Protest, An Appeal" 3 pp.

Untitled notes on the Church and Unemployment. 7 pp.

16 United States:

"The New United States" 4 pp.

17 World Peace:

"America and World Peace" 8 pp.

"Armistice Day" 7 pp.

"The British Way at Home and Abroad" 12 pp.

"Peace Manifesto of the Christian -Churches of the World" (Protestant) 7 pp.

"World Peace and World Recovery" 17 pp.

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Literary Works - Major Publishers 1897-1938

Charles William Gordon is said to have "been the making of at least one publishing house." (J. Lee Thompson & John Thompson, "Ralph Connor and the Canadian Identity", Queen's Quarterly , Summer 1972. p 169.) The sale of his books during his lifetime exceeded 5 million copies. (Ibid)., p. 159. Internationaly famous, he had publishers in Great Britain as well as the United States and Canada, and his works were read from New Zealand to Finland and throughout North America. Charles William Gordon was Canada's "first international literary success." (Ibid)., p. 159.

This section of the collection consists primarily of correspondence between Gordon and his major publishers. These include: Dodd, Mead & Co.; Doubleday, Doran & Co.; Hodder & Stoughton; John Lane The Bodley Head; McClelland & Stewart; and The Westminster. Each company is listed, in alphabetical order, with the correspondence, royalty statements, and invoices that originated from them. The entire span of Gordon's literary career, from 1897 to 1937, is covered by these publishers.

Dodd, Mead & Co. [ 1931-1938 ]
311 Incoming Correspondence 1932 - 1937:

Chase, Arthur M., 1935

Dodd, E.H. Jr., 1936 (2 items)

Dodd, Frank C., 1933 - 1937 (5 items)

Lewis, Howard C., 1932

2 Outgoing Correspondence 1931 - 1937:

Dodd, Frank C., 1931 - 1937 (3 items)

Dodd, E.H. Jr., 1935

Dodd, Mead & Co., 1934 - 1935 (3 items)

313 Contracts: Memorandum of Agreement for: 1932-1934

1932, untitled novel

1933 "Don Juan, The Spanish Cabalerro"

1934 "Torches Through the Bush"

3 Royalty Statements & Invoices, 1932 – 1938:

(18 items)

Doubleday, Doran & Company 1928-1937
314 Incoming Correspondence 1928 - 1937:

Booth, L.G., 1934

Doran, George H., 1928 - 1929 (7 items)

Henry, Frank, 1933

Leonard, Mary A. , 1928 - 1929 (4 items)

Maule, H.E., 1929, 1931

Maule, J.E.S., 1931, 1936 (2 items)

Morley, Wm. H., 1933

Nichols, J.E., 1937 (2 items)

Smith, D.B., 1929

Willmott, M., 1931

5 Outgoing Correspondence 1928 - 1927:

Doran, George H., 1928 - 1936 (11 items)

Henry, Frank, 1936

Leonard, Mary, 1926

Maule, J.E.S., 1937

Nichols, J.E., 1937

5 Related Correspondence:

Doran, G.H. to Mrs. H.R. Donovan, 1929

316 Contracts: Memorandum of Agreement for:

"The Runner", 1929

6 Royalty Statements & Invoices 1929 - 1938:

(39 items)

Farrar & Rinehart 1936-1937
317 Incoming Correspondence 1936 - 1937:

Farrar, John, 1937 (2 items)

Rinehart, Stanley M. Jr., 1936 - 1937 (6 items)

8 Outgoing Correspondence 1936 - 1937:

Farrar & Rinehart, 1937

Rinehart, Stanley M. Jr., 1936 - 1937 (11 items)

8 Related:

Publishers' address list

Fleming H. Revell Company 1899-1937
319 Incoming Correspondence 1899 - 1937:

Barbour, William R., 1936 - 1937 (9 items)

Briggs, S. Edgar, 1906 - 1920 (16 items)

Doran, George H., 1901 - 1908 (13 items)

Hodder-Williams, T.E., 1902

Revell, Fleming H., 1899 - 1912 (8 items)

Revell, Fleming H. Jr., 1928 - 1937 (11 items)

Maresch, F., 1937

Wooster, William H., 1936

10 Outgoing Correspondence [ 1902 - 1937: ]

Barbour, William R., 1937

Burnett, J.A. Jr., 1937

Doran, George H., 1902

Revell, Fleming H. (2 items)

Revell, Fleming H. Jr., 1928 - 1937 (21 items)

10 Related Correspondence:

Barbour, W.R. to J. King Gordon 1936

Barbour, W.R. to George Stewart 1936

Doran, G.H. to Thomas Cochrane, 1901

3111 Contracts: Memorandum of Agreement for: 1901-1936


"The Man From Glengarry"


"Black Rock"

"The Man From Glengarry"

"The Sky Pilot"


"Glengarry School Days" - Canada

"Glengarry School Days" - United States


"The Prospector"


"The Doctor"

"The Superintendent"


"He Dwelt Among Us"

11 Royalty Statements & Invoices:

(15 items)

George H. Doran & Company 1907-1936
3112 Incoming Correspondence 1907 - 1936:

Doran, George H., 1907 - 1936 (64 items)

Ivins, John W., 1922 - 1923 (2 items)

Little, Nayan, 1922 - 1925 (5 items)

National Geographic Society, 1921

Overton, Grant, 1922 - 1923 (5 items)

Rinehart, Stanley, 1926

Robertson, W., 1923

Doran, Mary, 1909

13 Outgoing Correspondence 1912 - 1926:

Doran, George H. 1912 - 1926 (54 items)

National Geographic Society, 1922

Overton, Grant, 1922 (2 items)

Rinehart, Stanley, 1926

13 Related Correspondence:

Jennings, H.G., to George H. Doran, 1908

13 Incoming Telegrams from Doran 1909 - 1921:

(18 items)

13 Outgoing Telegrams to Doran 1921 - 1929:

(6 items)

3114 Contracts: Memorandum of Agreement for:

1909 "The Foreigner"

1911 "Corporal Cameron"

1913 "The Inspector"

14 Royalty Statements & Invoices 1922:

(3 items)

14 Publicity Releases

(25 items)

Hodder & Stoughton 1901-1936
321 Incoming Correpondence 1901 - 1936:

Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. 1922 - 1923 (5 items)

Hodder - Williams, Sir Ernest, 1922 (2 items)

Hodder - Williams, J.E., 1901 - 1914 (14 items)

Hodder - Williams, R. Percy, 1922, 1936 (3 items)

Hodder - Williams, T.E., 1902

Pidgeon, E.R., 1922

2 Outgoing Correspondence 1902 - 1936:

Hodder & Stoughton, Messrs., 1922

Hodder - Williams, Sir Ernest, 1922 - 1924 (5 items)

Hodder - Williams, J.E., 1912 (3 items)

Hodder - Williams, R. Percy, 1923 - 1936 (7 items)

Hodder - Williams, T.E., 1902

Smith, Sir George Adam, 1936

323 Contracts: Memorandum of Agreement for: 1902-1911

1902 "Sky Pilot, Black Rock, The Man from Glengarry"

1903 "Glengarry School Days"

1904 "The Prospector" (3 items)

1905 "Sky Pilot, Black Rock, The Man from Glengarry" (2 items)

1909 "The Foreigner"

1911 "Corporal Cameron"

3 Royalty Statements & Invoices 1905 - 1924:

(6 items)

John Lane The Bodley Head 1930-1937
324 Incoming Correspondece 1931 - 1937:

Boswell, Ronald, 1934

Howe, P.P., 1937 (3 items)

Lane, Allen, 1931 - 1934 (4 items)

Layton-Bennett, K.A., 1937

Willett, B.W., 1931

Wingfield, H. & Ward, James E., 1937 (2 items)

5 Outgoing Correspondence 1930 - 1937:

Fairbairn, Wingfield, & Wykes, Messrs., 1937

Howe, P.P., 1937 (2 items)

John Lane The Bodley Head Ltd., 1937

Lane, Allen, 1930 - 1935 (4 items)

Layton-Bennett, K.A., 1937

Wingfield, H., 1937

5 Related Correspondence 1937:

John Lane The Bodley Head to McClelland & Stewart, 1937 (2 items)

326 Contracts: Memorandums of Agreement for:

1931 Untitled

1933 Untitled

6 Royalty Statements 1932 - 1937:

(12 items)

6 Related:

Income tax receipt for 1937

Gordon's personal notes of account (4 items)

McClelland & Stewart 1930-1938
327 Incoming Correspondence 1930 - 1936:

French, Donald G., 1931

Gilmour, C.,1933 - 1936 (6 items)

McClelland, John, 1930 - 1936 (55 items)

Stewart, George, 1933 - 1936 (8 items)

8 Outgoing Correspondence 1933 - 1937:

McClelland & Stewart Ltd.,1934 - 1937 (3 items)

McClelland, John, 1933 - 1937 (35 items)

Stewart, George, 1937

8 Incoming Telegrams 1933:

(1 item)

8 Outgoing Telegrams 1933:

(3 items)

3329 Contracts: Memorandum of Agreement for:

1934 "Torches Through the Bush"

329 Royalty Statements & Invoices 1934 - 1938:

(33 items)

The Westminster 1897-1935
3210 Incoming Correspondence 1897 - 1935:

Haddow, Robert, 1903 - 1906 (2 items)

McAinsh, D.T., 1897 - 1900 (8 items)

Macdonald, Rev. J.A., 1897 - 1900 (10 items)

Robertson, W.E., 1905 - 1935 (75 items)

11 Outgoing Correspondence:

Robertson, W.E., Esq., 1912 - 1937 (7 items)

11 Related Correspondence:

Briggs, S. Edgar, to W.E. Robertson, 1907

Fullerton, Aubrey, to Charles Gordon, 1907

Fullerton, Aubrey, to Westminster Co., 1907

Robertson, W.E., to Rev. J. Mcd. Duncan, 1897

11 Incoming Telegrams:

Robertson, W.E., 1907 - 1910 (9 items)

3212 Contracts: Memorandum of Agreement for: [ 1902-1911 ]

1902 "Sky Pilot & Black Rock"

1904 "The Prospector"

1905 "The Doctor" "The Superintendent"

1909 "The Foreigner"

1911 "Corporal Cameron"

12 Royalty Statements & Invoices 1899 - 1935:

(62 items)

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Literary Works - Other Publishers and Magazines 1899-1937

Charles William Gordon's literary career began in 1897 when he wrote a series of sketches for The Westminster , under the pen name of Ralph Connor, in an attempt to raise awareness among Eastern Canadians of the great Canadian North-West. From the time of the initial success of that serial, later published as the novel Black Rock, magazine editors and publishers hounded Gordon for contributions to their own journals.

Correspondence from some ninety different publishers and magazines composes the main body of this section. This large variety of correspondence (1899 to 1937, is arranged alphabetically according to the name of the company or magazine from which the correspondence originated.

Also included is correspondence received from literary agents hoping to represent Gordon's interests to the publishers.

331 Incoming Correspondence, A-D: 1899-1936

Advance Publishing Co., 1900

American Weekly Co., 1902

D. Appleton & Co., 1902 - 1907 (6 items)

The Association of Canadian Bookmen, 1936

Baptist Union, 1900

Baptist Union of Great Britain & Ireland, 1902

F.M. Barton, 1900

Bowen-Merrill Co., 1902 (2 items)

Canada First, 1905

Canadian Home Journal , 1930 - 1932 (3 items)

Canadian Magazine , 1924

The Century Christian Co., 1901

The Century Magazine , 1899 - 1905 (8 items)

Chambers Journal , 1907

Chautauqua , 1902 (13 items)

Chatham Collegiate Institute, 1932

Chicago Tribune , 1927

The Christian Age , 1906

The Christian Endeavour World , 1899 - 1908 (3 items)

Christian Commonwealth Publishing Company

Christendom , 1903

Chronicle , 1929

Church School Publications, 1930 -1931 (3 items)

The Circle , 1907 - 1914 (2 items)

The Congregationalist , 1900

The Copp Clark Co., 1900

The Country Calendar , 1905

Cree Publishing Company Inc.

Current Anecdotes , 1900

Daily and Weekly Star , 1901

Doubleday, Page & Co., 1902 - 1911 (7 items)

Drexel Biddle Publishers, 1902

2 Incoming Correspondence, E-M: 1900-1937

The Family Herald & Weekly Star , 1926 - 1930 (3 items) T. Fisher Unwin Publishers, 1900 (2 items)

Frank Leslie's Popular Magazine , 1901 - 1904 (13 items)

Frederick A. Stokes Co., 1900 - 1901 (2 items)

The Friend , 1931 - 1933 (3 items)

Funk & Wagnallis Co., 1907

George N. Morang & Co., 1902 (2 items)

Ginn & Company: Publishers, 1932 - 1937 (3 items)

Harper & Brothers, 1904 - 1908 (3 items)

The Home Messenger , 1905

Houghton Mifflin Co., 1909 (2 items)

Ideals , 1901

International Magazine Co., 1924

Jacques Chambrun, Inc., 1936 - 1937 (4 items)

Kristiania Indremission, 1922

The Ladies' Home Journal , 1904

The Ladies' Magazine , 1900

Leslie's Weekly, 1902

Linscott Publishing Company

Literature, Art & Music , 1902

Living Authors, 1933

Lutherstiftelsens Bokhandelog Forlag, 1934

The MacMillan Company Publishers, 1908

The Mail Printing Co., 1900

Massey-Harris Co., 1902

The Maynard Press Agency, 1902

McClure's Magazine , 1900 - 1902 (6 items)

Memorial Church of St. Paul, 1927 (2 items)

Metropolitan Magazine , 1901

The Missionary Review of the World , 1899 - 1902 (3 items)

3 Incoming Correspondence, N-Z: 1900-1937

The National Home Journal , 1907

National Publishers Ltd., 1934

The New York Times, 1900

Northern Newspaper Syndicate, 1902 - 1903 (2 items)

The Outing Magazine , 1907 (3 items)

The Outlook , 1900 (2 items)

The Pacific Monthly , 1907 - 1908 ( 3 items)

L.C. Page & Co., 1900

The People's Friend , 1906

The Quiver , 1905 - 1908 (4 items) The Ram's Horn , 1901

Saturday Globe , 1901

The Smart Set , 1904

The Sunday At Home , 1900

The Sunday School Times , 1900 - 1904 (2 items)

Thomas Y. Crowell & Co., 1900

Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1936 - 1937 (4 items)

Tillotson's Newspaper Literature

The Toronto Star Weekly , 1929 - 1937 (3 items)

The United Church House Publishing House, 1928 - 1931 (3 items)

The Vancouver Daily Province , 1925 - 1926 (4 items)

Vocational Bureau, 1931

A.P. Watt Literary Agency, 1904 - 1905 (2 items)

The Weekly Leader , 1902 Who's Who in America , 1900

W.A. Wilde &. Co., 1900

C.C. Wilkening & Son, 1934 (2 items)

The Winena Publishing Company, 1904

Woman's Century , 1921 (2 items)

Women's Board of Foreign Missions, 1901

The Young Man's Magazine , 1905

4 Outgoing Correspondence, A-Z: 1912-1937

The American Magazine , 1934

The Canadian Magazine , 1924 (3 items)

Chronicle , 1929

The Editor , 1912

The Family Herald & Weekly Star , 1926

The Friend , 1933

George N. Morang & Co., 1902

Ginn & Co., 1936 - 1937 (4 items)

Jacques Chambrun Inc., 1936 - 1937 (3 items)

Luthersiftelsens Bokhandel, 1934

McLean's Magagzine , 1919, 1937 (2 items)

McMillan & Co., 1936

Montreal Daily Star , 1935

Moon Messenger , 1936

National Home Monthly , 1937

Strand Magazine , 1915 (2 items)

Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1936 - 1937 (3 items)

Toronto Star Weekly , 1934 - 1937 (5 items)

United Church Publishing House, 1929 (2 items)

Vancouver Daily Province , 1926

The Western Home Monthly , 1928

C.C. Wilkening & Son, 1934

Woman's Century , 1921

Literary Agents 1903-1907
335 Incoming Correspondence:

Reynolds, Paul R., 1903 - 1907 (4 items)

Riker, Douglas Hudson, 1907

Movies, Plays, Etc. 1913-1936
336 Incoming Correspondence:

Stanley Bergerman Inc., 1936

Canadian Photoplays Limited, 1920

Motions Pictures of Canada Ltd., 1919 (2 items)

Players Production Corp., 1923

Selwyn & Co., 1913 (2 items)

Ernest Shipman, 1920 (7 items)

Southern Amusement Company, 1914

6 Outgoing Correspondence:

Cluxton, Walter, 1913

Players Production Corp., 1924

Ernest Shipman, 1920

6 Related Publications:

(6 items)

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Literary Manuscripts 1899-1937

Charles William Gordon may be most widely known for his literary works written under the pen name Ralph Connor. He was an extremely prolific author, penning some 29 literary works in forty years. The collection contains manuscripts, typescripts, source books, source materials, rough drafts, revisions and final drafts, some complete, but many fragmented and incomplete, of nineteen of Gordon's published works as well as two unpublished manuscripts. Included in this collection are: The Sky Pilot ; Glengarry School Days ; The Prospector ; The Doctor ; The Life of James Robertson ; Corporal Cameron ; The Patrol of the Sun Dance Trail ; The Major ; Treading the Winepress ; The Friendly Four ; The Runner ; The Rock and the River ; The Arm of Gold ; Torches Through the Bush ; The Rebel Loyalist ; He Dwelt Among Us ; The Gay Crusader ; and Postscript to Adventure .

The literary manuscripts are arranged in order of the publication date of the work, followed by the unpublished and related works. This arrangement closely approximates the unfolding of Gordon's literary career. The majority of these literary papers were donated to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections in 1969. At that time, they were processed in the manner in which they appear in this finding aid. Materials that arrived with the second instalment of the collection have been sorted to conform to this arrangement. Complementary to this section are the sections containing Publishers' and Fan's correspondence.

"The Sky Pilot" – 1899 [ca. 1899], 1913
341 Typescripts with the author's hand-written revisions, fragmented and incomplete. Includes:

- first paragraph of chapt. 1, titled "The Pilot's Country", published as "The Foothils Country". 1p.

- last bit of chapt. 7, "The Last of the Permit Sundays", whole of chapt. 8, "The Pilot's Grip". 10 pp.

- part of chapt. 14, titled "Independence" or "Pay Your Way", published as "Bill's Bluff". One paragraph from chapt. 17, "How the Pinto Sold". 5 pp.

- beginning of chapt. 21, "How Bill Hit the Trail". 3 pp.

- last bit of chapt. 21, "How Bill Hit the Trail", called on typescript "Good Honest Work in Your Own Line", or "Broncho Bill - Pilot's Lieut". Part of chapt. 12, "Gwen's Canyon", parts of chapt. 13, "The Canyon Flowers". 5 pp.

- chapt. 22, "How the Swann Creek Church Was Opened" 4 pp.

- chapt. 23, "The Pilot's Last Port". 10 pp.

- published pamphlet of chapt. 14, titled "Bill's Bluff".

1 Typescript of Acts I, II, and III of Sky Pilot, as written by Frank Mandel.
2 Scenario for "The Sky Pilot," written by Walter Cluxton, 1913
3 Promotional photos for movie of "The Sky Pilot" by First National Attraction

(7 items)

"Glengarry School Days" - 1901 [ca. 1901]
344 Typescript 1 - chapt. 1, "The Deepole", includes both chapts. 1 and 2 of published book. Hand-written corrections.

22 pp.

4 Typescript 2 - Early version of Chapt. 3, "The Examination", incomplete, ending at p. 61.

15 pp.

4 Typescript 3 - Another version of Chapt. 3, with hand-written corrections.

15 pp.

4 Typescript 4 - Chapt. 3, beginning at p. 61,

13 pp.

4 Typescript 5 - Chapts. 4, "The New Master", and 5, "The Crisis", hand-written revisions,

30 pp.

4 Typescript 6 - Chapt. 6, "One That Ruleth Well His Own House", hand-written revisions,

13 pp.

5 8 Scribblers which seem to contain a great amount of the book, hand-written, fragmented and incomplete.

Book 1 - list of suggested chapts. Chapt. 1, "The Spelling Match," first paragraph of published story missing; corrections; marginalia. Chapt. 2, "The Deepole," 11 paragraphs into the published story; corrections; pages cut out. 24 pp.

Book 2 - Chapt. 10, "The Bear Hunt", what seems to be a general outline of the chapter. Chapter called "The Shinney Match", which is published as Chapt. 14, "The Final Round". 54 pp.

Book 3 - Chapt. 10, "The Bear Hunt", different version from published chapter. 47 pp.

Book 4 - Chapt. 9,, "The Testing of Hughie", which is published as "Hughie's Emancipation". Fragment of what may be a short booklet entitled "Ould Michael". 133 pp.

Book 5 - 13 pages of unpublished material leading into page 234 of the book, Chapt. 10, "The Bear Hunt". Part of Chapt. 3, "The Examination". 54 pp.

Book 6 - Part of Chapt. 14, "The Final Round". Chapt. 15, "The Result". Some notes, outlines, names, etc. 34 pp.

Book 7 - "Ould Michael" 50 pp.

Book 8 - Part of Chapt. 3, "The Examination Day". Chapt. 4, not as published. Chapter entitled "The Deer Hunt". 83 pp.

6 Typescript with author's hand-written revisions and changes. Includes:

Chapt. 1 "The Spelling Match"

Chapt. 2 "The Deepole"

Chapt. 4 "The Finches"

Chapt. 5 "The Crisis"

Chapt. 6 "One That Ruleth Well His Own House"

Chapt. 7 "Foxy"

Chapt. 8 "Foxy's Partner"

Chapt. 9 "Hughie's Emancipation"

Chapt. 10 "The Bear Hunt"

Chapt. 11 "John Craven's Method"

Chapt. 12 "The Downfall"

Chapt. 13 "The First Round"

Chapt. 14 "The Final Round"

Chapt. 15, untitled

"The Prospector" - 1904
351 Typescript of the manuscript, with hand-written revisions. All chapters present except Chapt. 15, "Ejected and Rejected". All chapters have some changes from actual published form.
"The Doctor" - 1906
352 9 scribblers, hand-written, with author's revisions. Seem to be fragmented and incomplete.

Book 1 - A list of names; Chapt. 1 in outline, with Chapts. 1 to 3 unlike published versions until p. 21. 40 pp.

Book 2 - Revision of Chapt. 2, starting on p. 16, Chapts. 1, 14, outlines of Chapts. 15 and 23. 63 pp.

Book 3 - Different version of published Chapt. 8, part of Chapt. 7. 23 pp.

Book 4 - Chapt. 11, part of Chapt. 14, not as 35 2 published. 43 pp.

Book 5 - Outline of Chapts. 10 and 11, Chapt 10 beginning at p. 134, Chapt. 11 from p. 162, outline of some other chapter. 56 pp.

Book 6 - Chapts. 19 and 20. 43 pp.

Book 7 - Unidentified outlines, fragment of Chapt. 21. 13 pp.

Book 8 - Chapt. 23, beginning at p. 373, chapt. 24. 39 pp.

Book 9 - Chapt. 13, p. 190; Chapt. 16, p. 232; Chapt. 18, p. 259. 67 pp.

4 Typescript of the novel as published.

313 pp.

4 Published Notice
"The Life of James Robertson" - 1908 1855-1907
361 Manuscript in 7 notebooks which contains outlines and fragments of the entire book.
2 Typescript of Chapts. 1 - 21, with hand-written revisions.
3 Typescript of Chapts. 22 - end, with hand-written revisions.
Source material on James Robertson, pasted into scrapbooks. Includes letters, documents, church records, etc., most of which are copies. Hand-written notes by author in margins and indexes to contents. The material dates from 1855 - 1907, and is listed as it is pasted into the scrapbooks.
364 Book A:

Copies of notes on book, reminiscences of Alexander MacNaughton and copies of letters from Robertson to MacNaughton.

4 Book B:

Copies of notes regarding the Old Manitoba 4 Presbytery, Knox Church, Robertson's ministry.

Hand-written list of Prebyterian missions in Manitoba, by Robertson.

Obituary of Robertson from The Westminster .

Copies of letters from Robertson to his wife 1874 (11 items), Professor Hart, 1884.

4 Book C:

Copies of notes regarding "The Robertson Land"; on Robertson's "Adolescent Years", by Rev. W.A. Mackay

Reminiscences by James Barr, John Kay, Leonard Bradley, McLeod Stewart.

Copies of letters from Robertson to his wife, 1866 - 1869 (14 items).

Copies of letters from Mrs. Robertson to Mr. Gordon.

Copies of Letters to Robertson from former classmate, 1904.

5 Book D:

Copies of notes on Robertson's appointment as superintendent; home missions; General Assembly; appointment of missionaries; Brandon Presbytery.

Reminiscences by S.C. Murray, Mr. Pringle, Mr. MacQueen.

Unidentified Letter.

Copies of letters from Robertson to his wife, 1884, 1889, n.d.

5 Book E:

Copies of letters from Robertson to:his wife 36 5 1869 - 1899 (52 items); his daughter, Tina, 1874 – 1889 (5 items); his son, Stan, 1881 - 1889 (4 items); Mr. Gordon, 1884.

5 Book F:

Copies of notes regarding the Presbyterian Church; missions; General Assembly; Synods of Mb and N.W.T.Material dates from 1884 to 1894.

Excerpts from The Westminster .

Copy of letter from Robertson to Mr. Farquharson, 1901.

371 Book G:

Copies of letters regarding missionary work from Robertson to: Mr. McQueen, 1894, 1901 (3 items); Rev. D.G. McQueen, 1890; Mr. Gordon, 189

1 Book H:

Copies of letters regarding missions in Mb and Western Canada from Robertson to: Mr Herdman, 1893; Mr. McQueen, 1894, 1898 - 1900 (6 items); Dauphin Presbytery, 1901; Mr. Gordon, 1897 - 1898; Mr. Munro, 1899; his wife, 1898; Rev. P. Naismith, 1901.

1 Book I:

Copies of notes regarding Manitoba Synod, General Assembly. Motion regarding Portage la Prairie Synod.

Copies of letters regarding missions from Robertson to: Mr. McQueen, 1899 - 1900 (20 items); Mr. Gordon, 1896 - 1899 (11 items); Mr. Land, 1899; Rev. J.C. Stewart, 1901 (2 items); Mr. Munro, 1899; his wife, 1894.

Copies of letters to Roberston from: H. McPhadyen.

1 Book J:

Copies of letters from Robertson to: Mrs. 37 1 Hart, 1897 - 1901 (6 items); Rev. John Neil; Mr. Gordon, 1898, 1901; Principal, 1898; Dr. King, 1888; Mrs. Watt, 1899 (2 items); Mrs. Campbell, 1901 (3 items); his wife, 1874 - 93 (7 items).

Copies of letters to Robertson from: G.S. Wood

1 Book K:

Copies of letters regarding the Presbyterian Church from Robertson to: R.M. Dickey, 1898 - 99, (9 items); Mr. Gordon, 1897 - 98 (10 items).

Copies of letters to Robertson from: R.M. Dickey, Manitoba Synod Ctte. notes, 1898 - 1900.

2 Book L:

Copies of letters regarding the Synod and 37 2 missions from Robertson to: Mr. Gordon, 1893 - 1900 (9 items); his wife, 1896; R.M. Dickey, 1899 - 1900 (5 items); Professor Hart, 1901 (2 items).

2 Book M:

Copies of notes regarding Manitoba College, Foreign Mission, the Presbytery of Calgary, 1894 – 1901.

Copies of letters from Robertson to: Mr. Gordon, 1898; Mr. McQueen, 1894; R.M. Dickey, 1900; Mr. Munro, 1901.

Copies of letters to Robertson from: Dr. Herdman 1887.

Copy of letter to Dr. Herdman from John Laing, 1887.

2 Book O:

Copies of sermons, undated.

2 Book P:

Copies of notes regarding Mormons, 37 2 immigrants, "foreigners", 1893 - 1901.

Copies of letters from Robertson to: Rev. D.G. McQueen, 1895 - 1899 (7 items); Mr. Gordon, 1901 (2 items); Mr. Farquharson, 1901 (7 items); Rev. J.W. Muirhead, 1901 (2 items); R.M. Dickey, 1900.

Copies of letters to Robertson from: John Kovacs, 1901; Simon Negrige, 1901; Paul Wood, 1901.

2 Book Q:

Copies of notes regarding the General 37 2 Assembly, Manitoba College, 1901.

Copies of letters from Robertson to: Mr. Gordon, 1901; Rev. J.C. Stewart, 1901; Mr. Farquharson; Mr. McQueen; Rev. J.E. Munro, 1901; Rev. James Lang, 1901; Rev. J.A. Carmichael, 1901; Rev. Dr. McLaren, 1901.

Copies of letters to Robertson from: James & Alexander Allan, 1901 Reminiscences by Rev. Dr. Herridge, Rev. A. Hamilton, Rev. D. Currie, Rev. J.C. Stewart.

2 Book R:

Copies of notes regarding Robertson's illness of 1897 - 98.

Copies of letters from Robertson to: Mr. Gordon, 1897 (2 items); Mr.McQueen, 1898; Mrs. Hart, 1897; Mr. Farquharson, 1901; Mr. Keith, 1900.

2 Book S:

Copies of notes regarding the Home Mission Committee, Kootenay Presbytery. Map of British Columbia, c. 1894.

Obiturary of Roberston from Presbyterian Review , Jan. 23, 1902.

Copy of letter from Roberston to Mrs. Parker, 1907 (also includes orginal).

Copy of letter to Robertson from J.M. Wallace.

Reminiscences by Joseph McCoy, J.M. Wallace, D.A. Stewart, Rev. Hugh Robertson.

3 Book T:

Copies of notes regarding the Edmonton Presbytery; the Presbyterian Church in B.C.; the General Assembly, 1895; the Synod, 1891 - 1895; the Manitoba School Question, 1895 - 1896.

3 Book V:

Copies of notes regarding loans and subscriptions

Copies of letters from Robertson to: Rev. James Lang, 1893; Mr. McQueen, 1893 - 1894 (4 items); Mr. Gordon, 1898; Mr. Campbell, 1899; Rev. A. Findlay.

3 Book W:

Copies of notes regarding Robertson's death in 1902, Home Missions, 1902. Reminiscences by Rev. Hunter Boyd, Rev. Fortune, James Farquharson, Rev. J.J.L. Gourlay, Rev. A.N. McQuarrie, Rev. D.G. McQueen, Rev. T. Scouler, Rev. G.W. Wilson.

3 Book Z:

Copies of characterizations of Robertson (17 items).

"Letter to the Editor" by Robertson regarding "North-West Mission Work and Its Needs", June 1890.

Copies of notes regarding home missions, the General Assembly, 1884 -1886.

Account by H.J. Robertson: "A week with a 'mine mouth missionary'".

Copies of letters from Robertson to: Mr. Arnet, 1893; Rev. Dr. Duff, 1898.

Copies of letters to Roberston from: A. Christy Brown, 1901 (includes original); John Dixon, 1901 (includes original); J. Qu'Appelle, 1901 (includes original); copies of letters from two parishioners in Pincher Creek, n.d.

"The Foreigner" - 1909:
374 6 Scribblers containing drafts of chapters, some complete sections, others incomplete.
5 5 Scribblers containing drafts of chapters, some complete, others incomplete.
6 Typescript of novel with some revisions.
"Corporal Cameron" - 1912:
381-3 Hand-written fragments of the manuscript in three scribblers.

Book 1 - Chapt. 1 to 8

Book 2 - Chapt. 1 to 8

Book 3 - Chapt. 1 to 8


"The Patrol of the Sun Dance Trail" - 1914:
384-5 Typescript of published manuscript with some hand- written revisions.

315 pp.

Chapt. 1 to 12

Chapt. 12 to 5

"The Major" - 1917:
391 Manuscript, hand-written in one notebook, which 39 1 appears to be an early version of the book in different chapters with different titles. Much revision and outlining.

127 pp.

"Treading the Winepress" - 1925:
392 Typescript 1 - Appears to be an early version of the book, with many revisions, 281 pp. Hand-written portions of the manuscript,

24 pp.

3 Typescript 2 - Incomplete typescript, pages 70 -223.
4-5 Typescript 3 - Complete typescript of book as published.

Chapt. 1 to 18

Chapt. 19 to 29

6 Manuscript of "The Crooked Tree", hand-written,

14 pp.

6 Galley-proofs of "Treading the Winepress"
6 Assorted material and quotations from the book.
"The Friendly Four" - 1926:
401 Typescript of the book, 145 pp.
"The Runner" - 1929:
402-4 Typescripts and copies of chapters with revisions. Chapt. 6, 40, 15 to 19, 25 to 27, 29, 30, and 32 to 51 are missing. A number of chapters have not been identified.
5 Book 1

34 pp.

Trial draft of "The Runner - The York Volunteers". Chapt. 38, "The Spy"; Chapt. 39, "Saviour or Spy". Hand-written, with author's revisions.

5 "Fragment 2"

3 pp.

3 hand-written sheets of historical notes.

5 Book 3

45 pp.

Portions of various chapters, with revisions. 40 5 Chapts. 1, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 20, 34.

5 "Fragment 4"

39 pp.

Hand-written protions of various 40 5 chapts. Typescript of what appears to be an unpublished chapt., "Fair Day in Niagara".

6 Hand-written drafts, and typed and edited versions of Chapt. 24 & 49. Also includes 13 pp. of inserts.
"The Rock and the River" - 1931:
Eleven scribblers containing a large amount of the book, hand-written with many revisions.
411 Book 1 - Chapt. 1 "The Belugg"
1 Book 2 - Chapt. 2 "Prepartn"; Chapt. 2, "The Rivalry of Lacs in Quebec"; other sections entitled: "Sellar"; "Short"; "Papineau"; "Anti-Brit Feeling In Quebec"; "The Canada Act - 1791"; "Failure of The Canada Act". Chapt. 4, "The American Threat"
1 Book 3 - Chapt. 3 continued; Chapt. 4, begun.
1 Book 4 - Chapt. 4 completed; Chapt. 5, "Races and the Race"; outline of Chapt. 6.
1 Book 5 - Chapt. 6; outline of Chapt. 7.
2 Book 6 - Chapts. 7; Chapt. 8; Chapt. 9, begun; sections entitled: "Ideals for Veteran"; "Ideals for Business Man".
2 Book 7 - Chapt. 9, completed.
2 Book 8 - Chapt. 10, "Military Patrol"
2 Book 9 - Chapt. 11; Chapt. 12.
2 Book 10 - Chapt. 22; Chapt. 23.
2 Book 11 - listing of data, in order; changes for Chapt. 24; chronological outline of book.
3 "Review Red Rory of Malbaie" - material found inserted into Book 9. Includes 3 hand-written versions, 1 typed and 1 carbon version.
"The Arm of Gold" - 1932:
414-5 Typescript of the novel as published,

337 pp.

Chapts. 1 to 15

Chapts. 16 to 31

"Torches Through the Bush" - 1934:
421 Hand-written chapters with revisions.

Book 1 - Chapt. 4, published as Chapt. 16; Chapt. 5, publishes as Chapt. 7. Outline notes. 30 pp.

Book 2 - Chapt. 7, published as Chapt. 8; Chapt. 8, published as Chapt. 9. Outline notes. 65 pp.

Book 3 - Chapt. 9, published as Chapt. 10; Chapt. 10, published as Chapt. 11; Chapt. 19, published as Chapt. 20. 54 pp.

"The Rebel Loyalist" - 1935:
Eight scribblers, hand-written notes and revisions chapters.
422 Book 1 - Outline of scenes, notes, drafts of Chapts. 1 to 3.

44 pp.

2 Book 2 - Chapts. 1 to 3.

49 pp.

2 Book 3 - Chapt. 5.

48 pp.

2 Book 4 - Chapt. 6, published as Chapt. 7; Chapt. 7, published as Chapt. 8.

50 pp.

3 Book 5 - Chapt. 9, published as Chapt. 8; Chapt. 10, published as Chapt. 9.

39 pp.

3 Book 6 - Chapt. 13.

50 pp.

3 Book 7 - Chapt. 16.

48 pp.

3 Book 8 - Chapts. 25 and 26.

45 pp.

"He Dwelt Among Us" - 1936:
424 Manuscript in one scribbler; appears to include fragments of three projected books: "Napolean"; "Nathan Bangs"; "He Dwelt Amont Us". Chapt. 1 of "He Dwelt Among Us" is included.
4 Typescript of "He Dwelt Among Us" with some manuscript material interspersed. Hand-written revisions.

60 pp.

"The Gay Crusader" - 1936:
A complete manuscript of the book as published, in 11 scribblers. Hand-written with revisions.
425 Book 1 - Complete plan, chapts. 1 to 5.

98 pp.

5 Book 2 - Chapts. 6 to 11; revsions of Chapt. 24.

75 pp.

5 Book 3 - Chapts. 13 and 14.

23 pp.

6 Book 4 - Revisions of Chapts. 8 and 9.

31 pp.

6 Book 5 - Chapts. 15 to 17.

95 pp.

6 Book 6 - Chapts. 18 to 20; typescript of Chapt. 22.

66 pp.

6 Book 7 - Revision of part of Chapt. 8; Chapts. 21 and 22.

38 pp.

431 Book 8 - Three closing scenes.

80 pp.

1 Book 9 - Chapts. 23 and 24.

48 pp.

1 Book 10 - Chapt. 25; typescript of Chapt. 23.

37 pp.

1 Book 11 - Chapt. 28.

43 pp.

"Postscript to Adventure" - 1937:
Eleven scribblers containing hand-written revisions and portions of the book.
432 Book 1 - Chapt. 2, "Origins of My Mother"; Chapt. 3, "Glengarry Folk"; Chapt. 4, "Women's Work"; Chapt. 5, "The Glengarry School"; Chapt. 9, untitled.
2 Book 2 - Outline of "Reminiscences"; another version of "My Mother'; "The Congregation"; "The Glengarry Country - Indian Lands"; "Education"; version of Chapt. 6, "Homes - Loving - Manner of Living"; Men, Women & Things"; outlines of:"1860- 1870, Glengarry Glamour"; "Glengarry Migration"; "Incidents of Revival"; "School Days".
3 Book 3 - Chapt. 6, "Polemic Religion"; Chapt. 8, "Highschool"; Chapt. 9, "University"; Chapt. 10, "Edinburgh"; Chapt. 11, "Edinburgh Folk".
3 Book 4 - "Canoe Trip"; "My First Disappointment in Love"; "On Wanhapitae".
4 Book 5 - Chapt. 11, cont'd; Chapt. 12, "The Quintet Loose in Edinburgh"; Chapt. 13, "From Leith – Iohmoon via Bunny Pass"; Chapt. titled "Winnipeg to Blackrock".
4 Book 6 - "The Pan Presbyterian Coucil - some interludes".
4 Book 7 - "The Great Superintendent".

50 pp.

5 Book 8 - "Pre-Post War"; "A New Adventure"; "Winnipeg"; "How the Name Ralph Connor came to Be (The Coming of Ralph Connor)".
5 Book 9 - "Final 4 - Chicago"; "The Call for Men" rough drafts of speeches; unidentified version of story with a Jane, Helen, Harry.
5 Book 10 - "The Fight for a Clean Country"; "The Pan-Presbyterian Alliance"; "Old London", possibly the only portion used in Postscript; some Data on the Social Service Council.
455 Book 11 - Chapt. 39; possibly the original version of the end of the book.

17 pp.

Typescripts interspersed with carbon and hand-written sections, with author's hand-written revisions.
436 Chapts. 1 to 15
441 Chapts. 16 to 25
2 Chapts. 26 to 38
3 Chapts. 39 to 42, 45 to 50
4 Revisions, scattered.
Next to final, edited copy. [Donated in 1993, after the publication of this guide.]
43a1 Chapters 1-4
2 Chapters 5-8
3 Chapters 9-13
4 Chapters 14-20
5 Chapters 21-25
6 Chapters 26-30
7 Chapters 31-34
8 Chapters 35-END
"His Last Shot" - 1930:
445 Typescript of "His Last Shot", as published in American Magazine, June 1930.

34 pp.

5 Published version, from magazine, with illustrations,

8 pp.

"Bridal Veil Canyon" - Unpublished:
446 Manuscript in 2 scribblers.
7-8 Typescripts, 1 original, 2 carbon,

68 pp.

"A Knight of the Northland" - Unpublished:
451 Author's manuscript version, includes:

"A Problem Unsolved" 14 pp.

"Insurrection" 33 pp. "The Lumber Industry" (manuscript and typescript versions) 41 pp.

"Better than Gold" 3 pp.

"The New Heart Technique" (manuscript and typescript versions) 40 pp.

2 Typescripts with some hand-written revisions, includes:

"The Northern Ontario Lumber Company" 6 pp.

"The Gathering of the Crang" 10 pp.

"Eddicashun" 3 pp.

"Religion" 2 pp.

"The Plague Terror" 7 pp.

"The New Heart Technique" 40 pp.

3 Manuscript drafts of assorted portions of novel, plot outline included.
4 Manuscript verstion of "New Heart Technique"

7 pp.

4 Typescript and manuscript versions of "The Trail to the Stars" with some revisions.
4 Typescript and manuscript versions of unidentified chapters,

33 pp.

4 Typescript of "The Death Watch." 11 pp. plus 2 pp. of unidentifed previous chapter.
4 Unidentifed typescripts: 31 pp., 24 pp., 12 pp., 15 pp., 12 pp., 10 pp., 14 pp., and 1 p.
5-6 Typescripts with versions of chapters:

"The Sub-Boss of Donovan's Gang, Part 1 & 2" 40 pp.

"Damsels in Distress" 34 pp.

"The Trail to the Stars" 28 pp.

"Culture and the Lumber Industry" 35 pp.

"The New Heart Technique" 38 pp.

"Fools and the Hungry Forest" 40 pp.

"Better than Gold" 37 pp.

Unidentified, 23 pp.

457 Untitled - Unpublished:

(1 folder)

Manuscript of unpublished play, handwritten with revisions, 56 pp.

Manuscript of draft article "Article on Ukranians in Canada." 3 pp.

Published Books: 1908-1936
46 Three published books, each with author's autograph; one bound copy.

Bound, typed copy of Torches Through the Bush . 1934

Connor, Ralph. The Life of James Roberston . Toronto: Westminster. 1908.

Connor, Ralph. The Rock and the River . Toronto: McClelland & Stewart. 1931.

Connor, Ralph. Black Rock: A Tale of the Selkirks . Chicago: W.B. Conkey. n.d.

47 Four published books.

Connor, Ralph. He Dwelt Among Us . N.Y.: Fleming H. Revell. 1936.

Connor, Ralph. The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land . Toronto: McClelland & Stewart. 1919

Connor, Ralph. Treading the Winepress . Toronto: McClelland & Stewart. 1925. (autographed)

Connor, Ralph. The Patrol of the Sundance Trail . Toronto: Westminster. 1914.

Received from R. Spafford, (May 14, 1992)

Connor, Ralph. The Girl from Glengarry . Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1933. [Autographed by author]

Connor, Ralph. Corporal Cameron of the North West Mounted Police . Toronto: The Westminster Co. Ltd., 1912.

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Literary Fan Mail 1895-1937

From The Westminster's first serial publication of "Black Rock" Charles William Gordon, alias Ralph Connor, drew instant popular approval. This approval was expressed in innumerable fan letters which refer to much more than Gordon's literary abilities. Gordon's audience felt such personal affiliations to Gordon that they often elicited claims on his time, his friendship and his money.

The first series of letters in this section deal directly with Gordon's literary works. Gordon arranged these letters under the title of the novel to which they referred, but he also maintained a number of files that contained references to many of his works. In an attempt to approximate this arrangement, the fan mail has been sorted chronologically. In this way, the majority of letters which refer to a specific title can be found in the year of and following the date of publication of the novel. This arrangement of the fan letters also approximates the development of Gordon's literary career and the public's response to his works. The 700-odd letters contained in this series date from 1895 through 1937.

Also contained are a small number of Gordon's responses to his admirers. These letters are arranged by year, to correspond to the incoming fan mail, but the series is far from complete. The letters date from 1912 through 1937 with the majority of correspondence written in 1925 to 1927.

The final series of letters contains a form of fan mail that is much, much richer in character than the previous series. The emotional response Gordon drew from his audience combined with the fact that he was a minister, drew many confessions and appeals for help from his fans, be they financial, emotional, social or political. This series, containing all such appeals, has been arranged alphabetically so that letters written by the same author are kept together to maintain their personal `story' character. There are some 200 such letters which date from 1884 to 1931, although the majority fall into the first decade of the twentieth century.

Incoming Correspondence: 1895-1937
471 1895

(1 item)

Government House Regina

1 1896

(4 items)

Duncan, Rev. J. McD.

Murray, Edith

Nattress, Mourks

Oxley, J. Macdonald

1 1898

(1 item)

Stuart, Alex

1 1899

(7 items)

Bengouly, J.W.

Dods, Marcus

Iverach, James

Molson, Naomi

Richardson, J.A.

Swanson, J.D.

unidentified (1 item)

1 1900

(20 items)

Allan, L.K.

Beach, Henrietta Ivers

Bridgeman, S.E.

Child, Frank Samuel

Gale, Jas S.

Graves, Mary Brooks

Harral, Ruth E.

Henry, George Albert

Herman, Neil

Kirkpatrick, J.E.

Muir, Sophia A.

Penny, Mary Alice

Pike, Mary E.

Rutlidge, Marie R. (2 items)

Sampsen, Anne E.

Stewart Florence G.

Trumball, C.G. (2 items)

Walton, Phyllis

1 1901

(45 items)

Alexander, A.O.

Anderson, Frank B.

Armstrong, G.J.

Aubright, J.M.

Baer, John Willis (2 items)

Bailey, Elizabeth Clayton

Baird, Andrew B.

Bliss, Florence Sherwood

Braswell, Ella Clement

Child, H.P. Davidson, Tu[[er

Fishburn, Eugene H.

Fitzpatrick, Alfred

Fray, G.W.

Gilmour, Sophia B.

Gordon, Alice W.

Goss, Caroline S.

Griffin, Herbert H.

Hamilton, John

Haudsaker, John H.

Hughes, Edwin B.

Hvistendahl, Alv.

King, Harry V.

Knight, Newell C.

Kohler, Minnie I.

Lackland, M.P.

Latimer, E.H.

Lawrence, Carol

Leonard, Margaret G.

McCormick, Mary S.

Mix, Blanche Beatrice

Murdoch, Walpole

Oliver, Katherine E.

Parkhurst, W.E.

Polson, S.P.

Purrier, Jessie Sharp

Reeves, T.H.

Rogers, Mandie Jenis

Sharp, F.

Shulet, Louise Carleton

Tripp, Howard Carleton

Young, James C.

Unidentifiable (1 item)

2 1902

(57 items)

Aikens, J.A.M.

Auld, Luke G.

Barrett, R.C.

Blair, E.S.

Bond, William A.

Brown, Emma

Carpenter, Ora M.

Ceber, John H.

Cochrane, Thos.

Cooper, Jessie F.

Crane, A. Amos

Cuzens, Jessie

Davidsch, Mrs. W.B.

Deas, James

Dickinson, Elizabeth S.

Dods, Marcus

Dunn, A.T.

English, Herbert

Erksine, T.E.

Finch, Rev. A. Hemaje

Franklin, Jeannine D.

Gibbons, Wm. T.

Haslam, J.H.

Hollister, Mrs. H.K.

Holmes, G.C.

Holmes-Boyes, A.

Horton, Lucy E.

Johannsen, Anna

Johnston, Leo B.

Jones, Dan W.

Jones, Wm.B.

Leang, Rev. Wm.B.

Liddell, D.M.

Lippincort, Martha Shepard

Long, Bayard

McClure, James O.K.

Mills, R. Watkins

Minto (Government House, Ottawa)

Norris, Hower

P., W.B.

Pennock, Josephine

Randall, Lolla

Robertson, Elizabeth

Robertson, R. Gardner

Ross, D.M.

Rowarth, Harriet J. (2 items)

Salwound, S.D.F.

Voorhis, W.W.

Wall, Annie

Watson, Ellen M. (2 items)

Wishart, Alys

White, J.W.

Wright, H.F.

Young, J.E.

Unidentifiable (2 items)

3 1903

(18 items)

Alber, Helen M.

Alexander, A.O.

Bailey, Minnie Kennedy

Bush, Rev. C.J.

Cameron, Geo. S.F.

Frenwick, M.C.

Harry, Uncle

Iverach, James

Kennedy, M. McLean

LeBaleer, Lillian

Lippincott, Martha Shepard

Lowrie, Isabel

Nairn, Margaret

Patterson, Rev. R.M. S., N.R.

Silber, Jules C.

Speer, Robert E.

Wheeler, H. Trevor

3 1904

(10 items)

Auracher, Sulu

Campbell, Caroline

Crouch, Kate

Hoffmann, Frieda

Malone, Leland

Scourse, S.

Tibb, Rev. Richard Campbell

Watson, Ellen M. (2 items)

Unidentifiable (1 item)

3 1905

(17 items)

Bergin, Margaret

Brighton, James F. (3 items)

Deurle, Norman L.

Dewar, Alex J.

Dods, Marcus

Grey, Alice

Lippincott, Martha Shepard

Parkes, M. Eleanor

Pavy, Arthur L.

Smith, Given (2 items)

Smith, Herbert

Teeters, J.C.

Van Ingren, F.A.

Unidentifiable (1 item)

4 1906

(26 items)

Burrow, Reg. J.

Busby, Isabel & Elizabeth, & Mabel Oldfield

Crowe, W. Ernest

Dawson, W.T.

Fod, D.W.

Gandier, Alfred

Gastall, A.A.

Gentry, Susie

Graves, J.W.

Grey, Alice

Heron, W.S.

Hine, W.B. (2 items)

Hoopes, Norman H.

Hosford, George H.

Hyndman, George

Kay, Edgar J.

Mackinnon, Clarence

MacLaren, Wm.

McMillan, D.H. (Governor General of Manitoba)

Patterson, Alexander

Ross, Dunn

Smith, Emily W.

Smith, Fred B.

Soutar, Anna M.

Watson, Ellen M. (2 items)

White, Lydia E.

4 1907

(10 items)

Armitage, W.J.

Bowditch, Caroline P.

Denison, James

Lee, John Thomas

MacKinnon, Annie

Mieville, H. LeStrange

Scanton, Chas

Webb, Louise

Weighaft, Jeremiah

Wolley, A.C.

4 1908

(21 items)

Brown, Mary A.

Gallagher, James F.

Gwinehell, Russel F.

Hardy, E.A.

Harper, Margaret

Hill, Catherine M.

Hill, Grace

Hitchock, H.W.

Keech, Benjamin

KeLowe, Albert

Leidy, C.C.

Lippincott, Martha Shepard

de Longue, M.

Lucas, J.E.

Mackie, Cassie

Norten, Carrie Mosse

Plumb, Henry K.

Reesman, Evelyn

Sharpe, H.M.

Thale, C.H.

Yyndman, A.

4 1909

(10 items)

Blackie, Wm.R.

Bradley, C.S.

Fleming, T. Alfred

Morse, W.H.

Norten, Carrie Mosse

Price, Thomas

Ringland, Alice

Way, Hy.H.

Young, Ronald D.

Unidentifiable (1 item)

5 1910

(4 items)

Francis, Robert V.D.

Hall, Geo.

Kent, Thos.

Rein, Rev. Robert

5 1911

(7 items)

Barron, Thomas

Findlay, Helen

Lathrop, Stanley E.

Peisfold, Elizabeth

Steel, Samuel Maxwell (2 items)

Weir, Anne J.

5 1912

(31 items)

Baker, J. Allen

Barthrop, John W.

Bland, S.G.

Campbell, Lottie G. & K.E. Wraight

Gordon, Daniel W.

Hamilton, Bob

Herridge, W.T.

Howe, Robert

Hyde, Gladys

Jones, J. Phillips

Jones, Robert Howie

Lofthouse, J.

MacKay, R.P.

MacKinnon, Clarence

MacLean, N.

Macmillan, J.W.

McIntyre, Fred

Morach, A.V.

Munro, James

Murray, Walter C.

Murray, Wm.

Nairn, S. Douglas

Neil, John

Parsons, Frank

Ramsay, E.D.B.

Straith, J.B.

Tavy, Arthur T.

Ward, Nellie

Warner, Geo. H. (2 items)

Watkins, Walter William

5 1913

(12 items)

Ball, Montague

Glassen, Eleanor M.

Jones, Evelyn (2 items)

Mackay, John

Park, Wm.

Pennells, Madelaine L.

Pickard, Ward Beecher

Robertson, J.D.

Rynder, T.L.

Unidentifiable (2 items)

5 1914

(13 items)

Armstrong, R.C.

Balour, Margaret

Campbell, H.L.

Herridge, W.T.

Lapp, Nord L. (2 items)

Lykes, Winnie

Milner, Gladys M.

Patterson, Mimie Fulton

Richards, Archie L. (2 items)

Stevenson, Mrs. Samuel K.

Tenney, Laura Hammer

Withers, Frances

6 1915

(3 items)

Barker, Chas H.

Crafer, Ina

Cullen, Syvella

6 1917

(1 item)

Farquharson, Mary

6 1918

(4 items)

Andison, Gordon

Broome, Beatrice

Horne, Lucy

Unidentifiable (1 item)

6 1919

(5 items)

Brewer, Thomas H.

Gallup, Charles

MacBeth, R.G.

Riggall, M.H.

Scelt, Walter

6 1920

(12 items)

Blodgett, Glen Walton

Devalve, Mrs. R.E.B.

Dinkey, A.C.

Einarsen, Elsie

Fleming, Samuel L.

Gilmore, Melvin R.

Jorden, Louis H.

MacFailand, Henry B.F.

Train, Eleanor H.

Ward, W.

Wilson, M.

Wonters, Herbert E.

6 1922

(8 items)

Lawrence, Marion (2 items)

Mulford, Ren (5 items)

Thomas, Winnifred

6 1923

(2 items)

MacLennan, David A.

Unidentifiable (1 item)

6 1924

(10 items)

Fisher, E. Bergood

Frew, Rev. Robert (2 items)

Howard, Arthur L.

Mitchell, Bessie A.

Ross, J.P.

Shalleioss, Frank

Stead, Robert J.C. (2 items)

Winslow, Henry W.

7 1925

(24 items)

Barbour, A.H.F.

Bracq, Jean Charlemagne (2 items)

Brighton, R.J.

Davis, Irwin H.

Deer, John J.

Dulds, Allie E. Grant-Wright (2 items)

MacGregor, Esther

Mackinnon, Clarence Manthorne, M.A. (2 items)

McClure, Archibald

McGillicuddy, O.E.

Mulford, Ren

Parker, Kathleen

Rodoucard, Aleq

Ruess, Christopher J.

Singleton, Dr. G.M.

Stidger, William L.

Strack, Lilian Holmes Sumner, C.H.

Unidentifiable (1 item)

6 1926

(40 items)

Aikens, Sir J.A.M.

Baird, Andrew B.

Barbour, G.F.

Bassett, Benjamin F.R.

Chipperfield, Samuel

Clark, Mary Bain

Cragg, Charles W.

Dakin, Rodney G.

Doyle, J.A.

Farrer, Evelyn

Fraser, A.L.

Fuller, Ed J.

Haan, Tjakko H.

Heeny, W.D.

Henderson, Thomas

Heron, Jamie

Keith, H.H.

Knowles, Rev. Harry M.

Leslie, Thomas W.

Macpherson, D.J.

Martin, George (2 items)

Matheson, W.A.

McClure, James G.K.

McGillicuddy, O.E.

McKinnon, Edith

Morton, Elsie E.

Peterson, Alice N.

Robinson, Kate C.

Rowland, Katherine

Ross, Elva M. "A Salvationist"

Streeter, B.H.

Sullivan, Geraldine (2 items)

Sumner, S. Alice

Troop, Susie M. (see photo collection)

Winkworth, H.

Wish, Florence I.

Unidentifiable (1 item)

481 1927

(11 items)

Boies, William J.

Clemens, Cyril

Cox, D. Gorden

Duthie, J.D.

Gresham, J.M.

Hughes, Margaret M.

Knowles, R.E.

Murray, Rev. Hazen T.

Shipman, H.H.

Sykes, Kathleen

Taylor, Olive

1 1928

(21 items)

Barr, Amy Patricia

Bell, Dorothy

Cooper, Elsie

Cork, Marion

Fitzpatrick, Alfred (2 items)

Flath, Anna Youngson

Fowler, Ernest

Freeland, Winifred

Gibbon, J.M.

Goron, Marion Helen

Jones, Geo. M.

Large, Dwight S.

Limhard, John H.

Lloyd, R.W.

Munro, Kenneth M.

Peever, R.G.

Sherman, R.F.

Tinning, Graham

Webb, Herbert G.

Unidentifiable (1 item)

1 1929

(11 items)

Holdman, Ruth

Laird, Rev. Robert

Marshall, Phyllis R.

Mercer, Hugh

Millar, Thomas F.

Miller, Elizabeth

Stevens, James

Tibb, Rev. Richard Campbell

Tory, John A.

Trudeau, W. Paul

Willis, J.V.

Unidentifiable (1 item)

1 1930

(11 items)

Ainup, Jessie H.

Butterworth, Elizabeth R.

Faris, John T.

Glover, T.R.

Horton, Helen J.

Jaffee, Eva H.

Prescott, A.J.

Ruggles, Wm. B.

Shuman, Clifford A.

Spaun, L. Bradley

Wood, Martha H.

2 1931

(21 items)

Andrew, Florence

Burns, Anna M.

Clark, Arch B.

Clausen, Frederick G.

Cody, H.J.

Flavelle, Sir Joseph

Goodman, W. Edgar

Henrichs, Amanda Bartman (see photograph collection) Hugman, Ellen

Kauffman, Russel E.

MacKinnon, Clarence

McKenley, Mabel Burns

Mitchell, E.G.

Oliver, Edmund H.

Ritchie, Rev. D.L.

Rochlus, B. Ben

Smyth, Rev. James

Strang, Rev. Peter

Ward, Rev. J.W. Wilkinson, Roy

Unidentifiable (2 items)

2 1932

(15 items)

Barber, Rev. F. Louis

Blake, Zetta C.

Cooke, G.A.

Cushing, W.E.

Fraser, Ethel R.

Hyndman, George J.

Kerr, F.W.

Kingston, George A.

Long, Stewart

Spicer, Annie Evan

Twain, C.O.

Webster, Mr. & Mrs.

Unidentifiable (3 items)

2 1934

(12 items)

Ells, Mary A.

Fallis, Rev. George O.

Gass, J.C.

Groves, John Stuart

Matthews, Marion

McMillan, F.L.

Merchant, John B.

Nichols, May

Paleoth, Elma Salvadori

Pooley, Ross A.

Thompson, J.A.

Ward, J.W.

3 1935

(3 items)

Haley, G.A.

Kettyls, Ross

Lawler, J.J.

3 1936

(18 items)

Davidson, S.G.

Dryden, Marjorie

Frost, May E.

Halliday, Mrs. Wilfrid

Jordan, Frances E.

MacKinnon, Rev.

Murdoch A.

McEneny, Nora

Mollott, J.

Money, Humphrey C.

Rossell, William R.

Row, Oliver

Shackette, Marguerite

Sherman, Charles W.

Skimmon, J.A.

Stewart, Chas H.

Stidger, Wm. C.

Woodside, Rev. G.A.

Wylie, Rev. Edmund M.

3 1937

(6 items)

Baird, Andrew B.

Bowells, Rev. J.D.

Krafft, L.M.

Money, Humphrey C.

Pidgeon, Rev. George C.

Smyth, Sidney

4 Incoming Undated Literary Fan Mail:

(62 items)

Alexander, Ida

Arnold, W.M.

Barton, F.M.

Blanchard, Selwyn D.

Bramscombe, N. Brownie

Burns, B. Ritchie

Butler, Chas

Campbell, Jo.

Campbell, Kate M. (2 items)

Carver, Annie

Clay, C.

Coble, Mrs. John C.

Collier, Irene

Davidson, Catherine

Davis, E.A.R.

Dewhirst, Ethel L.

Dickerman, Frances C.

Dillinger, Mary (2 items)

Downs, Mrs. R.N.

Fay, Edwin W.

Garvin, Samuel

George, Magnus

Gilmour, S.A.

Gowerton, Bella Folland

Hamilton, Charles

Harrington, H.R.

Hopkins, Herman

Kennedy, E.

Knowlton, Gertrude

Levin, Leonard

Lindsay, Marguerite

Lu, Edward

MacInnes, Robert

Mentzies, John

Merchant, John

Moffatt, Cassie E.

Morton, James

Nuttring, M.L.

Odlum, Edward Faraday

Oliver, Isobel

Osler, Grace R.

Oswald, Nellie D.

Pearce, Norman V.

Pocock, Robert B.

Rockwood, Lillian Wade

Scott, E.F.

Shipley, Harold

Smith, Vila Walden

Soluter, Cduo

Sudrow, Emma D.

Teague, F.W.

Whiteaves, Rosa G.

Williams, Doris

Woodhouse, Ishel S.

Young, Fred Walter

Unidentifed (5 items)

Outgoing Literary Fan Mail: 1912-1937
485 1912

(2 items)

Barthrop, John W.

Warner, George G.

5 1920

(1 item)

Mayhood, L. Frederick

5 1922

(4 items)

Lawrence, Marion (2 items)

Mulford, Ren

Thomas, Winnifred

5 1923

(2 items)

McIntyre, Gordon A.

Winslow, Harry W.

5 1925

(1 item)

Chipperfield, Mr. & Mrs.

5 1926

(11 items)

Bassett, B.F.R.

Knowles, Dr.

Leslie, Thos. W.

Martin, Lieut. Geo.

Peterson, A.M.

Rowland, Katherine

Shannon, Billy

Sullivan, Gerturde

Troop, Susie M. (index photos)

West, Florence I.

Wright, Archibald

5 1927

(7 items)

Boies, William J.

Clemens, Cyril

Cox, Miss D. Gordon

Haan, Tjakko H.

Murray, Hazen T., 1927

Newton, Rev. Joseph F., 1927

Shipman, H.H., 1927

5 1928

(3 items)

Large, D.S.

Lienhard, John H.

Lloyd, Mar. R.E.A.

5 1932

(1 item)

Wilson, Rev. W.G.

5 1935

(2 items)

Haley, Mrs. G.A.

Marchant, John G.

5 1936

(3 items)

Cunninghan, Mrs. L.

Frost, Mary E.

Sherman, Charles W.

5 1937

(5 items)

Bonnell, Rev. J.S.

Howse, Rev. Dr. E.M.

Jordan, Frances E.

Stewart, Rev. Charles

Wylie, Rev. Edmund M.

6 Incoming Correspondence involving personal requests, letters of introduction, etc., A-F:

Aikens, Alex, 1907 - 1909 (8 items)

Altherton, Marion, 1907

Ankcorn, Alfred 1907 - 1908 (6 items)

Austen, Frank Roland, 1906 - 1910 (19 items)

Austen, Julia E., 1907

Barbour, Charlotte R., 1908

Baker, J. Allen, 1910

Ballantine, L.R., 1906

Barrell, Leonard A., 1908

Bimmie, I.A., 1908

Boyle, Andrew N., 1907

Bole, D.W., 1906

Bovey, Henry T., n.d.

Boyd, Thomas A., n.d.

Bulloch, J.M., n.d.

Bullock, L.M., n.d.

Cairns, David L., 1906

Cairns, William T., 1907

Calderwood, Annie H., 1907

Cameron, Caroline, A., 1905

Cameron, Mrs. Robert S., 1908 (3 items)

Campbell, J., 1907

Campbell, J.L., 1906

Carter, S. Maurice, 1906

Clark, James G., 1907

Clark, J. Knox, 1909

Clay, W. Leslie, 1907

Clements, Gordon, 1907

Cluxton, L.G., 1932

Conley & McTague, 1908

Cole, Daniely George, 1908 (3 items)

Coutts, Isabel S., n.d.

Crerar, John, 1907

Culwer, Theodore B., 1908

Curine, M., n.d.

Currier, F. Allison, n.d.

Dalgarno, Robert Bruce, 1908

Dickey, R.M., 1909

Dickie, Henry, 1908

Dickins, F., 1907

Dion, 1906

Dismorr, Toble S., 1907

Donald, Effie, 1907

Donald, J.G., 1906

Donaldson, C.A., n.d.

Drummond, James W., 1904

Dulhie, G.F., 1906

Falconer, Hugh, 1904

Farquhar, Alex M., 1909

Ferguson, J.T., 1908

Fitzpatrick, Alfred, 1904

Fleming, P., 1907

Fletcher, R., 1906

Floyd, M.P., 1907

Forbes, J.G., 1907

Fraser, E.H., 1907

Fritz, J., 1908

7 Incoming correspondence involving personal requests, letters of introduction, etc., G-L:

Glasgow, W.G., 1906

Glendinning, Paul, 1901

Gordon, F., 1908

Grant, John A., 1909 - 1910 (2 items)

Gray, Rev. A. Hebert, n.d. (2 items)

Greaves, Edw. B., 1908

Gunson, John, 1907

Guthrie, T. Maule, 1907 (2 items)

Hamilton, Alex, 1906

Harris, A.H., 1907 - 1908 (2 items)

Harris, Herman, 1907, (2 items)

Harris, Robert W., 1906 - 1907 (3 items)

Harris, Tho. Rich, 1884

Hartman, Frederick S., 1907

Harvie, Mary M., 1907

Hay, James G., 1905

Hearn, Edward W., 1906 - 1907 (4 items)

Heber, Branner, 1908

Hoag, Rev. John Wellington, 1908

Hogarth, John P., 1909

Horb, Thomas, 1910

Horsley, L.R., 1909

Horsley, Tiggie, 1908

Howitt, J. Alex, 1904 - 1907 (10 items)

Howitt, M., 1908

Houston, Robt A., 1907

Humfield, J., 1908 - 1914 (2 items)

Hunter, Margaret, 1908

Hutchison, Mrs. A., 1908

Irvine, Mrs. Margaret, 1906

Irvine, William, n.d.

Iverach, James, 1906

Keddic, James, 1906

Knaresborough, Lucius, 1907

La Marche, Norman, 1931

Lambert, Annie, 1906 - 1907 (6 items)

Larkin, F.H., 1909

Laugin, W.R., 1907

Logan, Esther, 1908

Lyon, Beryl, B., 1907

488 Incoming correspondence involving personal requests, letters of introduction, etc., M-Z:

Macalpine, G.J., 1909

Macdonald, Katie, 1907

MacDougall, R.Stewart, 1907

MacFerran, J., 1907

Macnaughton, Margt., 1904

MacTavish, Alex, 1906

Maitland, A.D. Steel, 1909

Mason, Wm. F., 1906

Matthew, Mrs. J.A., n.d.

McDowall, M.H., 1907

McEvan, J.H., 1905

McGarrol, M. 1910

McKay, Rev. Donald D., 1907

McKenzie, Catherine, 1910

McKibbin, Rev. Crawford, 1908

McLean, J.H., 1907

Mclean, Rev. James, 1906

McLean, Mrs. John, 1909

McPerran, Ellen, 1908

McPhee, S.D., 1908

McRae, L.A.C., 1910 (2 items)

Miore, Jules C., 1913

Moir, Harry L., 1907

Monk, Katharine, 1906

Muldoon, J.S., 1906

Murray, Wm., 1902

Neil, John, 1909

Newlands, Rev. Robt. W., n.d.

Oliver, Margaret, n.d.

Parsons, Llewellyn H., 1908 (2 items)

Patterson, Mimie Filton, 1908

Pepper, H.S., 1908

Phillips, Edith, 1906

Plant, A.G., 1907

Portens, John, 1906

Pryde, Robert, 1904 - 1907 (2 items)

Raimnie, Wm. Jas., 1907

Rattee, E.J., 1906

Read, John A., n.d.

Rich, Edmund M., 1909

Roberts, Richd., n.d.

Ross, D.C., 1907

Ross, D.M., 1894

Ross, McElwee, n.d.

Ross, R.M., 1906

Rouvins, J., n.d.

Russell, S.B., 1906

Rutherford, Bessie, n.d.

Sauna, Chas, 1909

Scofield, Francis, L., n.d.

Scott, J.M., 1907

Sears, M. Kate, 1907

Simpson, M.E., 1907

Sinclair, A.G., 1909

Shaw, Chrissie H., 1906 (2 items)

Shaw, H.A., n.d.

Shaw, W. Vaughan, 1909

Shock, Grange, 1902

Skimings, Eloise A., 1906

Stewart, Mrs C.M., 1906 - 1907 (3 items)

Strang, Margaret K., 1907

Stuart, James G., 1907

Tees, Joseph M., 1908

Tod, Barbara W., n.d.

Turner, John, 1906

Twohy, W.H., 1907

Van Dyke, Henry, 1903

Vining, Rev. A.J., 1905

Warner, J., 1906

Watts & Son, 1906

Watts, Julian Stochnur, n.d.

Whitehorn, Joseph H., n.d.

Wilkies, Wm., 1905

Williams, Cornelius, H.V., 1907

Wilson, Andrew B., 1907

Wither, John, 1909

Wylie, R.B., 1905

Unidentifiable (3 items)

489 Outgoing correspondence involving personal requests, letters of introduction, etc.:

Ross, Rev. Donald, 1902

Union Bank of Canada, 1912

491 Fan Mail, 1927-1930
2 Fan Mail, 1931-1934
3 Fan Mail, 1935-1937
4 Fan Mail – Undated
5 Fan Mail – Outgoing Correspondence, 1912-1237
6 Personal Requests (A-F)
7 Personal Requests (G-L)
8 Personal Requests (M-Z)
501-3 Fan Mail & Personal Correspondence (Miscellany)
4 Condolences at his death (Telegrams)
5 Miscellaneous – Christmas card, copy of The Canadian Thinker , Dec, 1937, Connor newspaper article on sinking of the Titanic

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Newspaper Clippings, 1892-1937
521 Newspaper clippings during World War One either or about Ralph Connor
2 Newspaper clipping reviews of Connor’s novels:

Corporal Cameron (1912)

Treading the Winepress (1925)

3 Newspaper clipping reviews of Connor’s novels (1910-1932):

The Foreigner

The Settler (1910)

The Sky Pilot of No Man’s Lands

The Rock and the River

The Patrol of the Sun-Dance Trail

The Gaspards of Pine Croft

4 Newspaper clipping reviews of Connor’s novels:

The Recall of Love


The Major

He Dwelt Among Us

Treading the Wilderness

5 Requests for books and autographs for Connor’s books
6 Newspaper clippings, 1921
7 Newspaper clippings of/by Connor and his books, 1922-25:

Reviews and announcements on the Patrol of the Sundance Trail

Other clippings

8 Newspaper clippings on Connor’s service as Chaplain and tour of United Kingdom
531 Newspaper clipping (binder/album) reviews of Connor’s novels, 1899-1905:

Black Rock – A Tale of the Selkirks

The Sky Pilot

Sermons by and articles about Connor

Man From Glengarry

Gwen, An Idyll of the Canyon

The Pilot of Swan Creek

2 Newspaper clippings (binder/album) reviews of Connor’s novels, 1902-1905:

Glengarry School Days

Beyond the Marshes

The Prospector

Gwen, An Idyll of the Canyon

3 Newspaper clippings/reviews – To Him That Hath (1922)
4 Newspaper clippings on Connor’s speeches and sermons, 1908-1937
5 Miscellaneous printed programs and circulars (mostly re: Church activity)
6 Miscellaneous clippings
Additional Correspondence: 1902-1919
Incoming and Outgoing:
541 1917-1918
2 1902-1903
3 1918-1919
4 1917-1918 (re: recruiting for the War)
545 Miscellaneous manuscript material
6 Teacher’s kit of study materials on Connor
7 Articles pertaining to WWI and of naval interest (1913-1914)
8 Essays on Connor:

“Ralph Connor” by Billy Shannon (a young pupil’s review)

9 Article by Connor:

“How to Write a Novel” (1926)

10 Miscellaneous Publications - MOVED TO RARE BOOK ROOM (under Charles William Gordon)
Two large folding manuscripts:
5411 a) “Address” of appreciation from the Banff youth to Rev. Gordon, 1892
12 b) Honorary Degree, 1919

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Photograph Collection (PC 76)

The Photograph Collection (PC 76) consists of the following subseries:

Portraits and Personal Photographs

Northwest Missions Promotional

Photographs for Films

Cameron Highlanders (18 postcards. -- 1 photograph.)

Motion Picture, "The Sky Pilot", 1921-22

Photographs of Correspondents

Corporal Cameron


Portraits and Personal Photographs:
1 Studio portrait, Charles Gordon, Winnipeg, Mb. (76-1-1) n.d.
1 Portrait of Charles Gordon, cut into oval shape.(76-1-2) n.d.
1 Portrait of Charles Gordon, by Dana Hull Studio, Chicago. (76-1-3) n.d.
1 Copy of above item. (76-1-2)
1 Portrait of Maj. Charles Gordon, in uniform. (76-1-5) n.d.
1 Portrait of Charles Gordon as Moderator of the Presbyterian Church. (76-1-6)
1 Charles Gordon, taken outside his home at 54 Westgate. (76-1-7) n.d.
1 Charles Gordon and his dog, taken on the steps of his home at 54 Westgate. (76-1-8) n.d.
1 Charles Gordon and his dog, as above, taken at a different angle. (76-1-9)
1 Charles Gordon, taken inside his home. (76-1-10) n.d.
1 Charles Gordon, as above, taken at a different angle. (76-1-11)
1 Charles Gordon standing inside his home at 54 Westgate. (76-1-12) n.d.
1 Charles Gordon, taken by Susie M. Troop in 1926. (76-1-13)
1 Photograph, as above, closer camera angle. (76-1-14)
1 Full-length photograph, 8" x 10", of Charles Gordon, taken in 1923. Address on reverse: Gordon A. McIntyre, Belmont, Ont. (76-1-15)
1 Portrait of Charles Gordon, 1937. (76-1-16)
1 Charles Gordon in his later years, location unknown. (76-1-17) n.d.
2 Charles Gordon and five of his six daughters, taken prior to his departure for the war. Clockwise from top right: Gretta, Marjorie, Ruth, Lois, and Mary. (76-2-1)
2 Charles Gordon in his canoe at "Birkencraig Island", Lake of the Woods. (76-2-2) n.d.
2 Photocopy, portrait of Helen Gordon. (76-2-3) n.d.
2 Charles Gordon, unidentified man, and King Gordon at "Birkencraig." (76-2-4) n.d.
2 Charles Gordon sawing logs at "Birkencraig." Also in the picture are his daughters Lois and Ruth. (76-2-5) n.d.
2 The fireplace in Charles Gordon's study in the lookout at "Birkencraig." (76-2-6) n.d.
2 Portrait of one of Charles' Gordon's daughters. (76-2-7) n.d.
2 Charles Gordon on the steps of his house, holding one of his children. (76-2-8) n.d.
2 Charles Gordon and Robertson Gordon, taken on Lake Nipissing, approximately 1887. (76-2-9)
2 Charles Gordon and Roberston Gordon, taken on land near Lake Nipissing, approximately 1887. Includes a note pertaining to the identification of this item and the item above. (76-2-10)
Northwest Missions
3 Blue-coloured print, featuring three men and horses carrying supplies. (76-3-1) n.d.
3 Blue-coloured print of road labelled "Columbia Avenue, Rossland." (76-3-2) n.d.
3 Blue-coloured print featuring a view of houses and other buildings, labelled "Camptown, Rossland Suburb." (76-3-3) n.d.
3 Blue-coloured print, as above, from a different angle, labelled "Camptown #2." (76-3-4) n.d.
3 Blue-coloured print, as above, from a different angle, labelled "N.E. from Church -- Camptown." (76-3-5)
3 Blue-coloured print of five men posed standing in front of church, labelled "rear view of church, Aug. 28, '95." Charles Gordon is at far right. (76-3-6)
3 Blue-coloured print of five men posed in front of a building, labelled "Synod of Nor-West Missions far right (Robertson); The Manse, Aug. 28, '95." (76-3-7)
Promotional Photographs for Films:
4 "From Bill's Bluff." (76-4-1)
4 "Bill and Hi describe Gwen to Connor." (76-4-2)
4 "The Stopping Place Working." (76-4-3)
4 "Gwen, the Pilot and Connor. `Must not, who says so?" (76-4-4)
4 "The Baseball Match." (76-4-5)
4 "Bill opens the new Church." (76-4-6)
4 "Gwen hears of Bill's Bluff." (76-4-7)
4 "Gwen's House." (76-4-8)
4 "The Duke and Gwen." (76-4-9)
4 "The Pilot spends his evening at the Old Timer's." (76-4-10)
4 "Bruce shooting blue devils." (76-4-11)
4 "The Duke asking the Pilot's forgiveness." (76-4-12)
4 "Is it a fairy tale, Daddy" (76-4-13)
4 "The Old Timer." (76-4-14)
4 "The Prairie Girl." In the lower corner are the words "copyright, 1901." (76-4-15)
Cameron Highlanders:
5 Postcard of Charles Gordon in Highland uniform. The postcard is inscribed "Ralph Connor." (76-5-1)
5 Postcard of Charles Gordon in uniform. (76-5-2)
5 Postcard, as above. (76-5-3)
5 Postcard, as above. The postcard is inscribed, "Ralph Connor' Chaplain, 43rd C.E.F." (76-5-4)
5 Postcard of Charles Gordon in uniform. Different post from above. (76-5-5)
5 Postcard, as above. (76-5-6)
5 Postcard, as above. (76-5-7)
5 Postcard, as above. (76-5-8)
5 Postcard of four members of the 43rd C.E.F. in uniform. Charles Gordon is second from the left. (76-5-9)
5 Postcard, as above, different pose. (76-5-10)
5 Postcard, as above, different pose. (76-5-11)
5 Postcard of unidentified member of the 43rd C.E.F. in uniform. (76-5-12)
5 Postcard of the 43rd Cameron Highlanders. (76-5-13)
5 Postcard of the 43rd Cameron Highlanders. Charles Gordon is standing on the far right. (76-5-14)
5 Postcard of Col. R.M. Thomson, 43rd C.E.F. (76-5-15)
5 Postcard, as above, different pose. (76-5-16)
5 Photograph of Angus David Ross and John Munro Ross in Highlanders' uniforms. See Box 21, Folder 4. (76-5-17)
5 Postcard of Salisbury Cathedral, flooded in Jan. 1915. There is a note on reverse from Robert W. Davidson to Charles Gordon, dated Feb. 1, 1915. (76-5-18)
5 Photograph, 8" x 10", of unidentified column. (76-5-19)
Motion Picture, "The Sky Pilot", 1921-22
6 Press photo, labelled "The Sky Pilot. From the novel by Ralph Connor. Directed by King Vidor. Produced by Catherine Curtis Corporation. A First National Attraction." (76-6-1)
6 Press photo of two men beside a stream, labelled "The Sky Pilot." (76-6-2)
6 Press photo of three men at a bar, labelled "The Sky Pilot." (76-6-3)
6 Press photo of an actress, labelled "Colleen Moore in `The Sky Pilot." (76-6-4)
6 Press photo of Colleen Moore and an actor in the role of the parson. (76-6-5)
6 Press photo, as above. (76-6-6)
6 Press photo, labelled "He held church in the bar- room." (76-6-7)
6 Press photo, labelled "Shake! I'm for any Sky Pilot that can fight like that." (76-6-8)
6 Press photo, as above. (76-6-9)
6 Press photo, labelled "No man ever went thirsty in these diggins, Parson." (76-6-10)
6 Press photo, labelled "She lassoed the Parson and dragged him out of the creek." (76-6-11)
6 Press photo, labelled "Daydreams of love -- when she got well." (76-6-12)
6 Press photo, labelled "Make tracks, Parson, and keep movin' or a piece of led [sic] will meet up with you." (76-6-13)
6 Press photo, labelled "The water in these parts has a peculiar flavor." (76-6-14)
6 Press photo, labelled "What you need, Parson, is a big, stiff drink of hard likker [sic]." (76-6-15)
6 Press photo, labelled "Big Bill was licked, and He-Parson did it." (76-6-16)
Photographs of Correspondents:
7 Postcard of the Rev. R.J. Campbell. (76-7-2) n.d.
7 Studio portrait of C.A. Demers, dated May 1921. Writing on the portrait reads, "on emerging from the valley of sorrow." (76-7-3)
7 Photograph of Mrs. Katherine McKercher Muir, mailed to Charles Gordon by Amanda Bartman Henricks in 1931. (76-7-4)
7 Photograph of the family of Mrs. James Quigley, mailed to Charles Gordon on May 12, 1929. See Box 3, Folder 9. (76-7-5)
7 Photograph of Alexander Thomson, taken on Ponder's Ranch near Smithers, B.C., Sept. 1921. There is a note on the reverse to Charles Gordon. See Box 3, Folder 3. (76-7-6)
7 Photograph of baby, identified as son of Mrs. A.S. Buchan, Travess, Alberta, 1921. See Box 23, Folder 10. (76-7-7)
7 Group photograph, sent to Gordon by David Archer. Autographed. (76-7-8)
7 Photograph of R.B. Nelles, 1912. See Box 7, Folder 9. (76-7-9)
Corporal Cameron:
8 Photograph of Gordon and Golch's Bookstall, Princes Bridge, Melbourne, Australia. Posters on the bookstand advertise Ralph Connor's Book Corporal Cameron. (76-8-1)
9 Booklet of postcards, "Amiens," containing twenty- four different postcards. (76-9-1)
9 Booklet of postcards from Salt Lake City, Utah, featuring fourteen different scenes. (76-9-2)
10 Scene of "The Winding River, Blair Atholl" (76-10-3)
10 Photo of mountain peak scene. (76-10-2)

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1997 Accession 1887-1888

This accrual of the Charles W. Gordon collection was donated to Archives & Special Collections in 1997 by Michael Cox, executor of the Ruth Gordon estate.

11 Diary 1887-1888
1 Diary 1888

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