Bruce Chown:

An Inventory of His Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Kathryn F. Dean
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg MB
(March 1981)

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Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Winnipeg MB R3T 2N2

Bruce Chown

Bruce Chown fonds


1.8 m of textual records. -- 15 photographs. -- 3 postcards. -- 1 audio reel.

MSS 17, PC 14, TC 10


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Biography of Bruce Chown

Chronology of Important Dates

Born, Winnipeg, Manitoba November 10, 1893

Grade and High school, Winnipeg, Manitoba

B.A. McGill University 1914

Canadian Armed Forces (Army) 1915-1919 M.C.

M.D. University of Manitoba 1922

Babies' Hospital, Columbia University, New York City 1922-1923

Harriet Lane Home, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore 1923-1924

Nursery and Child's Hopital, Cornell University, New York City 1925-1926

Active Staff, Children's Hospital, Winnipeg 1926-1954

Staff, University of Manitoba 1926-1977

Director, Rh Laboratory, Winnipeg 1944-1977

Consultant, Paediatrics: Grace Hospital, Winnipeg, 1945-1977; Children's Hospital, Winnipeg, 1954-1977

President, Genetics Society of Canada 1963

Honorary awards and degrees:

Fellow, International Society of Haematology 1948

Honorary member, Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation 1964

D.Sc., University of Manitoba 1963

Medal of Service of the Order of Canada 1968

Gairdner Foundation Award of Merit 1968

Honorary Fellow, American College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists 1969

LL.D., University of Western Ontario 1969

F.N.G. Starr Medal of Canadian Medical Association 1969

LL.D., University of Saskatchewan 1970

Manitoba Centennial Medal of the Historical Society of Manitoba 1970

Fellow, Royal Society of Canada 1970

Karl Landsteiner Award of the American Association of Blood Banks 1971

D.U.CI, University of Calgary 1973

LL.D., University of Winnipeg 1979

Ross Award for contribution to Canadian Pediatrics 1979

Honorary member International Society of Blood Transfusion 1979

Honorary member, British Pediatric Society 1979

Honorary member, Victoria (BC) Medical Society 1979

Life member Winnipeg Medical Society, Canadian Medical Association, Canadian Pediatric Society, American Pediatric Society

Death July 3 in Victoria 1986

Biographical Sketch

(Henry) Bruce Chown was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on November 10, 1893. He was one of two sons of Henry Havelock Chown (Professor of Clinical Surgery and Dean of Manitoba Medical College) and Katherine (Farrel) Chown.

He attended grade and high school in Winnipeg and received a BA degree from McGill University in 1914. After four years of military service he enrolled in medicine at the University of Manitoba receiving his M.D. from that institution in 1922. in the same year he married Gladys Webb. The couple had four children. In 1948 Mrs. Chown died. In 1949 he married Allison Grant and they have one son.

Upon graduating from the Manitoba Medical School Dr. Chown embarked on a three year post-graduate training period in pediatrics and pediatric pathology which took him to the Babies Hospital, Columbia University, New York; the Harriet Lane Home, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore; and Nursery and Child's Hospital, Cornell University, New York.

He returned to Winnipeg as pathologist at the Children's Hospital. Then followed a number of teaching and administrative posts which included those of Professor and Head of the Department of Pediatrics of the University of Manitoba.

The problems of hemolytic disease in newborns always interested him and today lie is best known for his work in the areas of prevention of kernicterus by replacement transfusion, prevention of stillbirth by early delivery, and prevention of sensitization of Rh-negative women. Indeed, because of his lasting contributions in these fields, the well known Winnipeg Rh Institute came into being in 1944 with Dr. Chown as Director.

His interests were not confined to medicine only. Anthropology, gardening and life in the Arctic north held a life long attraction.

Dr. Chown has retired from the staff of the University of Manitoba and presently resides in British Columbia.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The collection contains assorted personal and professional papers, photographs and tapes, clinical records and studies dating from 1936 to 1979. The papers deal with diseases of the newborn, children, genetic and anthropological blood group studies. An almost complete reprint collection of Dr. Chown's publications forms an important part of the collection. The collection will be of interest to a variety of specialists - immunologists, pediatricians, hematologists and pathologists.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 14 series

  • A. Biographical Materials
  • B. Honours, Awards and Tributes
  • C. Publications
  • D. Lectures and Reports
  • E. Papers Presented
  • F. Reference and Source Materials for Publications
  • G. Case Studies, Charts and Transfusion records
  • H. Correspondence
  • I. Records
  • J. Anthropological Studies - Blood Grouping
  • K. Prevention of Rh Hemolytic Disease
  • L. Dr. J.M. Bowman
  • M. Dr. M. Lewis
  • Photograph Collection (PC 14), 1951-1974
  • Tape Collection (TC 10), 1968

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Restrictions on Use

As far as has been determined, there are no restrictions on the use of this collection. Researchers are responsible for abiding by all relevant Canadian copyright law regulations in the event of publishing materials herein. The collection can be consulted and used only in the reading room of the Archives & Special Collections, Elizabeth Dafoe Library.

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Custodial History

The Chown Collection was transferred to the Department of Archives and Special Collections at three different times and from two different sources. On October 31, 1979 and again on October 22, 1980, almost one year later, the Rh Institute on the campus of the University of Manitoba requested our acceptance of all their files of and by Dr. Chown and his studies on human blood group anthropology. The first accession was by far the largest; that of a year later consisted only of a few folders inadvertently omitted from the initial gift.

On February 6, 1980 Dr. Marion Lewis, for long Dr. Chown's associate and now Head of the Rh Laboratory at the Health Sciences Centre turned over four large boxes of Dr. Chown's correspondence, speeches and research papers that had been on file in their offices for several years. Dr. Lewis was anxious not only to ensure the proper preservation of the valuable Chown materials then in her department but also to augment what had already been given by the Rh Institute.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

A. Biographical Materials
11 Biographical materials

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B. Honours, Awards and Tributes
12 Honours, Awards and Tributes

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C. Publications
13 I. Bibliography
4-5 II. Reprints

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D. Lectures and Reports
21-2 I. Rough drafts, notes and untitled papers
3 II. Report to the National Research Council 1947

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E. Papers Presented
24 from January to September 1965
5-8 Miscellaneous papers
TC 10 Tape - Gairdner Foundation Lecture Nov. 22, 1968

See separation statement

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F. Reference and Source Materials for Publications
31 I. Bibliographies and Abstracts
2 II. Raw Data
3 III. Reprints

(a collection of approx. 65 reprints, various authors, various diseases of infants)

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G. Case Studies, Charts and Transfusion records
41 I. Case Studies including tables of abbreviations used
2 II. Carter's Cases
3 III. Diamond's Cases
4 IV. Transfusion Records 1956
5 V. Transfusion Records (Intrauterine)
6 VI. Cord Bloods Charts
7 VII. Erythroblastosis (Hemoglobin Charts)
8 VIII. Miscellaneous charts and notes

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H. Correspondence
49 I. Miscellaneous Personal and Professional Communications 1936-1974
II. Early Correspondence related to Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn 1940's
1. Boston Group
410 a) Louis Diamond
11 b) Fred H. Allen
2. Ortho Research Foundation
412 a) Philip Levine
3. Louisville, Kentucky
413 a) Bettina Carter and associates concerned with early Hapten tests
4. New York
414 a) Alexander Wiener
5. Toronto Western Hospital
51 a) Ronald B. Roy
6. University of Chicago
52 a) Edith Potter (Chicago Lying-In Hospital)
7. Lister Institute, London, England
53 a) A.E. Mourant
4 b) R.R. and Ruth Race
5 Canadian Red Cross (Toronto) Stanbury, et al.
9. McGill University
56 a) Densted
III. Other correspondence Related to Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn and their Treat- ment
57 I. Icterus Gravis in the Newborn
8 2. Treatment of the Mother
9 3. Treatment of the Baby
10 4. Prevention of Sensitization
11 5. Factors Influencing Sensitization
12 6. Stillbirths
13 7. Sodium Glycerinate
8. Haptens
514 a) Hapten
15 b) Hapten 1
16 c) Hapten 2
17 d) Hapten 3
18 e) Carter's Special Cases
9. Immunoglobulins
71 a) Hamilton, Ontario (Zipursky)
2 b) London, Ontario (de Veber)
3 c) Liverpool, England (Clarke, Woodrow and Donohue)
4 d) Dept. of National Health and Welfare before 1972
5 e) Dept. of National Health and Welfare (Greenberg)
6 f) Connaught Lab. (Fisher, Ferguson and Tosoni)
7 g) World Health Organization
8 h) Vancouver (Stout)
9 i) Edmonton (Buchanan)
10 j) Toronto

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I. Records
1. Babies (Family Histories and Post-Natal Records)-last names
91 A-B
2 Ca-Cz
3 D
4 E-F
5 G
6 H
7 I J K
8 L
9 M
10 N-0
11 P-R
12 Sa-Sm
13 Sp-Sz
14 T-V
15 W-Z
11. Autopsies
101 1. Autopsy protocols
2 2. Organ Weights-Statistical Analysis
3 3. Organ Weights
4. Autopsies A-Z
104 A-C
5 D-F
6 G-I
7 J-L
8 M-0
9 P-R
10 S-U
11 V-Z
1012 5. Placenta Specimens

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J. Anthropological Studies - Blood Grouping
I. Eskimo
111 1. James Bay Area, 1954
2 2. Hudson's Bay Area, 1954
3-4 3. Coppermine Area, 1958
5 4. Edmonton, Alberta - Charles Camsell Indian Hospital (Eskimo and Indian 1957/58)
6 5. Southhampton Area, 1959
7 6. Hamilton Sanatorium - Clearwater Bay Area 1959
8 8. Le Pas Sanatorium, 1959
9 9. Brandon San, 1946-1949
II. Indians
1110 1. Indians, Alberta - Bloods, 1952
121 2. Indians, Alberta 1951-1957

Blackfeet and Peigan and Peigan and Athapascan

2 3. Indians, Alberta 1953- 1955

Stony and Sarcee

3 4. Indians, Alberta Area 1953 -1956

Chippewa (Kell and Diego tests)

4 5. Indians, British Columbia 1951

Athapascan, Nootka and Kwakiutl (Dr. Kathleen Bosci's work)

5 6. Indians, British Columbia and Alberta 1952-1958

(contains drafts of articles about Br. Col. and Plains Indians

6 7. Indians, Manitoba, 1945


7 III. Canadians of Japanese Race, 1946-1947
8 IV. Aleuts, 1960
9 V. Anomalies of inheritance in Blood Group Studies of several families (Montreal)

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K. Prevention of Rh Hemolytic Disease
131 I. The Historical Development of the Rh Prophylaxis with Anti﷓D Immunoglobulin Includes papers presented at the International Symposium on the Management of the Rh Problem. Milan, 1969
2 II. Dr. Chown's observations on the Rh Prevention Program and on the Rh Immune mechanism
III. Correspondence related to "Country Studies"
133 1) Original "Country Study" - Canada, Man.
2) Australia
134 a) Cooke and Archer
5 b) Davey
6 c) Jacobowicz
7 d) Krieger
138 a)Hughes-Jones
9 b)Maycock
10 c)Mollison
1311 a) Nevanlinna
1312 a) Hoppe
1313 6)Holland

a)Borst - Eilers

b)Van Loghem

1314 a)O'Riordon
1315 a) Cook
1316 9)South Africa

a) Moores

b) Grobellar

c) Jenkins

d) Vos

17 10) Sweden

a) Perrault



18 11) U.S.A.

a)Cutter Laboratory

b)Cabasso; Wurzel

c) Masouredis

d)Ortho - (Pollack; Freda; Gorman)



V1. Reprints (Rh Immunization of Rh negative Women)
141 Various International Sources Approx. 33 articles, 1963-1975
142 International (WHO)
3 Australia
4 Canada
5 Europe
6 England

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L. Dr. J.M. Bowman
148 Dr. J.M. Bowman

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M. Dr. M. Lewis
1410 Copy of book Dr. Henry H. Chown

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Photograph Collection (PC 14) 1951-1974
Newspaper clipping November, 1974.

Children's Centre Book Market Chairman presenting ultraviolet recording meter to Dr. Chown.

5 prints of extraperitoneal lipoma.
3 photos of Dr. Chown used in Vox Sanguinis 1968.
Toronto photograph - possibly the Gairdner Award 1968.
Three photos - Winnipeg Co. - April 1970
Five copies of an earlier photo, [19-?]
One copy - same period as (6) Different pose.

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Tape Collection (TC 10) 1968
Gairdner Foundation Dinner, 1968

(speed 7 1/2, track 1)

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