Olga Park

An Inventory of her records at the the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Jarad Buckwold
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(February 25, 2013)

Finding aid encoded by Jarad Buckwold (February 25, 2013)
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Collection Summary

University of manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba

Olga Park

Olga Park fonds

1960, 1968

0.07 metres of textual records

MSS 380 (A11-71)


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Biography of Olga Park

A spiritualist mystic and self-published writer on the subject, Mary Olga Park was born on February 24, 1891 in Gargrave, Yorkshire, England, immigrated to Vancouver at the age of 19 and was known for her pantheistic theological beliefs and the prophetic visions she experienced. As a child, Park showed an interest in nature, music and religion. Brought up a Wesleyan, Park had no qualms about crossing the denomination lines, attending congregations at an Anglican church when her own shut down due to lack of membership. The move to Vancouver was difficult for Park as it meant abandoning the connections she’d made in England surrounding her music career. At first, her father, Bruce Bracewell, worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway, but later became a dairy farmer in South Vancouver and was one of the organizers of the milk board.

Park’s dream visions began in 1914 and showed her visions of the soldiers’ experiences in the First World War. The most rattling vision involved a powerful explosion that shook Park awake. Upon returning to sleep, she then dreamed of her father receiving a note, informing him that her brother, Maurice, a combatant in the war, was missing. Two weeks letter, the family received such a letter and it was later discovered that Maurice was suffering from shell shock due to his experiences at Vimy Ridge. In 1917, Olga was married to James Fleming Park who had two children with her, James Bruce Park and James Samuel Park, the latter of which passed away shortly after birth. Still interested in religion and spiritual growth, Park became a Sunday School teacher, but eventually became dissatisfied with the structured nature of church based religion and its interpretations of Christian teachings, or “Churchianity”, as she called it. This caused her to break ties with her church and, after her husbands’ death in 1959, she went to live with her son until 1964 when she moved to a small cottage in Port Moody. By this time, she had already self-published a book, Between Time and Eternity, which documented her spiritual “awakening”. Her beliefs as expressed in her book began to spread by both the book itself and by word of mouth until a number of “seekers” were drawn to her and began an informal group of “learners” who sought spiritual guidance. Park continued to live alone at her cottage until 1978 when, after breaking a leg, it was necessary to move back to Vancouver. Park passed away in December, 1985, followed only a few years later by her son.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The fonds was created by the donor himself. His donated material was divided into different fonds and collections in accordance with specifications he himself provided. This particular fonds consists of 2 books by Mary Olga Park: Between Time and Eternity, published in 1960 and Man, the Temple of God, published in 1968, the latter of which is signed by the author on the inside of the cover.

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Restrictions on Access

There are no restrictions on this material.

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Related Materials

This fonds is one of a series of fonds and collections donated by Walter Meyer zu Erpen related to survival and parapsychology research. Other such fonds and collections donatd by Meyer zu Erpen are the Survival Research Institute of Canada fonds (MSS 372; A11-60), A.R.G. (George) and Iris Owen fonds (MSS 373; A11-61), Survival Research Newsletters and Periodicals Collection (MSS 374; A11-62), Debra Barr and Walter Meyer zu Erpen Research and Publication Collection (MSS 375; A11-63), Jenny O'Hara Pincock fonds (MSS 376; A11-64), Spiritualist Hymnals and Manuals Collection (MSS 377; A11-65), Kenneth J. Batcheldor fonds (MSS 378, EL 39 (A11-66), Albert Batten fonds (MSS 379, PC 329, EL 40; A11-67), Howard Reed fonds (MSS 381, EL 41; A11-107). Also related, but not donated by Meyer zu Erpen, is the Hamilton Family fonds (Mss 14, Pc 12, Tc 70; A.79-21, A.79-41, A.79-52, A.79-56, A.79-65, A.80-08, A.80-25, A.81-09, A.86-56).

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Custodial History

The fonds was donated by Walter Meyer zu Erpen in 2011.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Olga Park [ 1960-1968 ]
11 Mary Olga Park (1891-1985) 1960, 1968

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