Sybil Shack fonds

The material in the Sybil Shack fonds pertaining to the Canadian Wartime Experience includes correspondence pertaining to Sybil Shack's adoption of a German refugee child, incoming correspondence to the Shack family from soldiers serving in the Second World War, and a guest book of soldiers who stayed with the Shack family. The fonds also includes correspondence with Alan Rutherford, a Prisoner of War, and with Freda Shack, Sybil's sister who served in the Second World War.

Correspondence, re: Shack's Adopting Refugee Child from Germany, 1939

Correspondence from Alan Rutherford while Stationed in England, 1941-1942

Letter from Mayor John Queen Enabling Mrs. Shack to go to Mayo Clinic, 1942

Soldiers Letters to Shack family, 1942-1943

Soldiers Letters to Shack family, 1942-1945

Guest Book of Soldiers who Stayed with the Shacks, 1943-1945

Correspondence from Soldiers to Shack Family, 1944-1945

Correspondence from Alan Rutherford while a Prisoner of War in Germany, 1942-1944

Correspondence from Grace Rutherford, 1943-1945

Correspondence with Alan Rutherford, 1945

Letter from Freda Shack, [ca.1945]

Correspondence from Alan Rutherford, 1946

Alan Rutherford's Description of his Brief Escape from the Germans, 1946


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