World War 2 Service Database

The University of Manitoba's
Contribution to the Allied War Effort

UM Students in military fatigues

This is the place where you can find information on persons who had the distinction of serving in World War II after attending, teaching or working at the University of Manitoba. The Second World War was the costliest war in history. Over the course of six years, millions of people perished. The armed forces of Canada, Great Britain, and the United States played a key role in winning the war for the Allies.

The University of Manitoba sent approximately 3500 students and alumni to fight in the war, as well as more than 40 faculty and staff members. An undetermined number of students attended the University following their war service. Two faculty members did not return; the tally of students who paid the ultimate sacrifice is higher (approximately 225). This project honours the contributions of the men and women of the University of Manitoba who served in the military.

The information in this database was compiled to the best of our ability from public sources, but is not considered definitive. Please contact us if you have further information regarding University of Manitoba students, faculty, or staff who served in World War II.

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