2008 Innovative ETD Award Winner
Congratulations to Michael Klassen, a UM landscape architecture graduate who won the international Innovative ETD Award in 2008 for his creative and dynamic thesis. The award from the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations recognizes students who make use of innovative techniques to create cutting-edge multimedia theses.

Michael Klassen's Voice Map Trekking was awarded for its technical proficiency and imagination. He created a thesis that includes text, hyperlinks, interactive landscape mappings, video diaries, audio files, photographs, digital sketchbooks and voice maps - all within a Web site environment. Readers can explore Michael's multi-layered work by delving into its six portals:  Ithinkisee, Wonder, Wander, Design, Musings and Voices. To experience Michael's noteworthy and compelling work, see it in MSpace at http://mspace.lib.umanitoba.ca/handle/1993/3010.

Michael's innovative thesis represents the first of its kind in MSpace, the UM's digital repository.  His work transcends old boundaries and uses a broad spectrum of technologies, carving a path that other UM students wanting to explore the non-traditional thesis format can follow.