Undergraduate Theses in Engineering

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Where are the undergraduate theses kept?

The Engineering undergraduate theses from the Agricultural Engineering Department are located in the Biosystems Engineering Office. All of the other Engineering undergraduate theses in this listing are housed in Dafoe Storage. To access them, you will need to fill out a storage retrieval request form, which can be obtained either from Dafoe Library or the Donald W. Craik Engineering Library. The items requested can be picked up at Dafoe Library after 3:00 pm on the following working day.

What departments and years does this index cover?

This index covers Engineering undergraduate theses from the following Departments and years:

Agricultural Engineering: 1954, 1957, 1962-1966, 1971-1989
Civil Engineering: 1909-1959, 1982 - 1993
Electrical Engineering: 1982-1990, 1992
Mechanical Engineering: 1981-1993

Engineering undergraduate theses from 1994 to the present are on reserve in the Donald W. Craik Engineering Library and can be searched using the catalogue tab.

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