Elizabeth Dafoe Library

Room 201A is designated as a safe study space in Elizabeth Dafoe Library. The room is designated for use by those who require an accommodation for an accessible space.

Accessibility Support Room (201A) is located on the 2nd floor of the Dafoe Library, with easy access from elevator exit.

The Room is equipped with:

  • Height-adjustable table
  • Large-size table
  • Anti-glare lamps
  • Scanner
  • MS Windows public workstation with monitor and internet access
  • Ergonomically adjustable chair

Service Desk:

  • Two anti-glare lamps
  • Two headphone sets

All circulating items are available for a 2-hour loan period.

How to use the Accessibility Support Room (201A)

  1. Book the room online at https://lib-umanitoba.libcal.com/space/20014
    You may also book the room in person at the Elizabeth Dafoe Library Service Desk, by phone at 204-474-9844 or by email at dafoe@umanitoba.ca.
  2. You will receive an email when your booking is confirmed.
  3. Check in at the Elizabeth Dafoe Library Service Desk at the start of your booking. To request an extension to your booking, check in at the Service Desk or call 204-474-9844.
  4. Check in at the Dafoe Service Desk at the end of your booking to inform staff that you are finished using the room.

Please refer to Room 201A Use Policy

Use Policy (Word)
Use Policy (PDF)

    Room booking policy

    • Students who wish to use the room must be referred by Student Accessibility Services.
    • The room is booked on a first-come-first-served basis for a maximum duration of 2 hours at a time.
    • You can request a longer period if there is no apparent demand at the end of your initial booking, up to a maximum of 4 hours per day. Please check in at the Service Desk or call 204-474-9844 to request an extension to your booking.

    Current COVID-19 safety measures

    • Masks must be worn at all times. Exception: You may remove your mask only when alone in the room and the door is closed.
    • Sanitize all work surfaces with the supplies provided before and after using the room.

    Room rules

    Room 201A is designated as a safe study space in Elizabeth Dafoe Library.

    Please be aware of the following rules:

    1. Do not consume food in the room. Students who may have severe allergies with peanuts, citrus, fish, or shellfish products may use the room.* Lidded beverages are permitted.
    2. Refrain from using any perfume, cologne, or other scented products.  This is a scent-free zone.*
    3. Maintain the original condition of the room. Before you leave the room, restore all the chairs and tables to the original position and clear all garbage. Please do not leave anything behind.
    4. Leave the blinds in the half-open position. If you need to close all the blinds, please NOTIFY SERVICE DESK about your requirement at the beginning of your booking.  At the end of the booking, please RESTORE to the default, half-open position.

    * We are trying to make Room 201A a safe study space for everyone who may use the room.  Please note that there is no 100% guarantee. Please use the room at your own risk.


    Jim Peebles Science and Technology Library

    • Two height-adjustable tables (one with the iMac, the other by the windows)
    • One 27-inch iMac
    • You can bring and upload your individually customized profile or configure the machine by going into System Preferences = > Universal Design.  When you are finished with the machine, please select “Restart” from the Apple menu, at the left top-corner of the machine.  Please ask for assistance at the Desk.
    • One anti-glare desk lamp available for circulation
    • One set of headphones available for circulation.

    All circulating items are available for a 2-hour loan period.

    Architecture/Fine Arts Library

    • One height-adjustable table in the main floor Reading Room.
    • Accessible counter at Service Desk.

    E.K. Williams Law Library

    • One height-adjustable table
    • Printer table and one Study Carrel adjusted to accommodate wheelchairs
    • One public computer at low height

    William A. Newman Agriculture Library

    • One height-adjustable table

    Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library

    • One height-adjustable table
    • One 27-inch monitor, MS Windows computer with Kurzweil 3000, JAWS, and Dragon Natural Speaking.
      Use your UMNet ID and password to login.
    • One anti-glare desk lamp available for circulation

    Contact us

    Libraries Administration
    25 Chancellors Circle
    University of Manitoba
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada