Accessing Wireless Network

The University of Manitoba has a wide-spread wireless network installation maintained by IST in most academic and on campus residential buildings including many public spaces. IST provides a secure option intended for Students, Faculty and Staff and an unsecured option intended for people who do not have a valid university account.

Secure Networks: Preferred method for individuals who have a valid University Account.

  • Secured wireless network (uofm-secure)
    The uofm-secure network is a new secured wireless service available at the University of Manitoba. It requires a valid University of Manitoba email address for authentication and provides a high performance wireless infrastructure.

Open Network: Only recommended for individuals who do not have valid a University Account. Faculty and Staff should use one of the secure wireless networks.

  • Unsecured Guest Network (uofm-guest)
    The uofm-guest network is an unsecured wireless network available at the University of Manitoba. It is intended for conference delegates, guests and visitors only. It requires no authentication allowing for ease of configuration and access however it has a less robust infrastructure has lower connection speeds and a limited number of connections available.

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