Accessing CC Unix/Linux

There are several ways in which to connect to CC Unix/Linux remotely.
The easiest and most feature-rich is to use the ThinLinc client.
New users are encouraged to use this method.


All software listed below is pre-installed on the Windows workstations in the IST Open Area Computer Labs.
They are found in the menu at INS Programs > Unix-Linux...

They are available for deployment onto enterprise Windows and Macintosh workstations via standard methods.
Download links are also provided at the respective pages below.
Contact the IST ServiceDesk for assistance.

Cendio ThinLinc client

ThinLinc provides a full, graphical desktop environment, including audio, local resource (drives/printers/etc.) sharing, and smart card authentication.

Available for the CCL login servers only (via
Graphical and console connections to other servers can be made from there.

More Information

Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

VNC is a cross-platform protocol for accessing a graphical desktop on remote computers.

CCL provides a default VNC server for quick connections.
Such sessions are not persistent, however; i.e. they are destroyed upon disconnecting. Server software is available on all CCU systems.

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Secure Shell (SSH)

SSH is a secure protocol for text-based access to remote computers.
It can also be used to securely transmit other network traffic, such as X11-based application interfaces.

Available on all CCU systems.

More information

When doing large computations, in accordance with the Computationally-Intensive Processes Policy, the work should be distributed to the CC Compute cluster.

If the computation requires more disk space than what is available in your home directory, additional space can be allocated for an academic term using the self-service workspacetool.
If an even greater amount of space is needed or it is to be shared amongst a group, send your request to the IST Service Desk.

Requests for additional software should be made to the IST Service Desk


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