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Accounts and Access

Register for your UMNetID and get access to the systems and files you need. Learn how to safeguard your information through secure password management and virus protection. Report lost devices and find answers to all things account related.

Classroom Services

Audiovisual support for teaching is available at both the Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses. Reserve audiovisual equipment for use in classrooms and theatres. Find additional support if you experience audiovisual equipment failure and need immediate assistance.

  • Audio Visual
    • Schedule audio visual equipment and request trained operators and field staff to offer information and assistance for academic functions such as credit classes (as listed in the University Calendar) exams, thesis presentations and Extended Education certificate programs.
  • Audio Visual Maintenance
    • IST designs, installs, and maintains audio visual infrastructure on campus. You may request new room installations or request maintenance of existing installed equipment.
  • Mobile Video Conferencing
    • Mobile Videoconferencing provides bookable modern video conferencing capabilities in spaces that do not have the capability installed in the room for occasional use. Mobile Videoconferencing allows you to meet and collaborate with colleagues across campus or around the world, with productive online meetings and discussion. The technology is designed to support two-way video and audio communication between two sites or between multiple locations. Find help with mobile video-conferencing services.

Client Support and Technology

The IST Service Desk provides support for desktops, laptops, printers, and mobile devices. Find support for installation of Microsoft 365 and configuration of your devices. Explore support options for backup and recovery of files and folders. Find information on decommissioning electronic devices.


Find support for all communications services, including e-mail, internet and network access, and telephone services. Explore help options when creating shared resources with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365. Report email issues and find answers and assistance for video conferencing and BELL conferencing services.

Enterprise Applications

Explore services and support options available for development, consulting, upgrades, hosting, database support, report development, and specialized application support for the systems and tools used for business and administration needs at the University of Manitoba.

Any requests determined to be longer than 20 days will require a project request submission.  Please see IT Governance.

Information Security

To maintain and enhance the security and integrity of information, computing resources and technology at the U of M, IST offers a number of services and tools aimed at making your computing experience safer.

  • Email and Information Security 
    • Electronic identity theft, viruses and malicious software distributed through email, websites or unauthorized applications put the university and you at risk.  The University of Manitoba provides anti-virus, anti-SPAM and other tools to reduce unsolicited emails sent to your inbox and to protect devices and systems. Report issues and find answers regarding suspected Spam or Phishing emails, Phishing incidents, viruses, malware and request support for confidential incidents.
  • Lost or Stolen Devices
    • All University information users are required to report lost or stolen computers, tablets, laptops, mobile devices, portable hard drives and USB memory sticks that contain restricted or protected university information or that connect to the University’s network.

Research Computing

Research Computing includes tools such as computer processing, memory capability, network connectivity, data storage and data backup for computationally-intensive jobs to provide you with the required technology to pursue your research.  Request assistance and report performance issues experienced while using Computational Clusters, WestGrid.

Media and Production

IST can provide you with audiovisual support to help you with the technological needs of your event or conference.  You may also request media resources for classroom use and special events.  Learn about media and production services available including photography, special events video recording, production and webcasting.

  • Media Resource
    • The Media Library has transitioned to U of M Libraries. Media titles can be reserved through the Libraries reservation system which can be accessed here. Instructions on how to reserve media are available here (PDF file).
  • Photographic and Imaging Resources
    • Photography and imaging services using the latest digital imaging equipment are available to you for university teaching, promotion, and special event needs. Request information and assistance with these services including special events, portraits, image restoration and enhancement, slide to digital file transfers, printing, lamination, specimen and macro photography.
  • Special Event Services
    • Plan logistics and coordinate technical recourses to make your event, on or off campus, a success. Find help and information for Webcasting, Recording Video production and Equipment rental.
  • Video Recording and Production Services
    • Production services are available to you for use in credit class, special events, public lectures, conferences, research and promotions. To request additional information on these services, please submit a reservation via the link below.
  • Webcasting
    • Webcasting allows you to stream live video and audio over the internet. You can bridge distances by allowing people to attend your event virtually, create overflow rooms for your most popular on-site sessions, and hold team meetings, training sessions and briefings online.  Find help with webcasting features for recording, publishing, distributing and viewing rich media presentations.

Teaching and Learning

Explore systems and tools to enhance teaching and curriculum management capabilities. Find information and assistance for iClicker, UM Learn, OPAL, VENTIS and other learning management system tools. Find support for open area computer labs and self-directed learning.

Technology Procurement and Vendor Relations

IST is available to help you with purchasing and contracting technical services to meet your needs.  Request information relating to professional advisory services for the development of technical solutions, project management, or contracting IT resources.  Consult with IST for help when you are considering the purchase of new hardware and software.

Website Management and Support

Explore tools and services available for the development and maintenance of the University of Manitoba's online content, including web sites, mobile device applications, and the JUMP portal. Find help and training for REDDOT. Request support and assistance for web content management, blogs, and wikis.


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