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Information Security and Compliance is a unit within Information Services & Technology (IST) at the University of Manitoba. Our goal is to maintain and enhance the security and integrity of information, computing resources and technology at the U of M so you can be confident that your information is protected.

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Familiarize yourself with important standards, policies and procedures on the use of our IT resources, technology and data.

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Reporting potential threats and receiving a timely response is vital to maintaining a safe university IT environment for everyone. We are always available to answer your questions and concerns.  We will also regularly communicate important, and sometimes critical, information to you about information security.

  • Visit, phone or email us - IST Service Desk, 123 Fletcher Argue, 204-474-8600,
  • Follow us on social media for timely information - IST Alerts blog, Twitter, Facebook
  • Check back to this website for updates
  • Report spam or phishing email messages to

NOTE: In certain circumstances, due to the sensitive nature of an incident, you may be concerned about reporting to the IST Service Desk.  In such cases you may contact the IST Security Team team directly at

Information and Resources:

► How do I protect my data?
► What is spam?
► What is phishing?
► What is the University doing about phishing and spam?








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