Manitoba Materials Conference 2013

May 7th, 2013 EITC 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Attendees of the 2013 Manitoba Materials Conference

The Manitoba Institute for Materials would like to congratulate this year's poster winners.

Manitoba Materials Conference 2013 Award Winners

Manitoba Materials Conference 2013 Award Winners with Dr. Erik Hobbie, Dr. Derek Oliver, Dr. Scott Kroeker, Dr. Michael Freund, and Dr. Digvir Jayas.

Grand Prize:
    Elizabeth Skoropata

    Winner: Arzoo Sharma
    Runner-up: Shaun Ryman

    Winner: Arian Ghobadibigvand
    Runner-up: Ziyuan Wang

    Winner: Elizabeth Skoropata
    Runner-up: Kaveh Mohammad

Post-doctoral Fellow:
    Winner: Reine-Marie Guillermic
    Runner-up: Iman Yahyaie

Photos from the conference can be found on our Flickr feed

The Manitoba Materials Conference (MMC) is an annual event highlighting undergraduate student, graduate student, postdoctoral and other academic research in fields related to Materials Science and Technology.

This year's speakers are:

  • Dr. Erik Hobbie, Department of Physics, North Dakota State University (website)
    • Nanoscale Carbon and Silicon at the Hard-Soft Interface
  • Michael Groves, Director R&D, the Royal Canadian Mint
    • Innovation in Materials Science at the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Dr. Scott Kroeker, Department of Chemistry, University of Manitoba (website)
    • Through a Glass Darkly: How NMR Spectroscopy is Improving Nuclear Waste Disposal

The conference will highlight research in the following areas:

  • Crystalline materials and nano-structures
  • Composite material systems
  • High performance computing
  • High temperature aerospace materials
  • Microelectrical mechanical systems (MEMS)
  • Photonic and phononic interactions with materials
  • Soft and disordered materials
  • Surfaces and interfaces
  • Complex natural systems

The Manitoba Institute for Materials would like to acknowledge our sponsors for their support the conference:


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