Manitoba Materials Conference 2018

Thank you for participating in MMC 2018, it was another successful day! Pictures taken at the conference can be found on our FaceBook page. I also want to extend a warm congratulations to our poster competition winners:


Attendees at MMC 2018


We are excited to announce the 8th annual Manitoba Materials Conference will be held on May 8, 2018.

Once again, students and researchers across the breadth of materials research within the institute will be presenting posters that will showcase their work. The poster competition finalists will be invited to give their 180 second presentations for a grand prize. The event will take place over the entire day in the EITC atrium as well as in adjacent rooms.

Volunteers to help with any aspect of the conference are welcome and encouraged to contact the organizers.

Submitted registration forms will be collected and organized by Jolly Hipolito. This information will be used to create unique name badges, poster abstract booklets and for catering arrangements. Registration for attendance and registration for poster presentation will be found on the same form, however the poster presentation registration section will only appear if you indicate that you will participate in the poster presentation competition. To complete your registration form, click here!

Registration deadline is April 26, 2018


MMC 2017 Attendees

Attendees at MMC 2017