Canada Research Chair - Centre for Community-Based Resource Management (Updated January 2016)

Students - Graduated

Adhikari, Tikaram (MNRM, 2007, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Partnership in conservation and development: institutional linkages in the Equator Initiative program cases. [pdf]

Almudi, Tiago (MNRM, 2008, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Opportunities and problems for participatory management in the Peixe Lagoon National Park, southern Brazil [pdf]

Assuah, Anderson (MNRM 2015, Advisor: Dr. J. Sinclair) Learning for Sustainability through Community Forest Management [pdf]

Blakney, Sherrie-Lee (PhD, 2010, Co-Advisors: P. Kulchyski and H.Fast) Connections to the land: The politics of health and wellbeing in Arviat, Nunavut. [pdf]

Bolton, Richard (MRNM, 2012, Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt) "Being Out on the Lake": Iskatewizaagegan Anishinaabeg Perspectives on Contemporary Fishing Practice and Well-being [pdf] [publication]

Bonny, Eleanor (MNRM, 2008, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and Knowledge Transmission in a Modern Inuit Community Perceptions and Experiences of Mittimatalingmiut Women. [pdf]

Burlando, Catie (PhD, 2012, Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt; Co-advisor: F. Berkes) Conservation narratives in NW Ontario and the Anishnaabe [pdf]

Carpenter, Lydia (MNRM, 2011, Advisor: F. Berkes) Livelihoods and Gender: A case study on the coast of southeastern Brazil.[pdf]

Collins, Susan (MNRM, 2008, Advisor: J. Sinclair)
Transformative Learning Through Conservation: A Case Study of the Arabuko-Sokoke Schools and Eco-tourism Scheme, Kenya. [pdf]

Davidson-Hunt, Iain (PhD, 2003, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Journeys, plants and dreams: adaptive learning social-ecological resilience. [pdf]

Deb, Apurba Krishna (PhD, 2010, Advisor: E. Haque) 'Voices of the Fishantry': Learning on the livelihood dynamics from Bangladesh. [pdf]

Dekens, Julie (MNRM, 2005, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Livelihood change and resilience building: A village study from the Darjeeling Hills, Eastern Himalaya, India. [pdf]

Deutsch, Nathan (PhD 2013, Advisor: Iain Davidson-Hunt) Engaging Provincial Land Use Policy: Traplines and the Continuity of Customary Access and Decision-Making Authority in Pikangikum First Nation, Ontario [pdf]

Driedger, Crystal Jane (MNRM, 2005, Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt)
Indigenous knowledge of land and plant resources in the Pikangikum area, NW Ontario.  [pdf]

Dunne, Leanne (MNRM, 2013, Advisor: J.S. Sinclair) Food Security in the Kullu District: Perspectives, Policies and Learning in the Transition to Commercial Agriculture.[pdf]

Fernandes, Damian (MNRM, 2005, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Lessons from the Equator Initiative: Community-based arapaima conservation in Guyana. [pdf]

Foley, Christa (MNRM, 2004, Advisor: S. Thompson)
Understanding the connection between people and the land: social-ecological health at Iskatewizaagegan First Nation, Shoal Lake, Ontario. [pdf]

Frey, James (Jack) (MNRM, 2012, Advisor: F. Berkes) A community based approach to sustainable ornamental fishing on coral reefs, Bali, Indonesia [pdf]

Galappaththi, Eranga Kokila (MNRM 2013, Advisor: F. Berkes) Community-based shrimp aquaculture in northwestern Sri Lanka [pdf]

Giesbrecht, Dale J. (MNRM, 2011, Advisor: T. Henley) Small-scale fisher livelihood strategies and the role of credit in Paraty, Brazil [pdf]
Small-scale fisher livelihood strategies and the role of credit in Paraty, Brazil

Grant, Sandra (PhD, 2006, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Managing Small-Scale Fisheries in the Caribbean: The surface longline fishery in Gouyave, Grenada. [pdf]

Hoole, Arthur (PhD, 2008, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Community-Based Conservation and Protected Areas in Namibia: Social-Ecological Linkages for Biodiversity. [pdf]

Hughson, Paula (MNRM, 2010, Advisor: M. Manseau) Our homeland for the past, present and future: Akulliqpaaq Qamaniq (Abderdeen Lake) and Qamaniq Tugliqpaaq (Schultz Lake) landscapes described by Elder John Killulark [pdf]

Idrobo, Carlos Julian (MNRM, 2009, Advisor: F. Berkes)
The Pangnirtung Inuit and the Greenland Shark [pdf]

Idrobo, Carlos Julian, (PhD, 2014, Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt) Ponta Negra Ethnoecology of Practice: Intergenerational Knowledge Continuity in the Atlantic Forest Coast of Brazil [pdf]

Johansson, Karin (MNRM, 2009, Advisor: M. Manseau)
Inuit Safety Culture and its Potential Influence on Management Practices in Auyuittuq National Park, Nunavut [pdf]

Jandreau, Connor, (MNRM, Advisor: F. Berkes) Integrating co-knowledge systems for participatory monitoring of wildlife and rangeland conditions in the Maasai Mara ecosystem, Kenya

Jones, Ronald (MNRM, 2008, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Drivers of social and ecological change in floodplain rice-fish systems in Bangladesh. [pdf]

Kelly, Jason (MNRM, 2007, Advisor: M. Manseau)
Communities for conservation: creating a framework for Plains Bison conservation in central Saskatchewan. [pdf]]

Kendrick, Anne (PhD, 2003, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Caribou co-management and cross-cultural knowledge sharing. [pdf]

Kent, Kristin, (MNRM, 2005, Advisor: J. Sinclair) Adventure Tourism in Uttaranchal: a case study for sustainable tourism development. [pdf]

Kerton, Sarah (MNRM, 2007, Advisor: J. Sinclair)
The role of Transformative Learning in Fostering a More Sustainable Society: The Case of Consuming Organic in Canada. [pdf]

Khan, Munjurul (PhD, 2012, Advisor: E. Haque) Linking Conservation and Sustainable Livelihood Strategies: A Case Study of Northern Pakistan [pdf]

Kocho-Schellenberg, John Erik (MNRM, 2010, Advisor: F. Berkes )
Understanding the Evolution of Beluga Entrapment Co-Management in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region Using Social Network Analysis [pdf]

Kuzivanova, Valeria (MNRM, 2016, Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt)
Restoring Manomin (Wild Rice): a Case Study with Wabaseemoong Independent Nations, Ontario

LaRochelle, Serge (MNRM, 2003, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Common property and traditional ecological knowledge: biodiversity conservation in the Sierra Tarahumara, Mexico. [pdf]

Lobe, Kenton (MNRM, 2002, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Governance in a small-scale fishery: local responses and external pressures in Kerala, India. [pdf]

Lozecznik, Vanessa (MNRM, 2010, Advisor: Prof. Thomas Henley) The Role of Protests as Platforms for Action on Sustainability in the Kullu Valley, India.[pdf]

Mamun, Abdullah (MNRM, 2007, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Traditional ecological knowledge and its importance for conservation and management of inland fresh water fish habitat of Bangladesh. [pdf]

Marschke, Melissa (PhD, 2005, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Livelihood in Context: : Learning With Cambodian Fishers. [pdf]

Marin, Andres (MNRM, 2010, Advisor: F. Berkes) Networks and co-management in small-scale fisheries in Chile. [pdf]

Maurice, Stephane (MNRM, 2005, Advisor: J. Sinclair)
Community-based conservation and development in partnership and private enterprise in Kenya. [pdf]

McCandless, Matthew (MNRM, 2007, Advisor: J. Sinclair)
Community involvement in the development of small hydro in Uttaranchal, India. [pdf]

McGurk, Brett (MNRM, 2003, Advisor: J. Sinclair)
Public involvement in forest management and planning in Manitoba: the role of stakeholder advisory committees. [pdf]

Medeiros, Dean (MNRM, 2006, Advisor: E. Haque)
Lessons from the Equator Initiative: Cananeia Oyster Producers Cooperative, Brazil [pdf]

Miller, Andrew (PhD, 2010, Co-Advisors: I. Davidson-Hunt and M. Manseau) Understanding traditional ecological knowledge of fire ecology and disturbance: Anishinaabe and Raramuri Comparisons. [pdf]

Miretski, Inna, (MNRM, 2013, Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt) Encouraging cross-cultural collaboration through a fun and interactive interpretation experience in the Interpretive Forest, Kenora [pdf]

Montes, Jesse (MNRM, 2008, Advisor: J. Sinclair) Community Environmental Assessment in Rural Kenya - Decision Making for the Future. [pdf]

Morris-Oswald, Monica (Toni) (PhD, 2006, Advisor: J. Sinclair)
Evaluating community vulnerability to flood hazard in the Red River Basin. [pdf]

Morrison, Alli (MNRM, 2012, Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt)
Opaskwayak Cree Nation Wetland Ethnoecology:Land, Identity and Well-being in a Flooded Landscape. [pdf] [publication]

Moyer, Joanne, (PhD, 2013, Advisor: J.S. Sinclair) Learning, Faith, and Sustainability in Kenya: Considering the Work of Faith-Based Organizations.[pdf]

Myers, Peter (MNRM, 2008, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Climate change and agroecosystems on the Canadian Prairies: A resilience approach.[pdf]

Najjar, Dina (MNRM, 2008, Advisor: J. Sinclair)
Learning through Farmer Field Schools: A Case Study of the Taita Hills, Kenya [pdf]

Nayak, Prateep (MNRM, 2006, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Politics of cooptation: self-organized community forest management and Joint Forest Management in Orissa, India. [pdf]

Nayak, Prateep (PhD, 2011, Advisor: F. Berkes) Change and Marginalisation: Livelihoods, Commons Institutions and Environmental Justice in Chilika Lagoon, Orissa, India. [pdf]

Nayar, Roxann (MNRM 2009, Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt) Sea Urchin Fishery in Grenada: A case study of social-ecological networks.[pdf]

Nigah, Manpreet (MNRM, 2007, Advisor: J.S. Sinclair) An assessment of Seechewal initiative in the State of Punjab: An example of community-based conservation.[pdf]

Nikischer, Heather (MNRM, 2008, Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt)
History and Action in a Resource Planning Relationship: Pikangikum’s Whitefeather Forest Management Corporation and the Red Lake Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources [pdf]

Omom, Sheila (MNRM 2010, Advisor: A. J. Sinclair)
Impact of HIV/AIDS on Lake Victoria fisheries, Kenya. [pdf]

Orozco Quintero, Alejandra (MNRM 2007, Co-Advisors: F. Berkes and I. Davidson-Hunt) Self-organization, linkages and drivers of change: strategies for development in Nuevo San Juan, Mexico. [pdf]

Parlee, Brenda (PhD, 2006, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Social-ecological indicators for community-based monitoring and resource management. [pdf]

Pearce, Kent (MNRM 2010, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Living with Climate Change: How Prairie farmers deal with increasing weather variability. [pdf]

Peloquin, Claude (MNRM 2007, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Variability, change and continuity in social-ecological systems: insights from James Bay Cree cultural ecology. [pdf]

Pradham, Upendra , (MNRM, 2009, Advisor: T. Henley) Sustainable Solid Waste Management in a Mountain Ecosystem: Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. [pdf]

Premauer, Julia Margareta (PhD 2013, Advisor: F. Berkes) Rights, Conservation, and Governance: Indigenous Peoples-National Parks Collaboration in Makuira, Colombia [pdf]

Quinn, Lisa, (PhD 2014, Advisor: J.S. Sinclair) Social Action to Promote Clothing Sustainability: The role of transformative learning in the transition towards sustainability. [pdf]

Ranga, Manjunatha Reddy (MNRM 2006, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Transformation of coastal wetland agriculture and livelihoods in Kerala, India. [pdf]

Roberts, Will (MNRM, 2005, Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt)
Restoring aboriginal cultural landscapes with Iskatewizaagegan No. 39 Independent First Nation, Shoal Lake, Ontario. [pdf]

Robinson, Lance (PhD, 2009, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Participatory development and the capacity of Gabra pastoralist communities to influence resilience [pdf]

Robson, James (PhD, 2010, Advisor:  F. Berkes)
The Impact of Rural to Urban Migration on Forest Commons in Oaxaca, Mexico. [pdf]

Samakov, Aibek (MNRM, 2016, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Sacred Sites: An Opportunity for Improving Biocultural Conservation and Governance in Ysyk-Kol Biosphere Reserve (Kyrgyz Republic)

Sanders, Michael (MNRM, 2011, Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt) Voices from the Fire Line: Pikangikum Anishinaabeg Experiences as Provincial Firefighters in Northwestern Ontario [pdf]

Schlag, Michelle (MNRM, 2003, Advisor: T. Henley)
Engaging Inuvialuit youth in oceans stewardship: a proposed strategy. [pdf]

Seaba, Natalie(MNRM, 2006, Advisor: J. Sinclair
Public participation: Rhetoric or reality? An analysis of planning and management in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. [pdf]

Seixas, Cristiana (PhD, 2002, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Social-ecological dynamics in management systems: investigating a coastal lagoon fishery in southern Brazil. [pdf]

Senyk, Jason (MNRM, 2006, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Concurrent Conservation and Development: Lessons Learned From a
Community-Based Case in Thailand. [pdf]

Shahidullah, A.K.M.(MNRM, 2007, Advisor: F. Berkes/C. Emdad Haque)
The Role of Medicinal Plants in Livellhood Improvemt and Ecological Sustainability in Bangladesh: An Application of A Participatory Approach to Management and Marketing. [pdf]

Shearer, Janene (MNRM, 2008, Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt)
Reading the Signs in the Whitefeather Forest Cultural Landscape, Northwestern Ontario. [pdf]

Sherpa, Yangji (MNRM, 2011, Advisor: J.S. Sinclair) Public participation in tourism development: A case study of the Himalayan Ski Village Project in Manali, India. [pdf]

Shukla, Shailesh (PhD, 2007, Advisor: J. Sinclair)
Interconnections among community-based conservation, local knowledge and environmental education: case studies from India. [pdf]

Sims, Laura (PhD, 2007, Advisor: J Sinclair)
Looking for Sustainable Solutions: A Costa Rican Case Study Examining Learning through Public Involvement in the Planning and Operations of ICE's Watershed Management Agricultural Programme [pdf]

Ta Thi Thanh Huong (PhD, 2010, Advisor: F. Berkes) Sustainable livelihoods and resilience, Viet Nam. [pdf]

Tarnoczi, Tyler (MNRM, 2009, Advisor: F. Berkes) Climate change in the Prairie Agro-ecosystem: Information exchange and producer-level learning. [pdf]

Thomas, Darren (MNRM, 2007, Advisor: T. Henley)
Development of a coastal community climate change action plan for Arviat, Nunavut. [pdf]

Thompson, Lindsay (MNRM, 2009, Advisor: S. Thompson)
Creating a Culturally Relevant Environmental Management System for a Métis Workplace [pdf]

Trimble, Micaela, (PhD, 2013, Advisor: F. Berkes) Towards Adaptive Co-management of Artisanal Fisheries in Coastal Uruguay: Analysis of Barriers and Opportunities, with Comparisons to Paraty (Brazil) [pdf]

Turner, Katherine (MNRM, 2010, Advisor: F. Berkes) Community perspectives on bioeconomic development; Eco-cultural tourism in Hartley Bay, British Columbia. [pdf]

Uddin, Mohammed Salim (MNRM, 2011, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Role of microcredit and community-based organizations in a wetland area in Bangladesh [pdf]

Wachira, Jacqueline (MNRM, 2004, Advisor: J. Sinclair)
Public participation in the emergency response phase of flooding: a case study of the Red River Basin. [pdf]

Wheeler Wiens, Mya (MNRM, 2012, Advisor: J. Sinclair) Imagining Possibilities for Shared Places: Investigations into local connections and visions for the common ground land on Tunnel Island, Kenora, Ontario [pdf]

Yantz, Jennifer (MNRM, 2005, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Indigenous knowledge of the land and protected areas: Fond du Lac Denesuline Nation and the Athabasca Sand Dunes, Saskatchewan. [pdf]

Yeasmin, Lubna (MNRM, 2012, Advisor: F. Berkes) The Role of Green Micro-credit in Rural Livelihood Options and Women’s Empowerment in a Wetland Area in Bangladesh [pdf]

Yunus, D. (Master of Environment, 2013, Advisor: M. Hanson; Co-advisor: T. Henley) Analysis of the quality of drinking water for domestic consumption in Kumul City, Xinjiang Province, China [pdf]

Zachariah-Chaligne, Alex (MNRM, 2016, Advisor: F. Berkes) Motivations for Community-Based Conservation: A case from Odisha, India

Zurba, Melanie (MNRM, 2010, Advisor: F. Berkes) How well is co-management working? Perspectives, partnerships and power sharing along the way to an Indigenous Protected Area on Girringun country. [pdf]

Zurba, Melanie (PhD, 2016, Advisor: J. Sinclair)
Building common ground: Learning and Reconciliation for the Shared Governance of Forest Land in Northwestern Ontario