University of Manitoba - Natural Resources Institute - CBRM Main Collaborators

Canada Research Chair - Centre for Community-Based Resource Management (Updated January 2016)

Students - in progress

Almudi, Tiago, (PhD candidate, Advisor: J.S. Sinclair) Water up to our necks: learning and adaptation to weather variability in Brazilian amazon floodplain communities

Assuah, Anderson, (PhD Candidate, Advisor: Dr. J. Sinclair) Establishing community-based approaches to waste management in Canada

Biswal, Rajib, (MNRM candidate Co-Advisors: T. Henley and D. Johnson) Fishing is more than just a livelihood: wellbeing and small-scale bag net fisheries governance in Gujarat, India

Bockstael, Erika, (PhD candidate, Advisor: F. Berkes) Capacity building in Paraty area (Brazil) communities toward co-management of coastal resources

Chimello de Oliveira, Luiz, (PhD candidate, Advisor: F. Berkes, Co-advisor: A. Begossi) Drivers of change and scenarios of the future in Paraty, Brazil

Choudhury, Mahed , (MNRM candidate, Advisor: C. E. Haque) Wetland - Community Resilience to Flash Flood Hazards (Bonna) in Sunamgonj District

Correia, Joana, (MNRM candidate, Advisor: F. Berkes) The Governance of Octopus Small-scale Fishery in southeastern Portugal

Dupre, Iain, (MNRM candidate, Advisor: F. Berkes) Ecotourism management in protected areas

Duthie-Kannikkatt, Kaitlyn (MNRM candidate, Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt) Harvesting the Fruits of Biocultural Design: Seed Sovereignty and Farmer Innovation in Small-Scale Food Systems.

Hostetler, Glen, (PhD candidate, Advisor: J. Sinclair) Public participation in natural resources and environmental management and its connection to deliberative democracy

Islam, Durdana, (PhD candidate Advisor: F. Berkes) Enhancing community food security through food business development in Aboriginal communities, Northern Manitoba

Leite, Marta, (PhD candidate, Advisor: F. Berkes) Local ecological knowledge and women's contributions to ecosystem-based fisheries management

Peterson, Debora, (PhD candidate, Advisor: F. Berkes) Terrestrial resources and community-based conservation in Paraty, Brazil: an analysis of their local rules, territories, agreements and conflicts

Rodriquez, Mariana, (PhD candidate, Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt) A Historical Cocoa Tour: 35 years of responses to environmental and socioeconomic changes in a Bribri community of Costa Rica

Ryall, Emily,(MNRM candidate, Advisor: F. Berkes) Community-based conservation of coral reefs, Thailand

Samakov, Aibek (MNRM Candidate, Advisor: F. Berkes) Biocultural conservation, stewardship and governance in a biosphere reserve in Kyrgyz Republic

Shahidullah, A.K.M. (PhD Candidate, Advisor: E. Haque)
Community-Based Green Micro-Enterprise: Fostering Sustainability through Linking Ecosystem Goods and Services, Microfinance, and Poverty Alleviation.

Sylvester, Olivia, (PhD Candidate Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt) Understanding resilience building mechanisms: linking knowledge, land-use practice, and biodiversity

Turner, Katherine, (PhD Candidate Advisor: I. Davidson-Hunt) Feeding local economies? Bolivia's edible biocultural heritage

Uddin, Mohammed Salim (PhD Candidate, 2011, Advisor: F. Berkes)
Role of microcredit and community-based organizations in a wetland area in Bangladesh

Zachariah, Alex (MNRM Candidate, Advisor: F. Berkes) Community-based conservation of sea turtles in Orissa, India

Zurba, Melanie, (PhD Candidate, Advisor: J. Sinclair) Building Common Ground: Cross-cultural Communications and Transformative Learning for Shared Governance