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Updated August, 2015

Commons, Co-Management, and Governance

    1. "Community based resource management and food security in coastal Brazil," 2009-2014 (A. Begossi, State University at Campinas and IDRC Chair, and F. Berkes, Canada Research Chair, with various collaborators and graduate students, including Carlos Idrobo [photos], Micaela Trimble [photos], Luiz de Oliveira [photos], Dale Giesbrecht [photos] and Lydia Carpenter. [photos]

    Project website: http://umanitoba.ca/institutes/natural_resources/Brazil/index.html

    2. “Governance, local knowledge and livelihoods in community-based conservation.” SSHRC Research Grant, 2008-2011 (F. Berkes, PI, various research students, including James Robson, Julia Premauer, Ta Thi Thanh Huong, Melanie Zurba [photos], Andres Marin [photos].

    3. "Finding the balance in the bioeconomy: new partnerships between indigenous socioeconomic enterprises." SSHRC Strategic Research Grant, 2008-2011 (R.B. Anderson, University of Regina, PI, I. Davidson-Hunt, F. Berkes and others, with Kate Turner and Ryan Pengelly).

    4. “Building environmental governance capacity in Bangladesh.” CIDA Tier 2, UPCD Program, 2007-2014 (C.E. Haque and M. Khan, Project Directors, with F. Berkes, L. King, J. Sinclair, T. Henley, and S. Thompson, team members, various research students,including Mohammed Salim Uddin [photos], with North South University, BRAC University, and Centre for Natural Resources Studies (CNRS), Bangladesh. [photos]

    5. "Community-based resource management in a multi-level world." SSHRC Research Grant, 2005-2008 (F. Berkes, PI, various research students).

Community-Based Conservation

Community Conservation Research Network (2013-2018) http://www.communityconservation.net/

  1. Aibek Samakov, Biocultural conservation, stewardship and governance in a biosphere reserve in Kyrgyz Republic
  2. Alex Zachariah, Community-based conservation of sea turtles in Orissa, India

Community-Based Conservation: UNDP Equator Initiative


  1. Kenya: Pastoralist Integrated Support Program (PISP)
    (L. Robinson and F. Berkes) [pdf] [photos].
  2. Namibia: The Torra Conservancy (A. Hoole and F. Berkes) [pdf] [photos]
  3. An analysis of partnerships (T. Adhikari) [pdf]
  4. Mexico: Nuevo San Juan, Michoacán Community Forestry
    (A. Orozco and F. Berkes/Davidson-Hunt) [pdf] [photos].
  5. Thailand: Pred Nai Community Forestry Group
    (J. Senyk and F. Berkes) [pdf] [photos].
  6. Peru: Casa Matsinguenka Indigenous Ecotourism Case
    (J. Herrera and S. Frohlick) [pdf] [photos].
  7. Belize: Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE)
    (D. Fernandes and F. Berkes) [pdf] [photos].
  8. Indigenous Businesses (F.Berkes, T.Adhikari) [pdf].
  9. Lessons from four EI projects. (F.Berkes, C.Seixas) [pdf]
  10. Kenya: Honey Care Africa Ltd.
    (S.Maurice and J. Sinclair)[pdf]. [photos].
  11. Brazil: Cananéia Oyster Producers Cooperative
    (D. Medeiros and E. Haque)[pdf] [photos].
  12. India: Medicinal Plant Conservation Centre (MPCC)
    (S. Shukla and J.S. Gardner/J. Sinclair) [pdf] [photos].
  13. Guyana: The North Rupununi District Development Board’s River Management Strategy (D. Fernandes and F. Berkes)[pdf] [photos].

Partner institutions
Readings in CBRM for UNDP Equator Initiative Projects

Resilience of Linked Social-Ecological Systems


  1. "Adaptation as resilience building: a policy study of climate change vulnerability and adaptation on the Canadian Prairies,” Natural Resources Canada and the CRC, 2004-08, (H. Venema, PI, D. Swanson, IISD: H. Hill, PFRA, Agriculture Canada; F. Berkes with P. Myers, K. Pearce, T. Tarnoczi, U Manitoba). [photos] [photos]


  1. Marine Resilience. Project group with the Beijer Institute, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 2004-present. [photos].

Coastal Resources and Small-Scale Fisheries

  1. "OceanCanada,” SSHRC Partnership Grants, 2014-20, R. Sumeila, University of British Columbia, PI.
  2. "Collaborative Transformation: Community-based Learning around Coral Reef Restoration in Lombok, Indonesia," James (Jack) Barclay Frey and F. Berkes, in partnership with Derek Armitage PI Wilfrid Laurier University. [photos]
  3. “Community-based management and social justice in Chilika Lagoon, Orissa, India”, Trudeau Foundation, 2006-10, P. Nayak. [photos]
  4. "Indigenous co-management in a coastal protected area, Queensland, Australia", Melanie Zurba [photos], F. Berkes, in partnership with Helen Ross, University of Queensland.
  5. "Sea Urchin Fishery in Grenada: A case study of social-ecological networks, Roxann Nayar, I. Davidson-Hunt, in partnership with Patrick McConney (U West Indies).
  6. "Networks and Co-Management in Small-Scale Fisheries in Chile," Andres Marin, F. Berkes, in partnership with Juan Carlos Castilla, Universidad Catolica de Chile (Catholic University of Chile). [photos]
  7. “Community-based governance of coastal resources”, SSHRC CURA, 2006-11. A. Charles (Saint Mary’s) PI, F. Berkes, co-investigator.
  8. “Sustainable Livelihoods and Resilience in Tam Giang Lagoon, Viet Nam”, IDRC/CRC, 2005-08, Ta Thi Thanh Huong. [photos]
  9. "Managing small-scale fisheries in the Caribbean", International Development Research Centre (IDRC), 2002-2005 (F. Berkes, PI, with S. Grant). [photos]
  10. "Sustainable livelihoods in fishing communities in Cambodia", International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and SSHRC, 2002-2005 (M. Marschke). [photos]
Ocean Management Research Network

“Integrated Management Node” of Ocean Management Research Network (OMRN). SSHRC/DFO Ocean Management Research Network, 2001-06, (F. Berkes, PI, various faculty and graduate students across Canada).

Project Outputs

  1. Book: Adaptive Co-Management (Armitage, D., F. Berkes and N. Doubleday, editors). University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver, 2007.
  2. Book: Breaking Ice (Berkes, F., R. Huebert, H. Fast, M. Manseau and A. Diduck, editors). University of Calgary Press, 2005. For PDFs of some individual chapters go to Publications.
  3. Breaking Ice (Plain Language Version).[pdf]
  4. DVD: Community-Based Monitoring in Northern Canada. Watching, Listening and Understanding Changes in the Environment.

Sustainable Forest Management (Networks of Centres of Excellence, NCE)

  1. “Dialogue with Pikangikum and Moose Cree First Nation about land, customary stewardship, and adaptive management.” Sustainable Forest Management Network (SFM/NCE), 2007-09, I. Davidson-Hunt, PI, D. Natcher and F. Berkes, co-investigators, with N. Deutsch.  In partnership with Pikangikum and Moose Cree First Nation, and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.[photos]
  2. “Learning together to understand changes in the land: cultural landscapes as complex adaptive systems”, SSHRC, 2004-2007, I. Davidson-Hunt, PI, with A. Miller, [photos] C. Burlando, N. Deutsch and H. Nikischer. In partnership with Whitefeather Forest Management Corporation and Pikangikum First Nation.
  3. “Cooperative learning for integrated forest management.” Sustainable Forest Management Network (SFM/NCE), 2004-07, I. Davidson-Hunt, PI, Berkes and P. Smith, Lakehead U, with J. Driedger and J. Shearer. In partnership with Whitefeather Forest Management Corporation, Pikangikum First Nation, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Canadian Forest Service. [photos]
  4. "Restoring aboriginal cultural landscapes: Social-ecological health indicators for sustainability", SFMN, 2002-2004, Berkes, PI, I. Davidson-Hunt, W. Roberts and C. Foley. [photos] [pdf]
  5. "Social-ecological indicators for community-based monitoring", SFMN, 2002-2005, F. Berkes, PI, with B. Parlee. [photos]

Community-University Research Alliances (CURA)

"Common Ground Research Forum," 2009-2015. J. Sinclair, PI, I. Davidson-Hunt and A. Diduck (U Winnipeg), Co-applicants. Co-ordinator T. Newton; Postdoctoral Fellow: J. Robson; Research students: M. Zurba, Mya Wheeler-Wiens, Sheldon Ratuski, and Jim Robson, Postdoctoral Fellow.

Project Website: http://www.cgrf.ca/

Sustainable Floodplain Management
  1. Flood Research Partnership: Promoting Stakeholders’ Participation in Sustainable Floodplain Management [photos]


The FRP is aconsortium of researchers from five universities and community partners. The University of Manitoba component of the FRP is conducting research on sustainable floodplain management in the Red River Basin (J. Sinclair, PI; C.E. Haque).

Northern Canada: Knowledge Systems, Land Use, and Resources

  1. “Tracking change: role of local and traditional knowledge in watershed governance,” SSHRC Partnership Grants, 2015-21, B. Parlee, University of Alberta, PI.
  2. "Wetland ethnoecology of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation in the Saskatchewan River Delta." I. Davidson-Hunt, U Manitoba, PI, with Alli Morrison.[photos]
  3. "Adaptation in a changing Arctic: Ecosystem services, communities and policy." ArcticNet, 2009-2011 (B. Smit, U Guelph, PI, F. Berkes, D. Armitage, Eva Patton and Erik Kocho-Schellenberg). [photos]
  4. “Community perspectives on changing caribou populations.” SSHRC, 2007-2011. B. Parlee, U Alberta, PI, M. Manseau, co-investigator.
  5. “Feeding ecology of the Greenland shark under different ice conditions.” International Polar Year (IPY) project, Government of Canada, 2007-2011. (A. Fisk,U Windsor, PI, F. Berkes, co-investigator, with C. Idrobo). [photos]
  6. “Traditional knowledge on sea ice change in Sanikiluaq: impacts on Inuit hunters, Parks Canada, SSHRC 2004-2009,  M. Manseau, PI, R. Riewe, with D. Imrie. [http://www.lecol-ck.ca/]
  7. “Community perspectives on changing caribou populations,” SSHRC, 2007-2011, B. Parlee, U Alberta, PI, M. Manseau, co-investigator.
  8. “Protected area creation, culture and development at the Cree community of Wemindji, James Bay, Quebec,” SSHRC CURA, 2005-2010, C. Scott, McGill, PI, Berkes and nine other co-applicants, with C. Peloquin. [photos]
  9. “The words of our ancestors are our path to the future”, SSHRC Aboriginal Research Strategic Grant, 2006-10, D. Simmons, PI, F. Berkes, collaborator.
  10. "Using Inuit Knowledge in management, research and monitoring of Nunavut National Park," Parks Canada, 2004-2008, M. Manseau, V. Sahanatien (Parks Canada), A. Kendrick, E. Bonny, faculty, students and community researchers across Canada. [photos]
  11. "Understanding the tundra landscape from an Inuit elder's perspective." Department of Culture, Language, Elders and Youth, Government of Nunavut and Kivaliq Inuit Association, M. Manseau, PI with P. Hughson. [photos]
  12. “Cross-cultural and landscape level land use understanding on the barren ground caribou (Rangifer tarandus) ranges of northern Canada,” Environmental Capacity Development Initiative, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, 2003; Nunavut Wildlife Management Board, 2004; SSHRC, 2003-2005, Kendrick, A., PI; Manseau, M. co-investigator, in partnership with the Beverly and Qamanirjuaq Caribou Management Board. [photos]
  13. “Health and resilience in Arviat, Nunavut”, DFO/SSHRC, 2002-07. H. Fast, P. Kulchyski, with S. Blakney.

India: Coastal and Mountain Environments

  1. “Community-based management and social justice in Chilika Lagoon, Orissa, India”, Trudeau Foundation, 2006-11, P. Nayak. [photos]
  2. “Environmental education and medicinal plant knowledge in Gujarat, India”, IDRC/CRC/SSHRC, 2002-07, S. Shukla (see also under UNDP Equator Initiative)
  3. “The roles of public, private and civic sectors in sustainable environmental management: a search for balance, ”CIDA/Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, Shastri Applied Research Project (SHARP), 2003-2006, J. Sinclair (PI), R.B. Singh (U Delhi), with M. McCandless, K. Kent, N. Seaba. [photos]
  4. “The role of public and private sector cooperation in the management of estuaries in Kerala, India", CIDA/Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, Shastri Applied Research Project (SHARP), 2003-2006, K.T. Thomson (Cochin U) PI, F. Berkes, co-investigator) and M. Ranga. [photos]
  5. “Political ecology of Joint Forest Management in Orissa, India.” SSHRC and CRC, 2005-06, F. Berkes, with P. Nayak.
  6. “Building resilient pathways for sustainable livelihoods: Darjeeling Hills of West Bengal, India”, SSHRC and CRC project, 2004-05, F. Berkes with J. Dekens. [photos]

Brazil: Community-Based Resource Management

    1. "Community-based resource management and food security in Coastal Brazil," 2009 - 2014. (A. Begossi, State University at Campinas, IDRC Chair, and F. Berkes, Canada Research Chair, with various collaborators and graduate students, including Carlos Idrobo, Micaela Trimble, Luiz de Oliveira, and Lydia Carpenter

    Project website: http://umanitoba.ca/institutes/natural_resources/Brazil/index.html

    2. “Coastal co-management in southern Brazil”, IDRC/CRC, 2006-2008, T. Almudi, with the co-operation of the Federal University of Rio Grande, D. Kalikoski and F. Berkes. [photos]

    3. “Managing Small Scale Fisheries”, book project (Brazilian edition of the 2001 IDRC book of the same title, 2004-06, D. Kalikoski (Federal University of Rio Grande).

    4. “Poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation in rural Brazil”, NSERC/IDRC, 2004-06. D. Medeiros (see also under UNDP Equator Initiative)

    5. "Integrated and participatory natural resources management”, CRC Book project, 2002-05, with P.F. Vieira (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil), F. Berkes and C.S. Seixas. [photos]

Bangladesh: Floodplain, Fisheries and Knowledge

  1. Building environmental governance capacity in Bangladesh.” CIDA Tier 2, UPCD Program, 2007-2014 (C.E. Haque and M. Khan, Project Directors; F. Berkes, L. King, J. Sinclair, T. Henley, and S. Thompson, team members, Mohammed Salim Uddin [photos], Lubna Yeasmin [photos], Mohammed Khan, and various research students, with North South University, BRAC University, and Centre for Natural Resources Studies (CNRS), Bangladesh. [photos]
  2. “Indigenous floodplain and fishery knowledge and management practices in Bangladesh”. SSHRC project, 2004-07, C.E. Haque, PI, Berkes, with A. Deb. [photos]
  3. “Drivers of social and ecological change in rice-fish systems in Bangladesh”, IDRC/SSHRC/CRC, 2005-07, R. Jones. [photos]
  4. “Traditional ecological knowledge for management of freshwater fish habitat of Bangladesh”, WorldFish/CRC/SSHRC, 2004-06, A. Mamun.
  5. “Community-based sustainable wetland resource management in Bangladesh”, SSHRC, 2005-present, M.H. Khan.
  6. “The role of institutions and marketing in medicinal plant management and biodiversity protection in Bangladesh”, SSHRC, 2005-07, C.E. Haque, with A.K.M. Shahidullah.

Mexico: Cultural Landscapes and Biodiversity

  1. “Assessing community vulnerability to change: The impact of out-migration on forest communities in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, Mexico, SSHRC/CRC, 2006-present, J. Robson, in collaboration with L. Merino (UNAM Mexico). [photos]
  2. “Lessons from the community-based enterprise of Nuevo San Juan, Mexico”, IDRC, 2004-06, A. Orozco, in collaboration with L. Merino (UNAM Mexico), (see also UNDP Equator Initiative) [photos]

Kenya: Transformative Learning and Resource Management

  1. "Improving environmental assessment of community development projects in Kenya", SSHRC, 2005-09, H. Spaling (Kings University College), PI, J. Sinclair, co-investigator, with S. Collins, J. Montes, and D. Najjar. [photos]
  2. “Participatory development and the capacity of Gabra pastoralist communities to influence resilience,” SSHRC/IDRC, 2006-09, L. Robinson. (see also under UNDP Equator Initiative)[photos]
  3. “A comparative study of Honey Care Africa’s beekeeping projects, Kenya”, IDRC/SSHRC/CRC, 2004-06, S. Maurice (see also UNDP Equator Initiative)