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Manitoba Tumour Bank

Manitoba Tumour Bank


The overall operation of the MBTB is now directed by Dr. Leigh Murphy. The director and co-director have been assisted by the MTB coordinator, Michelle Parisien, and the following personnel:
Pathologist - Dr. Carla Penner
Lab Technician - Yun Li
Lab Technician - Andrea Fristensky
Lab Technician - Negin Hamadi
Data Coordinator - Shannon Kornelsen
Data Coordinator - Nicole Wozny

The Molecular Profiling Unit

The Molecular Profiling Unit contains technology platforms that are used to investigate gene expression at the RNA and protein levels, in multiple breast tumour biopsy samples using high through-put systems.
The unit contains several Ventana auto-staining machines for high through-put immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) analyses of multi-tissue sections; an automated Tumour Imaging System which captures and documents high resolution images of the contents of the tumour sections that have been processed on the Ventana previously; a Nucleic Acid Workstation for the automated extraction of RNA and DNA from multiple samples; a DNA microchip reader which allows the measurement of expression of every gene in the human or mouse genome at the level of RNA in any tissue sample. So the capability of the unit is to profile multiple tumour samples either at the level of specific gene families through hypothesis driven research, or to more globally profile at the gene expression level to identify new patterns of gene expression which are associated with risk of disease, disease outcome and response to treatment. The unit has made further progress associated with molecular profiling of estrogen receptor isoforms in human breast cancer, identifying potentially better markers of responsiveness to endocrine therapies, identifying potential markers of risk of invasive breast cancer. The unit will cooperate with other platforms within the Breast Cancer Research Centre and MICB generally, and perform molecular profiling required by the research programs within and associated with the MICB.

Nygard International Molecular Biology Breast Cancer Research Unit

The proteomics facility in the Nygard International Breast Cancer Research Unit is equipped with Ciphergen Protein Chip mass spectrometer, HPLC, FPLC, real-time PCR, protein electrophoresis (1D and 2D) and Imager system to study the molecular biology of cancer, especially to identify biomarkers of breast cancer and prostate cancer. The Facility is involved in gene expression, protein purification and identification activities required in on-going cancer research projects. The Facility also services and helps the students and staffs in RIOH for their projects related to proteomics.
The Facility achieved to identify a protein, PRDX 1, that preferentially cross-linked to DNA in estrogen receptor negative (ER-) but not ER+ or normal breast epithelial cells. One paper (Selective Association of Peroxiredoxin 1 with Genomic DNA and COX-2 Upstream Promoter Elements in Estrogen Receptor Negative Breast Cancer Cells) was published on MBC in 2010. We also identified several DNA-bound proteins present only in metastatic prostate cancer cells. The Facility provided support to Dr. Leygue's, Dr. Murphy's, Dr. Mowat's, Dr. Gibson's, Dr. Mai's, Dr Hick's and Dr Raouf's students, postdoctoral fellows and technicians to perform real-time PCR, 2D protein electrophoresis, Imager analysis, and proteomics analysis.

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