About Us

The mission of the Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management is to promote a respectful working and learning environment in which individuals are treated equitably and diversity is valued.

Policies and Procedures
We work to prevent discrimination and harassment at the U of M by promoting, supporting, and administering the following University of Manitoba Policies and Procedures

• Respectful Work and Learning Environment (RWLE) Policy
• Sexual Assault Policy
• RWLE and Sexual Assault Procedure

Conflict Management
We believe students and employees have the ability to solve many of their own conflicts.  We provide informal conflict resolution supports including one-on-one coaching, mediation, conciliation and facilitated group dialogue.  We also provide training and instruction for the university community on conflict resolution and communication skills. 

Notification Regarding Confidentiality
The Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management believe that individuals need to be able to discuss their concerns and to seek advice and assistance in a safe and private environment. We make every effort to respect confidentiality and to seek your consent before acting on information that is provided to us.

However, there are some instances when complete confidentiality cannot be assured. These may include:

·        If we believe that a person is a danger to themselves or to someone else, we are legally obligated to alert the appropriate authorities to respond to the situation.  This may include disclosure of information for the purpose of facilitating an investigation, offering coordinated support, safety planning or taking corrective action.

·        If there has been a formal access to information request through the Access and Privacy Office, we are legally obligated to respond in accordance with The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA), and the Access and Privacy policy.

·        If our records are required by law to be disclosed or if our staff is subpoenaed pursuant to a legal proceeding, we will disclose information in accordance with those legal obligations.

·        Where possible, a person who has experienced Sexual Assault will retain control over the process of reporting a Sexual Assault. However, the University reserves the right to initiate a University Instituted Investigation, and/or to report the incident to local police services, even without the consent of the survivor, if it believes that the safety of the University Community is at risk or if reporting is required by law. Reasonable efforts will be made to preserve the anonymity of the survivor who will be notified of the actions the University intends to take in order that the survivor can work with the University to take any additional safety precautions that may be required as a result of the University's actions.










These documents are available in alternate formats, upon request.  Please contact us at human.rights@umanitoba.ca, or 204-474-6348.