Length of study 

Students can study in Canada for up to 48 months.

Number of placements

Up to 10 students receive funding each year.

Financial support

Successful applicants will receive funding from both the University of Manitoba and the China Scholarship Council.

The university will provide support towards the tuition fee and international differential fee for up to 48 months under the condition that the scholarships from the China Scholarship Council (CSC) have been secured.

The CSC will provide scholarship support covering visa application fees, one round-trip airfare between China and Winnipeg by the most economical rout, food and accommodation, and health insurance expenses.

PhD admission requirements

Before applying, candidates must meet the minimum Ph.D. admission requirements as set by the University of Manitoba and obtain an unconditional admission letter from the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

How to apply

List of qualified candidates released: March 1
Deadline to apply: April 5

Candidates must apply for admission to a PhD program through the Faculty of Graduate Studies graduate application system by the deadline. Please contact the specific departments or units to which you are applying for their deadline.

Candidates must specify in their applications they are applying through the "China Scholarship Council – University of Manitoba Joint Funding Program." The university will evaluate the candidates through the departments to which they applied and will make admission decisions at their own discretion.

By March 1, UM will provide CSC with the list of qualified candidates. Candidates who are granted the letter of admission can then apply to CSC for funding following the procedures set by CSC.

The deadline to apply is April 5. CSC will evaluate the candidates and provide UM with a final list of scholarship recipients and inform the successful candidates directly.