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It all starts with an idea

  • For a new idea to take root, funding is required. When a new research idea is in development or ready to move out of the lab, conventional research grants are often not available. There is no proof of concept yet, no guarantee of success. 

    In business, visionary venture capitalists can breathe life into an idea by providing the critical resources and moral support required to bring a big idea to fruition. Similarly, the MomentUM Fund seeks to attract “venture philanthropists”. 

    Help us nurture a culture of innovation and research excellence at the starting gate.

    Invest in pushing the frontiers of knowledge.

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We seek forward-thinking donors who understand the importance of investing in big ideas with the potential to disrupt industries, change lives, and impact the world.
President Michael Benarroch

A culture of innovation and research excellence

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  • The University of Manitoba is a respected hub of research innovation in Canada with a tremendous track record of making meaningful discoveries. From canola to climate and beyond, UM researchers have always known how to change people’s lives through research and innovation. 

    UM boasts an exceptional research infrastructure, skilled scientists and thought leaders, and an engaged donor community. The MomentUM Fund will take UM to its next level. 

Building MomentUM

Donors to the MomentUM Fund join a group of like-minded, future-focused people, who deeply appreciate the passion and rigour that our researchers bring to their work. All gifts to the MomentUM Fund are pooled so that donors, working together, can have the greatest possible impact on UM research every year. The funds will be expended annually, ensuring that funding is available to drive discovery.  

Become a venture philanthropist today! Your investment in the MomentUM Fund will activate UM’s most innovative and creative researchers to unleash their brilliance for the greater good and launch UM’s next world-changing discovery.

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If you’re interested in building momentum for larger projects that have the potential for great economic and societal impact, please contact: 

Donor Relations
Unit 200-137 Innovation Drive
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
Winnipeg, MB R3T 6B6 Canada

1-800-330-8066 (toll free)
Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Charitable registration number: 11926-0669-RR0001