About Us

The Office of Fair Practices and Legal Affairs is part of the Office of the President, reporting through the Vice-President (Administration).  It is tasked with supporting the University's faculty, staff and students by promoting a fair and equitable environment in which to work and learn.  It supports the University's efforts to comply with its statutory, regulatory, contractual and moral obligations.  Finally, it helps facilitate options for faculty and students to teach and learn in valuable educational programs, to champion renowned research, and to participate in world-changing service opportunities.  The unit is composed of four independent sub-units, totaling approximately a dozen employees:

·     Office of Legal Counsel

·     Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management

·     Access and Privacy

·     Copyright Office

The Office of Legal Counsel provides or coordinates all legal services required by the University.  It has conduct over the legal affairs of 23 different Faculties and Schools, dozens of administrative units, and nearly 9,000 faculty and staff.  The work of the sub-unit involves risk-management and protecting the University’s corporate and legal interests in regard to its operations, agreements, disputes and liabilities.  In addition to addressing these financial risks, the Office of Legal Counsel concerns itself with the protection of the University’s reputation with government, funding agencies, donors, businesses, accrediting bodies, professional governing bodies, and the general public.  It helps facilitate projects and partnerships which are critical to the functioning and the strategic priorities of the University. 

The Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management is tasked with the promotion of human rights at the University, and assisting with the administration of the University’s policy on a Respectful Work and Learning Environment.  This is a challenging task to implement across the University’s nearly 28,000 students and nearly 9,000 faculty and staff.  The office participates in education and other due diligence efforts, as well as managing the complaints process under the RWLE Policy. 

The Access and Privacy Office is tasked with striking the right balance between transparency, and the privacy of the University’s faculty, staff, and students, as well as the confidentiality of its business dealings.  It is responsible for promoting compliance with applicable legislation, including The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and The Personal Health Information Act, as well as the related University policies. 

The Copyright Office is responsible for coordinating a centralized copyright clearance service, implementing a comprehensive education program and offering copyright advice to University community members.   The Copyright Office will monitor how copyrighted material is used at the University of Manitoba and will implement a robust compliance program in accordance with the Copyright Act.