Faculty & Staff


Harvy Frankel
Dean Emeritus 

Email: Harvy.Frankel@umanitoba.ca


1988 - Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
1981 - M.S.W., McGill University
1976 - B.S.W., University of Manitoba

Areas of Specialization:

• Family-Centred Practice;
• Working with marginalized populations (especially families living in poverty);
• Social Work and Social justice;
• Distance Education.

Research Interests:

Community approaches to blindness prevention in developing countries. Services to individuals and families affected by FASD.Evaluation of Distance Education

Selected Publications:

Frankel, H.& Frankel, S. (2007). Service needs, environmental facilitating factors, and barriers: The experience of families successfully caring for children affected by FASD. Technical Report.

Frankel, H. & Frankel, S. (2006). Family therapy, family practice, & child & family poverty: Historical perspectives & recent developments. Journal of Family Social Work, 10 (4), 43-80.

Frankel, S., & Frankel, H. (2006). Giving children hope: An evaluation of the outcomes and environment of a comprehensive program for families experiencing high conflict separation or divorce. Technical Report.

Frankel, H., & Peters, C. (2003). Victim Advocates and Systemic Therapists: Adversaries or Allies in Responding to Child Sexual Abuse? Envision, 2(2), 28-38.

Roy, R., & Frankel H. (1995). How good is family therapy? A reassessment. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. (Nominated for the 1996 William J. Goode Distinguished Book Award).