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Marleny Munoz Bonnycastle
Associate Professor

418E Tier Building
R3T 2N2
Phone: 204-474-9543
Fax: 204-474-7594
E-mail: Marleny.Bonnycastle@umanitoba.ca

Photovoice Homelessness Study
The main objective of the research project is to use photovoice to increase knowledge and understanding of homelessness in Thompson and promote research developed by students. This research is part of the Systematic Inquiry course.

Building Hopes for a Healthy life for Children Living with FASD
This is an exploratory collaborative research with the Awasis Agency. This research uses Photovoice to identify successful parenting strategies that would be helpful in developing community-based initiatives and educational programs to support children living with FASD. This project has been developed in two northern communities, Thompson and Shamattawa.

Appreciation of success in refugee women in Winnipeg
This is a research project Professor Colin Bonnycastle, Faculty of Social Work, University of Manitoba, and Mrs. Rosa Maria Garcia de Gonzalez, Aurora Family. The purpose of this study is to develop an Appreciative Inquiry process with refugee women war survivors living in Winnipeg that will start by exploring what they have learned since arriving and how they are using that knowledge to survive and rebuild their lives in the new country.

Factors that influence and support success for female post-secondary students in northern Manitoba
This is a collaborative research with Dr. Maureen Simpkins from UCN. This research uses appreciative inquiry approach to interview female post-secondary students who are either in their third or fourth year of study or have graduated from a degree program from both NSWP and UCN. The purpose of these interviews is to explore what “success” means to them and to understand what factors encouraged or supported their success.

Experiences of Aboriginal Foster Parents with Children in the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum
This is a collaborative research among Dr. Jason Brown (PI), Western University, Faculty of Education; Dr. Jane Ursel, University of Manitoba, RESOLVE, Dr. Cheryl Fraehlich, University of Manitoba, RESOLVE and Dr. Marleny Bonnycastle, University of Manitoba, Faculty of Social Work. The objectives are to: (1) describe what Aboriginal parents who foster Aboriginal children with FASD see as their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs and challenges fro placement success; (2) determine the prevalence of these factors in a large sample of Aboriginal foster parents; and, (3) identify subgroup differences on variable associated with foster parent retention including personal satisfaction, perception of placement success, intent to continue fostering children with FASD and sense of responsibility to their community.