Faculty & Staff

Brad McKenzie
Professor Emeritus

Faculty of Social Work
University of Manitoba
E-mail: brad.mckenzie@umanitoba.ca

Education and Experience:
Brad McKenzie began his career as a generalist social worker in Northern Saskatchewan and completed a Masters degree at the University of Manitoba and a doctoral degree in Social Work at Arizona State University. In 2008 he received a Honorary Doctorate from Lviv Polytechnic National University in Ukraine. He has held administrative positions as the Acting Associate Dean, the first Director of the Winnipeg Education Centre’s Social Work Program (1981-1987), Coordinator of Field Instruction and Chair of the Graduate Program Committee. Over the past ten years he has been the primary advisor to more than 35 graduate social work students. His primary teaching areas are Social Policy Analysis, Program Evaluation and Child and Family Welfare. Between 1999 and 2003 he was the Director of a $2.3 million CIDA funded international project in Lviv, Ukraine that led to the development of a new School of Social Work and a consumer directed resource centre serving people with disabilities.

Brad has special interests in Aboriginal child and family services, models of service delivery in child and family welfare and community-based services. His teaching and writing has focused on how better connections can be made between research, policy and practice in the field of child and family welfare. He has completed policy reviews and evaluation research studies in a number of areas, including child and family welfare, family law, parent education, family mediation, and funding models in Aboriginal child and family services. He has served as Anglophone editor of the Canadian Social Work Review (1995-1999), and Vice-President of the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work (1998-2001). He is currently a member of the Editorial Review Board of Child Welfare and Currents, and served as co-chair of the Board of Accreditation for the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work between 2006 and 2009.

Areas of Specialization:
• Aboriginal Child and Family Welfare
• Service Delivery in Child and Family Services
• Policy and Practice in Child Welfare
• Planning and Program Evaluation in the Human Services
• Community-Based Services
• International Social Work Education

Selected Recent Publications:
With B. Wharf (2004). Connecting Policy to Practice in the Human Services (2nd. edition) Don Mills, ON:Oxford. (Third edition in development.)

With Brenda Bacon (2004). Parent education after separation and divorce: The impact of parental conflict on outcomes. Family Court Review, 42: 85-98.

With P. Hudson (2003). Extending Aboriginal control over child welfare services: The Manitoba Child Welfare Initiative. Canadian Review of Social Policy, 51: 49-66.

With K. Kufeldt (2003). Child Welfare: Connecting Research, Policy and Practice. Waterloo, ON:Wilfrid Laurier University Press. (Second edition in development.)

With E. Flette (2003). Community-building through block funding in Aboriginal child and family services. In K. Kufeldt & B. McKenzie (eds.) Child Welfare: Connecting Research, Policy and Practice. (343-353). Waterloo, ON:Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

With V. Morrissette (2003). Social work practice with Canadians of Aboriginal background: Guidelines for respectful social work. In A. Al-Krenawi & J. Graham (eds.) Multicultural social work in Canada: Working with diverse ethno-racial communities (pp.251-282). Don Mills, ON:Oxford.

Towards effective social work practice in Ukraine: Opportunities and challenges for social work education. In N. Nychkalo, B. McKenzie et al. (Eds.). Reforming social services in Ukraine: Current status and future prospects. Lviv, Ukraine: Lviv Polytechnic National University.