Faculty & Staff

Michael Hart
Canadian Research Chair in Indigenous
Knowledges and Social Work

Faculty of Social Work
University of Manitoba
604 Tier Building
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

Phone: (204) 474-9237
Fax: (204) 474-7594
E-mail: Michael.Hart@umanitoba.ca

2007 - Ph.D., University of Manitoba
1998 - B.A., University of Manitoba
1997 - M.S.W., University of Manitoba
1989 - B.S.W., University of Manitoba

Areas of Specialization:
• Indigenous peoples, indigenism, anti-colonialism;
• Indigenous ways of helping, mental health, suicide;
• Indigenous families and fathering;
• Communication skills, counseling, family practice.

Research Interests:
Indigenous Ways of Practice; Mental Health and Indigenous People; Oppression, Colonization, and Resistance; Anti-colonialism and Indigenism; Disparities in Health and Social Services; Indigenist Knowledge and Indigenist Research Methodologies; families and fathering.

Selected Publications:
Hart, M. A. (In press). Critical Reflection on an Aboriginal Approach to Social Work Practice. In J Coates, M. Grey, & M. Yellowbird (Eds.), Indigenous Social Work around the World: Towards culturally relevant education and practice (pp. 255-273). Aldershot, UK: Ashgate Press.

Hart, M. A. (2007). Indigenous knowledge and research: The míkiwáhp as a symbol for reclaiming our knowledge and ways of knowing. First Peoples’ Child and Family Review, 3(1), 83-90.

Hart, M. A. (2006). Brief reflections on sharing circles and Indigenous worldviews and empowerment. Circle Talk, 2(1), 51-53.

Hart, M. A. (2006). An Aboriginal approach to social work practice. In T. Heinonen & L. Spearman’s Social work practice: Problem solving and beyond ( 2nd ed., pp. 235-260). Toronto: Irwin Press.

Hart, M. A. (2003). Am I a modern day missionary? Reflections of a Cree social worker. Native Social Work Journal, 5(November), 299-313.

Hart, M. A., & Pompana, Y. (2003). Establishing the Aboriginal Social Work Associations: Sharing the Manitoba Experience. Native Social Work Journal, 5(November), 243-260.

Hart, M. A. (2002). Seeking Mino-Pimatisiwin: An Aboriginal approach to helping. Halifax: Fernwood Publishing.