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Further Development of Indigenous Research Methods

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This research program is based in Indigenous research methodologies and epistemologies. While there are particular methods that stem from these epistemologies, the articulation of these methods in relation to an Indigenous research framework in the literature is limited. As such, in meeting the previous objectives we are implementing, documenting, and analyzing Indigenous research methods and exploring how these methods are practical extensions of Indigenous research epistemologies. We are working in collaboration to publish a monograph that outlines these research methods and practices which will be an essential step in legitimizing and incorporating Indigenous knowledges not only in social work, but in many other social science disciplines including political studies, history, ethnography and sociology. The research results that emerge contribute to the development of a research methods publications that centre on Indigenous knowledges.




March 4, 2014, Dr. Shawn Wilson

An Open Forum on Indigenous Research Methodologies

Dr. Shawn Wilson initiates discussion of Indigenous research with a brief overview of his book, Research is Ceremony: Indigenous Research Methods.