Anti-Colonial & Indigenist Social Work

The role of Indigenous Knowledges of helping in anti-colonial and Indigenist social work

Project Info

It is recognized that Indigenous peoples continue to face colonialism throughout the world. In response, there are Indigenous helping efforts that work against those processes in various societies that perpetuate the oppression. These efforts are applicable to social work which has a professional obligation to confront oppression. This phase of our research program identifies how Indigenous knowledges and practices of helping serve as anti-colonial and Indigenist processes, and how this knowledge informs the social work profession to work from anti-colonial and Indigenist positions. This is accomplished by developing collaborative research projects with international and national scholars and practitioners utilizing Indigenous helping theories and practices. Some of these scholars will be invited to the Indigenous Knowledges-Social Work Research Centre to present their perspectives on how their theoretical conceptualizations and practices confront matters of oppression and extend Indigenous self-determination. By identifying and outlining these various theories and practices in relation to one another, a wider picture of the anti-colonial and Indigenist helping processes will be developed and presented in the Speakers Series, conferences, and journal articles. The conversations that come out of this aspect of the program not only engages students and the community in the research, but also helps to develop collaborative relationships focused on the development of Indigenist social work.