Practical Applications

Review Practical Applications of Indigenous Knowledges of Helping

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Indigenous peoples are already implementing various Indigenous perspectives on helping through traditional processes as well as through programs within social agencies. However, there is limited research that assesses these practical applications. This objective identifies the practical applications currently in use, outlines how are they implemented, and describes the differences, if any, between southern and northern practices as well as urban and rural applications of Indigenous knowledges of helping. This aspect of our research program explores applications that are presently being utilized, for example, through the "Differential Response" processes being developed and implemented by Child and Family Services organizations in northern and southern Manitoba. This phase of the program involves having Indigenous knowledge keepers from northern and southern Manitoba interconnect to address the similarities and differences between their applications of Indigenous knowledges of helping. The research undertaken as part of this objective will result in a comprehensive documentation of these practical applications that demonstrate both their strengths and the areas needing improvement. It will be an invaluable tool for social workers, policy makers, and Indigenous communities in developing programs that incorporate successful practices to ensure targeted and relevant programs to people in need.